Strategies of Cryptocurrency Finance

Strategies of Cryptocurrency Finance

After the global financial crisis in 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto invented a virtual currency called Bitcoin to solve the world’s economic problems.

The hype of cryptocurrency reached its pinnacle when Bitcoin hit $19,000 at the end of 2017. That was when most people found out about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Since then, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies lost more than 80% percent of their value. Many pundits claimed that cryptocurrencies were a Ponzi scheme and a bubble that would burst.

So far, the bubble hasn’t burst, and most cryptocurrencies have regained a large share of the market. 

As talks of worldwide adoption of cryptocurrencies brews, most people are curious about what they are--and about their benefits.

How To Make Money From Cryptocurrencies

Long-Term Investing

Although cryptocurrencies are meant to be used as a virtual currency in exchange for goods and services, investors can buy cryptocurrencies and keep it in their virtual wallets. 

Exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, and Uphold permit individuals or companies to purchase cryptocurrencies by depositing flat currency into their virtual wallet and exchanging it for cryptocurrency. 

After the purchase, the investor can keep the coins in their virtual wallet or take it off the exchange by transferring the cryptocurrency to a hardware wallet such as the Ledger Nano S.

Investors in cryptocurrencies should not be surprised to see high volatility in the price since the cryptocurrency market is unregulated and manipulated by whales--investors who own the majority of the cryptocurrencies and have the ability to impact the market.

Most investors who purchase company shares on the stock market, usually, receive a 10-20% annual return in a booming market.

Investors who purchased Bitcoin in January 2017 would have paid around $1,000 for one coin and could have sold it for $19,000 by the end of the year. That is a return of 1900% in twelve months. 


Much like the foreign exchange and stock markets, brokers allow individuals to trade cryptocurrencies. A trader would register with a brokerage and deposit money into their account to buy or sell a cryptocurrency against fiat currency.

Traders in forex and stock markets use technical and fundamental analysis to determine the direction of the price. Fundamental changes in an economy have a great impact on currencies and are monitored. The problem with cryptocurrency trading is that technical analysis does not hold much weight due to market manipulation.

Retail investors, otherwise known as individuals who trade, are incapable of manipulating the market due to the foreign exchange market comprising of $5 trillion daily transactions. 

Bottom line:

Cryptocurrency traders struggle to use fundamentals to analyze the market.

Whales, individuals who own the majority of the coins, can increase or decrease the price of the coins by market strategies such as pump and dump. 

Although traders use chart patterns such as the double bottoms and triangle breakouts as they would in forex and stock markets, whales can manipulate the market any time, thereby undermining the credibility of chart patterns.


If one does not want to risk their money in investing or trading cryptocurrency, another option to earn it is by mining.

Here’s the truth…

This doesn’t involve putting on a hard hat and grabbing a pickaxe. 

Cryptocurrencies operate on blockchain, a system that records transactions across several computers linked in a peer-to-peer network.

When a person makes a purchase or sells with Bitcoin, that transaction is recorded on the blockchain. With fiat currency, banks record transactions made in-store or online. In the cryptocurrency sphere, miners are responsible for keeping transactions on the blockchain. (1)

Miners earn Bitcoins by verifying transactions. That sounds easier than in practice. Miners have to verify 1 megabyte worth of transactions and must solve a complex computational math problem known as proof of work. 

The miner’s job is to come up with a 64-digit hexadecimal number called a hash, which is less than or equal to the target hash. The chances of a computer producing a hash below the target are 1 in 6 trillion. The more miners compete for a solution, the more complex the problem becomes. If that wasn’t difficult enough, miners also have to be the first to produce the hash to earn Bitcoin.

Bitcoin mining also requires the miner to invest in mining hardware Application Specified Integrated Circuits (ASIC). (2) 

The damage: 

The cost of a good ASIC is around $3,000. 

Miners will also have to install software to perform the transactions. Software such as CGMiner, MultiMiner and BFGMiner are available as a free download.

Don’t be surprised if your electricity bill skyrockets since Bitcoin mining consumes a tremendous amount of electricity.


Investing in cryptocurrency does not mean that the investor has to rely on the price to increase in order to earn profits.

Investors who want to make money from cryptocurrency can send their coins to exchanges to earn interest.

A popular cryptocurrency exchange Uphold offers investors 5% interest for their cryptocurrencies if they keep them on the exchange. Uphold also allows investors to earn up to 10% interest when they loan certain digital assets to CRED.

That requires investors to hand over a certain amount of cryptocurrencies for a fixed period. After the agreed period lapses, the lender will earn interest and receive their initial investment.

Different Cryptocurrencies

Coinmarketcap, a platform that tracks capitalization of cryptocurrencies, has more than 2,000 listed digital assets.

