Top 10 best martial arts

Top 10 best martial arts

The martial arts have been in the world for more than hundreds of years and popularly used as self defense tool. It was originated in Asia and is practiced by millions of people all around the world as spectator sports. Moreover every style of martial arts has its own individual techniques among them you have to select the appropriate one that you want to adopt. Thus we have framed the list of top 10 best martial arts in the following section where you can gather detailed information about each style.

List of 10 best martial arts

10 # Kickboxing

best martial arts1

The kickboxing was developed from western boxing, karate and muay thai which is mainly practiced for general fitness, self defence and more. Kickboxing mainly concentrates on punches, kicks, knees, distracting, etc. The well trained kick boxers used to practice “combat qi” which involves in preventing the transfer of pain signals to the brain that bother a person.

9 # Aikido

best martial arts2

It is an interesting art that is recognized by most of the countries in the world which involves only few striking moves but based on some principle. The most popular Aikido practitioner is the Steven Seagal and his signature move is essential for self defense. You have to make your moves always against the attacker where you have to use your strength and energy. This is one of the best martial arts which were developed in the year 1900 in Japan. Mostly weapon training is given to the students against weapons like knives, swords, staffs and more.

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8 # Karate

self defense tool3

Karate is the commonly used martial art in the world and it means “Empty Hand” as thay do not make use of any weapons. It was originated in early 1300s which uses legs and hand as main forms of defense. It is a good self defense tool that also provides various health benefits for the people who are practicing it. It can be used as a good way to avoid fighting and the popular practitioners are Bruce Lee, Sean Connery, Dolph Lundgren, etc.

7 # Judo

self defense tool4

Judo was founded in Japan by Kano Jigoro as he was bullied during his childhood. It makes use of basic skills from various other martial arts to create this modern type of judo. The main rule of this self defense tool is that the people who are practicing this art should not overpower the strength of themselves. This is the soft method that uses the opponent’s strength against themselves instead of striking. It concentrates on locks, chokes, etc and the famous practitioners are Peter Sellers, Theodore Roosevelt, James Cagney and more.

6 # Wing Chun

best matial arts 5

It is also known as Wing Tsun or ving Tsun which is a concept based Chinese martial art that mainly uses grappling and striking. The practitioner believes that the person with strong body structure will win and the Wing Chun stance is like rooted but yielding or piece of bamboo. The structure of this martial art is used to repel external forces and well balance thus the body can recovers quickly from the attack. It delivers the training of awareness of one’s body movement that is derived from articular, muscular and tendon sources.

5 # Jujutsu

self defense tool6

This art mainly focuses on rolls, throws, locks in fighting and grappling. It is quite different from other martial arts which make use of any type of tactics from Gouging to biting if necessary. The Jujutsu is also referred as “art of softness” because it came into existence when samurais found themselves disarmed. It is one of the popular forms of martial arts nowadays and the famous followers are Edward William, Barton Wright, etc.

4 # Kung Fu

best martial arts7

Kung fu is the most famous Chinese martial arts which have been used in most of the Hollywood movies by the popular stars like Jet Li, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and more. This is the oldest form of martial art in the world and is traditionally taught by a personality named Shaolin monks who is well known for his moves. For those people who practice this art, trust, humility, patience and respect are most important virtues.

3 # Takewondo

self defense tool8

The Takewondo is well known for its integration of kicks which combines mental strength and physical skills while using it. They concentrate on stamina, balance, speed, flexibility and strength to perform this one. The practice of Takewondo has increased after the World War II and is the one art that is practiced in Olympics. It is considered as one among the popular martial arts in the world which have more than 30 million followers around 100 countries.

2 # Ninjutsu

best martial arts9

It is followed mostly by the teenage mutant ninja in North America and it was originated from the Japanese martial arts. This one makes use of stealth to defeat the opponents where feet and hands are widely used. The most commonly used weapons are swords, explosives, staffs, stars, spears and more. Some of the popular followers are Frank Dux and Ashida Kim.

