Top 7 Cute Ways to Ask a Girl Out

Top 7 Cute Ways to Ask a Girl Out

You like a girl, and you think she likes you. When you meet a girl that seems perfect, you want to find the perfect way to ask her out. If you’re not in touch with your romantic side, don’t worry. If a girl likes you, you can’t go wrong with a cute date proposal. This article discusses the top 7 cute ways to ask a girl out that will be sure to make her heart melt.

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Top 7 Cute Ways to Ask a Girl Out (Cute Ways to Ask a Girl to Be Yours)

1. Take a Note from Her Favorite Chic Flick

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Many girls watch chick flicks with a little twinge of jealousy. She wishes she could be in her heroine’s shoes. While thinking of cute ways to ask a girl out, remember what movies she enjoys. Is she a big “Twilight” fan? Try playing “Clair de Lune” for her before asking the big question.

If she’s a big fan of “The Princess Bride,” try saying, “As you wish.” You’ll put a big smile on her face. If she’s not much of a chick flick fan, you can improvise with her favorite movie.

2. Fill in the Blank Note

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Whether you’re in high school or college, giving a girl a fill in the blank note is one of the easiest of cute ways to ask a girl out. A note builds up the suspense and her excitement. If you’re feeling confident, you can create your own note, or you can simply visit hobby sites like Pinterest.

The most common note trending on Pinterest starts as casual, pop-culture questions. When she’s answered each question, you can ask her to read the answers aloud. Together, the answers form the question you really want to ask: “Will you go out with me?”

 3. Use a Fortune Cookie

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If you see your future romance written in the stars, why not help her see it too? There are several fortune cookie websites to help you create her fortune. If you’re looking for a standard fortune cookie, try visiting Unfortunately, there is a minimum requirement of 12 cookies. However, at .60 a cookie, it’s still one of the cheapest and cute ways to ask a girl out.

For a luxuriously-wrapped fortune, you can go to This site offers just about any fortune cookie you can imagine: flavored, chocolate-dipped, seasonal, and even bling fortune cookies.

If you’re asking your girl out to a special event, investing in a special fortune cookie will make a great impression. Ranging between .50-$1.75 a cookie, with a minimum quantity of 50, Fancy Fortune Cookies is a little more expensive. If you think the girl is worth it, so is the cookie.

4. Use a Pet

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Girls can’t say no to puppy love, especially if it’s from an actual puppy. If you or your crush has a pet, use that to your advantage. There are several ways to use pets as a wing-man.

If the pet is yours, try dressing it in a cute outfit and attach either a sign or a note to its neck. For her pet, the next time it greets you, quickly string your note around its collar. Draw her attention to the note, and let the pet do the convincing.

5: Write a Poem

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You don’t have to be a modern Robert Browning to create beautiful poems. Composing a poem shows a girl that you cared enough to write something for her and that you’re willing to show off your vulnerable side. You don’t have to make it overly emotional, either.

The best poems are simple and to the point. There are a few websites that can give you inspiration for a poetic proposal, such as or A word of caution, though: Poems are not for every girl. Take the time to get to know you girl and whether she would appreciate a poem.

6: Build-A-Bear

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Giving a girl a teddy bear will give her something to hold and remind her of you. You can keep it simple and attach a sign to any bear, or you can create your own at Build-A-Bear. This platform allows you to create your own stuffed animal from scratch. Afterward, you can record a personalized voice message and insert it into the toy.

Build-A-Bears aren’t cheap, but they certainly make an impression. Basic animals start at $12 and range all the way up to $65. The personalized sound recording usually starts at $8.00.

7: Use Her Favorite Hobby

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If you’re still struggling to discover some cute ways to ask a girl out, remember that every girl has a passion. When you take the time to listen to her and use that passion to ask her out, it will tell her this isn’t just a casual date for you.

For example, if she’s a drama major, try showing up at her house dressed as her favorite Broadway hero. If you’d rather not go to that extent, just think of unique ways to incorporate her interests into your proposal.

You can also use her hobby to find inspiration for date activities. If you’ve found a girl that actually loves baseball, take her to her favorite local team. Once you’ve spent the day getting to know her, you have the perfect opportunity to tell her how you feel.

Summing It Up

Asking a girl out can be intimidating, especially if you’re having trouble reading her feelings. Luckily, there are hundreds of cute ways to ask a girl out that are sure to impress her. The key is confidence. Even when you feel like there’s no chance of her saying yes, be confident in yourself and your feelings for her. Your confidence, combined with a cute proposal, can win her heart over.

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