Top 10 best flashlight app for android

Top 10 best flashlight app for android

There are varieties of application available for android in the play store especially for flashlights. Finding out the best application for your phone is not an easy task as you need to think off various features like LED light, automatic time exists, backlight, compatibility and more. If you are looking for the finest flashlight app for your android phone then you are at the right place. In this article we have listed the top 10 best flashlight apps for android in the following section.

List of top 10 Best Flashlight applications for android

1 # Tiny Flashlight + LED

flashlight app1

The round shaped power button inside the application is the LED light and you can activate the available features by tapping the round button on the right corner of the screen. You can change the color of light and the level of brightness as needed. You can change any text to Morse code by using the Text to Morse code feature and send via LED flash. There is no specific version needed for this app. It has Police Light feature and consume low battery. You can get this free android flashlight app from Google Play store.

2 # Brightest Flashlight

flashlight app2

This app provides you the maximum of screen brightness, keyboard backlight, soft keys backlight and notification LED. It has automatic timer exits application which closes the app in 2 minutes. It supports most of the leading android brands. You can experience a better lighting effect in this best flashlight app for android.

3 # Flashlight HD LED

flashlight app3

This is the best android flashlight app that provides you various options to make you comfortable. It looks simple and well designed. You can get the flashlight instantly by a single touch. Integrated flashlight is used in this app so it is possible to provide most powerful and brightest light for the users. For quick access you can add it to the widget and it is compatible with most of the phones where other application does not work. It gives indication about the level of battery.

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4 # Droid light LED Flashlight

flashlight app4

When you open this application you will see a bulb on the screen touch it once to on the LED flashlight and touch again to turn off it. You can get this one in Google Play store. The developer claims it works on Motorola but it works well in other devices also. This is easy to use, small in size, good looking and user interface. This app will not ask permission to update it frequently which can be a great choice for the people who are looking for an useful android application.

5 # Color Flashlight

flashlight app5

This amazing android flashlight app supports with any of the current versions. You can make use of the camera LED as torch. This offers you to change color of the light where you can bring up room settings like party or disco. With this one your phone turns into flashlight, disco light, candle light, police light and led banner. You can adjust the screen brightness by a single touch. You can turn your phone into a versatile flashlight with the help of variety of colorful lights offered by this app. By a tap on the menu button and choosing color, effect and brightness option you can make fun of flashlight effects.

6 # Super Bright LED Flashlight

flashlight app6

Super Bright is useful app that instantly changes the device into flashlight. The blinking mode is supported where you can seek help in case of emergency by using the light as code. You need to swipe the round button left or right to turn on or off the strobe light. This best flashlight app for android is comfortable to use. You can enjoy the stunning effects offered by this app which could not be achieved by most of the other flashlight apps in the market.

7 # Amazing Flashlight

flashlight app7

This cool and greatest app allows you to manage all the features in a single screen. You can add this to your widget by a single tap on the home screen. It has Emergency / Warning strobe lights which may enable you to contact police, ambulance, fire service, etc. It is stylish, well – designed and easy to use. The additional features may include battery level, brightest mode and light house mode which made this one as great free android flashlight app.

8 # Disco Light

flashlight app8

You are planning to arrange a big disco party for your friends at home. And you are in need of many dazzling light effects without spending much time and expense for arrangements. You can easily do all these things with the help of disco flashlight. Six kinds of lights are available where you can make your own coolest disco. This makes you as the centre of attraction among your group. The timing and brightness of the light is being adjustable based on the sound and position of the phone.

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9 # Free Color Flashlight

flashlight app9

This is one of the most installed and best flashlight apps for android phone in the market. You can get it for free from the Google play store. This provides you many handy features and which can be a great companion when you are in need of flashlight to communicate in code language at any emergency situation. The battery consumption and memory space is less when compared to other one. You can also get wide ranges of colors to choose from to have fun in the party.

10 # Tesla LED Flashlight

flashlight app10

This is compatible with all the modern devices and you can get it on home screen of your device use by adding it on the widget. This is extremely compatible all the version and has many attractive options such as light effects, brightness, color, sound, etc. This best android flashlight app is easy to use and enables you to communicate with the code language offered.

