Top 6 Best call recorder for android

Top 6 Best call recorder for android

The call recorder is a useful application if you want to record the phone calls for business or personal use. Some of the android phones have build in recording option when you make or receive a call. If not there are many options available in the play store. All that you’ve to do is install the call recorder app in your android phone and it will automatically record the conversations and save them. If you want to record specific calls then you can make changes in your settings.

The important thing you need to consider is that you have to install one call recorder app in your phone to make it work properly. The performance of the app is highly dependent on the software version and the device you own. In this article we have collected a list of best call recorder for android which are described in the following section.

 List of 6 top call recording app for android

1 # Call Recorder ACR

best call recorder for android

This is the highest rated call recorder in the Google play store. It comes with plenty of features like auto deleting old recordings, auto or manual call recording, multi select, group recordings by date and more. You can make use of the mark recordings as important option in this best call recorder app so that it will not get auto deleted.

If you want to protect some specific files then you can set passwords for those files. It also supports cloud services which will let you to save your recorded calls to cloud storages like Google drive or Dropbox. You can choose from various recording formats like MP3, AAC, WAV, etc. On the whole it is one of the best call recorders for android.

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2 # Automatic Call Recorder

android call recording app

As the name implies this app automatically records the incoming as well as outgoing calls when the app is installed. If you want to ignore the call recording for a specific contact obviously you can do that by using the “specify” option in the settings. This android call recording app even allows you to select the format in which the recorded file has to be saved in your phone.

You can save your recorded calls in your Dropbox account if there is not enough memory in the handset. The main issue that users face is that it does not record the call fully if the Bluetooth is being used otherwise it is the best call recorder app for the android phones.

3 # Digital Call Recorder

call recording app for android

The digital recorder works perfectly on most of the android phones. It records the calls automatically and has many attractive features like background recording with notification, battery efficiency, activate recording from widget or on screen, delete and share multiple recordings, etc. It is available for 30 days trial version which will enable you to decide whether it is compatible with your device or not.

You can record on various formats like mp3, mp4, wav, 3gp, etc. you can also filter the incoming or outgoing calls with this best call recorder for android. The Bluetooth recording might not be available for some devices which have to be considered before installing the Digital Call Recorder application.

4 # Record My Call

call recorder

The Record My Call (RMC) is a flawless application for smartphone which you can get for free from the Google play store. It is simple without many bells and whistles. This android call recording app offers Dropbox Sync, manual record, filter contacts, advance rename, etc. for the users. To get the clear voice and quality recordings you need to make use of loud speaker during the conversation.

If you are using Galaxy phone then you have to change the audio source from the mic to phone line to ensure the better performance. All the conversations are recorded in the memory card.

5 # Galaxy Call Recorder

android call recorder

If you are using the Galaxy series then it will be a suitable application to save your voice conversations. Likewise other android voice recorder this free android call recording app also records two way conversations. This app uses microphone to capture the voice so that you need to turn on the loudspeaker while talking. Like other call recorder apps the Galaxy Call Recorder allows you to save the recorded files to SD card and send to cloud services. It comes with dual recording options i.e. automatic and manual modes. If you want to mark some important notes on any recorded files then you can do that with this best call recorder for android.

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6 # Smart Auto 

call recording app for android6

The smart auto call recorder is available for free in play store which will meet all the needs of a call recorder application. This great app starts automatically and records the conversation of both sides unlike others which only records the person you are speaking to. You can make changes in the settings to initiate the automatic record option that will enable you to record each and every outgoing as well as incoming call. It also let you to change the file format of the recorded file as you require so that you can save in the format that your android phone is compatible with. The only issue you face with this app can be the missing of voice while Bluetooth is working otherwise can be a perfect choice for recording calls.

There are many call recording apps available for android phones, among them we have selected some best call recorder for android based on its pros and cons. Let us know your favorite call recording app for android from the above list and also share your thoughts about this article in the following comments section.

Top 6 Best Hookah Pen Brands

Top 6 Best Hookah Pen Brands

The Hookah pen is just like E-Cigarettes with the difference that it is a better version than this. As most of us are aware of the side effects that arise out of smoking, Hookah pen offers a healthier alternative which makes it so appealing. It is the electronic flavored vaporizer that does not produce smoke but gives the feeling of cigarette. Therefore, the best Hookah pen brands make sure they keep their clients safe while indulging them in a familiar sensation that stands at the edge of legality.

