things to do on the internet

If you are looking for some interesting and fun things to do on the internet then you are at right place. Here we have listed 25 things that you can do with the internet when you are bored at home or at work or anywhere else.

List of 30 things to do on the internet when you are bored

1. The first thing everyone likes to do in internet is watching movies. There are many movie streaming and downloading sites available which enable you to enjoy unlimited movies for free.

2. TV shows

If you missed any of the episodes of your favorite TV series or animation series then you can watch it in online when you are free or bored.

3. Interact with friends

If you have account in any social networking sites like twitter, facebook and more then you will have lots of friends. You can open it and see what your friends have shared posted and uploaded or else you can share some valuable points with them. You can also have conversation with them or edit your profile, comment for status and more.

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4. Go for video chat

You can also have video chat with your desired one using Skype and other sites. You can make group chat with your friends in online rather than meeting and have fun with them.

5. You will not know how much time you are spending in sites like Instagram to upload your recent photos. Add various effects to the photos to make it look awesome and share it which helps you to pass time easily.

6. Watch some interesting or fun videos in YouTube which is a popular video site. You can find various fun videos of animals, babies, etc to enjoy your leisure time.

7. You can make use of the Google Images to browse pictures, wallpapers and more. You can download the images and edit as you wish with advanced editing tools.

8. Go for shopping adventure

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Many people are interested in doing online shopping as it saves time and offers variety of products like retail shop. You can purchase clothes, accessories, mobile, toys, healthcare products, etc through internet.

9. If you are a music lover then you can listen to your favorite music and also download them by paying nothing. You can find latest music, old one, albums and everything. You can also gather some information about the artist, song, musician, etc.

10. Go to your favorite search engine and know what your name means. To make it more fun you can also check what comes for your friend’s name.

11. If you are a school going or college student you can gather some knowledge from internet. There are many sites available like Quizfarm to take quiz test or personality test that helps you to gain useful information and improve your skill.

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12. You can watch your favorite sport lively in internet like football, tennis, etc. Stick with the sports site to get latest news and information about the sport you are interested in.

13. Play Games

You can play online games for free which can make your boredom more fun and interesting. Many sites offer multiplayer games that enable you to play it with your friends and compete with them.

14. Gather gift ideas

You can search in Google or any other search engines to get some gift ideas. You can plan gifts for upcoming birthdays, wedding day or special occasion.

15. Learn origami

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You can learn an art like origami for free through internet. You can get instructions on how to fold paper in this site to get the desired shapes of animals, flowers, etc. This can be the useful site that let you know some art in your leisure time.

16. Try out Riddle Challenges

Playing riddle challenges will help to know your mind capacity. You have to follow the tips and clues given under the picture to solve the puzzle. This will be interesting and you can have fun by playing this one.

17. If it is birthday or any special occasion you can send bouquet of flowers through e-mail. You can also check your inbox or chat with your friends.

18. Learn Unicode

Unicode table is an amazing thing to learn especially if you are women. It contains full of symbols which are denoted by codes and each code resembles a symbol that are used in emergency situation.

19. Check Take Me Back

Take Me Back is an interesting website that will tell you how were the world on that specific date and year. If you type a date along with month and year then it will give you details like historical events, movies released on that day, newspaper, magazines and books.

20. Visit sfglobe site

You can visit this sfglobe site which offers plenty of videos and amazing facts that make you enjoy your time in internet. You can register your name in this site to have fun with all the things they have in the site.

21. You will really love this one – Is it raining in because this site let you know whether it is raining in the city of your desired. Just type the name of the city you want to know and it will give all details related to weather of that place.

22. You can download your most needed software for free through online. Not only the software you can download anything have you wished to from internet.

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23. Say hello to earth using Google Earth site. You will love this site as it get you to all the places of the earth which you always wanted to visit. It also provides some tools that let you to make decision about your business location.

24. You can learn well about your role model by using search engines. You can get the whole history about them from their childhood to achievement in internet. This is one of the best things to do on the internet.

25. Visit

Upworthy is another interesting site that let you to spend your time worthy in knowing various things. You can know about economy, environment, famous personalities and more in this site.

26. You can spend your time useful by learning some coding or interactive lessons in computer languages like HTML, Python, etc.

27. Just checkout flickrvision which is an amazing site that will let you to merge the Flickr photos with the Google map to make an interesting slideshow of up to the minute photos from around the globe.

28. You can help someone with your experience by answering questions on forum.

29. Check out some videos on scientific experiments from internet which will be useful for you to help your kids in their experiment.

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30. Download some awesome pictures from the net and decorate your computer desktop with those pictures or you can learn some tips to do it on your own.

We hope you find this article useful to know about various things to do on the internet and please let us know your thoughts about the list in the comments section below.