That’s all about the best flashlight app for android and we hope you enjoyed this article. Please share your feedback in the comment section below and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Top 6 best probiotic supplements 2018-2019

Top 6 best probiotic supplements 2018-2019

There are more than trillions of bacteria in our gut that helps to digest food and to prevent intruder. When the normal bacterial balance in your body is broken up due to stress, illness or travelling then intake of probiotics will help to promote it. It is found in recent study that supplements and foods with probiotics will reduce digestive problem and support healthy immune system. It is available in many forms like capsules, powders, etc and there are multiple brands available in the market. Among them it is difficult to choose the finest one thus we have listed the top 6 best probiotic supplements 2015 in the below section after considering the various benefits.

List of 6 best probiotic supplements 2015

1 # Hyperbiotics Pro-15

best probiotic supplements1

The Pro-15 can be the great probiotics supplements for men, women and children. It comes in pearl shape which is easy to swallow and is enriched with patented technology to give better results than capsules. It makes you to feel energetic throughout the day and balance your health. It helps to restore the beneficial bacteria and control Candida overgrowth to promote immune health. It also helps you to get relief from other issues like bloating, allergies, constipation, gas and more. It creates a microenvironment in your digestive system to support mineral absorption in order to avoid poor vitamin. The formula used in this probiotics will reach your large intestine and thereby improves your health.

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2 # Align Digestive supplement

best probiotic supplements2

This is one of the best probiotic supplements that will help you to naturally improve the digestive system. You can maintain digestive balance and there by improves the friendly bacteria to avoid various health issues. It contains natural probiotic strains B that enables you to fight with the stress and other factors related to bacterial imbalance. You can consume this capsule daily which is recommended by the Gastroenterologists in the United States. It has been the top choice among the people all around the world for more than 5 years. If you consume this capsule you can feel energetic and relaxed throughout the day.

3 # Naturenetics Pro Health

best probiotic supplements3

The Flora pro health from Naturenetics is made of using variety of ingredients like lactobacillus acidophilus, powerful strains, colony forming units and more. This can be the best probiotic supplement that does not include fish, peanuts, gluten, artificial colors, etc. it is suitable for all kinds of people who doesn’t have sufficient friendly bacteria. The capsules are independently tested by the researchers in order to give best result from using this product. There is no need to store this supplement in the refrigerator like other ones which can be kept in dry area and can be used until the expiration.

4 # NOW Foods probiotics

best probiotic supplements4

This probiotic supplement ios suitable for kids, men and women which will help them in building healthy digestive system. It also helps to maintain intestinal lining, detoxification process, intestinal motility and more. For supporting the healthy immune system function it makes use of bacterial strains. You can take this dietary supplement once or twice in a day in empty stomach for better results. This can be the great probiotics supplements that does not makes use of any ingredients like milk, fish, wheat, etc. by using this you can get rid of various stomach issues like pain, bloating, gas and more.

5 # Nature’s Bounty probiotics

best probiotic supplements5

This best probiotic supplement will help to improve more than 400 species of friendly bacteria or normal flora in the digestive system. It also supports for overall well being and enables you to stay energetic all over the day. Each capsule from this probiotics provides millions of organisms at the time of manufacture. You can get instant improvement and helps you to keep away from sickness as well as other health issues. It comes in the form of capsules which provides efficient performance when compared to other supplements available in the market.

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6 # Primal Defense

best probiotic supplements6

The primal defense probiotic supplements are offered by Garden of Life Company that makes use of ultimate formula to provide better lifestyle for both men and women. It supports intestinal function and comfort to maintain healthy immune system as well as overall health. For healthy development of lactic acid bacteria this supplement makes use of Bacillus Subtilis. It nourishes cells to maintain normal barrier function and the capsule eliminates the need for binders and fillers which also releases the nutrients through quicker dissolution in the body. On the whole it can be the best probiotic supplement for all the people who suffer from various immune system issues.

We hope you find this article useful in choosing the right probiotics supplements that meet your needs. Please let us know your feedback in the following comments section which will be useful for other users also.

Top 5 best tablets with keyboard 2018-2019

Top 5 best tablets with keyboard 2018-2019

Tablets have created a great impact among the people especially the students and young ones. It has many features which are affordable and does not offer by the computers. There are wide ranges of tablets being introduced in the market every day. With the improved designs and the growing apps the tablet has become the mobile computing device to work.

You may ask a question yourself how to identify the best tablet? In order to get the answer you need to consider many things like the processor, OS, design, RAM, supportive applications, display, connectivity, etc. In this article you can find some of the best tablets with keyboard 2015 in the following section which may guide you to get your preeminent.

