6 Amazing hairless cat breeds

6 Amazing hairless cat breeds

The common characteristics of cats are fur but there are some cat breeds without fur in the world. These types of cats are actually not completely hairless however they have very short fuzzy hair close to their skin and that make them a hairless appearance. These little creatures are friendly, cute and can be the ideal pet with proper training and care. A couple from Mexico brought two hairless cats in early 1900s from local pueblo Indians, among them male cat was died and female was brought to Europe which was the first recorded hairless cat breed. In this article we have discussed and listed some of the hairless cat breeds in the following section.

List of 6 amazing hairless cat breeds

6 # Peterbald

hairless cat breeds1

This Russian hairless cat breeds look graceful with muscular build and they comes in all marking colors. They have webbed feet, long whip tail, almond shaped eyes, long head, big set apart ears, oval paws and wedge shaped muzzle. These types of cats will be affectionate and likes to be peaceful. They always want to be with their owners and follow them where ever they go. It will not need much grooming and maintenance like other breeds but has to be kept clean to avoid health problems. They will be friendly with other pets and children if properly trained. They were first originated in the year 1994 as the result of experimental mating of Oriental Shorthair and Don Hairless. It was accepted in the American Cat Fanciers Association during 2008 for championship class competition. The common health issue faced by these types of cats is Ectodermal Dysplasia.

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5 # Donskoy

hairless cats2

This hairless cat breed was originated from Russia which was discovered by a cat breeder named Elena Kovaleva. It was recognized by the World Cat Federation in the year 1997 and will behave friendly with the kids. Their appearance will be muscular, large eyes, medium sized, long webbed toes and almond shaped eyes. This type of cat breed look different from others and have unique characteristics which attracts its owner. They require frequent grooming and they love to be clean. The important thing to be considered is you should not make it over-bathing as it results in oily skin. This will not create any kind of allergies to children and other pets so that can be a great choice for apartment lifestyle.

4 # Ukrainian Levkoy

hairless cat breeds3

These hairless cats have distinct appearance which usually is medium in size. They have soft and elastic skin which may be the reason for this wrinkled appearance. Commonly these types of cats have folding ears, longish muscular body, etc. They just look like tigers which make other animals and kids to get afraid of. They always enjoy being with family members and can behave socially with strangers also. These friendly cats are intelligent in nature which can be a great companion for kids. There is no much grooming needed for this cat but you have take special care to protect their skin against direct sun as it is dangerous for them and result in various health issues.

3 # Lyoki

hairless cats4

This strange breed of cats is the natural mutation of domestic shorthair which was developed Tennessee and Memphis. They are entirely hairless cats and are distinct from Sphynx. Their appearance will be solid black coat, lithe body, wedge shaped head, smooth skin and more. They are attached with the family and their owner thus it can be a great companion for your kids. They can survive in challenging environment and you will be admired by their behavior. They are highly affectionate and friendly with other animals and their owners. Even though it is hairless they used to shed more when they become older. They get wolfish appearance because of the grey coat and hairless face.

2 # Bambino cat

hairless breeds of cats5

The Bambino cats were registered as hairless breeds of cat in the year 2005 which looks like a kitten and this was the reason behind the name Bambino that means baby in Italian. They have short legs, upright ears and lengthy body. They need regular bathing and grooming to make it happy even though it does not have fur. You have to take care of them and protect their skin from strong sun rays as it leads to skin injury. They are friendly with the family members and have patience when compared to other ones in the list. These types of cats are commonly found in white and pink color.

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1 # Sphynx

hairless cat breeds6These hairless breeds of cats was developed in the year 1960 which are popularly known for its lack of coat or fur. They have wedge shaped head, lemon shaped eyes, large ears, medium length neck, thicker paw pads, tapering tail and muscular body. This type of cats look quite different from other breeds in the list and can survive in any kind of environment. They are also popular for their extroverted behavior and are intelligent, affectionate with their owners, high level of energy and curiosity in nature. These cats are also known as Canadian Sphynx.

We hope you find this article useful in gathering some information about hairless cats and let us know your feedback about this article in the comments section below.

