How to Get Rid of Ant Hills – 10 Methods with Households Ingredients

How to Get Rid of Ant Hills – 10 Methods with Households Ingredients

Ants are a useful part of nature. They help the planet by cleaning up fungus, getting rid of dangerous pests, aerating the soil, etc. However, they become a big problem for us sometimes especially when they build big mounds. If you want to clean that ant hill from your yard, then you have to identify the type which it belongs to. This will help you to find out if it’s a nesting habit and you can get better an idea of how to abolish them.

You can keep your garden clean of ant hills by using both natural and chemical ingredients. Out of these, natural ingredients are perfect solutions as they are safe and inexpensive. You can put an end to this problem with few products available in home centers. Let’s see some of the most effective and useful methods to get rid of ant hills naturally in the following section.

Effective Methods to Get Rid of Ants

1. Use Coffee Grounds

wet coffee grounds in white container

Coffee ground is the safest material to use and one of the natural ways to destroy ant hills. Spray these coffee grounds on the ant hill. This simple step should be enough to kill the hatched young ants and the whole colony.

It will take time yet it still remains a good method to clean the ants permanently. You can make use of this one in your yard during summer. You have to repeat the process over an extended period for effective results. Nonetheless, coffee grounds and can be used anywhere else in your home to avoid ant trails. In the end, this is a natural home remedy to get rid of ant hills without using any pesticide.

2. Pour Hot Water with Dish Soap

Just mix dish soap with boiling water and pour the mix on an ant hill. Better yet, find out where the ant hill’s main entrance is and pour your composition there.

The recommended dosage is three repetitions a day. Place boric acid around the hill after third and final time. Boric acid is dangerous to ants as it draws out water from ant’s body and dehydrates them to death. You will not find any single ant after you dropped the mixture in an ant hill.

3. Use White Vinegar

Vinegar really helps you to stay away from ants in your yard and in any other places where you see ants. Spray the white vinegar on holes and mounds which will kill ants in few seconds. You can do it for two or three times until the entire colony is destroyed. It is also safe to use in all the places of your home.

4. Combine Sugar and Borax

This is the least expensive method to control ants. At the same time, you need to handle this solution carefully. Borax is a dangerous substance. Mix sugar and borax in a jar lid and place it near the ant hill. The sugar will call ants out of their hideout, and they will bring it inside their ant hill.

At this point, borax will kill the entire colony of ants. You can pour borax directly into the ant mound to kill them. However, you have to be careful while pouring as it destroys grass also.

5. Use Plain Water

You know ants don’t like any area that is well watered. Keep your lawn full of water. This will help to stay away from ants at all times. You can pour water regularly on ant hill directly. This will kill the entire group of ants including queen so that it cannot create any new colony. This method surely works better than others without taking any health risks. This way, you can get rid of ant hills permanently.

6. Mixture of Karo Syrup and Borax

You can prepare a recipe using maximum amount of Karo Syrup and little amount of Borax. Mix this two ingredients and warm the result up to dissolve it. Make a crack in the ant hole and let this mixture to trickle in. After around one week, ants will carry it to the core of their nest. This way, the queen ant will die as well. Her death puts an end to any chances of ants surviving your solution.

7. Apply Crushed Mint Leaves

Mint leaves help to get rid of ant hills naturally. Ants don’t like the fragrance that comes from mint. Instead of crushed mint leaves, you can also use cloves. Put the mint leaves or cloves all around and inside the ant hill.

8. Use Bleach and Ammonia

This method will give immediate results. However, you have to operate the solution with care. Mix bleach and ammonia well in equal amounts and pour in on the ant hill. You can see how the whole ant colony dies within a few minutes. It is dangerous to ants and yourself as well. This mixture will burn your skin, so you have to wear gloves and mask while doing this. Don’t breathe the vapor as it is harmful to you as well.

9. Get Rid of Ant Hills in Yard Using Grits

Grits is an effective product to kill ants. Buy a can of grit and fill the hole of ant hill with the grits as much as it holds. Ant will eat the grits. Afterward, they will try to come out for water. But immediately grits expand in their stomach and explode. It really works well to destroy ant hills in your yard which is less expensive and also eco-friendly. This is not harmful to you also so you can do it without making any preparations like gloves, mask, etc.

