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Top 10 safest countries in the world 2014-2015

Every single person has a dream to live in a safest country. The government is also making strict laws to reduce crime rate, which is considered as main factor to determine whether a country is safe or not. Other than crime we should look into various elements like natural disaster, corruption, terrorism, economical crisis, culture and more.

Further the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) is issuing Global Peace Index (GPI) each year since 2007 which is a measurement tool to measure nation’s peacefulness. Based on this index and above criteria, we framed a list of top 10 safest countries in the world 2015 in the following section.

List of top 10 safest countries in the world 2015

10 # Singapore

safest countries1

Singapore is one of the cleanest places in the world which attracts millions of tourists. It has free market liberalism which leads to the success of capitalism. It is a strong welfare country that have great trading model and serves its citizens well. The crime and corruption rate is under tolerance which made it as one of the safest countries in the world and also has higher per capita income. It is one among the major commercial hubs that have biggest financial centre and busiest ports. Their economy mainly depends on trade and manufacturing.

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9 # Norway

safest countries2

This nation can be a best option to start peaceful life as it does not have the threat of terrorism. It is an excellent, safe and wealthy nation that respects personal freedom and human rights. The police officers do not carry guns which can be an evidence for the lowest crime rate. This country has recorded only 34 murders in the year 2008 and it has extensive reserves of natural gas, sea food, fresh water, lumber, petroleum, minerals, etc.

8 # Japan

safest countries3

Even though Japan has recorded many natural disasters, it is considered as eighth safest country in the world 2015 for rare criminal activity. This country is famous for strict laws, culture, discipline and more. There is low level of violent and non existence of robberies when compared to other industrial nations. Japan has the tenth largest population in the world with around 126 million people who are enjoying the highest life expectancy and lowest infant mortality rate.

7 # Canada

safest countries4

The multiculturalism policy is followed in Canada that encourages citizens to retain their own way of life and traditional value which is considered to be the high esteem freedom. It is an urban nation which respects has high score in human rights when compared to other countries in the list. The country sent its army to poke in the problem of other countries but even has the record of lowest violence.

6 # Georgia

safest countries5

Georgia can be considered as one of the safest countries in the world to live because people can have safe walk alone during night and day in its capital. This cannot be possible in most of other countries. It has the lowest rate of theft, terrorism, murder, etc which made it to take part in the index of safety. It can be the best place for tourism where you can visit Black sea Coastline, Caucasus mountain range, UNESCO heritage sites, national parks and more.

5 # New Zealand

safest countries6

According to a report, the crime rate has declined in this country than the previous year although the population has increased. This can be the reason why New Zealand ranked as one of the safest countries in the world 2015. It is built with stable economy, good political system, better environment and great foreign policies. All these factors enable the nation to provide satisfied and peaceful atmosphere to its people.

4 # Austria

safest countries7

Austria is located in central Europe which is covered with snow and maintains its place as one of the safest country in Europe as well as around world. There is not much violence prevailing in this country due to strict laws but you can see some petty thieves and pickpockets. It holds many beautiful places and historic cities that make you feel awesome.

3 # Denmark

safest countries8

Denmark is officially called as Kingdom of Denmark which joined in our list for its low rate of crime. There is no tolerance for violations to human rights and people are maintaining equality in gender which cannot be achieved by other countries. People belongs to this country are friendly and they concentrate on economic development instead of involving themselves in violence. It is the best and exciting destination to enjoy a peaceful life.

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2 # Taiwan

taiwan safest country

Taiwan ranked second in the list of safest countries in the world with low exposure to robbery, crime and violence. People in this country are kind hearted, friendly and help you before you approach them. Tourists were never faced any violence or got worried in Taiwan. It is the perfect place with many beautiful spots to lead a safer life which is an advanced industrial economy that experience rapid economic growth and industrialization. This country ranked highly in terms of health care, economic freedom, education, human development, etc.

1 # which is the safest country in the world 2015 – Iceland

safest countries10

It is the beautiful place to settle down and well known for its glacier, hot spring, frosty climate and geothermal power. It placed first in the Global Peace Index for its low crime rate and maximum guaranteed security. It has higher per capita income that enables the people to lead a wealthy life. The important factor to be considered is it has no standing army, which most of the countries in the world fail to achieve and it made Iceland as safest country in the world.

We hope you enjoyed this article and please share your valuable thoughts about the safest countries in the following comments section which will be useful for other readers.

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  1. #2 picture is not anywhere in Taiwan.

  2. Taiwan is not a country, but still an amazing place

    • How on earth you think Taiwan is not a country ! They have their own currency, army,government …and many more . Jeffrey ,you must be from China ! And be realistic, Taiwan doesn’t belong to China!

