Top 5 best clock widgets for android

Top 5 best clock widgets for android

Every one of us moves in our life by following the time in order to achieve what we want to. There is definitely a clock in front screen of our phone. The widgets are helpful in fixing the screen as how we like to. There are many clock widgets available to make your precious time valuable. In this article we have framed the list of top 5 best clock widgets for android which enable you to make your choice.

List of 5 best clock widgets for android

5 # Beautiful Clock Widget

android clock widget1

This Beautiful Clock Widget has 7 types of clock format among which you can choose your favorite one. Weather and battery options are provided by this app which enables you to know about the climate conditions of any place without visiting them. You can get this one for free from the Google Play Store. It allows you to change the date format, text color, hand color and background, etc. It offers 45 themes and auto update time, date and weather which require network access for the updating process.

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4 # Me Clock Widget

android clock widget2

The Me clock widget app is compatible with all android devices. It has both analog and digital widget. You can choose variety of clock skin which is available and the main note is you cannot create shortcut for this widget. You can resize, remove and change the widget. You can keep your desired display and date format. Your home screen will look in the way which you wish to. The installation of this app is easy and simple to use. The battery consumption is low in it. There is 24 hour support as well as date support. The main feature is lock screen widget which made this as the best android clock widget.

3 # Retro Clock Widget

android clock widget3

The Retro has changed date shortcut and it is advisable to add this app to the ignore list if you are using Task Manager because it time will stop updating in it. This is one of the top rated clock widget available for android and its simplicity made it famous. The widgets act as shortcuts for the alarm and other applications in the calendar. When you need to make customize changes like font, background, color, etc can do it using the retro Clock Settings Companion. You can install it to older as well as new versions of android by making a tap and hold on home screen.

2 # ClockQ – Digital Clock Widget

android clock widget4

The ClockQ comes in the list of android clock widget as second because of the variety of customization options and features available. You can choose any one of the font from the 26 options available in the widget. You can get custom colors, transparency options, layout editor, scale option, shadow effect and more on. It provides you the battery level information which will be helpful for you to recharge it before it get switched off. You can keep 12/24 hour option and lock screen support is there. You can add it to your phone by long tapping on the home screen. It is easy to use, simple and good looking which can be downloaded for free from the Google play store. All these features made this app as one of the best clock widgets for android.

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1 # DIGI Clock Widget

android clock widget5

The Digi clock is one of the top rated clock widget which consists of five highly customizable digital time and date widgets. You can get this for any version of android and it works without any issues. While setting up the gadget you can see the preview so that can make any changes in that. You can select your preferred color for the date and time which allows you to set the date output in your language. You can have shadow effects, outlines, date formats, selection of hours. Alarm option is available where you can feed up the appointments and set the time to be intimated. Picture can be used as widget background and the important thing you have to consider before using this application is you should not move it to the SD card as it will not work in it. Touch and hold on the home screen, menu will appear from that you can choose the Digi Clock Widget to install it.

We hope you find this useful in selecting the appropriate clock widget for your android and let us know your feedback in the following comments section. Also don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Top 10 most expensive basketball shoes

Top 10 most expensive basketball shoes

Before few years only limited number of companies was offering shoes for basketball but now it has increased incredibly and all comes with innovative technologies to satisfy their customers. The shoes that you are selecting should have gel underneath which helps to reduce the impact of invariable jumping and running. Moreover they have to support the soles and ankle of players. Among those plenty of options it is quite hard to find the finest one thus in the below section we have listed the top 10 most expensive basketball shoes which enable you to make your choice.

List of top 10 most expensive basketball shoes

10 # Nike Air Force One

expensive basketball shoes1

The Nike Air Force One was first released in the market in January 2005. It was worn by famous people and legends. You could not find these shoes in any shops because most of them were sold at auctions and through private collectors. You need to spend 2500 dollars to buy a pair of this basketball shoe.

9 # Air Jordan XI

expensive basketball shoes2

The Air Jordan XI was manufactured in the year 1995 which is specially made for the NBA’s. This was worn by the legend Joe Johnson at the time of test. The original pairs are valued as 2700$ which is comparatively cheap than the other inventions of Jordan company. This is considered as one of the most expensive basketball shoes in the market.