Considering there are so many coins on the market, how does a novice know which one to invest in? A Bitcoin billionaire said that one should start from the top and work their way down.

The top three coins on the cryptocurrency market are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

While most pundits in the crypto community view Bitcoin as a store of value such as gold, many want Ripple to be adopted as an official coin that banks will use for cross-border transactions.

How To Use Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency market is in its fledgling stages, meaning that most people don’t use it for its intended purpose: 

To conduct cross-border transactions.

Most people in the crypto community have purchased digital assets to make profits of it as an investment tool. They buy low and wait for the price to surge so that they can sell.

Why not use cryptocurrencies to purchase goods and services? 

Well, you can. And you should. 

The most notable purchases using Bitcoins include supercars such as Lamborghinis and mansions in California. 

How is cryptocurrency different from fiat currency? 

Imagine a world where you can send a letter, and it arrives across the world in seconds. That’s called e-mail.

If we can send letters across the globe in seconds, why can’t we do that with money? The standard process of sending money across borders requires a person to use institutions such as SWIFT or Western Union. 

That includes filling out forms, paying high fees and waiting hours, even days, for the transaction to reflect. 

Cryptocurrencies have solved all those problems. 

To send money across the world, one can circumvent third parties such as Western Union and conduct the transaction from the comfort of their homes. Not only will they not have to fill out forms, but they will pay a fraction of the fees and will conclude the transaction in seconds. 


Register an account with an exchange. 

Then fund your account with the fiat currency of your choice. Exchange your fiat currency with a cryptocurrency by buying it on the exchange. Once you’ve converted fiat into cryptocurrency, send it to a wallet anywhere in the world. The beneficiary will receive the cryptocurrency in a few seconds or hours, depending on the coin, and can convert it into local fiat currency by selling the cryptocurrency on their exchange.

No more waiting in lines or filling out forms, not to mention presenting documentation to confirm your identity and waiting days for the money to reflect in the beneficiary’s account.

If cryptocurrencies are so wonderful, why isn’t there worldwide adoption? 

The biggest problem in the cryptocurrency market is regulation. Investors don’t want to invest in an unregulated asset class.

Although the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ plan to add a Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), they are waiting for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to regulate the cryptocurrency market.

Billionaires such as Mike Novogratz and Tim Draper have invested in Bitcoin. Wall Street is waiting for regulations before it dips its fingers in the cryptocurrency pie.

The cryptocurrency market capitalization peaked at the end of 2017 when it reached almost $900 billion before plummeting to around $200 billion. Cryptocurrency pundits expect the market to receive a multi-trillion dollar injection once Wallstreet gets onboard.  

Will that happen? 

Nobody can predict the future. That hasn’t prevented the mainstream media from proclaiming cryptocurrencies dead every time the market crashes. According to the mainstream media, Bitcoin has died more than 350 times.

Regardless of how much value cryptocurrencies lose, the main ones have never dropped to 0. Ponzi schemes and bubbles such as Enron and Bernie Madoff lost all of their value once exposed. 

At the time of writing, the price of one Bitcoin is $10,600. How many public companies can say that the price of their company share is anywhere near that?  

Facebook’s share price is $204, while Google’s price is $1,145. Those are some of the biggest companies in the world, with worldwide adoption. 

A survey revealed that only 8% percent of American have invested in cryptocurrency. (3)

With Bitcoin reaching a high of $19,000 with only 8% of Americans invested in the digital asset market, what price will it reach when there’s worldwide adoption?

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A Review of the Tria 4x: Is This Worth Buying?

A Review of the Tria 4x: Is This Worth Buying?

Have you ever considered laser hair removal? On some level, we probably all have. But going to the spa and letting someone else do it for you can be super expensive and time-consuming. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just remove unwanted hair in the comfort of your own home and do it anytime you feel like doing it? You can, with an at-home hair removal laser. We looked at many of these hair removal lasers on the market before we finally decided to feature the Tria 4x in our review.

The Tria 4x is an FDA approved at-home hair removal laser for both men and women, and it is made to remove hair permanently from the face and body. We will also review 3 other hair removal lasers that we chose during our research and see how they compare to the Tria 4x. We will give our final verdict at the end of this article, and we will also try to answer the question," Is the Tria 4x worth buying?"

What Is the Tria 4x?

Tria 4x is a hair removal laser device for both men and women. It is FDA approved and proven safe to use on both the face and body. It permanently removes hair by disabling the hair follicles. Once disabled, the hair will fall out and the skin will become smooth. The Tria is not an IPL device so the light emissions are not as intense as those from an IPL device. This is much easier on the eyes. The Tria 4X has an internal battery instead of using a power cord and delivers over 3 times more energy than some other devices.