3 coolest ways to use coconut oil for sunburn

3 coolest ways to use coconut oil for sunburn

coconut oil for sunburn1

The overexposure of ultraviolet rays from sun leads to sunburn which cannot be avoided during summer. The sun burn results in itches, pain, rashes, scars, freckles and wrinkles. Moreover it may bring permanent health issues. For those people who are worried about this problem coconut oil can be the best solution. After hearing this you may think, is coconut oil good for sunburn yes it has the amazing healing power and you can get relief in overnight. If you want to know how to use coconut oil on sunburns then you have to take a look at the following section. In this article we have discussed about the topic coconut oil for sunburn which will be helpful for you to prevent your skin from these kinds of issue.

Methods of using coconut oil for sunburn

Coconut oil is an amazing moisturizer that prevents your skin from dryness and other kinds of damages. You can apply it on your skin after taking both to make your skin smoother as it never before. In the below section we have described the methods of using coconut oil for sunburn relief which enables you to get the immediate result and allows you to protect your skin from allergies.

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Method 1

oil for sunburn itch

In this method you need only three ingredients such as coconut oil, aloe vera and lavender oil to heal your skin from sunburn. What you have to do is just take one spoon of coconut oil in a bowl. There is no need to heat it because it will melt when you mix it up with other two ingredients. After that squeeze the aloe vera well and combine it with coconut oil. Finally add the lavender oil around 8 to 10 drops and mix it well to make it as paste.

Start applying it on your sunburn areas directly using spatula or any other soft material. Try to rub it rather than applying simply to get immediate relief from the itches. You can apply it throughout your body which will make your skin feel fantastic. While doing it make sure to sit under a towel as the coconut oil melts otherwise it will spill everywhere.

Method 2

sunburn relief2

To get instant relief from sunburn you can make use of this method which works quick on your itches. The coconut oil act as a sunscreen in preventing your damaged skin and you can get rid of it in overnight. To do this you need to make use of three things washcloths, organic coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. It is simple to do and will give you the best result. Take the washcloth and wet it in cold water. Then splash some apple cider vinegar on the wet washcloth. Dab the cloth on your sunburn and let it soak in the skin for some time.

After few minutes rub and apply some coconut oil on the sunburn area which makes you feel good when the oil is absorbed by your skin. Do this in night and you will see the immediate relief in the morning. Do the same for two days you will not find any itches and your sunburn will be completely healed. You can also make use of lavender oil or peppermint essential oil along with the coconut oil to heal the burn.

Method 3

sunburn relief

This method can be the natural sunburn remedy for successful healing which make use of coconut oil. It can be the great oil for sunburn itch and contains Vitamin D which most of our skin needs. All you need is apple cider vinegar, spray bottle and pure coconut oil. Just mix little amount of apple cider vinegar along with the cold water and shake it well. Spray the mixture on the sunburn area. Use towel to dab the flowing liquid and let it dry for some time. After it has dried apply the pure coconut oil to get immediate sunburn relief. It will act as a sunscreen lotion and heal your damaged skin quickly.

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Tips to use coconut oil for skin care

Coconut oil is an amazing healing agent that will help you to get rid of various skin issues like dryness, discomfort from peeling and more. If you apply it regularly then your skin will become smooth and shiny. Here are some of the tips to make use of coconut oil for skin care.

  • Apply the pure coconut oil after taking bath to regenerate your skin from dryness which caused due to soap. Sometimes soap will wash away the natural protective layer in the skin thus make use of coconut oil to protect your skin.
  • If you are planning to go out in the sun then just apply small amount of coconut oil on the exposure area to save from harm ultraviolet rays. Your skin will absorb the oil quickly so don’t worry about spreading in dress.
  • You can make use of it on the cracked areas of your skin as it can heal the cracks soon and make your skin soft.
  • When you are out from overexposure of sun rays then apply it immediately on your skin to avoid the suntan as it is the great oil for sunburn itch.
  • If you are feeling that your skin is getting dry in winter then you can directly apply the coconut oil to avoid the dryness. You can see the skin absorbs oil easily and quickly so that you can get smooth as well as shiny skin.
  • You can add some beneficial oil or herbs along with the coconut oil and massage which will help to invigorate your skin. You can do this once in a week regularly to get flawless glowing skin.