You may have doubts whether it is safe or not. For sure, the product contains some chemicals.On the other hand, when compared to the cigarette, there is no tobacco in it. Therefore, there will not be many harmful effects. The Hookah pens are available with and without nicotine as per customers’ wish. On top of that, you can get a variety of flavors in it.

The pen is made up of mainly three parts namely Cartridge that holds the flavored liquid, refillable battery, and LED light. Here we framed a list of best Hookah pen brands to help you pick your best fit.

List of 6 Best Hookah Pen Brands

1# Square XL – Disposable Vape Pen

square xl disposable vape pen

The Square XL disposable pen can throw you in the middle of great sensations right from the first puff. The design of the pen attracts you, and it is available in various colors. It offers a wide range of flavors without nicotine for their customer. Each flavor is awesome and will not hurt your throat. You can get an insane amount of 1,000 puffs from the Hookah which a normal cigarette does not give. As a result, this is one of the best Hookah pen brands on the market.

Thanks to the LED light, you can feel like using the original cigarette without getting much health issues. For only $9.99, this can be one of the best hookah pen brands that offers products for low budgets.

2# Starbuzz E-Hose

The Starbuzz Hookah pen is one of the leading companies that produce Hookah pens. They started the business with the idea of making the e-hookah which can deliver the smoking effect of real hookah. They have made great efforts in bringing out the real smoking feel. The biggest challenge they have faced is the outlook of the product and the vapor.

You can receive a maximum number of puffs with this E-house. The vapor produces enormous amount of smoking effect. You can use two different flavors of vapor in a single cartridge. The design of the Hookah is different from the other brands which made it as effective Hookah pen brand. Many flavors and colors are available in the market, and the Starbuzz is really the king of the Hookahs. You can make it your own for $139.99.

3# Fantasia E-Hookah

fantasia second edition diamond e hookan pens

The Fantasia is one of the best Hookah pen brands for its variety of flavors which is unique in the Hookah world. The famous production of this brand is the Fantasia Diamond E Hookahs. This line received great appraisal in the market and was a huge hit. The main feature of this Hookah is the size that is handy and which requires zero setup, no coals. You can get up to 800 puffs which are not offered by the other one.

You can change the battery of the Hookah and use it for longer period of time. It is quite suitable for the person who wants to use more amounts of puffs per day and who likes smoking. The flavors offered by this brand attract most of the Hookah users. This makes the company to be a leading brand in the market. You can have one Fantasia pen for $12.99.

4# Tsunami E-Hookah

tsunami ehookah disposable pen

This is one of the best Hookah pen brands in the market. You can get various flavors like mint, cherry, citrus, strawberry, and more. It does not contain nicotine and offers the possibility to choose from different quantities of tobacco.

The Tsunami e-Hookah is safe to use and offered at an affordable price of $6.99 so that you need not to spend much. You can get these disposable pens online also. The product offers you 800 puffs, a large enough number for an extended period of use. This will not produce much smoke so that you can use it comfortably.

5# Imperial Hookah

Imperial Hookah

The Imperial Hoohah pen is a one of a kind brand that is available in peach mango flavor. It does not include tar, carbon dioxide, nicotine or tobacco, and causes no flames. It will automatically shut off in 5 seconds after the power button is on.

You will not feel like your skin is irritated or burned. You won’t need not to worry either about ruining your clothes which often happens when you use the real cigarette. There will not be any smell of ash while using it. It is disposable in nature and you can buy it for cheaper cost of $8.99. This is one among the best Hookah pen brands available in the market.

6# StillCool Mini Portable Tobacco Smoking Hookah Pipe

StillCool Mini Portable Tobaco Smoking Hookah Pipe

You can get the full-fledged Hookah experience in the shape of a classic pipe as well! StillCool incorporated the nostalgic smoking ways into today’s smoking trends. The result is an extravagant StillCool mini portable Hookah pipe. For a price of $6.98, you can become member of the Hookah community plus enjoy a unique design in the market. This special model makes it a collectible piece for your smoking passion.

Final Word

Hopefully, you enjoyed this article and found new details about this cigarette alternative. Please let us know your feedback about all of these best hookah pen brands in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to share it with your friends!