Product Specs

The Tria 4x offers controlled precision which targets each follicle on a much deeper level. The Tria is safe to use around the eyes unlike some IPL devices. The light bursts are less intense than an IPL, which allows for hair removal even close to the eyes. Most IPL devices have a cord, but the Tria has an internal battery which increases your range and allows you to be more comfortable during the process. The Tria offers 3 times more energy than IPL or other at home devices to ensure each follicle has maximum exposure. Shave, clean, and dry area you wish to treat before using the Tria.


Pricing for the Tria 4x and the other at-home laser hair removal devices in this article range from around $$ to around $$$. They can be purchased from

How Others Compare

touching the legs

Image via Unsplash

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare to the Tria 4x. We compared them based on differences, similarities, pros and cons, and what customers had to say about them.

  • Remington iLight Ultra
  • LumaRx Full Body IPL Device
  • Braun Gillette Venus Silk-Expert IPL 5001

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4x

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X for Women and Men, Fuchsia
  • Delivers permanent results for your whole body at a fraction of the cost for professional treatments
  • FDA-Cleared
  • Dermatologist-Recommended Technology

Price $$$


The Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4x, as with most devices, has a small target area. It takes time to get the results you want to see and you also have to follow the instructions for best results. It is easy to use the Tria, as it has an easy to read LED screen that guides you through each treatment. We gave it a 5 for overall ease of use.


The Tria is FDA approved, and it is safe to use even around the eyes. We gave it a 5-star rating for safety.


The Tria is designed to allow for easy targeting of hair follicles, hence its unique shape. It is easy to grip and hold, and it has no cord which allows you to move freely around your house while using it. It has an easy-to-read LED display that guides you through the treatment. We decide on 4.5 stars though because it does not work for every type of hair.


Rigorously tested, the Tria is covered under a 1-year warranty for material and workmanship. 5 stars.


  • FDA Approved
  • Rigorously tested for quality issues
  • 3 Times more hair eliminating energy
  • Same Diode Laser Technology as dermatologists


  • Small treatment head
  • Limited battery capacity

Remington iLight Ultra

The Remington iLight Ultra offers Professional Intense Pulsed Light Technology for longer lasting permanent results. It is FDA cleared and clinically proven for use on face and body. It gives 94% hair reduction in just 3 treatments; no more black dots or prickly spots with the iLight. It includes 2 treatment caps and hair will fall out within 7 to 10 days, leaving a smoother area of skin. Fast, gentle, and easy to use.

Remington IPL6500QFB iLight Ultra Face & Body At-Home IPL Hair Removal...
  • Longer lasting permanent results
  • Up to 94 percent hair reduction in just 3 treatments. Intended for use only on light to medium skin tones
  • The most effective at home hair removal device with nearly 2X better results in fewer treatments

Price $$


The iLight ultra takes time to see results. While it is simple to use, targeting areas of unwanted hair, it does not work as well on darker skin. The cap covers a larger target area, which takes less time to cover all areas. Overall, we gave it a 4.5 for ease of use.


The iLight is FDA cleared and clinically proven safe for body and face. Not for use around the eyes. 5 stars for safety.


The iLight has a comfortable hold design, a good size cap for targeting areas of unwanted hair, and it sits securely in its base when not in use. We gave it a 4.5 for overall design quality, partly because it is corded and there are several limitations as to who can use it.


We gave the 2-year warranty from Remington 5 stars.


  • Skin tone tester included
  • Best for dark hair colors
  • Fast, comfortable, and effective
  • 24 Joules per flash


  • Does not work on white or grey hair
  • Less effective on light blond or red hair

LumaRx Full Body IPL Device

The LumaRx delivers light energy spread across a long pulse length; this reaches hair deep at the roots. The LumaRx is for those who want professional-grade IPL hair treatments at home. The LumaRx works best on dark hair and light skin tones because the light energy targets dark coloring in hair Based on clinical testing, the LumaRx offers a 94% reduction in unwanted hair after just three treatments. A year after the clinical test, participants reported 66% fewer hairs after just three treatments. It is good for large or small areas of the body, is FDA cleared, and comes with a Comfort Filter to block harmful UV rays. Good for bikini area, underarms, arms, legs, chest, and face area, except around the eyes.

No products found.

Price $$$


LumaRx covers a larger area due to its long pulse length, but it does not work well with dark skin types. If someone has light hair color, they may find it difficult to see results. Overall, we gave the LumaRx 4.5 stars for ease of use.


LumaRx is FDA cleared and they also have a ComfortFilter that blocks harmful UV and Infrared energy. We gave them a 5 for safety.


The design quality of the LumaRx is overall very good. The head covers a larger area, especially when you consider the pulse length of the light, and it fits comfortably in the hand. However, we took away a half star because there are limitations to who can use this product.


The LumaRx only offers a 90-day guarantee for their product. 4 out of 5 stars.


