10 Amazing Examples of Hidden Water Pools for Your Home

10 Amazing Examples of Hidden Water Pools for Your Home

Hidden water pools have gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of years. They are practical, especially if you have limited space in your home or your backyard. Moreover, this kind of pool has plenty of advantages compared to traditional in-ground swimming pools. Imagine you could have a patio and a swimming pool, all in one place.

a woman sitting in a swimming pool

Besides the space benefit, hidden water pools also have other strengths. One of them is the possibility to keep a moderate water temperature without using a heater. Below, we have listed some of the most amazing pool you should consider.

What Are Hidden Water Pools?

Hidden water pools are those swimming pools that can be transformed or converted into something else. For example, you could have a floor or a lawn that can become a pool with just a simple button click. Although these pools function just like any other traditional pool, they can be moved several inches below the ground, and they can even be covered up.

To control the up and down movement, you will be required to use a certain mechanism that is similar to a hydraulic lift. More and more companies are starting to design and manufacture hidden swimming pools. Another great thing about them is the fact that they can be customized to fit a client’s space and preferences perfectly.

The cost of this kind of pool can vary depending on many factors such as its design, size, and features. We have to admit that hidden pools are quite expensive. They have higher prices compared to the cost of a traditional basin. On the other hand, you will save some money in the long run, due to its low-maintenance characteristic. The average price of a hidden water pool can range between 25,000 and 60,000 dollars.

The Most Innovative Hidden Water Pools to Consider

1. Small Backyard Barbecue/Patio/Hidden Swimming Pool

a round hidden swimming pool that can be transformed into a patio

This adjustable hidden water pool can be transformed in a patio in just a matter of seconds. It is a great option for people who have a small backyard. You don’t have to have a lot of space to enjoy this kind of swimming pool. When the pool is closed, the water flows back into the mechanism’s reserves.

Therefore, you will be able to use the covered space to play with your kids or enjoy a barbecue dinner with your friends. There is no need to change or clean the water too often. The pool’s pump acts as a filter to recycle and clean the water supply.

2. Water Pool/Water Fountain/Patio

three images of the same yard with a hidden water pool in the middle

This is a fantastic hidden water pool that can be transformed into a patio in an instant. Also, you can modify its depth. Therefore, it can quickly become a water fountain. It doesn’t occupy a lot of space, and it has unique features and design.

Because it is smaller than other pools, it doesn’t involve high financial efforts. If you want to have a fancy interior design, you can place this pool/fountain inside your home. This way, your guests will be impressed with your lovely indoor fountain.

3. Indoor Hallway/Garage/Swimming Pool

an indoor hidden swimming pool next to some stairs

If you’re looking for an innovative hidden water pool idea to inspire you, this is the right choice to consider. At first sight, it appears to be a simple floor until you press the control panel’s button. Then, it suddenly becomes a nice rectangular swimming pool. This particular pool was built near the stairs. Moreover, it was embellished with underwater lights to create a more relaxing vibe and atmosphere during your swimming routine.

4. Luxury Indoor Water Pool

indoor luxurious and elegant hidden swimming pool that can be transformed into a floorhidden water pools4.1

This one can be a bit expensive compared to other hidden water pools. First of all, it is significantly bigger than the other pools described above. Secondly, it is equipped with plenty of modern and cutting-edge features and facilities. It has plenty of benefits. Still, it can be tricky to install it if you don’t have a lot of space in your home. This pool works perfectly for those of you who have big houses. It can even be placed in open spaces such as in a hotel.

5. Yard Underground Swimming Pool

outdoor backyard swimming pool that can be covered to create a patio

This one lets you choose whether you want to swim or simply relax on the lawn in your backyard. You can sit on the grass, or you can open the top cover, and enjoy a nice refreshing swim during hot summer months. It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, and the cost of keeping it clean are also affordable. You can place it in your backyard and use to have fun with your entire family or friends.