We hope you find this article useful in knowing methods for sunburn relief and other helpful information related to it. Please let us know some other tried remedies for sunburn you make use of in the following comments section and also share your thoughts about the above discussed topic.

4 Effective methods of using onion juice for hair growth

4 Effective methods of using onion juice for hair growth

onion juice for hair growth

Millions of people all around the world is facing the problem of hair loss everyday and are searching for the effective methods to avoid this issue. The hair loss may lead to stress, losing personal confidence, changes the appearance of the person and more. You can get rid of this issue with the simple natural ingredient available in your kitchen that is onion. You may think how does onion helps in hair growth but the truth is onion juice contains essential nutrients that help in hair growth. Even a study shows that usage of onion juice in your hair can encourage the growth. If you are eagerly waiting to know how to make use of onion in your hair then take a look at the following section in which we discussed about few methods of using onion juice for hair growth.

List of 4 methods of using onion juice for hair growth

The onion juice can be the natural as well as safer ingredient to control the hair loss quickly. You can see the results after few days without any side effects as it does not contain dangerous chemicals. All that you need to have is the onion juice and you can easily get it by blending the onion in juicer or blender and then extract the juice separately from it. Here you go with some of the home remedies of using onion juice for hair regrowth.

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Method 1: Honey and Onion juice mixture 

onion juice for hairloss

To do this method you need only two things such as onion juice and honey. Just separate the juice from onion and use it as raw without mixing it with water. Take ¼ cup of onion juice and one tablespoon of honey. Then mix both well and apply it on your scalp as well as on the entire hair using brush or some tool. Let the juice soak for around 15 minutes and then rinse it off. You will see the results immediately after using it twice or thrice. You can repeat the process daily to get healthy and thick hair.

Method 2: Rum and Onion juice

If you want to make use of onion juice in your hair by avoiding its adorable smell then you can try this method. You have to cut the onions into medium sized pieces and put it in a glass or bowl of rum. Let the onion to soak in rum for whole night and use it on next day morning. Filter the rum to separate onion pieces then apply it on your hair and give a massage otherwise you can use it to rinse your hair after washing it with shampoo.

Method 3: Hair rinse with onion juice

for hair regrowth

This another effective method of using onion juice for hair loss. If you are facing irritation in your eyes due to the onion juice then this will help you to avoid. Here you can apply onion juice for hair regrowth without getting tears. Take one liter of water and add 3 chopped onions to that. Boil the water for about 10 or 15 minutes and then let it cool for some time. After that you can use the boiled water to rinse your hair after shampoo wash which will give effective result and thereby helps in hair growth. You can do the same daily to get quicker and better result.

Method 4: Apply raw onion juice

This method will make you cry or sometimes irritate your eyes but is best among all the above methods. Here you have to apply the raw onion juice directly on your hair to get faster hair growth. Take 3 or 4 onions and blend it to get the juice. Separate the juice by filtering and then apply it on your scalp using brush or directly by hand. Try to do massage after applying it which will help the scalp to observe all the essential nutrients from onion juice. This really works fast and you can see the difference in few times of usage. You can do it for thrice a week or twice a week to nourish your scalp.

Rather than extracting the juice from onion you can consume it daily to get the same benefits which you get by doing all the above methods. Add onion compulsorily in your daily food as well in your diet to get the benefits from it. Many research found that onion juice is the natural home remedy for hair loss which will work faster in controlling the hair loss and helps to improve the hair growth.

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Benefits of onion juice

Other than hair growth onion juice has many benefits that involve in improving the overall health. Let us see some of the common benefits of onion juice in the following section.