10. Lemon Juice

see through glass of lemon juice with a half cut lemon in the background

The lemon juice can be the effective ingredient to get rid of ant hills in your backyard or garden or anywhere else in the home. The lemon juice contains citric acid. This substance works amazingly to kill entire ants in their nest. All you have to do is separate the juice from lemon and fill it in a spray bottle. Afterward, spray it on the hill directly or on the place where you saw ants. You have to do it at least twice a day to kill the entire ant colony quickly especially the queen who is the major reason for the formation of a new colony.

Final Word

You can make use of all the above methods to kill the entire ant colony naturally. There are many products available on the market that you can take advantage of to make your home safer. The important factor to get rid of ant hills in your yard and other places is to keep that areas clean. If you have any other effective methods, then share it with us in the comments section below.

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Top 7 best perfumes for men 2018-2019

Top 7 best perfumes for men 2018-2019

Every man will not step out from his house without wearing perfume. It is like their phone, watch, wallet and other accessories which they never forget to use whether it is party or office or anywhere else out. And moreover he wants to smell good near his desired woman which can be possible only with the long lasting fragrance.

There are more than thousands of perfumes available for men in the market and it is really difficult to choose the best one among them. Thus to help you we have framed a list of top 7 best perfumes for men 2015 in the following section.

List of 7 best perfumes for men 2015

1 # Nautica Voyage

best perfume for men

Nautica Voyage is the first one that comes in your mind when you think about best perfume for men. It delivers amazing and long lasting fragrance which remains a major factor for the success of this brand. If you are looking for some perfect gift for your men then this would be the apt one. It is made by combining ingredients like green leaves, woody amber and dewy moss to deliver a quality perfume for its customer. You can wear it for office or special occasions to attract others and stand unique with your magical fragrance. Moreover it protects the odor naturally to make him stay fresh for the whole day.

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2 # Cool Water

perfumes for men2

It can be the best perfume for men which are offered by Davidoff in the year 1988. You can get many flavors like lavender, jasmine, musk, sandalwood and more. Famous stars like Josh Holloway and Paul Walker appeared in its promotional meet held on 2008. You will feel fresh with one or two sprays and can last for the whole day. You will add this on to your favorite perfumes after you use it once. The cool water makes use of various natural ingredients to protect your skin from irritation, rashes and other problems which most of the brands available in the market fails to provide.

3 # Mont Blanc Legend

perfumes for men3

This can be the sophisticated perfume with blend of various materials like lavender, verbena, pineapple leaf, apple, sandalwood, rose and more. Mont Blanc is one of the well known and traditional brands in the market that offer many products like luxury watches, jewels, pen and other writing instruments. The trace of aroma of this perfume will whisk you away to treasured times and places. If you are looking for manly fragrance then it will satisfy your needs by providing awesome scent that can also give you much confident and attitude.

4 # Victorinox by Swiss Army 

perfumes for men4

Victorinox was introduced by Swiss Army in the year 1996 which was engaged in producing professional and household knives when it was started. But now they are one of the leading brands that manufacture and sell wide range of products like watch, fragrance, travel gear, etc. They make use of the ingredients that does not result in any side effects like rashes, allergies, irritation, skin darkening and more. You will be surprised about its quality as it can be able to deliver fragrance for about a whole day. They have an incredible success for around 125 years in the world due to their key factors like quality, innovation and unique design.

5 # L’eau D’issey perfume for men

perfumes for men5

It is one of the best perfumes for men which were introduced by Issey Miyake in the year 1994. It makes use of water as an essential ingredient for perfume along with musk, woods and amber. Wide ranges of flavors are offered under L’eau D’issey like harmony, bloom, breathes, flowers, grace, wishes, please and more. You will receive lots of compliments when you wear it and also it makes you feel fresh for whole day. You can get mild fragrance that attracts and will not make you feel bad by its smell. This can be the unique and elegant reference in the men’s fragrance world.

6 # Paco Rabanne one million

perfumes for men6

One million from Paco Rabanne is a masculine seduction perfume that helps you to grab your partner’s attention with its amazing scent. It comes in limited edition that can satisfy what you expect in a perfume. This can be the better gift for your husband or boyfriend for Valentine’s Day.  It is recommended product for the man who is picky about his perfume and it is affordable than other leading brands available in the market. You can get it in 3.4 oz bottle so that can utilize it for about a year which may vary based on your use. It can be one of the best perfumes for men, which exist in splash as well as spray.