  • Comfort Filter Technology
  • FDA Cleared
  • Long pulse length
  • 65,000 flashes per cartridge


  • Less effective with darker skin
  • Doesn't work well for white or gray hair

Braun Gillette Venus Silk-Expert IPL 5001

The Venus Silk by Braun Gillette is inspired by professional salons. The Senso Adapt Skin Tone Sensor always assures the right light intensity for the safest treatment. Each area can be treated in 8 minutes without compromising how effectively it works. 94% of women noticeable results after 3 treatments, and 89% had noticeably visible results after 12 treatments. It is safe for use on body and face and works by targeting the melanin in your hair follicle. The Venus silk works best for light to medium skin and is less effective for very light hair. It works best for large areas of the body like arms and legs.

Braun Gillette Venus Silk-Expert IPL 5001 Intense Pulsed Light,...
  • Inspired by professional salons, Venus Silk-expert Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is clinically tested for permanent hair...
  • The safest IPL technology: the unique Senso Adapt skin tone sensor always ensures the right light intensity, for the...
  • The fastest IPL technology allowing you to treat a leg or arm in just 8 minutes, without compromising on effectiveness

Price $$


The Braun Gillette Venus is easy to use and the Senso Adapt works continuously, always giving the right amount of light intensity as you move across your skin. We gave this one a 5 because each area only takes 8 minutes to see optimum results. As with any permanent hair removal tool, there are no immediate results. Results happen over time.


The Braun boasts the safest IPL technology, in part because of its Senso Adapt Technology. It is also clinically tested and safe for use without glasses. We gave it a 5 for safety.


The Venus is a bit larger than some other devices we looked at, but the fact it only takes 8 minutes per area was a great feature. We also liked the fact that the sensor reads your skin 80x per second to make sure different tones of your skin do not receive too much or too little light. We gave it a 4.5 for overall design quality partly because it cannot be used by everyone.


The Venus has a 1-year limited warranty. 5 stars.


  • 8 minutes per area
  • Senso Adapt Technology
  • Permanent results in as little as 4 treatments
  • 300,000 flashes


  • Less effective with darker skin
  • Doesn't work well for white or gray hair


putting wax on the legs

Image via Pexels

As promised, we have presented four of the best hair remover laser devices on the market. Our featured product, the Tria 4x, we chose because of its cordless design and the fact that it uses the same Diode Laser Technology used by dermatologists. While the other 3 products in our review are corded and can be used continuously without charging, we still preferred the battery-operated power of the 4x because it gave us freedom of movement.

Now, we will try to answer our question, "Is it worth buying?" This is not a simple yes or no answer. The truth is if you have a darker skin tone, or you have red, light blond, or gray hair on your face and body, none of the devices featured here will give you the same results as a light skin tone and dark hair. (At least not as quickly). These devices are best used for light to medium skin and dark brown or black hair. If this describes you, then they are a great way to rid yourself of unwanted hair permanently and not pay salon pricing to do it. It is possible that only you can answer that question for yourself.

Don't get too discouraged though if you fall somewhere outside the recommended categories for best results. Chances are, if you have visited a spa and had this type of hair removal done and it worked for you, these devices could work for you as well. Just check the return policies and read customer reviews, perhaps even contact the manufacturer and see what they suggest.

Overall for our final verdict, we gave the Tria 4x a 4.5 out of 5 stars. We love the design, the cordless freedom, and the results. This one is definitely worth your time and effort to get the permanent results you want, at a price you can afford.

Featured Image via Pexels

The Best Push-Up Bra Options Available On The Market Today

The Best Push-Up Bra Options Available On The Market Today

If you've ever been on the hunt for the best push-up bra, you know what a pain in the bosom it can be. No two bras fit alike, let alone designers, and you're often left feeling confused, frustrated, and down (pun intended). Ladies, we hear you.


Luckily, we've done the hard part, so you can shop confident that your top half looks top notch in that new low-cut dress.

Comparison Table

Product FAQ

1. What Is The Difference Between A Push-Up Bra And Regular Bra?

2. Who Can Wear Push-Up Bras?

3. When Should I Wear A Push-Up Bra?

4. Do You Wear The Same Size In Push-Up Bras As You Do In Regular Bras?

5. Can They Be Strapless?

6. Do Push-Up Bras Provide Extra Support?

How We Reviewed

Good news! We did all the heavy lifting to find the best push-up bras of all varieties; so you don't have to. Because, honestly, who has time to spend hours in dressing rooms anymore? Plus, as good as it may look when you try it on, there's no way to tell durability or how comfortable the bra will be if you're wearing it all day. No one likes the push-up bra pinch.


Think of this list as the bras we would recommend our best friends to buy.