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1 # Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

best martial arts10

Many people get confused that it was founded in Brazil because of the name but actually it is one of the Japanese forms of martial arts. It becomes the popular exercise when practiced by mixed martial artists. It was originated by a Japanese fighter who won around 2000 bouts and he is one of the toughest men ever lived in the world.

That’s it about the popular martial arts in the world. Please let us know your favorite art from the list and also your feedback in the comments section below.

Top 12 most scariest places on earth

Top 12 most scariest places on earth

There are some places in the world which are unfamiliar than alien landscapes we eternally imagined. These places have old houses and castles where we hear footsteps in the hall, scream at night, fog taking the shape, all mysterious, terrifying and violent things will happen. Are you having much curiosity to know about these places then you will definitely find this article more interested. We have listed the top 12 most scariest places on earth in the following section. Do you have fortitude to spend your night in these places?

List of top 12 most scariest places on earth

12 # Old Changi Hospital in Singapore 

most scariest places on earth1

This is one of the haunted places in the world which was built in the year 1935 and Notorious Kempeitai used this building as torture camp and prison. Until 1997 it was again used as hospital after the World War II. Due to the construction of Changi General Hospital it turned as old building. It is believed by people around that place is that ghosts of died soldiers has been seen walking in the corridors.

11 # Helltown

haunting places2

The Helltown is located in the Northern part of Ohio which is one of the terrifying places on earth. While driving through the wooded landscape and the dark will make you scary even if there is much population. The buildings out there are used by fire department for practice thus it looks daunting.

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10 # Aokigahara in Japan

haunting places3

This terrifying place in Japan is also known as Suicide Forest because nearly 180 people stanch suicide in the year 2004. People around that place believe that the forest is obsessed by the souls of those people who died over there. The vines and dense trees will make you feel like ghost place which made this place as one of the most scariest places on earth.

9 # Humberstone and LaNoria 

terrifying place4

These two towns are located in Chile which was recently shown in a TV show named Destination Truth. In these places many business transactions were taken place but due to depression these places were collapsed in the year 1958. After that people left these towns and considered as deadly places because of the rumor of ghosts walking around the town made the people near that place to refuse to enter.

8 # Leap Castle

terrifying place5

This castle is the most popular places on this list as it is related with gruesome history. This castle was built by O’Bannon during 15th century and was taken over by O’Carrolls. It is considered as one of the haunted places on earth because Mulrooney was killed by one of his brother regarding the struggle for control in front of the family members. The rumor of castle is that violent and vast number of spirits was haunting that place.

7 # Borgvattnet in Sweden  

haunting places6

This small village is located in Northern Sweden which was built in the year 1876. Many strange things were happened in that village including one encounter that made it as scariest place. Many people around that village have experienced the paranormal activities, moving objects and unexplained sounds over there and a priest saw the soul of an old woman in a room. The chaplain named Erick Lindgren wrote a journal describing his own experiences. Currently that place is running as café, restaurants and guest house but you should have dare to spend your night over there.

6 # Banff Springs Hotel, Canada

haunting places7

This is the luxury hotel located in Canada which was built by Canadian Pacific Railway before 125 years and now it is considered as one of the haunting places in the world. The main story behind this place is that a family was killed in the room number 873 in that hotel and the locals believe that the family killed is still seen in that place.

5 # Castle of good hope

haunting places8

The castle of good hope was constructed by the Dutch East India Company during 17th century which was considered as the oldest colonial building in that country. A tall gentleman was seen on the ramparts in the castle in 1915 which was the first recorded paranormal occurrence in that place. A lady has been witnessed running around the castle crying and holding her face that was another incident. By all these happenings it became one among the most scariest places in the world.

4 # Lawang Sewu – Indonesia 

haunting places9

The Lawang Sewu means thousand doors which were built by the Dutch East Indian Railway Company in the year 1917. This building was taken over by the Japanese forces during the World War II. It was used as a prison and many of them were treated harshly and numerous soldiers were killed in that place. Many tourists are visiting the building with the hope of catching a glimpse of paranormal and it is believed as the haunting place in the country.