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7 # Dolce & Gabbana

perfumes for men7

Dolce & Gabbana is a luxury Italian company which was introduced in the year 1985 and well known for its fashionable products. Other than perfume it is engaged in offering various products like handbags, footwear, watches, sunglasses, jewelry and cosmetics. More than 3000 employees are working in this industry which have working area all around the world. This perfume makes your men smell really magnetic and will not result in any kind of skin issues. It is one among the list of popular brand that offers excellent and best perfume for men with long lasting features.

We hope you find this article useful to choose the best fragrance for your men and let us know your favorite perfume from the list. Please leave your comments below and share this article with your friends.

6 Best gel nail polish Brands 2018-2019

6 Best gel nail polish Brands 2018-2019

Gel nail polish is the new trend among girls which cause less damage to your nails and lasts much longer than regular nail polish. Usually a manicure or pedicure lasts for maximum of 5 days but gel nail paint does not chip for more than two weeks.

You can get perfect look for your nails by applying this nail polish without spending your time and money in salon. For that you have to choose the best one among multiple brands available in the market, which is a boring process. Thus we have listed some of the popular and best gel nail polish brands 2018 in the following section to help you in picking your favorite brand.

Top 6 Gel nail polish brands 2018

6 # Essie 

The Essie gel polish is one of the leading producer of gel nail polish in the world which offers wide range of shades to match all your occasions. You can get amazing colors of polish from the Essie’s winter collection and the brand was originated by Essie Weingarten. You will get perfectly groomed hands and shiny effect that will not chip for longer period of time. You can enhance the effect of manicure and pedicure by applying this gel polish. The brush will flow smoothly in your nails so that you can apply the nail paint in single coat for better result.

5 # IBD just gel polish

best gel nail polish brand

If you are a gel nail paint lover then you absolutely like IBD just gel polish which is made with 100% gel. It protects your nail naturally without damaging it and the color lasts for 21 days. You need not to worry about cracking, chipping and smudging.

This nail paint is easy to apply and it gives overall beauty to your hand which made it as best gel nail polish brand. It offers wide range of nail products to their customer among them nail polish is the popular product. It is also known as UV gel polish in which each type is available in 90 different colors that enhance your beauty.

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4 # CND Shellac

best gel nail polish brand2

To get gel polishes from CND directly a consumer should be a licensed beauty professional otherwise you cannot buy shellac nail polish. There are around 70 colors provided by shellac which does not chip for 14 days. This is one of the popular gel nail polish brands in the world that gives you flawless finish for your nails.

If you want to brighten the color then you can do two or more coating and it is suitable for layering also. CND promises for long lasting shine as it has shellac formula which is different from other brands. If you once use it then definitely you will add this to your favorite brand and wish to try all the colors.

3 # Sally Hansen

best gel polish3

Sally Hansen’s pro gel is a famous gel nail polish brand in the world. It offers wide ranges of nail paint which attracts you by its silky smooth finish. You can do 10 gel manicures with this pro gel nail system and ensures flawless outlook of your hand. It is available in 24 different colors and can be the smart choice for nail polish lovers. It lasts for longer days like other leading brands and suitable for all your occasions. The consistency is good which not too thick and not too thin so that it is easy to apply on your nails without smudging. This will give you shiny and perfect look for your hands.

2 # OPI Gelcolor

best gel polish4

It comes in the list of traditional nail polish which gives a solid quality Gelcolor line. It is mostly available in salons and stores that supply nail paints. Only limited colors are provided by this brand but you surely find your favorite one. There is no need for any additional maintenance for a week if you use OPI Gelcolor. Each shade has unique name like pink before you leap, Bastille my heart, etc so that you can easily identify your desired color.  This is the best brand for gel nail polish that makes you feel great for your hands and toes.

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1 # what is the best gel nail polish brand – Gelish

nail paint5

Gelish is one of the top gel polishes available in the market that offers 100 choices of colors. It lasts for many days when compared to other brand that is up to three whole weeks. You will not face any issues like chipping, smudging, etc and each woman wish to try out all the colors exist in this brand. You will not think about manicure and pedicure for three weeks if you apply it once. Gelish is the best brand for gel nail polish that offers better quality and makes use of unique formula.

