Top 9 Poorest Countries in the World in 2018

Top 9 Poorest Countries in the World in 2018

In general terms, the wealth of a country can be assessed by reviewing their Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This metric is best defined as a country’s total market value of goods produced during a specified period of time. But can this be an indicator of the poorest country in the world?

This number is divided by the country’s population to provide the overall Gross Domestic Product. Of course, there are other things that contribute to a country’s wealth, but this has been a universally accepted standard in economics.

Unfortunately, this metric varies greatly from country to country. There is a ton of disparity between rich and poor, and this challenge spans the globe. While there is no clear winner when it comes to the poorest country in the world, here are a few that top the list.

The Poorest Country in the World – 9 Examples

#1. Madagascar

some poor houses in Madagascar

This African island has received some publicity for their unique biosphere and attention to tourism. However, most of the country is drowning in poverty. The country has experienced political turmoil and unrest for many years. These constant challenges have left the country with little economic leadership or direction.

Also, most of the natives are trained in agriculture and make a living through this type of work. Unfortunately, the country is severely affected by climate change, and the weather can be unpredictable. This creates hardship for the locals who rely on agriculture to survive.

#2. Malawi

some people hauling water in Malawi

Malawi is another African state that tops the list when it comes to the poorest country in the world. It has one of the lowest per capita incomes in the world with over half the country living below the poverty line. Unfortunately, the country has experienced loss of aid due to corruption within their local government.

Without aid, the country has experienced turmoil and has not had the funding to contribute development. This change has led to even further poverty and destruction. Similar to other African countries, the Malawi people rely heavily on agriculture and farming for survival. Massive flooding in late 2015 devastated the country and their economy, and they’re still working to recoup the losses.

#3. Guinea

a poor family in Guinea

This country has experienced wealth in the past due to their massive local mineral mining. However, recent events have contributed to the slip. The country has not enjoyed economic freedom since the 1990s, and the country’s government has engaged in a series of sociopolitical conflicts which have rapidly delayed the country’s return to independence.

In addition, the country’s laborers rely on outdated equipment and processes for farming which has proved a massive handicap.

#4. Niger

several men with cattle in Niger

Niger is swallowed by the Sahara Desert, with 80 percent of its land mass lying in the stretches of this sandy oasis. Niger has often been touted as the poorest country in the world due to its large population and limited room for expansion and growth.

The country’s rapidly growing population and reliance on small-scale agriculture place it at risk for desertion. In addition, the country has a rough past of slavery, illiteracy, and disease. Mortality rates are extremely high, and while the country anticipates some relief due to ongoing oil projects, it continues to rack up debt to complete these projects.

#5. Liberia

a destroyed school site in Liberia

Liberia earns a look as the poorest country in the world. The African nation experienced a major hit to their economy with the Ebola crisis. Ebola caused many investors to withhold their investments until the disease was better contained.

In addition, the overall economy relies on exports like rubber, iron ore, and palm oil. This means the country is at the mercy of the global commodity markets. Overall, a whopping 85 percent of Liberians live below the poverty line definitely putting it in the running for the poorest country in the world.

#6. Afghanistan

some cute children in Afghanistan

This Middle Eastern country needs no introduction. After almost two decades of war and terror, the country definitely lacks structure and lands recognition on the list as the poorest country in the world. Unemployment in Afghanistan sits around 35 percent, and almost half the population survives on less than one dollar per day. In addition, the country lacks the support of foreign investment due to the constant turmoil and instability.

#7. Ethiopia

some children outdoors in Ethiopia

This African country is extremely underdeveloped and impoverished. Over 55 percent of the country’s population lives in city slums, and the GDP per capita is one of the lowest in the world. Ethiopia is another culture where agriculture is the foundation of the country’s economy. Unfortunately, the country regularly experiences drought making progress a challenge.

#8. Burundi

several Burundi children on a field outdoors

This community has experienced the brunt of the infamous Hutu-Tutsi ethnic conflict. The conflict has created chaos and destruction throughout the country, and the European Union has cut funding to this impoverished country because of political corruption.

Also, the crisis has driven a recession and a ban on trade with neighboring countries. This experience has contributed to inflation making it difficult for the locals to find ways to put food on the table. All of these factors have landed Burundi in the mix as one of the poorest country examples in the world.

#9. Haiti

a crowded Haiti street

This country is still recovering from the devastating effects of recent earthquake damage. While the country enjoys the advantages of a free market economy and a good relationship with the United States, there are many factors contributing to the lack of economic growth.