6. Indoor Classic Elegant Water Pool

a luxurious indoor space with a covered swimming pool area

an uncovered swimming pool area inside a luxurious building

Another great example of a hidden swimming pool is this one, which is a more elegant and luxurious one. However, luxury comes with a price, and it is not a low one. Because of the fact that this pool is larger than others, it will involve higher maintenance costs. Based on your requirements, you can ask the manufacturer to customize some of the basin’s characteristics such as size, shape, facilities, and more.

7. Indoor Rectangular Water Pool

the stages in which an indoor swimming pool can be converted and adjusted

Don’t be fooled by the marble floor. Underneath it is a beautiful yet simple water pool. This indoor hidden pool has excellent interior and exterior designs. When the pool is covered, you can enjoy walking on a fancy marble floor. According to pool manufacturers, an indoor pool almost always occupies more space than an outdoor one.

Therefore, make sure you have enough space in your home before purchasing this type of product. Like the other pools described so far, this one can also be customized and converted with just a button click. The water drains automatically whenever you close the pool. So, you won’t be required to change the water too often.

8. Multilayered Outdoor Swimming Pool

a front yard swimming pool that can be transformed into a fountain and a patio

a man sitting in an outdoor pool, at a pool bar, covered by an umbrella

When you first see this product, you might think it is just another traditional swimming pool. Well, it is not a classic pool. In fact, it can be easily converted into a front yard patio, a small fountain, or a deep water pool. With the press of a button, the water will slowly start to rise. In a matter of seconds, you will be able to enjoy a nice swim.

When the pool is automatically closed, the water will be pushed towards the drains, strategically placed on the pool’s edges. When you don’t really feel like swimming, you can cover it, and use it as a playground for your kids.

9. Adjustable Indoor Swimming Pool

large indoor hidden swimming pool

This one comes with an adjustable depth option. This way, you will not have to worry every time your children are playing in the pool. So, you can decide on which depth makes you feel most comfortable when swimming. Another great thing about this particular pool is the fact that it is an environment-friendly one. It other words, it doesn’t need any cleaning chemical products for its maintenance process.

10. Outdoor Recreational Area/ Hidden Water Pool

outdoor covered swimming pool area

a low-depth outdoor water pool

a deep outdoor water pool that can be transformed into a patio

You will surely get inspired by this hidden water pool. At first, when the pool is completely covered, it looks like a simple yard or patio. Once you press the control panel button, everything changes. Although it is a large outdoor pool, it doesn’t require high maintenance costs.

This is mostly because the pool remains covered throughout the day, except for the moments in which you actually use it. When covered, this pool can be used as a safe playground for your kids.

We hope this article about the most interesting hidden water pools was fun and useful for you. Don’t hesitate to share with us your favorite one from the above list. Just tells us your thoughts, in the comment section below.

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Which Are the Safest Countries in the World?

Which Are the Safest Countries in the World?

a man's hand holding an olive branch and making the peace sign

The safest countries in the world are not determined by a set of subjective rules. In fact, these countries are determined and ranked by several factors that are set in place by the Global Peace Index. This index bases its information on 22 factors such as economic balance, how one region relates to another, crime rates and tons of meticulously compiled data that then translates into which countries are the safest in the world.

Countries that would be considered peaceful are often disqualified if neighboring nations or states are at war or having complex issues. A majority of the safest countries are European. According to the World Atlas‘ safest countries in the world list, 18 out of the 25 are in Europe. So, without further ado, here are the safest countries in the world, listed in no particular order.


1. Scandinavian Countries – There Are Five of Them

the flags of the Scandinavian countries

Scandinavian countries are incredible in the sense that all of them are on the list of the safest. This includes Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. If you also consider Iceland part of Scandinavia and Finland, then five of the safest countries in the world are in one little cluster.

It makes sense. Each of these countries has a higher than average income, incredibly low crime rates, excellent economic opportunities, and healthcare for all citizens.

2. Qatar

the skyline of Doha Qatar

The Middle East is safer than you might expect, but Qatar enjoys a relatively excellent amount of safety and enjoyability for living or visiting. in 2018, Qatar is considered an optimal travel destination for nearly anyone. You only need to be aware of basic cultural norms.