8 Best android apps to download music for free

8 Best android apps to download music for free

We always face some trouble and waste of time in transferring the songs from computer to our smartphone. But in today’s world we can directly download the songs from android phone using the internet. There are plenty of applications available in the play store that facilitates you to download your favorite mp3 songs simultaneously by doing other work also. In this article we would like to share information about the best android apps to download music for free in the following section.

Top 8 Free Android Apps to Download Music

8 # Setbeat

android apps for music8

This compatible music downloading app for android enables you to create custom playlist with karaoke, download unlimited number of songs for free, follow an artist and more. When a new topic notifies you can see and share the playlist with your friends for free. It also allows you to stream the music without paying a single penny. You can also send the request through this application if you cannot find a song. You can search the songs using the title, artist name, singers, movie name, etc and you can save them using various categories.

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7 # 4shared Music

android apps for music1

You can search, play and download mp3 songs using this amazing app. All that you need to do is install it for free from the play store. Search the song by artist or title and list will come in that tap and hold on the title to download or to play that particular one. This app allows you to download as well as to play of your choice. Create a playlist of your favorite songs so that you need not to search every time just select from the list and play. It is simple and easy to use which is one of the best android apps to download music for free.

6 # Gtunes Music Download

android apps for music2

This is one of the compatible free android apps to download music. This is simple and effective that enables you to play songs in public domain. The best part is you can create your own ringtone. The lyric is displayed in the screen so that you can read your favorite song lyrics too. You can search and play millions of songs by using this cool app. You can download, play, edit and rate the music of your choice.

5 # Paradise Mp3

android apps for music3

Once you downloaded this app you can access the songs from the library. It supports multiple downloads as it comes with free music player and download manager. This free android app allows downloading millions and thousands of songs for free. You can make the search by using the title or artist and also can find the hit songs with the artist name easily. You can get what you are looking for surely.

4 # MP3 Music Download


android apps for music4

This app works amazing on your phone as it supports most of the version. It is the latest of mp3 skull download music. You can search the song using the song name or the link or artist. The numbers of latest songs are available. You can make the download process very fast using internet. The attractive feature of this app is it allows you to filter the songs based on the artist or name on the library. It is one among the best android apps to download music for free and you can also set ringtone or alarm or notification using this one. This is most downloaded app in the play store for free. Create a playlist of the song which you want to play often.

3 # Music Maniac

android apps for music5

This is one of the top rated android apps to download free music. Plenty of songs are available in the site. You can get the licensed songs from the public domain through this app. This is improved versions and will not have any trouble while downloading the songs of your choice. You can get this app available for free from the play store. You can make search by using the keyword of the song and the latest will be available in the standard list. It will not take much memory of the phone.

2 # Simple Mp3

android apps for music6

As the name shows it is simple and easy to download the songs. It is the best music search engine. When you enter into this app you can see the search box in that type the name or the link which you want to find. It will show the list of available songs from the sites in that tap on the one which you want to download. It will show the nearest result even if you type the name wrongly. You can create the wish list and can get what you exactly need. Slide the screen to switch or move to other one. You can easily find the recently listened music. It is one of the best free android apps to download music.

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1 # Music Cloud

android apps for music7

You can listen to various songs of your choice in this app. You can search and download online using the Wi-Fi or data connection. If you create the playlist you can listen to your stored songs in offline which does not need an internet. This search engine enables you to search by category and provides offline mode facility. It is highly rated app in the play store and available for free.

All these 8 apps are the highly rated and available for free in the play store which makes you to cherish the joy of listening to your favorite music. We hope you find this article useful to choose suitable app for your android. Please share this article with your friends and your feedback in the comments section below.

6 Best camera under 300 in 2018-2019

6 Best camera under 300 in 2018-2019

Many of us have some special moments only as a memory in mind and wanted to see it happen once again. The camera plays an important role in bringing out those best and memorable moment lively through pictures. If you have camera in your hand you can take picture as well as the video in special occasions like birthday, wedding, etc. When it comes for professionals like wild life photographers the pictures speak more than their words. There are many brands available in the market for cameras. If you are looking for the best camera under 300 then here is the list of top six best cameras in 2015 from which you can find your suitable one.