Overall Price Range

On average, a push-up bra will run you between $35-$40, but the gap is pretty large. You could purchase a lower-end push-up bra for as little as $10 or splurge on a higher-end option for as much as $90. Because they're only worn on occasion, investing in a push-up bra means years of cleavage and comfort you can count on. Generic alternatives can often be ill-fitting and create some awkward effects like the dreaded double bubble.

What We Reviewed

  • Calvin Klein Women's Icon Push-Up Convertible Bra
  • OnGossamer Women's Gossamer Mesh 'Bump IT UP' Bra
  • Maidenform Women's Love the Lift Push-Up Bra
  • Parfait Matilda Women's Push-Up Bra
  • Lily of France Women's Gel Push-Up Bra
  • B.Splendid Push-Up Bra by b.tempt'd/Wacoal
  • WingsLove Women's Push-Up Padding Bra
  • Victoria's Secret Bombshell Add 2-Cups Push-Up Bra
  • Jezebel Embrace Plunge Push-Up Bra
  • Curvy Couture Women's Plus-Size Tulip Lace Bra
  • Dobreva Women's Floral Lace Push-Up Bra
  • Wonderbra Women's Refined Glamour Bra

Calvin Klein Women's Icon Push-Up Convertible Bra

Calvin Klein Women's Icon Push Up Convertible Bra, Black, 34C
  • Smooth underwire push-up bra with scalloped-edge band
  • Adjustable/convertible straps
  • Padded cups


Calvin Klein has become a household name for quality lingerie, so it comes as no surprise he knows a thing or two about push-up bras. Even better, this one comes with the option to wear it strapless. The reason we think it's one of the best push-up bras is that it's so darn comfy. Plus, it comes in up to ten different colors.


The push-up is tasteful and yet noticeable with ladies typically gaining up to a full cup size. Also, the sizing ranges from 34A to 38D, so there's a little something for everyone. What we love most about this push-up bra is that it's a solid choice for someone looking for flexibility and comfort.

Price $$

  • Padded or Not Padded?
  • Strapless or Strapped?
  • Wire or Wire-Free?

This bra can either be strapless or with straps.

Comfort Level (* for lowest and **** for highest)  ****

OnGossamer Women's Gossamer Mesh 'Bump IT UP' Bra

OnGossamer Women's Gossamer MESH Bump IT UP Bra Bra, Radiant Orchid,...
  • Seamless, ultra fine mesh over graduated push-up pads
  • Adjustable straps
  • Virtually invisible under clothing with seamless cups


As a low-cost option, the OnGossamer brand surprises in its comfort and durability. This nifty push-up bra is a great option if you're not looking for anything too fancy. The brand prides itself on comfort, and it's definitely the bras best feature. It will bump you up at least a cup size with the option to twist the center knot for extra lift. The straps are adjustable, and it comes in a number of different color choices.


Where it may not be the best push-up bra on the market, it's definitely a solid choice if you're not looking to splurge.

Price $

  • Padded or Not Padded?
  • Strapless or Strapped?
  • Wire or Wire-Free?

This bra has non-removable straps.

Comfort Level (* for lowest and **** for highest)  ****

Maidenform Women's Love The Lift Push-Up Bra

Maidenform Women's Love the Lift Push up, Honeymoon Pink/Pink Papaya...
  • Targeted side shape and support
  • Smoothing side wings
  • Fully adjustable straps with j-hook


If you're looking for a natural looking lift, this push-up bra is one of the best choices. On top of that, it offers great side shape and support, so you don't go spilling out everywhere. The way this bra is designed, its deep neckline makes it perfect for low-cut or plunging tops and promotes some super sexy cleavage.


Plus, the fact that it comes in a number of colors and styles doesn't hurt. Whether you want to dress up or down, there's something for everyone.

Price $

  • Padded or Not Padded?
  • Strapless or Strapped?
  • Wire or Wire-Free?

This bra has underwire.

Comfort Level (* for lowest and **** for highest)  ****

Parfait Matilda Women's Push-Up Bra


When we sought out the best push-up bra, we knew the Matilda by Parfait would be a contender. From the beautiful and elegant look to the fact it really enhances assets, it's hard to not love everything about it. One of our favorites features of this bra is the fact it comes in a huge variety of sizes, offering everything from 30A to 38DDD.


All of this, plus the fact that it's super comfortable and durable, made it an easy pick as one of the best push-up bras we researched.

Price $

  • Padded or Not Padded?
  • Strapless or Strapped?
  • Wire or Wire-Free?

This bra has underwire.

Comfort Level (* for lowest and **** for highest)  ****

Lily of France Women's Gel Push-Up Bra

Lily of France Women's Gel Touch Strapless Push Up Bra 2111121, Barely...
  • Gel Touch push up pad feels natural and soft against the skin. Liquid-filled pads for dramatic enhancement
  • Contour, underwire cups feature graduated padding to enhance cleavage.
  • Smooth under clothes.