Knowing some Arabic might help you, but dialect variation can make that difficult. Qatar is one of the safest countries in the world because of its wealth and tourism, but it also has strict laws. There are a plenty of cultural and religious sites within the country too.

3. Singapore

the urban skyline of Singapore with modern tall buildings

The luxury of Singapore is not lost on the world. Singapore has strict laws and police reliability that makes it incredibly safe. Terrorism and homicide rates are so low that they may as well not be mentioned. In Singapore, you can enjoy incredible food, shopping, entertainment, museums, incredible architecture and so much more.

It is no wonder that Singapore Airlines is also ranked as the top airline of choice for international flights globally. With a taste for luxury and safety, Singapore does not disappoint as one of the safest countries in the world.

4. Hong Kong

the urban skyline of Hong Kong

Hong Kong may be massive and bustling with life, but it is still one of the safest countries in the world. The biggest issue that anyone faces when living in or visiting Hong Kong is the rate of counterfeit currencies. This is why most shops and businesses only accept smaller bills.

Be sure that you are trading your currency at a legitimate foreign-exchange center, and keep your money close to you so that there are no mistakes. Hong Kong is also polluted, but it is still quite the experience. You can wander the streets full of colorful shops or enjoy traditional food. Museums are plentiful, and people here are typically friendly. It is also home to Disney Hong Kong.

5. Austria

the small town of Hallstatt in Austria

Another European country to add to the list of safest countries in the world. Austria is a top destination not only for the breathtaking castles that dot the picturesque landscape but also because international tourism is a large portion of the country’s GDP.

Austria has all of the reasons in the world to protect its tourism industry. As a result of this, it is quite safe and comfortable to visit. There is a lot of walking and nature involved, but Vienna is a city with a more musical atmosphere and tons of entertainment.

6. Canada

the skyline of Toronto Canada at dusk

Canada made the list because it is truly one of the most breathtaking places to visit for the wide-open expanse of nature, but it is incredibly safe as well. There’s more of a cultural focus in Canada related to native populations throughout the country.

Whether you are interested in going north to explore the wilderness, or staying within cities, you have tons of options. Canada is clean, friendly and embraces international tourism. Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto are the top destinations.

7. Japan

a beautiful image over the city of Osaka in Japan

Japan is an expensive country to visit, but it is one of the safest places to go. Tourists often remark that they have never felt safer. On mass transit, you can expect quiet and respect of your personal space even when trains or buses are crowded.

Japanese people value respect and urban solitude. You can experience the bustling streets of Tokyo and Shibuya districts, but you can find quiet in Kyoto and temples as well. Japan is relatively small, but you aren’t likely to run out of fulfilling adventures while visiting one of the safest countries in the world.

Putting It All Together

When you think of the safest countries in the world, you probably think about your home country first, but this is a subjective reaction. The safest countries are great for travel, living, raising a family, working and more governmental factors such as trade and world economics.

If you are considering any of the above, then the top safest countries in the world will help you narrow down choices. These countries are subject to change on a yearly basis, but certain countries remain at the top of the list for years.

Education opportunities, social welfare, criminal justice and low military impact all play a role in what makes these countries so safe to live in and visit. These factors are subject to change, but the government of a nation goes a long way in determining its safety as well.

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The Best Portable Monitor Picks for Your Laptop to Buy

The Best Portable Monitor Picks for Your Laptop to Buy

The use of a laptop occasionally calls for a larger screen to use during meetings or presentations, but they can also be useful for different kinds of entertainment. A portable monitor provides you with an option for easy viewing without purchasing a larger laptop size, and it also makes for excellent presentations and other professional uses.

an open laptop on a desk

Artists, gamers, developers and security specialists can all benefit from using multiple monitors for viewing, and that is possible with a portable monitor for your laptop. Here are the best ones for your money.

The Best Portable Laptop Monitors to Consider

The best monitors are ranked based on their brand reputation, specifications, and versatility as well as the cost of what you are getting. Special notes are made if they are better for specific purposes.