List of 6 best camera under 300 in 2015

6 # Nikon Coolpix L830 Digital camera

The Nikon coolpix is packed with lots of features that enable you to get the professional performance at affordable price. This can be a perfect camera for the person who wants to catch the detailed close ups of faraway action and you can get dynamic fine zoom using the telephoto glass lens offered by this product. You can choose easy auto mode for maximum convenience while taking picture or shooting video. It has 18 scene modes like snow, sunset, beach, night portrait and more to get creative and extraordinary shots.

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5 # Samsung wb1100

best camera under 300

This Samsung wb110 camera offers variety of features that makes you to feel as expert. It has 35x optical zoom that allows the user to capture picture with sharp and finest quality. When you are looking for the best camera under 300 then it comes as first in the list. The user can share the photo with their loved ones using the Wi-Fi and NFC option like photo beam, Auto share, etc. You can edit the captured picture and share in social networks. In order to easily manipulate the zoom option you can make use of the speed control key. By rotating the zoom ring you can zoom in or out on your shot without moving your eyes. The smart mode allows you to capture the best happenings in the night with dim light and the high speed movement with action freeze. It provides various special modes from which you can choose your best suitable mode for your photo. The smart filter makes you to have various effects like classic, cross filter, retro and fish eye.

It has 75 mm LCD screen that delivers improved contrast and color reproduction to enjoy clear image. The intelligent LCD automatically detects environmental radiance. It analysis the shooting environment and gives out better effect.

4 # Panasonic lumix zs20

best camera2

The Panasonic Lumix ZS20 is compact and specially designed for travelers. You can tag your picture with the location where it was taken using the GPS system. And also helps to find the nearby location. It has a megapixel of 12.1 and 20x optimal zoom which helps you to take picture at far without any loss in clarity. It can capture the moving object clearly with the continuous shot and auto focus. The picture will be clear and sharp. You can also switch to video mode instantly and have a 1080 HD video clarity. This pocket camera allows you to take high quality picture and video and it is the great option when you need the camera at affordable price.

3 # Panasonic lumix dmc –fz70

best camera3

The Panasonic lumix DMC – FZ70 has advanced multimedia technology which delivers better and smart picture. The 60x optical zoom enables to take picture with super close and far away with an amazing optical performance of 20mm to 1200mm. The lens with optical image stabilization allows both long zoom photos and videos without blur and sharp in quality. The Panasonic is with 1080 HD video recording along with auto focus and microphone gives out crystal clear audio that excludes noise and supports you to record the voice clearly from the subject.

Without changing the settings you can start taking video and simultaneously can take pictures. The creative video mode permits you to adjust the shutter speed to get the high quality video. It is the great professional camera under 300. When you make a moment while taking photo then it will become blurring but this camera provides a special feature named power optical image stabilization which gives better and finest as well as sharper image even though if you shake your hands while capturing. It is suitable for the people who take pictures and videos while walking. It delivers sensitive image quality in low light and also you can adjust background, white balance and more using the iA Plus mode.

2 # Canon powershot sx510

best camera4

The Canon powershot camera offers 30x optical zoom with 12 megapixel camera which enables you to take high quality and sharp picture without any blur. The zooming lens of 24 – 720mm offers to take picture from far away with better and fine clarity. By pushing the button you can switch over between video and can capture picture instantly as it reduces the time of searching the option.

This provides video with 1080p and also with stereo sound and dedicated movie button that avoids the confusion between the video and still taking mode. We can get the high resolution pictures using this camera which allows you to print the picture with finest quality as well as edit the same. The canon powershot SX510 is the best camera under 300. It has the ability to take great pictures in high speed with continuous shot and has face detection option which provides clear picture. You can get the top clarity in the picture even in low light with better effect.

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1 # Sony wx300

best camera5

Sony WX300 is the world’s smallest and lightest camera that fits in your pocket. It has 20x optical zoom with high resolution. The best feature is you can share the photos with your friends and family through Wi-Fi. This feature is pretty attractive as you can make all your memories more precious by sharing it to your loved ones and engage them as a part of that special occasion even though if they missed it. The camera is about 18.2 mega pixel. It also allows you to take cyber shots.

The battery is amazing in this camera. You can take 470 photos at a time if you charge it for once. This avoids the unexpected battery down when you are engaged in capturing the best part of occasion or place or subject. The battery is one of the remarkable features when compared to other cameras. The auto object framing option provides better and balanced images of the person as well as the object. Capturing the moving subject is a difficult job but this camera enables you to capture the moving subject with crystal clear and high quality. It is suitable for the professionals to capture their creativity and enhance them which make it as affordable professional camera under 300.