3 # Shades of death road

terrifying plce10

It is the New Jersey road that stretches for around 7 miles of countryside which is considered as one of the haunting places in that area by the locals. Most of the people around that place states that the highway men kill the people along the road and others says that they have seen many paranormal activities over there.

2 # Mexico’s Island of the Dolls

terrifying place11

The Island of the Dolls is located on the Lake Teshuilo in Mexican city which is called as the strangest haunted place by the people around that area. The story behind that place is about a young girl who fell in the water in 1920 and the girl’s spirit has unable to move from the Island. The locals in that place won’t go near that during night because of the fear. You have to test your dare to visit this place in night.

1 # Mary King’s close – Scotland

haunting places12

It is an underground warren which was a trade area and has been abandoned after the outbreak of plague. It is the popular tourist destination now where many tourists are visiting with the interest to learn about the history of that place. Many reports have stated about the various paranormal goings in that area thus is considered as one of the scariest places in the world.

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Top 5 best large screen TV 2018-2019

Top 5 best large screen TV 2018-2019

While talking about the mediums of entertainment we always prefer television which became integral part of our life. There are many choices available in this segment to choose from ever before and you can redefine the word home theater with the help of large screen TVs available in the market. While buying those televisions you have to look into various factors other than price like widescreen or letterbox, right screen size, television depth and its type like LCD, HD, CRT, DLP and more. Thus to help you we have framed the list of best large screen TV 2018 in the following section after considering all the above features.

List of 5 best large screen TV 2018

5 # Panasonic E6 VIERA

best large screen tv1

The LED television named VIERA from Panasonic is packed with bundle of features that enables you to have amazing television experience. You can have complete access when you turn on the TV with the variety of additional content including photos, internet videos and more. It also allows you to connect your smart phone or tablet with the television to share your stuffs easily. The Backlight Blinking technology provides high quality pictures without any blur and fine control of the backlight result in images that are free from flicker and after images. This television in lesser in weight and the cutting edge design will attract you. The highly efficient low power consumption is the main advantage of this product.

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4 # Toshiba Cloud     

The Cloud LED TV from Toshiba is enhanced with various options like streaming news, family calendar, photo album, media guide, personal messaging and more to deliver personalized TV experience. It is designed to meet the modern connection needs and to offer brilliant picture quality for the users. You can be able to play games with your friends and family members and it enables you to connect with the internet. You can control the video and audio devices using the remote in this convenient television. It comes with USB ports, HDMI connections, Video input, Wi-Fi, PC port, etc to facilitate the multiple inputs. To deliver sharp and brighter content it is equipped with LED backlight. You can get the wider screen size of 65 inches which is bigger than other brands available in the market.

3 # Samsung F7500 LED TV

best large screen tv3

The Samsung F7500 is the ultra slim television with highest refresh rate to make it as perfect television for playing video games, watching movies and many more. This 46 inches smart TV comes with the voice command recognition system and motion sensing for effortless entertainment experience. This best large screen TV allows you to watch two channels at a time and also to record all of your favorite programs so that you can watch it later without missing them. On the whole it delivers excellent performance when compared to other televisions.

2 # Sony W802A smart TV


The Sony W802A is the high definition television that comes with dynamic edge LED backlight to deliver crystal clear pictures. You can get dynamic sound from this television that will fill the entire room which is amazing for the action movies thus you can get theater like experience from this one. You can view the movies, apps, music and other things on your smart phone in big screen by connecting the device to add value to your entertainment. This can be the best television for gaming as it offers brighter as well as clear picture without any blur. It has built-in Wi-Fi thus you can connect to the existing internet connection to enjoy your various social networking sites in bigger screen. You can also record your most wanted shows or desired videos to watch it later using the recording option offered by this smart TV.

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1 # Samsung F8000 big screen TV

This is another great widescreen television that delivers amazing performance to meet all your need for the LED television. The Samsung F8000 is equipped with sleek design which also comes with the metal stand thus you can place it anywhere in your home without any issues. It comes with smart evolution technology that keeps your TV up to date with the latest technology advancement. With the voice and gesture control feature you can control the settings of the television as well as the volume, sound effects, etc. It will make recommendations based on what you watch so you can enjoy your channels instead of searching the list. On the whole is offer high quality pictures in large screen thus you can have excellent entertainment in your home.