#1. ASUS MB168B 15.6″ WXGA 1366×768 USB Portable Monitor

an Asus HD portable monitor

This portable monitor comes in a standard and an HD variant. It is a super-lightweight monitor that weighs just under two pounds, and it is incredibly fast once you plug it into a USB 3.0 port. It is also backward compatible with older USB ports, but it will work best with faster machines.

ASUS is well known for having a high-quality technology, and this portable monitor pairs well with a laptop of similar size. It’s ideal for dual-monitor displays and presentations, and it comes with a durable and protective case. At just under $200, it is cost effective from a number of retailers both online and in physical outlets.

#2. Lenovo ThinkVision T2364t – 23″ IPS LED Monitor – FullHD

Lenovo portable monitor on a white surface

This EnergyStar certified monitor boasts the best in HD imaging as well as rapid usability with a USB 3.0 port. This screen is borderless, and it allows images and presentations to flow between screens with ease. There are dozens of input options to customize your experience.

This monitor is ideal for professional use where a larger monitor is required, but it would make an excellent gaming screen for those inclined to game on a laptop but need more screen space. It is a portable monitor that can also connect to a desktop. It is LED backlit and has a state-of-the-art touchscreen experience making it a more elegant choice for your needs.

#3. HP EliteDisplay S140u 14-inch USB Portable Monitor

a HP elite display monitor

The HP EliteDisplay is an ultra-thin design that weighs just over three pounds. It is a little on the heavier side compared to a portable monitor from another brand of the same size, but it also packs a punch with its high-tech display options.

It comes with a cover, and it is easy to store and set-up without creating a hassle. The 14-inch size makes it friendlier for travel as well. It can be connected to tablets and laptops. This is ideal for students and professionals who are traveling. It is also extremely affordable with prices at about $140 suggested retail.

#5. Acer UT220HQL – 21.5″ Touchscreen LED Monitor – 16:9 – Black

an Acer black laptop monitor

This Acer LED monitor features touchscreen capabilities as well as widescreen and vertical viewing. A unique aspect of this portable monitor is that it can be used while lying flat, and it can be used in upright positions. The flexibility of its position greatly enhances the possibilities that a user can explore.

Artists and gamers might find this portable monitor style particularly useful for their work and play. The high-speed response time also allows for viewing gaming and video without lag. This portable monitor makes the ideal entertainment piece.

#6. AOC 16-Inch Ultra Slim 1366×768 Res 200 cd/m2 Brightness USB 3.0-Powered Portable LED Monitor

an AOC 16-inch full HD laptop monitor

If you are looking for a cheap option that is lightweight and durable, the AOC ultra-slim portable LED monitor is a great choice. It’s ideal for on-the-go professionals as well as students. The size is a bit bigger than standard, but it is smaller than the larger sizes. It can be used in a landscape and upright position.

It is also possible to mount this monitor on the wall for a sleek additional monitor that easily plugs into most devices. It boasts an 8ms response time just like the Acer LED monitor above, but it is a bit cheaper, and it doesn’t have as much flexibility. It’s still going to be a solid option for business or school use, but probably not what gamers or developers are going to need for those high processing demands.

#7. Sharp LL-S201A – 20″ LED-backlit LCD monitor w/ Stereo Speakers

a sharp LL portable monitor

This monitor is for the most demanding needs of all professions. Musicians, doctors, business women and men, marketers, artists and more can all utilize the extreme power and definition provided by this screen. The stereo speakers are an important quality that amplifies sound. This is a feature not many portable monitors provide, and laptops are often lacking in sound quality.

The touchscreen features rapid responses for gestures and movements. It is a 10-point multi-touch screen, and it uses touch pens. It can also be used in a flat position or upright. It is more costly than other models on this list, but if you need a heavy-duty portable monitor with high-tech specifications, this is the best for your buck.

Putting It All Together

What portable monitor you choose to buy depends entirely on your needs. You may only occasionally need an extra monitor. A cheaper choice would work for you. You may need a travel monitor or one that can be used for major presentations.

Regardless of what your need is, portable monitors can enhance your user experience. If you are presenting from a business perspective with multiple monitors, then it increases professional appearance and efficiency. The possibilities are endless with the right technology.