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8 # Adidas Golden KB8

expensive basketball shoes3

The Adidas KB8 was made for the 1998 Slam Dunk contest. This was worn by Kobe Bryant and his number is 8. That is why the shoes are named as KB8 and after some time this was renamed as crazy 8 because Kobe left Adidas. Only two pairs were made ever in this model of basketball shoes. The retail version of this footwear did not reach as planned and you can get this shoe for $3000 which made it as the luxury basketball shoe.

7 # Air Jordan V

expensive basketball shoes4

The Air Jordan V is a unique pair of shoe with attractive features likes clear rubber soles, reflective tongue and strap lock that make you feel convenient to use. Jordan wore this pair during the match which is black and silver metal design with 23 written on its back that is never sold in shops anywhere. This is available for $10,000 from only few collectors.

6 # Nike Air Mag

expensive basketball shoes5

The popular celebrity Michael J Fox wore this Air Mag shoe in the film “Back to Future” and it is signed by the hero of that movie. Then Nike decided to produce 20 more pairs additionally for their customers. The Nike Air Mag is the coolest looking shoes you ever find and it is available for $ 12,000 in the retail stores.

5 # Air Jordan I

expensive basketball shoes6

The Air Jordan I shoes are rare and made with red / black color. It is designed by Tinker Hatfield and its extremely stylish design attracts the users. Each and every pair is signed by Michael Jordan using the water – resistant marker so that your favorite personality autograph will not get erased at any cost. You can be able to get this luxury basketball shoe for 25,000 dollars.

4 # Nike Air Zoom Kobe 

expensive basketball shoes7

There were only 25 pairs of Nike Air Zoom shoes ever made and it is manufactured to dedicate to one of the famous and great basketball players Kobe Bryant. The shoe was signed by that famous player and Nike offer this shoe for 30,000 dollars from which 10 percent of income will be given to charity that is one of the corporate social responsibilities of this shoe manufacturing company.

3 # Air Jordan VI

expensive basketball shoes8

The Air Jordan VI is one of the finest looking and comfort inventions from the Jordon Family. This has the special feature of best world toe and lace tightening facilities. The holes are provided in the tongue with molding facility in order to protect the tendon Achilles. Variety of colors is available and the pairs are limited. All these features made it as the high end basketball shoe available in the market.

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2 # Air Jordan III

expensive basketball shoes9

The Air Jordan III is manufactured with highly comfortable leather which makes you feel like flexible while playing basketball. This provides you the additional comfort for the money that you are paying to get them. This is designed by Peter Moore and it comes with beautiful Jump man logos which are sold in market for $50,000.

1 # Reebok Question

expensive basketball shoes10

The Reebok Question high end shoes were made with the diamonds and there were totally 246 diamonds in the laces. The price of the shoe is 65,000$ which made it as one of the all time iconic basketball shoes and is specially made for Allen Iverson.

Please let us know your favorite basketball shoes from the list and also your thoughts about this article in the following comments section which will be useful for other users.

Top 6 best baby video monitors 2018

Top 6 best baby video monitors 2018

If you are new parents and getting ready to welcome the bundle of joy then a baby video monitor is essential product to keep a track on your toddler. While selecting the monitor some parents are looking for the signal strength and some seek large screen to view things. Moreover it is difficult to find the finest one as there are plenty of brands involved in manufacturing these baby monitors. Thus to help the parents we have framed the list of some best baby video monitors 2018 in the following section after putting together of all the features.

List of 6 best video baby monitors 2018

1 # Infant optics DXR-5 with night vision

video baby monitor1

The Infant optics DXR-5 is an affordable baby video monitor that offers plenty of features to facilitate the parents. The large screen comes with super sensitive and built in microphone so that you can capture all things that your baby does. It has the Wi-Fi that covers the distance of about 800 feet in open areas. It enables you to keep eye on your baby even while sleeping and the automatic IR vision adjust the level of light when it goes down. You can easily set up the things within few minutes using the 3 simple steps and it is built in lightweight material so that you can carry it to anywhere effortlessly. On the whole it is one of the best baby video monitors available in the market.

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2 # Motorola MBP36 digital video monitor

video baby monitor2

The Motorola MBP36 is the best video baby monitor that comes with LCD screen to view all the things clearly. You can have two way communications with the FHSS technology as it offers better range and allows you to sing or speak to your baby and to communicate with your partner. You will not miss any of the precious moments of your baby with the help of this monitor which captures all the things. For the peace of mind and added security the monitor encrypts the audio data. The room temperature sensor feature will report the LCD display thus you can maintain the temperature from not getting too hot or too cool.