We hope you enjoyed this article and please let us know your thoughts in the following comments section which will be useful for other users.

5 Best android emulators for PC – Windows and Mac

5 Best android emulators for PC – Windows and Mac

Nowadays it is easy to play your favorite android games in your PC using the android emulator which offers better platform for the users on PC for playing games and to make use of the useful android applications on your computer. They became popular and are preferred by most of the PC users as it is user interface and can be installed within few minutes. These emulators have been around the market for sometimes and it is difficult to find the greatest emulators that provide efficient performance. Thus we have framed the list of best android emulators for PC in the following section after considering the various essential factors.

List of 5 best android emulators for PC –Windows and Mac 

1 # BlueStacks

The BlueStacks is one of the popular emulator available for your PC that enables you to access unlimited android applications and play games in your computer without any issue. You can download this best android emulator for PC for free from its official site. You can be able to search the apps using the search options once you have downloaded and installed the BlueStacks in your system. It is easy to install and will support both the windows and Mac systems. You can make use of all the games and apps as how you are using in your smart phone here. By using the inbuilt search manager option you can install any apk files within itself by simply double clicking it. Even though it works on both platforms can be great android emulator for Mac operating system. You no need to configure anything as the emulators automatically connects to the existing internet.

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2 # Genymotion android emulator

The Genymotion is a free android emulator for PC that is more easy to use and packed with plenty of features. Download it from its official site and make the installation after that you can use any of the apps from your computer. The resizable windows option enables you to use several windows at the same time by resizing them on your desktop. There is no need to type the longest URL or address anymore as you can simply copy and paste the text from your computer into android. With the single drag and drop you can install any number of applications and also import any files that you need. On the whole it is the great android emulator for Mac OS when compared to other ones available in the market. This emulator allows the starter to change the operating system they are using and the type of android device.

3 # Jar of beans emulator

best emulator for windows3

The Jar of beans was developed on the Android Jellybean OS thus it has gained this name which works with better quality resolution. You can make the installation in few minutes and thereafter can be able to download the applications that you need without any issue which made this as one of the best android emulators for PC. You can get this one for the entire windows platform like windows XP, windows 8, windows 7, windows 8.1 touch and more. It has user friendly interface and delivers amazing performance beyond your expectation. It let you to get your desired game within the emulator and can play by simply making double click on it. This finest android emulator for windows allows you to play all your favorite games and access the applications that you wanted to.

4 # YouWave emulator

best emulator for pc4

The YouWave free android emulator for PC is a combination of both BlueStacks and Native android emulator as interface module. You can get the instructions to download it on your computer thus you will not get confused while installing it. This one has two parts where you can see the list of apps that are installed in the left side and screen of your smartphone in the right side of the portraits. All that you need to do is to select the app and you can work it without need to make changes in the settings. It offers user friendly interface and performs better than any other android emulators available in the market which can be the best android emulator for windows that enables you to play all your favorite and latest games on your computer like how you are playing in the android device.

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5 # Native android emulator

best emulator for mac5

If you are looking for the finest emulator that works great in windows 7 and 8 then Native android emulator can be the best choice. You can get the interface of an android smartphone from this one and can install any of the application. The Google android development kit also comes with this which is not offered by most of the other emulators available in the market. It delivers excellent performance than what you have expected it to do. It is mostly used by the application developers as it is helpful in testing the full version of several apps to find the problem with emulator and to test the beta version of the applications. It enables you to upgrade with the latest development in games as well as in apps which need not require any personalized settings. You can make the search using the search manager option to get your desired app or game.

We hope you find this article useful in getting detailed information about the android emulators and let us know the one you think as best android emulator for PC from the list. Also share your feedback in the following comments section which will be useful for other users.