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6 Best Tethering App for Android

6 Best Tethering App for Android

If you are searching for some apps to share your data connection from android device to another one, then it is possible with android tethering. The android tethering app allows you to expand your data connection from your PC to phone, phone to phone and phone to PC. Much tethering apps are available in Google store for android than iOS.

You need to know about the varieties of tethering apps like wire tethering, wireless tethering, tethering through USB, Bluetooth, etc to choose suitable app based on your requirement. In this article we have listed five best tethering app for android after analyzing pros and cons of each app.

Top 6 best tethering app for android

6 # Tethering Widget 

android tethering app6

This android widget allows you to easily share the data connection from your phone to other devices in single click. After installing this app you have to go to the launcher option and then select home button. In that go to menu and choose add widget to get this one in your phone. You have to do this to activate this app without any issues which will not allow you to use unless you add the widget. It is user friendly and works perfectly to use the wifi router to android phone to a computer without any adapter.

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5 # Easy Tether Lite

best android tethering app

This is an interesting tethering app that works through USB cable. You can also connect it to your game consoles like Xbox, play station, etc. There is no much difficulty in using this app, first you have to install it in your android phone and then install companion software on your PC or laptop to join the device with USB. Now you can share your data connection between phone and computer.

If you are not interested in spending money then you can download it from Google play store for free. This is the best tethering app for android which functions in basic method that allows you to share data, download videos, music, etc.

4 # Tether for Android

android tethering app

This is the best android tethering app that enables the user to directly share internet from android phone to laptop or desktop after installation of software. This app consumes more data as it works faster than other app. You can fully access your internet on computer using phone’s data plan.

Tether application supports both mobile platform like android, blackberry and also Windows, Mac, etc. It runs smoothly in your device without any issues and gained more positive feedbacks from user.

3 # ClockworkMod Tether  

This tether app comes in the list of most appreciated apps on Google play store which works absolutely great. This app requires Carrier’s tethering plan and it works in most of the devices. It is easy to use and allows you to tether without rooting or signing up for any tethering plan. To do so you have to install companion software in your device.

In this app, upload and download rates are available in the first page which will be helpful for the users to know about their data usage. This best android tethering app is compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows.

2 # FoxFi

android tethering app2

It is another great app for tethering which does not require any root to share data connection. It makes use of the control panel with intuitive interface to do activate or deactivate function. You can connect the android phone and system with the help of Bluetooth. It is the best tethering app for android that displays upload and download speeds to users like ClockworkMod tether.

People who own older android phones might not be able to use this app because FoxFi’s wireless option does not work in older versions of android. Not only with laptop and desktop you can also connect with your tabs and consoles to access the internet.

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1 # PdaNet Plus

android tethering app3

This app is one of the famous and most advanced android tethering apps. It does not require any root whereas better than wireless tether. The installation process takes few minutes and allows you to tether with your PC or other devices through USB or Bluetooth. To do so you have to first install companion app in desktop, then connect the device and share your internet at phone’s actual speed.

This app works well on all android phones and it can reach the download speed of above 35Mbps through USB. The main drawback which users face from this app is it does not support Wi-Fi hotspots. Otherwise it is the best and all time popular android tethering app.

We hope this article will help you in choosing the perfect and best tethering app for your android phone. Let us know your favorite tethering app for android from the list and also give your feedback about this article in the below comments section.

6 Best Acoustic Guitar Brands 2018-2019

6 Best Acoustic Guitar Brands 2018-2019

If you are planning to buy a new acoustic guitar then you have to consider three key factors such as sound, look and cost. Acoustic guitar is the most played instrument in the world and also great for beginners as it does not require any external arrangement or additional accessories to produce sound. It is the important instrument for many music styles like blue, country, rock, pop up, etc.

When it comes for acoustic guitar many brands are available and it is difficult to find out what is the best acoustic guitar brand. Among them we have framed a list of some top acoustic guitar brands 2018 that offers great features and best value for what you pay.