List of top 5 best tablets with keyboard 2015

1 # Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

As we know Samsung is one of the market leaders in the mobile phone industry. The Galaxy tab 2 is powered with Android 4.1. You can get the Bluetooth keyboard in which you can enjoy convenient typing. The Samsung Hub service enables you to access the top applications directly that can be used to get latest movies, songs, games and e-books.

It comes with 10.1 inch touch screen with the HD display. The expandable memory up to 32 GB and also has both front and back camera. You can easily share your document or videos with your friends by using the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The keyboard is more flexible to use so you can connect it with the tab whenever you want and can remove it easily without any issues. This is the best tablet if you are looking for excellent display.

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2 # Microsoft Surface Pro 3

tablet with keyboard2

The Surface Pro 3 is stylish with 12 inch screen which is compatible to use. The performance of the tablet is improved with the 8 GB RAM. The screen resolution is about 2160 x 1440 which is the depth of the pixel that enables you to experience better quality of the content and video. You can play the video games of your favorite with perfect clarity using the pixel depth.

The back camera comes with 5 megapixels so that you can zoom at the core without losing the picture quality. The front camera is also available which enables you to make video conferencing with the clients. The battery life is comparatively better so that you can use it for longer period of time. The keyboard is the additional feature of the Surface Pro which is connected with the tablet to carry out the typing faster and smarter.

3 # Lenovo Miix 2

tablet with keyboard3

This excellent tablet is featured with 10 inch screen and high resolution. This one has the magnetic keyboard which can be attached with the tab whenever you want to make it as a laptop. This delivers you comfort while typing and can be removed easily. It has 64 GB memory and can be expanded up to 128 GB through SD card. The detachable mode allows you to instantly switch from tablet mode to laptop or stand mode. Where ever you go you can connect to the internet using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options which is also helpful in transferring the files, videos, pictures, etc.

It includes full version of office home and student so that you can be able to work with PowerPoint, word, excel, one note and more to accomplish your needs. The layout and the design are unique when compared to other brand. The 32 GB Intel HD Graphics enables you to play the games without any trouble and supports to most of the new one. This is one of the best tablets with keyboard which makes you feel satisfied.

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4 # Sony Vaio Tap 11

tablet with keyboard4

It is slim and lighter one than the normal tablets. The screen is 11.1 inch in size which can be equal to the size of laptop. You can connect the keyboard with the Bluetooth so that you can work with it by sitting anywhere. You can purchase it for affordable price. You can experience the clear audio using the Intel High Definition Audio feature. You can also get the USB port which is essential for connecting with other devices to share files, videos, etc. It delivers the maximum resolution of 1920 X 1080 so that you can see the contents crystal clear without blur.

The presence of HD Graphics gives out the better video quality to the users. The kickstand is highly adjustable. The keys in the keyboard are softer so that you can type a full length document without much effort and easily. The greatest tablet with keyboard enables you to hear songs, watch videos and movies, play games, prepare the presentations, etc.

5 # Asus Transformer Book T 100

tablet with keyboard5

This can be the suitable tablet for the Windows. The excellent feature of Asus Transformer Book is battery life and performance. It has tactile keyboard dock. The front and back camera will let you to capture the pictures and videos with high precision. This tablet can be the one which you are looking for. You can get this multi task system to fulfill all your needs which has 10 inch touch screen with Intel HD Graphics chip. You can detach the tablet to play or work anywhere and dock it to enjoy the comfortable keyboard. The battery can lasts up to 11 hours which is not offered by most of the other brands available in the market.

We hope you enjoyed this article and found some useful information about the best tablets with keyboard. Please share your feedback in the comments section below.

Homemade Coconut oil hair mask

Homemade Coconut oil hair mask

coconut oil hair mask1

If you are searching for a better remedy to moisture your dry hair naturally without spending time and money in salon then coconut oil will perfectly match your needs. It has many benefits in it which can moisture your dry hair and provides you flawless hair. Not only for hair you can apply it in your body to get smooth skin and use it for cooking to enrich your food.

Prepare a hair mask using coconut oil to repair your damaged ends. If you don’t know how to make it then here are some methods that will help you out in preparing coconut oil hair mask.

Preparation of coconut oil hair mask

1 # Honey and coconut oil hair mask

With some of the basic ingredients available in your home you can make this hair mask. You should have one tablespoon of coconut oil, one tablespoon of raw honey, sauce pan to heat, mixing bowl, towel, spoon and shower cap if you need. Mix the coconut oil and honey in a mixing bowl. Then pour it in sauce pan and heat the mixture until coconut oil and honey mix well together. For long and well damaged hair you add these ingredients little more.