Let us know your favorite gel nail polish brand and your feedback about this article in the following comments section. Please don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Top 6 Best Luxury mattress Brands 2018-2019

Top 6 Best Luxury mattress Brands 2018-2019

Comfort is the primary factor to be considered by all mattresses manufacturing industry. In that basis luxury mattress brands always offers great comfort and specialty beds to their customer. These brands produce different kinds of mattresses include memory foam, fiber, latex, airbed, etc which are environment friendly.

Rather than comfort we should look into other features like longevity, affordability, motion isolation, size, price, pain relief, odor, heat retention, etc. Many brands are available in the market which offers expensive mattresses to their customer. It is difficult to choose the best one among them. Thus we have compiled a list of best luxury mattress brands in the world 2015 based on the above criteria, which will help you to make your best choice.

List of 6 Best Luxury mattress brands 2018

6 # Hypons

This brand involved in producing luxury mattresses for more than 100 years who focuses on the pursuit of perfection and delivers comfort for the sleepers. They are the award winning makers of the hand crafted beds and they are combining pressure relieving pocket springs as well as layers of finest natural materials to offer the most comfortable beds in the world. They are offering huge range of products like pillow turn collection, pocket latex collection, regency collection, orthos support collection, douchess supreme, president supreme and more. Their expensive mattresses are designed to provide pressure relief and support that your body needs.

5 # Magniflex Mattress

luxury mattress1

The Magniflex Company produces mattress and other accessories related to mattress around world in the name of platinum, Seacell Emotion and gold. The headquarters is located in Italy that produces around 10,000 mattresses per day and distributes to 45 countries around world. It is one of the popular brands that offer luxury mattresses with superior quality.

The company fills their mattresses with five zone memory foam that contains soy and vegetable oil. They also manufacture mattress cover which is made of platinum fiber. The gold mattress brand has 22 carat gold yarn that avoids dust mite, odors and bacteria. You can buy this one for around 24,000 dollars.

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4 # DUX mattress

luxury mattress2

The DUX mattress is also known as Duxiana which is one of the popular luxury mattress brands in the world. It has been manufacturing superior mattresses for more than 80 years for their customer. It offers comfortable innerspring mattresses with unique spring system that will fit according to your body position so that you will not face any back pain.

The company made many research and studies to make these luxury mattresses which reduce the pressure point of the body. It will let you to adjust the degree of firmness to make you feel relaxed.

3 # Tempur Pedic 

luxury mattress3

It is well known for the technology named pressure absorbing and temperature sensitive material which was introduced by NASA in the year 1970. This brand makes use of that unique technology to produce luxurious mattresses.

The memory foam used in this mattress reacts according to the temperature which gets softer in warmer place and become firmer in cooler areas. It gives full support to the body so that it changes the position when your body position gets changed. It is one of the best luxury mattress brands of 2015. This brand offers 90 days trial period to their customer to make better choice as well as provides 25 year warranty. You need to spend more than 7000 dollars to buy this mattress.

2 # E.S. Kluft

luxury mattress4

This expensive mattress brand makes their mattresses in hand stitched after filled with latex, cotton and joma wool. They produce unique and specialized mattress packed with unlimited features and costs more than $ 30,000.

In an article the Chief Executive of E.S. Kluft said that, it takes around three days and 10 craftsmen to make a Royale mattress that contains 10 pounds and 10 layers of mohair, cashmere, silk and New Zealand wool. In order to reduce heat natural latex foam and organic cotton materials are used which also avoids much motion transfer. On the whole it is the best brand that provides luxury sleep for the amount which we pay.

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1 # Hastens

luxury mattress5

This brand was established in the year 1852, which offers handmade mattress to their customer. It is the most expensive mattress as it costs nearly $ 67,000 which is comparatively higher than other brands. It has horsehair stuffing for long lasting life of bed and made with unique design to provide ultimate comfort to the users. It is stuffed with hypoallergenic material to avoid some skin problems and also free of toxin.

You can get 25 year warranty for this mattress and the cover is made of cotton and flax to make you feel soft. Your sleep will not be disturbed by turns because it is flexible and adjustable according to your body. You will not get the same feature in other brands which are offered by this mattress.

That’s all about the luxury mattress brands. Please leave your feedback in the comments section below and also share this article with your friends.