3 # Samsung SEW 3037W baby video monitor

The Samsung 3037W is equipped with wide range of features to enable the parents having better control over their toddlers. It has high quality color display with the finest resolution to clearly view the things that your baby is doing. You can get many things like tilt, remote control pan, built-in night light, zoom, time display and more to make it as best video baby monitor 2015 when compare to other ones in the list. To remove the background noise it has quite mode and the two way talk allows you to communicate with your partner as well as with your toddler which can be the most mentioned thing in baby video monitor reviews. The remote controlled camera enables the parents to closely watch their babies without missing a single thing. It also comes with low battery warning so you can charge it easily after getting the alert.

4 # Foscam FBM3501 digital video baby monitor

The Foscam digital baby monitor can be a perfect choice for the people who are in need of a product for monitoring baby, home, elderly parent and pet while relaxing or when you are away from your house. This is one of the best baby video monitors which is equipped with high quality color LCD display to clearly view the things and extended battery life of 4 hours so that you need not to worry about charging it. It has non-visible LED night vision option that will enable you to watch your kids in night without disturbing them. You can zoom the things that you are seeing on the monitor and it offers optional alerts so that you can use it to set the alerts to perform your tasks. It also has room temperature monitor which will show the temperature details in the screen.

5 # Summer infant baby monitor

baby video monitor5

This is loaded with plenty of features than the other baby monitors from the list. The best video baby monitor from summer infant has touch screen monitor that will allow the parents to control the camera to zoom, scan and pan. It also offers two way communications like other monitors which enables the parents to hear the sound that is coming from the baby or any other noise with the availability of high sensitive microphone. The pan and scan feature moves the camera on all sides, up and down to clearly watch the whole room and this can be the mostly mentioned point in baby video monitor reviews. You can also place the camera on the wall or on a tabletop as it includes security clips and essential hardware. You can have secure and private connection between camera and monitor for providing peace of mind for the parents.

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6 # vTech VM321 baby monitor with night vision

baby video monitor6

The vTeach video baby monitor has split screen viewing feature that supports totally four cameras from single parent unit. You can have various viewing modes like quad view, single view and more to effectively watch each and every moments of your toddler. You can have control on the camera from another room of from outdoors so that you can have peace of mind while monitoring your kids. It comes with rechargeable battery that enables you to charge it whenever required and you can also get the low battery alert in parent unit to remember you when battery goes down. You can easily communicate with your kids and partner from parent unit to the baby unit. On the whole this can be the great choice to view all the precious things that your baby does without missing a single movement.

We hope you find this article useful in choosing the suitable video baby monitor and also let us know your favorite one from the list. Please also share your feedback in the following comments section.

Top 10 most popular shoe brands in the world

Top 10 most popular shoe brands in the world

If you are looking for the finest pair of shoes that absolutely fit your requirements then you are at the right place. It is difficult to find the best one as there are plenty of options available to choose from. Thus in this article we have listed the top 10 most popular shoe brands in the world in the below section after analyzing the pros and cons of each one.

List of 10 most popular shoe brands in the world

10 # Aldo

popular shoe brands1

The Aldo is a private Canadian Corporation that operates as s worldwide chain of shoe and accessory stores. It was founded in the year 1972 by Aldo Bensadoun and has its headquarters in Quebec. They are having more than 1600 retail outlets in different countries and you can get wide range of options to choose from.

9 # Toms

popular shoe brands2

The Toms is one of the most popular shoe brands for men in the world that is based in California. It was established by Blake Mycoskie who is an emtrepreneur from Texas in 2006. They are offering shoes for both men and women, apparel, accessories and also sells eyewear. Certain part of their profit is used to save or restore the eyesight for people in developing countries. Their shoes are made from recycled and vegan materials that gives ultimate comfort for your legs which are not provided by most of the other ones in the list.

8 # Under Armour

popular shoe brands3

This is a popular company that involved in manufacturing and distribution of various fashionable products for the customers all around the world. The Under Armour started with a simple plan to make superior T-Shirts that provide compression and wicked perspiration off your skin rather than absorb it. Their product line includes hoodies, outerwear, sweatshirts, pants, shorts, running shoes, basketball shoes, training shoes, cleats, boots and accessories like gloves, handbags, socks, hats, sunglasses, belts, protective gear, etc.