      • exactly! and Chinese people can’t go there without a visa or vice versa. of course it’s a country in every sense of the word. the official name of the country is Republic of China, actually, and the country we commonly know as “China” is really the People’s Republic of China. when the communists overthrew the country 65 or so years ago, the existing government retreated to Taiwan and the communists never won that territory. in fact, Taiwan had claimed ownership of China for years afterwards as the PRC still baselessly claims ownership of Taiwan. Taiwan is what’s left of the old China and what the PRC refers to as “the mainland” is a new country occupying territory that used to belong to RoC. although the PRC is considered to be a “developing country,” it is nonetheless a world superpower and it uses it’s substantial power and influence in its ongoing political struggle to take over and rule Taiwan. that’s the only reason there are any other countries in the world that refuse to recognize Taiwan as a sovereign nation, which it IS. someday, at some point in the future, the two countries might once again unify, but for now and for the past 65 years, they have been as separate as Ireland is from Northern Ireland, North Korea is from South Korea, and America is from Canada, and Taiwan is all the better country for its long-standing independence from its neighboring giant successor.

        • Bono,totally agree you.

        • I cannot believe how well you illustrated our history so eloquently and easily, I myself am a Taiwanese but raised in New Zealand, the way you described my country really brings me to tears and if everyone in the world would take your stance, this cross-strait relationship will never be a problem again.

      • Thank you, Catherine !^_^

      • I’m agree!i am taiwanese.xoxo

    • Hey man! Are you f__king bozo? You know? I think you are uneducated. Taiwan is a country!! totally different with f__king china

      • cant agree more bro

      • Taiwan is a country for sure, but i think u r uneducated when u say f__king china

      • Hongkong has all the above too, it still belongs to China. These things don’t mean shiit, when the region isn’t internationally recognized. US doesn’t recognize it as a country, UN doesn’t, EU doesn’t, even taiwan government don’t say taiwan is a country, thats when you know it’s definitely not a country lol.

      • F**k you the Taiwannes,tell you Taiwanese that chinese don’t like you Taiwanese!china doesn’t need you Taiwan.whatever you want to be. We won’t care.don’t put you Taiwan so important.You Will see that china without Taiwan also can be very nice.

      • Jajaja. Such a stupid idiot! Using all the products from a country which ever ur as*

    • Of course Taiwan is not the name of a country. The official name should be Republic of China.

    • Actually,Taiwan is the country that won WW2 and established UN.You should go back school and learn some dude!

      • Apparently you dont know history.

      • Lmfao! Plz read some book before u want comment some issues. N I don’t know why u persuade another guy comeback to school, oh , sry I forgot maybe u got F in ur history subj of high school

        • Ok if anything Amos you are the one who needs an education cause that is not how you talk autocorrect or not.

          • Actually I feel boring abt this argument now. Because it’s useless ,all of u can’t change the situation between TW n China U have to clear this fact that u r a menial person who can’t change anything in this world. No reply. Thx

          • 顶你,Amos!

    • Taiwan is a COUNTRY!!!

    • Taiwan is a country,respect please

    • Taiwan is an independent country it has nothing to do with China only those who are brain damaged think TAIWAN is not a country.

      • I’m sure everyone else is brain damaged. Taiwan isn’t recognized internationally foo. Not by UN not by US not by EU. live in the dream boy. live in the dream.

        • It is not a dream, but a reality. Why Taiwan has to be “recognized” by any other governmentality, but not by the people themselves..That is people’s will, not your narrow perspective, that can decided who they are. I really feel so sorry for you because you are too ignorant to respect a country and its people.

          • Our Chinese people don’t care whether Taiwan is a independent country or not.please respect the Chinese people.You want to call yourself Taiwanese also ok.but don’t say Chinese bring Taiwanese down,ok?

      • + 1 ……Taiwan is a COUNTRY!!!

    • I have been to Taiwan once 5 years ago. Truly a friendly and lovely place to visit. (I’m from CA)

    • Taiwan is a country everyone knows by the way are you Chinese ?

    • Of course taiwan is a country

    • Maybe you should visit before you write a wrong reply.

    • Taiwan is a independent country absolutely !!

    • Of course Taiwan is a country

    • Pathetic China people. Based on his rationale, United States is part of UK?

      • @Pathetic Jeffery. I can tell u ,coward, US is a independent country because she won the Revolutionary War in 1783. Ok , now ,let TW n China have a battle without anyone s help. If TW can win the war, chinese will never say unify again. U know what I mean coward?

        • Amos,I totally agree you.
          Coward ! I think china should work together with USA,then kick the guys’ass who always want to separate our china.

        • US won her independence with French help. The Statue of Liberty in New York is the outcome of it. And it is the 21st century already, so human being should have learned not to resolve territorial dispute by force.

    • Taiwan is definitely a country, doubtless.

    • Taiwan is a country, of course, that Taiwan had dependent government, dependent military force, dependent people believing in their own country

    • you get fucking problem ? Taiwan is a country and it’s different with china
      Come on Man respect please or you can go back to school

    • Taiwan is a country.
      I’m Taiwanese.

      • Taiwan is not a country. It is a province of China.
        I’m from Taiwan as well.

        • 台灣是一個獨立的國家, 是中國不要臉說台灣是屬於中國的.
          為什麼台灣護照去美國不用簽證而中國的需要呢 ?? 不只美國還有其他國家也是 !! 若台灣與中國是一個國家為何中國的需要呢 ??

        • Please let me know which city of Taiwan are you from. I am really curious because you sound not like a Taiwanese. The province system has been abolished for several years. You must have left Taiwan two decade ago, or you will know there is no province anymore.