Facts about people with green eyes

Facts about people with green eyes

There are many colors like brown, blue, grey, green, etc. Among these green is the rarest color in the world. The color of the eye depends upon the melanin content. If the black melanin is lower than the yellow melanin then people used to get green eyes. Green eyes are common in Iceland for female than the male. In this article we would like to say about the people who are having this eye color. Are you interested in knowing various facts about people with green eyes?  Here you go with the list in the following section.

List of famous people with green eyes

1 # Rihanna

people with green eyes1

Robyn Rihanna Fenty who is better known by her stage name Rihanna. She is one of the famous people with green eyes who is a  singer and song writer. She is also a fashion designer, actress and Barbadian recording artist. She began her career when she met the recording producer Evan Rogers. Her album Music of the Sun and A Girl like me listed in the top 10 of US Billboard 200 chart. She is one of the best selling artists of all time as she sold over 150 million records worldwide. She has won numerous musical awards and also won the lifetime achievement award from Council of Fashion Designers of America.

2 # Angelina Jolie

people with green eyes2

She was born on June 4, 1975 who is the famous American actress. She has won many awards like Academy Award, Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild Award. The highest paid actress in Hollywood is having pretty green eyes. She has been called as the most beautiful women in the world by various media outlets. Rather than actress she is a film director, screen writer and author. She is noted for her work with refugee as a special envoy.

3 # Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

people with green eyes3

Aishwarya is one of the leading actresses of Indian cinema. She was born in a traditional south Indian family. She has beautiful green – blue eyes. She won miss world title at her younger age and proven herself as an intelligent and genuine actress of Indian movie industry. She won many prestigious awards and acted number of movies in various languages. she is regarded as one of the most popular and influential celebrities as well as most beautiful women in the world.

4 # Ann Coulter

people with green eyes4

Ann Hart is one of the famous people with green eyes who is an American conservative political and social commentator. She is a good speaker who often appears on television and radio. She was born on December 8, 1961 in New York who speaks on many public and private events. She is also a writer, lawyer and syndicated columnist. After law school she served as a law clerk in Kansas city and after few years she became a politician.

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5 # Adrien Brody

people with green eyes5

He is an American actor who has won many awards and got much recognition as a young actor. The biggest movie of Adrien Brody is The Pianist in the year 2002 for which he has won the Best Actor in Academy Award when he was 29. He is the only American actor to receive French award. The well known actor and producer who was born in New York. He is the son of Photographer Sylvia Plachy and retired history professor Elliot Brody. He studied in American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

6 # Kristen Stewart

people with green eyes6

Kristen Jaymes Stewart who is popularly known for the movie The Twilight Saga as playing Bella Swan. She is a popular American actress and acted many excellent movies like Speak, Panic Room, Adventureland, Snow White and the Huntsman, etc. She looks stunning with her green eyes which made her as one among the rarest people in the world.

7 # Cody Martin Linley

people with green eyes7

He is an American actor as well as singer. He was the contestant of Dancing with the Stars in the seventh season. He is well known for the television series Hannah Montana for playing a recurring role as Jake Ryan. He is having Blonde hair with green eyes.

8 # Emily Browning

people with green eyes8

Emily is an Australian actress who was born on December 7, 1988. She won Best Actress award in AFI International Award for her role in “A Series of Unfortunate Events” in the year 2004. She also acted in many horror movies. She is also a singer and model.

9 # Emma Stone

people with green eyes9

She started her acting at the age of 11 at the valley youth theatre in Phoenix. She was considered as one of the faces of future by Nylon Magazine. Her father is the founder and CEO of a contracting company. She is having blonde color hair with green eyes. She and her mother moved to Los Angeles when she was at schooling and spent her days auditioning.

10 # Fergie

people with green eyes10

She was born in California. When she was a teenager her parents got divorced and that was a challenge for a girl so that she wanted to be a star. In her childhood she appeared in TV program as actress. She was chosen as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world by a people magazine. She won MTV’s Music Video Awards for best female artist in the year 2007.

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11 # Harrison Ford

people with green eyes11

He used to play characters that use their intelligence than physical character. He is famous for his action films. He was a carpenter before entering into the film industry and he used to do crafts still as a hobby. He was ranked as 1st among the top 100 Movie Stars of All Time by a magazine. He was born on 13th July 1942 in USA.

We hope you enjoyed this article and please leave your feedback in the following comments section.