The gel push-up bra offers a unique design that gives you the cleavage you want with a natural and soft. Even better, this version has liquid filling for a more dramatic effect. Another perk of this Lily of France bra is that it's strapless with the option to use clear straps if needed.


It also offers silicone lining that can help it stay put, although some have found this feature to be irritating to the skin.

Price $

  • Padded or Not Padded?
  • Strapless or Strapped?
  • Wire or Wire-Free?

This bra has underwire.

Comfort Level (* for lowest and **** for highest)  ****

B.Splendid Push-Up Bra by b.tempt'd/Wacoal

b.tempt'd by Wacoal Women's B. Splendid Push Up Non Wire Bra Bra,...
  • Light wire free push up pad gives cleavage without the wire
  • Fully adjustable solid colored straps
  • Plunged neckline


If you're not a fan of wire, then the B.Splendid bra could be just what you're looking for. This push-up has the feel of a sports bra while still offering great support. It's especially a great option for ladies who want the effects of the push-up while still being able to handle their girls.


The B.Splendid is a casual choice, so don't expect any lacy trim. But, we were really impressed with how well it fit and the variety of sizes and body types.

Price $

  • Padded or Not Padded?
  • Strapless or Strapped?
  • Wire or Wire-Free?

This bra is wire-free.

Comfort Level (* for lowest and **** for highest)  ****

WingsLove Women's Push-Up Padding Bra


With lace side wings and a rhinestone centerpiece, this bra surely shines in the looks department. As far as push-ups go, it gets the job done. The padding cups will help lift and enhance your cleavage, but don't expect something extraordinary. Another downside is the bra has a tendency to ride up, but the cups do hold their form. If you're looking for something that looks impressive to wear on a special occasion, this is a great option. However, it's not going to be your best push-up bra for everyday use.

Price $

  • Padded or Not Padded?
  • Strapless or Strapped?
  • Wire or Wire-Free?

This bra has underwire.

Comfort Level (* for lowest and **** for highest)  ****

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Add 2-Cups Push-Up Bra


As the name suggests, this push-up bra will add 2-cup sizes to your bust. Hello, Dolly! This can be great for some, not so great for others. If you're looking to have bigger and better cleavage, this bra is more than worth the investment and delivers on its “bombshell” reputation. Some may find the extra padding in this bra to be too dramatic for their taste. It's also more of a special occasion bra than an everyday one. Regardless, Victoria's Secret is a trusted name in lingerie, and you can count on this bra to last.

Price $

  • Padded or Not Padded?
  • Strapless or Strapped?
  • Wire or Wire-Free?

This bra has underwire.

Comfort Level (* for lowest and **** for highest)  ****

Jezebel Embrace Plunge Push-Up Bra

Jezebel by Felina Embrace Deep Plunge Strapless Push Up Bra (Black,...
  • MAXIMUM CLEAVAGE: A demi cup is designed to cover only about half the breast, it is cut low across the whole cup....
  • EVERYDAY WEAR: Whether going out or staying in, this push up bra is designed to be invisible under tight-fitted...
  • STRAPS TO FIT YOUR NEEDS: Our revolutionary J-hook hardware converts traditional straps to criss-cross straps in...


One of our favorite features of this Jezebel bra is the fact you can convert the straps to a crisscross making it perfect for lots of tops. The demi cup allows for just enough coverage while still remaining sexy. What we love most is the soft fabric was designed to stay smooth and invisible under tops like t-shirts and tank tops. Make sure you reference the company's size chart before ordering, as sizing can be a little inconsistent.

Price $

  • Padded or Not Padded?
  • Strapless or Strapped?
  • Wire or Wire-Free?

Yes, it's padded.

Comfort Level (* for lowest and **** for highest)  ****

Curvy Couture Women's Plus-Size Tulip Lace Bra

Curvy Couture Tulip Lace Push-Up Bra, 44C, Pink Gardenia
  • Feminine balconette bra with graduated push-up pads
  • Built-in soft pads and underwire give you a natural lift
  • Tulip-shaped satin cups with sexy lace and side boning


If your girls are often a bit too much for most bras to handle, look no further. This push-up is not only practical but beautiful, with scalloped lace overlay on the top of the cup. It's padded but not too much to over-compensate for those who don't need to show off. It does, however, offer amazing support and comfort. Although it's on the higher end, its more than worth it.


This is hands-down the best push-up bra for large-chested ladies.

Price $

  • Padded or Not Padded?
  • Strapless or Strapped?
  • Wire or Wire-Free?

This bra has underwire.