7 # Puma

popular shoe brands4

The Puma is a German Company that was founded in 1924 by Rudolf Dassler and Adolf. During the time of establishment they manufactured football shoes for the famous soccer players all around the world. You can get wide variety of sneakers, training, running, soccer, golf, motorsport and sandal for both men and women. Their prices are usually expensive when compared to the other ones in the market and on the whole it is one of the most popular shoe brands.

6 # Reebok

popular shoe brands5

The Reebok International Limited is the manufacturer and distributor of clothing, athletic shoes and accessories to various countries. This was established in the year 1895 in England and since 2005 it has been a subsidiary of German company named Adidas. The Reebok is headquartered in Canton and it is well known for the quality. This is offering a special feature for their customers that enable them to design their shoes with the colors, model, etc. So that you can make combination of your desired colors and you can get in the style as you want.

5 # Vans

popular shoe brands6

Vans is an American company that is based in California which is manufacturing apparel, hoodies, socks, backpacks, hats, T-Shirts, etc other than shoes. They are offering products at affordable price without making any compromise in quality. The shoes perform long lasting without any issues and you can feel comfortable while using it. This is one among the few shoe companies that have achieved tremendous growth in shorter period of time.

4 # Converse

popular shoe brands7

Most of the famous sports personalities are familiar with this American shoe manufacturing company. The Converse is well known for the wide range of collections and attractive colors. Their products are also available in the names of Chuck Taylor All Star, One Star and Jack Purcell. They sell the shoes and other items in more than 160 countries through nearly 75 retail outlets. In the year 2003 it was purchased by the leading company named Nike and since then Converse is operated as its subsidiary.

3 # Jordan

popular shoe brands8

The Jordan is one of the popular men’s shoe brands in the world which is owned by Nike. It was started after offering shoe for a famous personality named Michael Jordan in the year 1984. A pair of shoe from Jordan can be a great choice for any athlete who seek flexibility and comfort while playing. They are manufacturing shoes for various sports like basketball, football, running, training, soccer, baseball, tennis, golf, skateboarding, etc.

2 # Adidas

popular shoe brands9

The Adidas Company taken place in the list of top shoe brands as it offers quality shoes for their customer and popular among the leading sports players. Their product line includes jackets, graphics tees, tops, pants, shorts, bags, gloves, hats, sunglasses, underwear, watches, scarves, jerseys and shoes for different games like basketball, running, soccer, tennis, baseball, football, etc. They concentrate mainly on the researches to gather customer opinion in order to consider them in designing and development of the products.

1 # Nike

popular shoe brands10

The Nike is an American multinational Corporation which was founded in the year 1964 and is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and selling of apparel, footwear, equipment, accessories and other services all around the world. It is one of the largest suppliers of athletic shoes and apparel. It is headquartered in Oregon and has retail outlets in various countries. They market their product under the name of Nike Pro, Nike Golf, Air Jordan, Nike Dunk, etc and they also promote their products using subsidiaries.

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Top 10 Luxury Furniture Brands in the World

Top 10 Luxury Furniture Brands in the World

The high-end furniture can be the great element that will make your house look beautiful and elegant along with interior designs. There are many brands offering luxurious furniture with craftsmanship, great design, and quality materials which makes it difficult to select the finest one. Moreover, you have to choose the one that enjoys pristine reputation and create products in tune with your taste. Thus, in the following section, we have listed the top 10 furniture brands in the world after researching their various essential benefits.


List of Top 10 Furniture Brands in the World


10# French Heritage

french furniture brand with facet collection for the living room

When you look into most of the reputed offices and houses in America and Europe, you can find the furnishing items made by French Heritage. This is a popular European furniture brand that is well known for their graceful designs, antique style, and quality materials.


They make use of the leading and professional trends in the world to design their products. Their specialties include eclectic furniture, handcrafted, beach-made hostelry, and casual contemporary. Their products are unique and escape the monotony by never repeating the same model more than necessary. The result is a refreshing collection of select pieces that make French Heritage one of the top 10 furniture brands in the world.


9# Christopher Guy


christopher guy furniture brand with dusky rose dining room design

Christopher Guy is the International furniture brand which was founded in the year 1999. This project initially started the business with decorative mirrors. You can get a wide range of collections from this company to suit your dream house.