  • The onion contains antihistamine Quercetin which helps to prevent some health issues like allergies and asthma. The Quercetin will be absorbed by the intestine and stays longer in the circulation than other food items.
  • The onion has amazing value in protecting the bone system that will prevent the bone loss and helps you to maintain healthy bones. This works well for women who are facing bone issues and commonly it is good for women to consume onion regularly.
  • The onion contains dietary fibre that is good for healthy bacteria in the intestine. Thus it promotes a healthy digestive system. The fibre in onion helps to maintain friendly bacteria at safer level and thereby increase the digestion.
  • Regular consumption of onion will help to reduce the sugar level in blood. The chromium present in onions will improve the glucose tolerance and reduce the blood sugar level.
  • The onion juice can be the best natural ingredient in preventing grey hair. You can apply it on your scalp to avoid grey hair. This also helps to maintain thick hair as it contains the sulphur which is good for hair.
  • You can directly apply the onion in your scalp and give a smooth massage to improve the blood circulation and to strengthen hair follicles. As it contains sulphur you can reduce the hair breakage and thinning by applying it.
  • Onion juice can be the great medicine for earache. The people who are suffering from earache can just apply few drops of onion juice in the ear to get immediate relief from the pain as it contains the essential oils. You can also use the same for ear infections which gives effective result.

We hope you find this article useful in knowing the various benefits of onion juice as well as the methods of using onion juice for hair growth. Try all these methods and let us know your feedback about those methods in the following comments section.

Does acupuncture for weight loss works

Does acupuncture for weight loss works

Many people spend their time and money in taking attempts to lose weight but most of them fail in their attempt. In fact acupuncture can help in weight loss as it calms the factors for excessive weight gain. This is the traditional method that involves in placing firm pressure on numerous points of the body. It is found in several studies that the sessions for weight loss in acupuncture are effective and safe which helped patients in losing their weight. If you want to know does acupuncture for weight loss works then you are at the right place. In this article you can learn how it helps for weight loss with regular exercise and healthy diet to achieve your desired fitness goal from the following section.

Acupuncture for weight loss

acupuncture for weight loss1

There are many reasons for the excessive weight gain like frustration, stress, imbalance in body and more. Acupuncture helps to lose your weight and also to maintain it by making some changes in the lifestyle. In this method of treatment needles are inserted into precise points on the body and make it relax to deal with frustration, anxiety, etc. This will enable you to balance the organ systems and thereby promotes better health.

The ear acupuncture or ear stapling also helps in reducing weight which involves points on the ear. The ear acupuncture points will control the food cravings so that you will not take excess food. This technique will surely help people in maintaining weight if they administer it properly by a qualified acupuncturist. It is found in a study that ear acupuncture along with 15 minutes of walking and intake of 2000 calorie a day will result in weight loss. With the proper diet plans and regular physical exercises you can be able to reduce your weight as well as to control them from gaining again along with acupuncture.

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Acupuncture Treatment

Before proceeding with the treatment for reducing weight using the acupuncture you have to consult the acupuncturist about your lifestyle, pattern of food and all other things. This will help him to find the reason for your excessive weight gain and he will be able to select the effective acupuncture treatment for you. Without the initial consultation you cannot start the treatment directly as it is important for the acupuncturist to know about your food habits and lifestyle.

The treatment involves the combination of body and ear points which will be pointed will the needles. Even though this system was developed by the Chinese people a long time ago as the Microsystems of the body containing the points related to major parts of the body but many ear acupuncture points was discovered by Nogier, a French man to cure many health problems.

The various points of ear acupuncture to reduce the weight includes mouth, stomach, lung, spleen, kidney, hungry, endocrine, adrenal and ovary which helps to deal with many issues like sugar imbalances, appetite control, frustration, anxiety, water retention, hormonal imbalances, slow metabolism, control smoking and more. The most important thing is you have to consult the best practiced acupuncturist for your problem to get the desired result without any side effects. The main reason behind the excessive weight gained by most of the people would be overeating which can be controlled through the points quickly or stress which can also be reduced by this method.