Comfort Level (* for lowest and **** for highest)  ****

Dobreva Women's Floral Lace Push-Up Bra

DOBREVA Women's Push Up Bra Wireless Padded Bralette Lace Longline...
  • Ultra soft fabric feels like butter for all day comfort
  • Pushup padded provides great support and a good push-up effect,flattering both for large and small chests
  • Wirefree designed without the pain of a wire digging


We wanted to throw a longline style into the mix, and this Dobreva push-up bralette is a great option. What we love most about this bra is that it's wire free, meaning extra comfortable. The fit is also true to regular bras, and it works for just about every size and shape. The lace detail adds class, and the straps are convertible and can be worn regular or crisscrossed.


This push-up bra has something for everyone to love.

Price $

  • Padded or Not Padded?
  • Strapless or Strapped?
  • Wire or Wire-Free?

This bra is wire-free.

Comfort Level (* for lowest and **** for highest)  ****

Wonderbra Women's Refined Glamour Bra

Wonderbra Women's Refined Glamour Ultimate Strapless Bra Bra, Ivory,...
  • Lightly lined underwire bra with stunning plunge neckline
  • Built-in flexible support system inside the cups helps provide lift and shape
  • Unique silicone dot lining helps ensure bra stays in place


The original push-up. Oh, Wonderbra, we love you. This beautiful strapless is one of the prettiest push-ups you'll ever lay eyes on. Considering it's wire-free, it provides a surprising amount of support to larger breasted women. Plus, it's as comfortable as it is feminine, meaning you get to look amazing while getting the support you need.

Price $

  • Padded or Not Padded?
  • Strapless or Strapped?
  • Wire or Wire-Free?

This bra is wire-free.

Comfort Level (* for lowest and **** for highest)  ****

So, What's The Best Push-Up Bra?

Whether you aren't happy with your current push-up bra or you're searching for your first, there's a lot to consider. When choosing our favorites, these are the features that mattered most:

  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Versatility
  • Fit
Woman reading book on bed

Image source: Pexels

With all of these things in mind, we found that the Calvin Klein Women's Icon Push-Up Convertible Bra was the perfect option for most women. With tons of different sizes, colors, and the fact it can be worn both strapless and regularly, you get a lot of bang for your bust.

If you're looking for something a bit more elegant, our runner-up is the Parfait Matilda Women's Push-Up Bra. Its sleek style and great design mean it's perfect for every occasion.


Remember the days of rib-digging wiring, girdles, and pointy boobs (gasp)? Bras have come a long way in recent years. Although the amount of options is overwhelming, our list has hopefully helped you narrow down the search.

How To Play Bunco Like A Pro: The Official Rules

How To Play Bunco Like A Pro: The Official Rules

We want to teach you how to play Bunco, because…well…everyone should know how to play this simple, engaging game. When you're tired of strategy marathons, fed up with super-competitive trivia games, and you just want to play a cool game that allows you to enjoy your friends and family, Bunco is just the ticket. It's a fast-paced, easy-to-learn game for the whole family - or the whole team.

Here at, we want to provide you with the very best information to help you get the most out of life. We're sure that you'll enjoy teaching your friends and family how to play Bunco.

What Is Bunco?

Three red dices on black background

Image source: Pixabay

Bunco is a dice game that you can play with as few as two players, but typically includes 12 players divided into three “tables” or groups of four. Players can be any age, as long as they are old (or young) enough to recognize the number of pips on the faces of dice. In short, anyone can learn how to play Bunco. This makes the game a perfect choice for larger family gatherings where both the youngest and oldest family members can easily play along.

Even if you have never learned how to play Bunco, you may be familiar with its name. It had its beginnings in 19th century England where it had a shady reputation as a con game. By the mid-19th century, it was being played as a gambling game in San Francisco, in gambling rooms that were known as “Bunco parlors.”

By the turn of the 20th century, Bunco had evolved into a more respectable parlor game, though it was still also popular as a gambling game in the speakeasies during Prohibition in the 1920s. You may have heard of the raids on speakeasies by police, known as “Bunco squads.”

More recently, Bunco has resurfaced as a popular family game and as an entertaining game to spark interest in fundraisers for various charities. You can purchase a boxed set of dice and scorecards, or you can use your own dice and make your own scoring sheets.

The game is entirely a game of luck; that is, the players don't make any decisions in gameplay. They simply roll the dice and count up points. This makes it a fast-moving, entertaining game that anyone can play and which allows players to converse while they play. And it's easy to cheer or commiserate with other players' good or bad rolls, even if they are on the other team.

People still like to place wagers on the game if it's appropriate for the group that is playing. Sometimes a Bunco game is used as a feature for a fundraising event, where donors pay for a place in a game. Sometimes private parties require an ante to enter the game, and the funds are used to purchase prizes for the winners.

Game Setup

Three black dices

Image source: Pixabay

In a traditional 12-player game, the players are divided up into three groups of four, and each group is called a table. At each table, the players seated across from one another will form a team. Once you learn how to play Bunco, you can create your own variations of teams and tables that best suit your group.

