A dog can be the best cohort for man because of their gracious nature and loyalty. If you always wanted to have a small fluffy companion who is smart and friendly then a teddy bear dog will be perfect for you. These types of dogs are hypo-allergenic which also have longer life expectancy of 12 to 16 years that is higher than other larger dogs. In this article we have listed 10 amazing dogs that look like bears in the following section which will be helpful for you to know some information about these dog breeds.

List of 10 amazing dogs that look like bears

dogs that look like bears1

dogs that look like bears1.1

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We will get confused whether these are dogs or polar bears because they just look like polar bears. These white fluffy dogs are friendly in nature and need more exercises to keep them healthy. Their behavior can be loyal like domesticated dogs if they are properly trained. They have to be groomed regularly to avoid tangles as it has thick hair and you can also clip their hair closer to the skin to avoid brushing.

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teddy bear dogs2

This dog just looks like teddy bear which can be also called as tea cup dogs. They are small and more intelligent when compared to other dog breeds. This toy dog always wants to be with their owner and special care is needed for them. You have to bare grooming expenses if you want to own them. To make it stay healthy without any issues you have to take them for regular walking and exercise.

dogs that look like bears3

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This is popularly known as toy panda dog breed as it resembles the panda in all aspects. The most amazing thing about these dogs is the affection and loyalty. They like to stay closer with their owner and behave friendly to other animals. If properly trained these dogs can be the best companion and guardian for your children. They are medium in size and have thick fluffy hair.

dogs that look like bears4

This dog resembles the bear and you will get confused when you see it for the first time. This is medium in size and has thick fur than other bear dogs so that you have to spend much money and time in grooming. They usually will not create any kind of allergies to kids and other animals. Even though it has thick hair it does not shred much like other pet animals.

teddy bear dogs5

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This brown teddy bear dog belongs to the low shredding dog breeds which have very closer fur so there is less chance for shredding. You have to spend time with this little one to make it happy. These types of dogs that look like bear have some common health issues thus you have to take care of it from those issues and these toy dogs are intelligent, friendly, affectionate and love to stay closer with kids.

dogs that look like bears6

The black dog shown in this picture is looking like a little black bear which is having the bear like eyes, muscular body, ears, etc. Its appearance is different from other dogs but have the same behavior like other pets. You have to give proper training to keep it friendly with your kids and neighbors as they do have less patience.

dogs that look like bears7

This small dog that looks like teddy bear is also known as toy dog as it is very small in size. These types of dogs need much affection and care when compared to other dogs. Even though it is small you have to spend much time in grooming and exercise to keep it healthy.

dogs that look like bears8

Both the big and little one in this picture is looking black bears. They normally belong to the larger dog breeds which has giant appearance. It will behave friendly with other pet animals and kids in your family but you have to give proper training to make it as a best companion for the children. They usually trained as hunting dogs in olden days so it will not be having much temper like pet dogs.

dogs that look like bears9

This breed of dogs usually will not grow bigger and it belongs to the category of toy dog. They really need much grooming and there is need for proper exercises to make it healthy. They also need regular bathing and brushing to avoid shredding or skin issues. They should not undergo much training because it may lead to heart problem.

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dogs that look like bears10

This tiny brown dog with blue eyes has the different appearance than the usual dogs but is more friendly and playful with their owner and whole family members. In fact they can be the best companion for your kids which usually needs the basic grooming like brushing, trim nails, cleaning ears, etc. They are well mannered if we properly train them and are little aggressive with the strangers as well as with other animals.

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