During the initial stage the acupuncturist will deal with the Four Gate points in order to calm the nervous system and to circulate the energy throughout your body. Then the front collecting point of stomach is used to circulate oxygen and blood throughout the body and particularly in stomach. Based on the nature of treatment and if necessary then the acupuncturist may also use the electro stimulation to stimulate the metabolism and to increase endorphin release. Moreover the needles are kept placed for around forty to forty-five minutes or more which depends on the need of patient and after that the needles are removed. If the patient still feels like hungry or urge to eat then the acupuncturist apply the mild pressure to the point for 15 to 20 seconds. This will make the patient to feel relaxed and helps to regain their will power.

The number of treatment depends on the patient’s willingness and goal to lose weight. The overeating patient has to undergo treatment for every day until first five days, then alternative days for second week and three days once for third week. They have to carry out the booster treatment also in order to stabilize the energy levels. All the treatments has to be undergone properly to gain the desired result easily.

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It is advisable for the patients to take weight loss program along with the exercise and nutritional counseling to make changes in your lifestyle permanently. You can discuss about the diet and exercise with your acupuncturist which has to be maintained properly for long time to avoid the weight gain. The diet plan should contain essential amounts of fibre, low in fat, carbohydrates, low fat protein, etc to achieve your goal effectively.

Acupuncture cost

When you decided to reduce weight through acupuncture then also have to consider how much does the whole process costs. The information related to cost will help you to decide whether you have to try acupuncture or will go for some other traditional methods.

Basically to decide about your type of treatment and to get some basic idea about your gain you have to visit the acupuncturist for at least once. Always the initial cost is most expensive which will come around $75 to $125. In this initial visit your acupuncturist will inform you about the number of treatments you have to undergo.

For routine treatment the patient has to visit once or two days per week or every month which cost little lesser than the initial one. It will come around $75 and in this stage you will see the improvement in your weight loss as well as change in your lifestyle. These costs are for basic treatment which will increase if your conditions are more serious or if number of visit increases. The actual acupuncture cost may differ from person to person even though they have to undergo the same kind of treatment. When compared to other traditional methods for weight loss the acupuncture will be relatively an affordable treatment. Other then reducing weight the acupuncture will also help in other kind of health issues.

We hope you find this article acupuncture for weight loss useful in knowing much information related to acupuncture treatment and its cost. Please let us know your feedback in the following comments section which will be useful for other readers also.

How to get rid of a stye

How to get rid of a stye

how to get rid of stye

We do not care about our eyes until we get a little bump on the eyelid. If you are searching for some effective methods to cure a stye then you are at the right place. In this article we have discussed about the topic how to get rid of a stye in the following section where you will get lots of information about the causes and prevention measures for stye.

A stye is a tender red bump that develops a yellow spot in the upper or lower eyelid or right where the eyelash meets the skin. This is one of the painful eye problems that are pretty common issue for the people that may affect their routine work. Generally there are two types of styes namely external and internal styes. The external styes can be found easily when the red bump appears but internal styes will occur underneath the lid due to infection of Meibomian Sebaceous Glands which can be found after the visible of swelling on outside.

Symptoms of styes

Usually this red bump in your eyelid will occur due to many reasons where it will take at least 7 to 10 days to cure. Here are some symptoms to identify this eye disease easily which will be helpful for you to clear it before it get worse.

  • Very bad pain of the eyelid.
  • You feel like your eyes are irritating and tender to touch.
  • A red color pimple like bump will arise on the bottom or top of the eyelid and a yellow or white top may occur on the top.
  • You will get blur vision.
  • You feel like something is there inside in your eyes or scratchy sensation like sand on the eyeball.
  • Discomfort during blinking

Causes of styes

The major cause for a stye is the blocking of oil gland at the eyelash. This will occur due to sleep deprivation, lack of water, rubbing of the eyes, lack of hygiene, poor nutrition, etc. If the friendly bacteria in our body feast on dead cells then it will result in tender pimple. Sharing of face towels or washcloths of the person affected by styes will spread the infection so it has to be avoided. It will last for four days if treated properly and will last for one or two weeks without treatment.

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Home remedies to get rid of a stye

If you are thinking how to get rid of a stye using natural materials available at home then have a look at the below section where you can find some useful home remedies to clear this red bump on your eyelid fast.