Their product categories include headboards, dining tables, chairs, sofas, office furniture, and upholstery. They blend tradition with modern trends for most of their designs. Your house will look amazing with the furniture offered by Christopher Guy. On the whole, it is one of the top 10 furniture brands in the world.


8# Henkel Harris


henkel harris old fashion solid bed frame


Most of the people in the world are aware of the existence of Henkel Harris. Thi is one of America’s finest luxury brands that offer high-quality products. It all started in the year of 1946 when Carroll Henkel and Mary began their collaboration with professional designer John Harris. He designed all the items in luxurious and stylish methods.


They opened their retail outlets in numerous countries which added to their international prestige. You can make your whole house beautifully furnished with the iconic designs from Henkel Harris. Thanks to their notoriety, this passion for beauty turned them into one of the top 10 furniture brands in the world.


7# Fendi Casa

fendi casa collection of luxury furniture showcasing interior design for beach house

Fendi Casa is one of the top 10 furniture brands in the world thanks to its attention to details. The company started in the year of 1989. The creatives behind this name unleashed unlimited creativity into the furniture market.


They extended their brand by enriching the creative fields of furniture that are suitable for contemporary living. In the end, they achieved huge international success. The company launched this line in partnership with Club House Italia. You will surely be amazed by the iconic collection from Fendi.


6 # Kartell

kartell furniture brand displaying new collection at barneys new york

The Kartell design company was started in the year 1949. The team behind this reputed project combines innovation, creativity, and glamour to provide unique collection of style icons. The combination of all these factors along with the vision of distribution enabled them to achieve great success in a short period of time.


Their wide range of products is made with proper care. The selection includes only high-quality raw materials to ensure the performance of them is top-notch. On the whole, it is one of the top 10 furniture brands in the world.


5 # Boca Do Lobo

boca do lobo furniture brand with black modern interior design of a dining room

Boca Do Lobo is another popular furniture manufacturer who offers exclusive products with higher lifespan. Each piece of work is inspired with exclusivity, passion, love, etc as they make their creations with leading designers.


You can express your special type of lifestyle in all the rooms of your house like dining hall, living room, bedroom, study room, etc. with the help of wide collection of modern furniture from Boca Do Lobo. Their products will bring you to the world of emotions as they provide the pleasure that you may have forgotten by now.


4 # Poliform


poliform furniture brand in metallic kitchen interior design

The Poliform can be a great choice for those people who are looking for trendy and comprehensive range of products. This company has gained popularity in a short period of time. You can get classy designs of furniture from them which are designed by the professional designers. They dedicate their productive and creative resources to the commercial and residential projects.


3 # Edra


edra furniture brand for living room interior design with books big sofa, statue

Edra is a popular furniture brand that has been on the market since 1987. The headquarters is in the country famous for its rich art, history, traditions, and culture, namely Italy.

Their elegant furniture will add more beauty to your house and reflects the meaning of this name at all times. Their products are made from best and new reliable materials with amazing craftsmanship that are quite different from the other companies. All these attractive features make Edra one of the top 10 furniture brands in the world.

2# Restoration Hardware

restoration hardware furniture brand for living room interior design with sofa, armchairs, coffee table, fireplace

When we look into the fastest growing high-end furniture company, then Restoration Hardware is one among them which achieved huge success in a short period of time. This is one of the luxury furniture brands which is offering various categories of products like furniture, textiles, lighting, décor, bathware, garden, outdoor, baby products, and more.

You can get awesome pieces as office and home furniture that will make you feel glamorous and comfortable while using it. You need not to worry about the lifespan of the product as it is made of high-quality raw materials.

1 # Henredon

henredon furniture brand for bedroom interior design with ottoman red turkish footstool with tea set

Henredon is worldwide known for the quality they keep on delivering for the last 65 years. They are one of the youngest furniture manufacturers in the world. Nonetheless, they have produced wide range of office accessories and furniture with a lifetime guarantee.


Their classic and timeless furniture will add beauty to your house along with their interior designs. Their pieces offer comfort give you much pleasure to enjoy yourself in your own home.


Final Word


Please let us know your feedback about this article in the following comments section which will be useful for other readers also. Don’t forget to share this list of top 10 furniture brands in the world with your friends over social media.