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Top 5 Best Portable monitor for laptop

Most people prefer laptops than desktop computers for its portability and unique features. But some are not satisfied with its screen size as it is not large enough to use at office for making presentations. Portable monitors are the only solution as it can be connected as secondary monitor with laptop using an USB cable which is lighter than desktop monitors and designed with portability.

In this article we have listed top 5 portable monitors for laptops which are handy and better for multitasking.

List of top 5 portable monitors for laptops

5 # HP U160 15.6 inch LED backlit monitor 

portable monitor1

Now it is easy to add an additional monitor to your laptop with HP U160 portable monitor. It is equipped with 15.6 inch screen, adjustable stand, resolution of 1366 x 736 and great response time. The LED screen is bigger than your laptop monitor which enables you to make better presentations. The tilt adjustable stand can be quickly converted into a carrying case.

Just connect the monitor with laptop using USB cable and no other power is needed for its functioning. This is the best portable monitor for laptop that works beyond what you expect without any issues and delivers good value for the money you pay. You can get brighter screen with the response time of 12 ms gray to gray which can be better when compared to other devices.

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4 # Toshiba 14 inch USB ultra portable mobile LCD monitor

portable monitor2

The Toshiba LCD second monitor is one among the best portable monitor for laptop which is packed with plenty of features. It comes with 14 inch LED screen that enables you to perform your work and presentation effectively. A case is provided with the secondary monitor that let you to convert it into a stand. It is portable in nature so it can be a better companion for you while travelling. This ultra portable monitor is designed to fit in most of the notebook bags so that you can carry it to anywhere to meet your need for second monitor.

It has brightness control button that enables the display to be brighter and clear. It does not make use of cable that needs two open USB ports on laptop. Instead of that it offers optional AC power adapter. First install the driver and then plug the monitor into USB port to work with the laptop immediately. The price is also comparatively lesser than other brands, on the whole Toshiba portable LCD monitor for laptop is awesome.

3 # Asus MB168B 15.6” LED monitor

portable monitor3

Asus LED second monitor is the slim and lightest monitor with metallic finish and requires a single USB cable for power. You can easily set the view as portrait or landscape with auto rotation option in this second monitor for laptop. The ultra portable monitor is powered with Zen – inspired design which is ideal for mobile presentation and dual monitor setup. The backlight brightness of monitor is based on environmental lighting which automatically adjusts the screen brightness for comfortable viewing and enhance energy saving. It offers higher resolution of 1920 x 1080 on a 15.6 inch screen to deliver the contents in screen clearly which other monitors cannot match. Asus LED lit monitor can be the best choice for your laptop as it performs well.

2 # Lenovo think vision LT1421 wide LCD monitor

portable monitor4

Lenovo think vision comes with 14 inch monitor that delivers better brightness and clear images. It has easily accessible USB port which does not require any additional connection for power. The secondary monitor is equipped with a resolution of 1366 x 768, brightness adjustment button, light weight, photo frame tilt stand, screen cover, multilingual user guide, etc.

The monitor is light in weight and easily fits in your bag so that you can carry to any place you desired to go. To enable the comfortable viewing it is powered with photo frame tilt stand that can be adjusted based on your requirements. This portable LCD monitor for laptop is good in quality and can be a recommended product for the people who want an additional monitor.

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1 # AOC E1649FWU 16 inch portable monitor

portable monitor5

AOC portable monitor is powered with best features which made it as perfect accessory for presentations and frequent travelling. It has comparatively bigger screen than other brands that meets out all your needs for a secondary monitor. You can easily flip between portrait and landscape orientation with rotating stand in this best portable monitor for laptop.

No external power cord is required to work with the monitor as it has ultra thin portable display. With the highest resolution you can be able to view the crystal clear images which is perfect for movies and also for playing games. It lacks in brightness control which is the only drawback faced by users otherwise this portable monitor is convenient and performs well beyond your expectations.

If you have any valuable points to share about portable monitor then please leave your points in the comments section below which will be useful for other readers also and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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  1. I was looking for a USB powered HDMI monitor and I saw GeChic is a company specializing in making HDMI portable monitors. I read up on the specs, and then I found their newest monitor, GeChic 1303H which is an upgrade from their 1302 one.

    True Color: 16.7 million colours
    Viewing angle: 178 degrees
    Most of all they have an HDMI, VGA, MiniDisplay input with speakers- so I could connect it actually to almost everything.

    I was just wondering if anyone has used it yet, GeChic 1303H, it’s priced currently on $370 on Amazon, which is Okay I guess considering all the features it has. It’s a new product, and I just want to know if anyone else has used before I spend almost 400 bucks on it.

    I really need a HDMI portable monitor and none of the following above monitors offer that.

  2. AOC made me mad when they launched their very small and ultra portable 16″ monitor. An extra screen for my laptop. Thanks for posting your review. It will help most of the people out there looking extend their screens.

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