Split your hair into many small portions using comb and then apply the mixture well from top to bottom of your hair. Make sure that you apply little more in ends to repair the damages. Tie your hair tightly and wear shower cap. Let the mask to soak for about 30 – 40 minutes, and then wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner as you usually do. You can see the magic after it dries well. You can feel the difference immediately after your first wash because it will be smooth and silky. For better result try it weekly once which can give you beautiful looking hair. You can also get the shiny and thick black hair if you use this hair mask frequently.

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2 # Simple coconut oil mask for hair

In order to repair your split ends and damaged hair you can try this coconut oil hair mask using simple materials available in home. You need to have only three ingredients that are coconut oil, black soy and Mayo. While doing this method don’t forget to divide your hair in to various portions which will help in applying the mask throughout your hair and even in scalp well. Take a bowl, mix black soy and mayo together. Mix it well until you get a paste from it and make sure about the consistency of the paste because you are going to add coconut oil in it which will make it more liquid. After that mix the paste with pure coconut oil and apply in your hair from top to bottom. Tie your hair and let it for 20 minutes. You can rinse as usually you do in your home with your favorite shampoo and feel the silky hair after it gets dry. Use this simple method to get beautiful as well as healthy hair.

3 # Perfect coconut oil hair mask

coconut oil hair mask3

You can do this hair mask easily with only two ingredients that is coconut oil and olive oil. Try to make use of sufficient amount of oil so that you hair can absorb it well. Mix them well in a bowl and apply it on your hair. Try to focus on ends because there will be more damage in the end than scalp part. Wrap your hair with shower cap and rinse it after 20 – 30 minutes. Soaking time may differ based on your hair damage. You can use any kind of shampoo and conditioner to rinse. Olive oil is optional if you don’t like to apply it on your hair then use coconut oil alone. It gives you better result and your crunchy hair will become soft. This method will give you perfect silky hair and you can feel the difference immediately after the shampoo wash.

4 # Hair mask using coconut oil   

To do this mask you have to take coconut oil, shower cap, hair clip, hair dryer. Just apply the coconut oil in your hair from root to bottom of your hair. There is no need to heat the coconut oil because it can easily melt in your hand. Apply the oil evenly from scalp to the bottom of the hair and split your hair in to small portions so that you can be able to spread the oil well in your hair.  After applying cover your hair with shower cap and pin it using hair clip. Then heat your hair using hair dryer for 10 to 15 minutes so that oil set well in your hair. Heating is optional so you can soak it for 30 minutes if not use dryer. Finally wash your hair with shampoo. A tip to maintain your hair end without splitting and dry is you can apply little amount of coconut oil in the end at night before sleeping. Next day morning you will find oil in your hair and it will be smooth. You can try it daily to totally avoid split ends.

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5 # Coconut oil for hair mask

coconut oil hair mask

Coloring your hair often may damage it due to the chemicals used in that color. Sometimes hair coloring will also result in the hair loss. This method of hair mask will be helpful for people who like to color their hair. Do this once in every week to protect your hair from damages. Take coconut oil and spread it on your finger by rubbing. Then apply it on your hair with hands and make sure you concentrate on end. Then comb your hair that has wide tooth. Then wrap with a towel and leave it for around 40 minutes. Rinse your hair and see how silky and shiny it is.

We hope you enjoyed this article and got idea about coconut oil hair mask. Try these methods and share your feedback in the following comments section which will be useful for other users.

10 Free Full Unblocked Movies Streaming Websites

10 Free Full Unblocked Movies Streaming Websites

Unblocked movies streaming websites have practically replaced the old outing of going to the movie theater because they have become so wildly successful in recent years. If you don’t believe this, try going to a reasonably popular new movie release at your local theater this weekend to see how eerily empty the theater is.

It’s not really that people don’t enjoy the movies anymore, they just refuse to pay to see them any longer with all of the unblocked movies streaming sites now available.

In this piece, we’ll go through the top ten unblocked movies streaming websites that have given life to this accelerating trend which has quite literally stolen the thunder of the old movie theater arena.

1. Wolowtube

unblocked movies streaming websites

Wolotube is fascinating as it is a search engine exclusively designed for online movie streams. Simply click the icons for movies, and the engine goes to work performing an exhaustive search on your behalf. You might also perform a manual search for a specific title by using the search box. The results displayed will permit you to watch any unblocked movies found on the Internet.