1. Tea Bags

how to treat stye

You can make use of the tea bags to cure the styes fast and easily. All that you have to do is just wet the tea bag and place it on your eyes for around 8 to 10 minutes. Repeat this for several times a day as it acts as anti-bacterial on the infection. This can be one of the popular and effective methods to calm the eye infection.

2. Coriander Seeds

Coriander seeds have the value to treat eye related issues which can be used to clean the bacteria in your eyes. You have to soak one tablespoon of coriander leaves in water for an hour and use the same water to wash your eyes. Do this for 3 or 4 times a day to get rid of styes in one day.

3. Turmeric


Turmeric is the anti-bacterial we prefer to use in everything like medicines, food, etc. This is one of the great spices that provide fast relief from styes and has healing power. Mix one tablespoon of turmeric powder in water and boil it until the content get reduced by half. Then let it cool for some time and use that water to clean your eyes.

4. Chard Leaf

This leaf can be applied directly on your eyes to cure the infection quickly. Heat the chard leaf along with water for five to six minutes and strain the water from it. After that let it cool and apply directly on the affected area. Keep it for at least half an hour for the best result. Do this for three times a day to get rid of the styes in your eyelid fast. You can also wash your face instead of applying the strained water if you wish.

5. Aloe Vera

how to get rid of stye2

You can also apply aloe vera for this eye infection. Take the aloe vera gel and apply it directly on the eyelid using cotton stick. You have to do it for several times a day which will help to clear the red bump quickly. This miracle plant has amazing healing properties thus you can get rid of the stye easily without any marks.

6. Coriander Leaves

Just boil the coriander leaves in water for around 5 to 6 minutes. Cover it with a cloth or any material and let it cool for at least half an hour. Filter the water and clean your eyes with that coriander leaves extract for several times to heal the red bump in your eyelid fast. This can be the effective method to get rid of stye in one day.

How to treat a stye

In this section we have listed some of the treatments to cure the styes on your upper and lower eyelid quickly. Your eyes has to be taken care if the homemade solutions are not working properly or if your infection getting worse with the help of these treatments.

1. Warm Compress

how to treat stye2

Applying warm compress will help you to clear the bump in your eyes rapidly. The swelling can be treated well with the warm temperature. First you have to make the compress using a piece of fabric or towel and wet in hot water. Hold the wet compress on your eyes for around 5 to 10 minutes. You have to do it for 3 or 4 times a day to get the best result. This method will help the stye to release the pus that you have to wipe it using a towel. Keep the compress on your eyes until it stops. You can do it even on night to get rid of a stye overnight.

2. Apply anti-bacterial cream

You can make use of the antibacterial cream to treat styes. You can use the cotton stick to apply the cream on infected area. You can feel the healing after using it for once or twice. The most important thing you have to consider is not applying it for many times than indicated on the package of the cream which helps to get rid of the stye in your eyelid fast.

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3. Take Painkiller

If you are thinking how to treat a stye and want to get rid of the pain then you can make use of painkiller. The painkiller will help to ease the pain and enable you to engage in work without any issues. You have to take it in correct dose and try to consult the doctor before taking it which will help to avoid intake of wrong medicines.

How to prevent the styes from occurring

There are some preventive measures which you can follow to avoid the styes from occurring if you have sensitive skin or suffered from this infection already. Here are some of the tips.

  • You can gently clean your eyelids using some baby shampoos to clean the dirt around your eyes and to keep it away from bacteria. Use clean towel for wiping and do not rub your eyes continuously.
  • You can also do some eye exercises to avoid these kinds of infections and to protect your eye sight.
  • Make sure to wash your hands before touching your eyes often which will help to keep your eyes away from harmful bacteria and dust.
  • If you wear contact lens then there are chances for the eyes to get infected because of not washing your hands properly or due to the solution you make use of. So practice good hygiene.

This is the common eye infection that can occur to any person if they are not hygiene or clean or have sensitive skin. Try to avoid rubbing your eyes and make use of the quality eye makeup products. We hope you find this article useful in knowing how to get rid of a stye and other information related to it. Please let us know your thoughts in the following comments section which will be useful for other users also.