Effective ways to lose 10 pounds in 7 days

Effective ways to lose 10 pounds in 7 days

weight loss5

Sometimes most of the people give back their dieting plan as it does not show the result very soon. But they wanted to reduce their weight soon and like to maintain the same for future. You will be having this question in mind is it possible to lose weight in 7 days. In fact it is possible if you keep track on your dieting plan properly and carryout needed exercise. For those who want to reduce their excessive weight naturally without taking any pills, here are some of the effective ways to lose 10 pounds in 7 days in the following section. You have to continue it regularly to maintain the same body structure forever.

Simple ways to lose 10 pounds in a week

Before going into the method you have to make sure that this weight loss program will make changes in your lifestyle and the food habits.

1 # Set your goal

The primary thing you have to do to reduce your weight is to set the goal. You have to focus only on achieving your goal and stop trying out your old dresses that does not fit you because it will lowers your confidence level. Fix your calories counting that you have to intake to reach 10 pounds weight loss in one week. You can keep a journal and write down the things that you are eating daily and with each meal which will help you to know the amount and type of food you are consuming. If those food items are rich in fat or excess the calories that you fixed then you can be able to change them with the help of this journal.

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2 # Prepare your own dieting chart

effective ways to lose 10 pounds in 7 days1

To effectively reduce your weight you have to prepare your own dieting chart so that you can follow them to achieve your goal. Try to include the food items that are rich in protein and have water content in it which will help you to burn the fat inside your body. You also have to allot time for your cardio or any kind of exercise that is important in losing weight. Try to avoid the foods that promote cholesterol in your body like fried chicken, chips, French fries, etc. Starting from the first day with each meal such as breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can also plan for the mid meals that you are taking in between till the last seventh day. Make sure that your food chart does not exceed more than 2000 calories per day because a person has to intake 2000 calories a day without exercise.

3 # Drink more water

weight loss2

Drinking plenty of water is essential to reduce your weight. If you do not take enough quantity of water while following the dieting plan then you cannot achieve your desired result. Because water helps in removing the excess and unwanted water content from your body through urine or sweating and thereby you can also reduce the fat content in your body. Try to drink at least 2 0r 3 litres of water and increase it gradually for the forthcoming days.

4 # Take meals in smaller portion

Reduce the quantity of food that you are consuming and increase the number of meals that you are taking. That is instead of having three heavy meals you can have five meals per day in smaller portions. Try to add whole grain foods like wheat, nuts, barley, ragi, etc in your meals which will help you to stay without hunger for longer period of time. Rather than eating quickly enjoy each and every bite of your food which will reduce the food carving that most of the overweighed people face. This is one of the effective ways to lose 10 pounds in 7 days.

5 # Eat fat burning foods

There are some food items that will naturally burn your fat without doing any cardio. Intake more food items like that to burn more fat easily in your body. Those food items includes orange, bell peppers, lemon, strawberry, cinnamon, salmon fish, broccoli, apple, peaches, foods that are rich in omega 3 like olive oil, fish oil, walnuts, etc. These foods will help in reducing the level of insulin in your body so that you can be able to lose weight soon.

6 # Spice up your dish

weight loss3

This is one of the effective ways to lose 10 pounds in 7 days and it can be done with your regular recipes. Add more spices in your dish like cardamom, cinnamon, fennel seeds and more to burn fat in your body. These spices also have medicinal qualities so that you can gain more health benefits from these things.

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7 # Do 30 minutes exercise a day

To successfully lose 10 pounds in a week you have to regularly do at least 30 minutes of exercise which will help to burn more calories easily. You can be able to burn 200 to 300 calories in your legs, arms and other core parts of the body if you do workouts for around 30 minutes. Moreover you can go in stairs instead of choosing the lift which will help you to reduce your weight soon. Other than exercise you can walk daily in the morning that will give better result and you will not result in foot pain.

8 # Sleep more at night

weight loss4

Sleeping 30 minutes more at night will help in reducing weight which was found in a study. Restful sleep will boost your metabolism and you can feel relaxed if you sleep earlier at night. This will help you to reduce the stress that cause weight gain and you can also get other health benefits from doing so.

These are the effective ways to lose 10 pounds in one week naturally without using any pills. We hope you find this article useful and please share your thoughts about the methods listed above in the comments section.