Practically every online movie streamer is available via the site. The movie page lists out all of the new movies and a brief description of the film. For those who are serious about watching free full-length movies online, this could be the most useful one-stop site ever.

2. Yify

a screenshot of the Yify movie streaming site homepage

Yify is interesting precisely because it is better known as a torrent uploader. Yet it also streams unblocked movies from its site. They earned their claim to fame through delivering movie torrents in full HD.

What makes the site so incredibly impressive is that its designers actually upload every new release on the site personally themselves, and all of them in HD. The streaming site is identical in this respect.

The dashboard for the site provides a sorting feature by country of production, year, genre, and even language. For every movie you select, it displays full details including actors, length, director, genre, and even its IMDb ratings along with the Rotten Tomatoes movie ratings.

3. Fmovies

the screenshot of Fmovies unblocked movies streaming site homepage

One of the newer upstarts in the unblocked movies streaming sites is Fmovies. It is thanks to the user-friendly design that the website has rapidly become so successful and beloved. It features a highly advanced UI that lays out everything on the site well. Besides this, the website itself is both responsive and fast.

The homepage features a banner that reveals the hot trending and latest movie releases. Below there are four links sections including Suggestions (for popular content), Latest Movies, Latest TV-series, and requested movies.

With a fully updated movie database, it is clear this team works really hard. The only downside is that there are both click and pop-up ads on the individual movie pages and throughout the entire website.

4. Moviewatcher

the screen caption of the Moviewatcher online cinema site homepage

This is another terrific site for viewing high-quality English movies. With a tremendous interface, you can see the film’s release date, genre, length, and other interesting details alongside the title. There are different players and versions offered in every film, with the quality ratings listed alongside each offering.

5. Putlocker

the screen caption of the Putlocker streaming site homepage

Putlocker provides an enormous quantity of free movies to stream. Their collection is unique and impressive. Besides an exhaustive back film collection, it also offers the newest releases in decent quality. The systems for sorting are helpful and functional. All films are sorted out according to years which range from 1995 through 2015, as well as by genre.

6. GOmovies

the screen caption of the GoMovies platform homepage

Gomovies has a special interface that provides a lot of great detail on the unblocked movies it showcases. The quality of their movies is truly impressive. The homepage is cutting-edge, displaying thumbnails for all featured films, the latest movies, and most requested movies as well.

As you move your pointer over a thumbnail, you get a description of the movie, genre, length, and the IMDb movie rating. Movies are sorted by genre, country, and IMDb rating on the dashboard as well, making it highly functional and helpful. The latest films are also available in high quality on this unblocked movies streaming site.

7. Watchmovies-online

the screenshot of the watchmovies online streaming site homepage

Boasting all of the most current unblocked movies on its streaming site, Watchmovies delivers on its name sake by providing a unique viewing experience. Their dashboard is world-class.

Movies are all well-indexed, there is a spot for requesting movies, and also a section for those movies which will be coming soon. A nice assortment of high-quality movies is featured on the movie streaming site, including literally hundreds of hit titles.

8. Tube+

the screen caption of the Tube+ online movies streaming site homepage

This site‘s claim to fame lies in its blazing fast speed. It delivers content quickly and efficiently at the same time. Their search bar at the top of the dashboard makes it handy to locate the unblocked movies that you want without hassle.

Search results may be filtered out according to release year and genre. Every movie page delivers a handy trailer along with a range of streaming links from which you can enjoy the film for free.

9. Snagfilms

the screenshot of the SnagFilms streaming website homepage

Unique to all the competitors in this list, Snagfilms boasts more than 10,000 individual movies and files. The downside is the majority of these unblocked movies are classics, documentaries, older comedy films, history movies, philanthropic films, and related content.

This means that you will not find the latest releases here. They do offer a special Android and iOS compatible app which allows you to view the content from smart phones.

10. My Download Tube

the screen caption of the MyDownloadTube movie site homepage

While the name of this final unblocked movies site proves to be confusing to many users, it is not only a download content site but also a movie streaming site. Every movie page offers the plot, details on the file, links to see the trailer, the IMDb rating, choice to stream or download the movie, etc.

They also provide movie screenshots so that you can check out the quality of the film before you commit to it. The only downside to this site is its infinite pop up ads that you will have to endure and close before you get to watch a streaming movie here.

Summing It Up

Thanks to these ten high-quality unblocked movies streaming movie sites, there really is no point in paying to go see movies on the silver screen any longer. As they are all free, there is no good reason not to try each and every one of them out for yourself. See which one you like best and let us know.

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