Top 6 Acoustic Guitar brands 2018

6 # Epiphone

The Epiphone is one of the leading musical instrument manufacturer in the world which was founded in the year 1873. Apart from guitars they are also producing banjos, upright basses and other stringed instruments. This brand is now owned by Gibson and they are offering both acoustic and electrical guitars for the young players who are looking to get a guitar that sounds like Gibson at affordable price. On the whole this can be a great choice for the beginners and also for professional players. Their popular models include DR 100, hummingbird artist, plus acoustic, DR 100 wine red, classic acoustic, DR 212 and more. Most of their guitar models resembles the designs of Gibson and is the only company allowed to use these specs.

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5 # Taylor

best acoustic guitar brand1

The Taylor was found by Bob Taylor which is a California based company. It is producing both acoustic and electric guitars but famous for acoustic. The necks can be adjusted easily which remains the attractive feature of Taylor. The guitars are packed with highly equipped strings, inspiring tones, easy playing necks, tonal personality, elegant cutaways, bracing pattern, etc.

It is one of the top acoustic guitar brands which offer guitar with great value for professional players, even for intermediate and beginners they make GS Mini, smaller bodied guitar, Baby and Big Baby, etc. It comes in various shapes and sizes so that you can choose the one that suits your playing style. If you own this best acoustic guitar then you can join the finest artists group of the company.

4 # Martin

best acoustic guitar brand2

Martin is also the greatest American acoustic guitar company like Taylor. The Martin guitars are owned by famous players like Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, John Mayer and Elvis Presley. They invented the classic Dreadnaught shape in the acoustic guitar to help musicians. Other than acoustic guitar they also produce strings, tuners and accessories for instrument.

Martin was the first brand that utilized X-Bracing construction technique which is now standard in the music industry. They make some awesome instruments like D-45, D-28 and affordable guitars that fits in budget. They offer guitars which are made from high quality wood and in various sizes like 14-fret, 12-fret, 15-fret, 6 string, 12 string, etc. This good acoustic guitar brand has patterns of bracing that allows the top to vibrate while maintaining stability.

3 # Fender

best acoustic guitar brand3

Fender is one of the best acoustic guitar brands for over 60 years. Some of the great guitar models of Fender include Stratocaster, Telecaster, etc. They offer less expensive, classic and affordable guitars for their users. It is made of premium woods and quality strings to produce excellent sound.

Fender CD-60 is the famous acoustic guitar model for beginners with a laminated spruce top and dreadnought style. This one is attractive and easy to play which comes with a hardshell case. Fender is right and perfect brand that meets your need. It is packed with extra strings, picks, polishing cloth, tuner, guitar stand and instructional DVD.

2 # Yamaha

best acoustic guitar brand4

Everyone is familiar with Yamaha brand as their products are available from two wheelers to calculators. They are also making acoustic guitars which are well known for their quality. They engaged in production of silent guitars that only produce sound while pickups and it has no acoustic body.

Famous players like Brain May, John Lennon, Jimmy Page, Paul Simon, etc owns this brand. It is good one for beginners and also for practicing or recording. It is the best acoustic guitar brand among many musicians in the world. Yamaha FG 700 from this Japanese company is widely used by the people for its sound quality and easy to play. It offers solid wood design guitars and is highly equipped with craftsmanship.

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1 # Gibson

best acoustic guitar brand5

Like Fender, Gibson is also famous for electric guitars but they even have great ranges of acoustic and semi acoustic guitars. It is widely used among the players of Bluegrass, Rockabilly and Jazz. The price range is comparatively higher than other brands but provides better value for what you pay.

This brand has a sub company named Epiphone which offers affordable guitars to their customers with the same Gibson quality. Les Paul from Gibson is the popular and high end acoustic guitar in the music world, some other models from this brand includes SG, Explorer, Firebird, Hummingbird, Flying V, etc. Most of the players own this brand for elegant sound and craftsmanship.

Based on your budget and style of playing, guitar brand may vary. We hope the above list will help you in buying your own acoustic guitar. Please leave your feedback about this article in the comments section below and don’t forget to share it with your friends.