Over 80 percent of the country lives below the poverty line, and seven out of ten people report living on under two dollars per day. Government corruption and lack of educational resources have really hindered the country’s ability to recover.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many areas of the world that lack the resources and economic conditions to truly thrive and prosper. Each of these countries has been labeled as the poorest country in the world at one point or another. Moreover, all of them still land on the list due to their low gross domestic product rating and high poverty levels. It’s important to acknowledge this disparity and understand the struggles that exist all over the globe.

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Top 6 Websites Like DivxCrawler to Download Movies For Free

Top 6 Websites Like DivxCrawler to Download Movies For Free

If it is a weekend we always prefer to watch our favorite movie whether it is newly released or old one. We can see the new movies in theatre but the old one has to be downloaded. When you enter into movie sites, some will automatically download unnecessary software if you click on download option. Otherwise it will ask permission to install some other media players. Even if you do so, it will not enable you to get any movie until you close that site.


You will not face such irritations anymore because there are some sites that really allow you to download movies for free on a single click without any issue, sites like DivxCrawler for example. Here we have listed top 6 websites to download movies for free in the following section to help you watch and download your favorite movies.

List of top 6 websites to download movies for free

1 # Divx Crawler


Divx Crawler


This is one of the best websites to download movies for free without redirecting you to any other site. It is the best source to get movies, videos, software and more. When you enter into the site you can see the list of movie collection along with description about each movie. In the right corner of list you can find the download option to download that particular movie for free.


It will let you to compress the file size to store it on your hard drive and also to easily share. This site will update the movie list so that you can find most of the new movies also which can be downloaded quickly with high quality. You can get all type of movies like classic, comedy, horror, black and white movies, etc. This is one of the best sites to download free movies.

Similar sites like DivxCrawler or sports streaming sites:

2 # Free movie downloads6

Free movie downloads6  


When you enter in to this free movie downloading site you can see search option on the right corner. Just type the movie name or category in that search option to get your desired movie. Below that you can see the menu with list of category like animation, action, comedy, crime, drama and more. Get in to the category and select the movie that you want from list. This free movie downloading site will not ask you for any log in or will not ask permission to install any software. You can trust this site to download unlimited number of movies for free without facing any issues.


3 # Download free full movie


Download free full movie


Download free full movie is one of the best websites to download free movies which also let you to watch it online. This provides review of all movies that will help you to know some information about that movie and to decide whether you have to watch it or leave. You will be attracted by the black background of this site and also by the plenty of movies available.


You can search the movie by its name, actor, director, and category or by the recent post. The main drawback you can face in this site is you need to install flash player. Otherwise you will not face any issues or trouble while downloading your favorite movie.

4 # Gingle



Gingle is one of the best sites to download free movies which offer maximum number of films that includes new and old ones. This portal will not ask you to register or fill any kind of form to download. Just you need to click the button and it will start within five seconds without any issues. Like other sites you can get various categories and search option.


You can download full length latest movies, popular songs, listen to radio stations in online, wallpapers, play and get the famous games. You can also search directly through the picture name, actors and director, etc. In the home page you can find separate list of each category which is updated often to easily find your desired one whether it is film or music or game.

5 # 300MB movies 4U

movie downloading5


It is another awesome free movie downloading site that allows you to download movies directly. You can see the latest updated list in the home page of site where you can get a huge range of block buster movies. From that you can choose any one by clicking on film’s name and it will first give basic information about the characters, director and year of release, etc before download option which will give help you to know about it.


It specially offers you a category which most of the other sites does not that is you can get IMDB top 25 movie option. In which you can see a list of films that is highly rated and reviewed by users in IMDB. You can also watch and download TV series, HD videos, and classic movies even it let you to play popular games.

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6 # Direct movie dl

Direct movie dl


In this website you can find huge database of movies for free which can be downloaded with the single click. You need not to pay or download any unnecessary software to watch the movie. You can find the list of categories like free movies, member area, movies coming soon and more so that you can find your desired picture easily without involving much time in searching. There are certain movies which is offered only for their members thus to enjoy those films you have to be a member of this website. You can also use the search option to get the film you are looking for.


We hope you find this article useful to directly download your favorite movies for free without facing any issues. If you know any other websites to download free movie sites then please share it with us in the comments section below which will be helpful for other users.

The Best Pink Laptops to Buy in 2018

The Best Pink Laptops to Buy in 2018

When you’re crazy about pink, there’s no reason why your laptop shouldn’t reflect your tastes. A pink laptop is unique, cute, and will never go out of style. However, while shopping for a laptop, it’s important not to compromise looks for quality and performance. To help you with your search, this article lists the best pink laptops to buy, from the least expensive to the most.