Please let us know your thoughts about this article in the following comments section and also don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Top 5 best monitors for gaming 2018-2019

Top 5 best monitors for gaming 2018-2019

If you are planning to replace your old gaming monitor or to get the new one then you have to consider various factors before buying it. The important element you have to look into is the response time when it comes for gaming as the slower response rate result in ghosting. Other than that you have to be aware of other specifications like panel type, refresh rates, resolution, display, viewing angles, multiple inputs to connect the monitor with gaming consoles or home theatre system and more. In fact it is harder to find the best one among the thousands of monitors out there to choose from. Thus we enclosed the list of 5 best monitors for gaming 2015 after analyzing all the features in the following section.

List of top 5 best monitors for gaming 2015

1 # Asus VS278Q LED monitor

best monitor for gaming1

This stylish and slim monitor form Asus is equipped with aspect control function and amazing resolution to enhance your gaming experience. The Asus VS278Q delivers high quality HD visuals so that you can get clarity in your videos and images. Moreover this monitor offers brighter LED backlight display which is better than the non-LED backlight monitors. It has the response time of 1 ms that is absolutely faster and support for your game. It is certified with Energy Star and EPEAT Gold for saving energy costs and helps to reduce environmental impact. For the convenience of users these monitors are featured with VESA compatible therefore that you can fix it to the wall to enjoy your gaming. On the whole it is one of the best monitors for gaming 2018-2019 available in the market.

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2 # BenQ RL2455HM Monitor

best monitor for gaming2

All the functions and features of this BenQ RL2455HM have been thought to achieve peak performance and to provide vital visibility for RTS gamers. It comes with preset RTS mode which will automatically adjust the settings of monitor to deliver amazing gaming experience. It is powered with all the needs of a best gaming monitor like improved resolution, quick refresh rates, faster response time and more. You can get dramatic transitions and fast moving action smoothly without any annoying effects of ghosting or smearing. This 24 inch LED monitor is suitable for all angles of views and you can expect crystal clear display. It will elevate the gaming performance through visual comfort and reduces eye fatigue to facilitate long hours of gaming which is even armed with gaming comfort ZeroFlicker technology.

3 # ViewSonic VX2452MH Monitor

best gaming moitor3

The ViewSonic VX2452MH will provide eventual gaming experience as it has glossy finish display. It delivers ultra fast 2 ms of response time which will help you to play the game without any error. It is featured with the resolution of HD 1080p to view the contents like crystal clear without ghosting or blurring and the dynamic contrast ratio offers sharp images. You can view the screen at any angle in this monitor and you will be able to see the things clearly even at side angles. For the entertainment needs it has flexible mounting options which will help you to get the desired quality of game. This best monitor for gaming enables you to view even the darkest scenes of the video game which is not achieved by most of the other monitors in the market. With the single press of a button you can change the gaming mode to deliver superior color performance.

4 # Samsung U28D590D Monitor

best gaming monitor4

This Samsung LED monitor delivers ultra high definition which is four times better than the resolution of HD and it supports billions of colors. You can get the stunning display with the response time of millisecond. You will be amazed with the picture quality of the monitor which is suitable for movies, games and other related entertainments. The monitor makes use of upscaling technology to detect the original resolution of the content and reduce the noise production to improve the quality of images. The game mode automatically makes the changes in the settings of monitor to deliver excellent gaming experience for their users. They make use of high quality materials to produce sleek and modern product for the game lovers all around the world.

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5 # AOC I2367FH Monitor

best gaming monitor5

This LED lit monitor from AOC is equipped with various features that enable you to have better gaming experience when compared to the other ones in the market. The 23 inches display will be suitable for all kind of entertainment needs. It offers amazing resolution of 1920 X 1080 to deliver crystal clear images and videos without any blur or ghosting. You can view the content at any angle whereas the monitor will provide better performance in all the views. It has detachable stand that is useful for multipurpose which can be removed or attached whenever you want. This best gaming monitor will enable you to enjoy the games in high quality at affordable price. It supports HDMI and has 2 ports for connecting the monitor with hardware or other equipments.

Let us know the monitor you think as best from the list and also your feedback in the following comments section which will be useful for other users. Please don’t forget to share this article with your friends.