One table should be designated as the Head Table. This is important because play at the Head Table determines when a new round of play begins. One feature that is traditional in Bunco is a bell that a player at the Head Table rings to signal that he or she has scored a “BUNCO.” While it is not strictly necessary to have a bell, it adds a dimension of fun to the play. Some players also like to use the bell at the head table to signal the beginning and the end of each new round of play.

Each table should have three dice and four individual scorecards so players can track their own wins, losses, and BUNCOs, and a tally scorecard to keep track of points scored for each team during play.

One player at each table should be designated as the scorekeeper. The scorekeeper is the one who begins play at that table in each round and who tallies the scores for the two teams at the table.

How to Play Bunco

Gameplay is simple. Each player has a turn to roll three dice. Each player keeps rolling the three dice over and over again as long as he or she keeps getting points. When a player can't add any more points to his or her score, play passes to the player on the left.

The game is played in rounds. A round begins when a player at the Head Table rings the bell and/or announces that the round is beginning. A round ends when a player at the Head Table rolls a BUNCO (three-of-a-kind that matches the round number), calls out BUNCO and rings the bell, or when one of the teams at the Head Table accumulates 21 points.

If a player at a table other than the Head Table is in the middle of a turn when the BUNCO is called, he or she can complete the turn before the round is over.


The game is played in a series of “rounds.” Usually, a full game consists of six rounds, but play can go on for much longer, repeating rounds one through six, for as long as the players want to keep playing.


The rounds are numbered: one through six. In each round, the object is to roll as many dice as possible that match the number of the round. For example, in Round one, the object is to roll as many “ones” on the dice as possible. In round two, the object is to roll as many “twos” on the dice as possible.


Each player rolls the three dice and if any of the dice match the round number, each one that does scores the player one point. If the player scores one or two points on a roll, he or she can pick up the three dice and roll againscoring one point for each dice that matches the round number.


The player's turn ends when he or she rolls the dice and none of them match the current Round number.


A player can score extra points for any three-of-a-kind roll that doesn't match the round number; for example, if a player rolls three “fours” in round two. This is called a mini-bunco and it ends the player's turn, but scores the player five points for the three-of-a-kind roll.


A BUNCO is a roll of three of a kind that matches the round number: three “ones” in round one for example. A BUNCO scores 21 points. Traditionally, the player who rolls a BUNCO must shout out the word “BUNCO” in order to be awarded the points. If the player who rolls a BUNCO is seated at the Head Table, he or she gets to ring the bell as they call out the BUNCO. When a player at the head table scores a BUNCO, this ends the round of play.

A player who rolls a BUNCO while not at the Head Table calls it out and receives the 21 points, then continues to roll the dice—and accumulate points until they get a roll that does not show any dice matching the round number.


Players will want to keep track of their own score, so each player should have a scorecard to record each round of play their team wins, each loss and each BUNCO he or she, individually, rolls over the course of the game.

But each player is also part of a team with the player seated across from them at the game table. And each team also needs to keep its combined score. A Table Scorekeeper should keep a running tally of all the points each team scores in each round. The team that scores the most points in each round is the winning team for that round and each team member can record their win on their individual scorecard.

Likewise, the losing team of each round, at each table, must record their loss on their individual scorecard.

If the two teams are tied at the end of the round, the table must do a "roll-off, where each player has one more chance to roll the dice and accumulate as many points as possible. The team who gets the most points in the roll-off wins the round.

At the end of the game, each player adds up his or her total number of wins, losses, and BUNCOs.

Moving Between Rounds

The most complicated part of learning how to play Bunco is understanding how the players are to move around between rounds of play. These movements are designed to make sure that everyone gets a fair chance of sitting at the Head Table and also to make sure players get to play on a team with as many other players as possible.

Three dice on top of a chess board

Image source: Pixabay

  • In each round, each table will have a winning team and a losing team
  • The winning team at the Head Table will stay at the Head Table for the next round of play 
  • But one of the players from the winning team should move to an adjacent seat so that each player can have a new teammate for the next round of play
  • The losing team from the Head Table moves to Table 2
  • The winning team from Table 2 moves to the Head Table, again sitting next to each other so that each player has a new teammate
  • The winning team from Table 3 moves to Table 2 and sits in seats next to each other so they can have new teammates for the upcoming round
  • The losing team from Table 2 moves to Table 3
  • The losing team at Table 3 stays there, but as at the Head Table, one of the players moves to a new seat so that new teams are formed


Learning how to play Bunco is easy for all ages. Bunco is a simple game of luck, and as such makes the perfect party game. It is easy enough to include all ages, and it is just competitive enough to be fun without causing any family fights. Check back with us here at for up-to-the-minute lifestyle information.