Top 5 Best Pink Laptops of 2018

1. Epik 11.6” Convertible Laptop

Epik 11.6” Convertible Laptop


If you’re looking for a pink laptop with a low price-point, check out the Epik Convertible Touchscreen from Walmart. This little, pink laptop is compact and light, making it an ideal choice for commuters and college students. As the name suggests, the Epik can fold in several ways, making its functions highly flexible.


Listed at $185, this laptop is the most basic choice. The Epik laptop comes equipped with a 1.44GHz Intel processor and 2GB RAM. The hard drive is compact, with a maximum of 32 GB.


The Epik Convertible Laptop comes with a standard 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Also, you can purchase Walmart’s exclusive Care Plan for 2 or 3 years, for $45 or $59, respectively. The Care Plan covers repairs that the manufacturer’s warranty does not, such as damage from cracks and spills.

2. Acer Aspire Switch 10E

a small pink acer aspire switch laptop


Acer is a well-established brand with a long line of products. The Aspire Switch 10E is compact and edgy, with a hot pink shell that is sure to draw attention. The Aspire Switch makes use of the Snap Hinge 2, a revamped magnetic snap hinge that allows you to use this device as a standalone tablet or a traditional laptop.


Like the Epik, this pink laptop is best used for more basic processes, such as Microsoft Office, Internet browsing, or light entertainment. The processor is a dual core, with 1.33 GHz and 2GB ram. The onboard memory is large, maxing out at 500GB. With only a 10” screen, this laptop is light and easily portable. The Aspire is currently listed at $250.

3. Samsung Notebook 9

an open samsung pink notebook


If you’re looking for a pink laptop with a little more power, check out the Samsung Notebook 9. Highly rated and very pink, the Notebook 9 offers power, style, and longevity. Although the 13” screen is much larger than the Epik and the Acer Aspire, the Notebook 9 can hold its battery life for up to 10 hours.


The dual core processor maxes out at 2.10 GHz and is complemented with a 4GB memory card. Combined with a high-definition screen, and an Intel HD graphics card, this laptop is much better for advanced entertainment and multiple program use.


The laptop is sold for just under $1000 at It comes with a standard one-year manufacturer’s warranty. However, you can purchase the extended protection for $60. In addition, you can purchase the Accidental Damage Plan for 1, 2, or 3 years for $60, $125, or $250, respectively. This covers your laptop against spills and cracks.

4. Apple MacBook Rose-Gold

a pink apple macbook


The Apple MacBook is prestigious for many reasons, including superior performance, design, and brand-name reassurance. If you’re looking for a pink laptop that can work hard and look great doing it, try out the MacBook in rose gold. There are two MacBooks available.


One model has a 256GB hard drive with an m3 processor that runs at 1.1 GHz; the other has a 512GB hard drive with an m5 processor that runs at 1.2 GHz. Both models are great for work and play. Still, if you’re planning on running more programs and would like to save more files on the hard drive, rather than iCloud, you should invest in the advanced model. Both models are equipped with 8GB of ram, a 12” touchscreen, and a feather-light body that weighs only 2 lbs.


The 256GB model is currently listed at $1199.99, while the 512GB model is listed at $1499.99. Each MacBook comes with Apple’s one-year manufacturer’s warranty and 90 days of tech support. For $250, you can also purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan, which continues your warranty for another two years.

5. Windows Surface Book

an open windows book pink laptop


Just because the Surface Book doesn’t ship from the manufacturer pink, doesn’t mean you won’t be able to customize it to your liking. There are several pink skins and hard shells available. This allows you to have an excellent laptop without committing to a specific color.


The Surface Book’s 13.5” screen is fully detachable, allowing you to use it as a tablet or traditional laptop. This laptop is also very powerful, equipped with an Intel Core i5 and 8GB of RAM.


You can purchase the Surface Book at many major electronic retailers, including Fry’s, the Microsoft Store, and Best Buy. However, if you choose to purchase it at Best Buy, you gain access to Geek Squad’s technical support. The basic Surface Book is currently listed at $1299.99.


If you do decide to go with the Surface Book, finding a pink skin or hard case is pretty easy. There are several websites that specialize in custom-made skins for the Surface Book, or you can purchase a standard pink skin. Hard cases provide more protection against damage but offer less variety of styles and colors.

Putting It All Together


Buying a pink laptop is a unique way to express yourself. Getting the color you want doesn’t necessarily mean you have to compromise performance; there are several options available that can cater to your needs. The Epik Convertible Laptop and Acer Aspire are compact devices best used for light personal and educational use.


The Samsung Notebook 9 is a step up, with a more powerful processor and a higher price tag. The Surface Book and MacBook are powerful laptops that, while more expensive, are stylish and trustworthy for complex functions. Have you purchased any of these models? Share your experiences below.

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