The common characteristics of cats are fur but there are some cat breeds without fur in the world. These types of cats are actually not completely hairless however they have very short fuzzy hair close to their skin and that make them a hairless appearance. These little creatures are friendly, cute and can be the ideal pet with proper training and care. A couple from Mexico brought two hairless cats in early 1900s from local pueblo Indians, among them male cat was died and female was brought to Europe which was the first recorded hairless cat breed. In this article we have discussed and listed some of the hairless cat breeds in the following section.

List of 6 amazing hairless cat breeds

6 # Peterbald

hairless cat breeds1

This Russian hairless cat breeds look graceful with muscular build and they comes in all marking colors. They have webbed feet, long whip tail, almond shaped eyes, long head, big set apart ears, oval paws and wedge shaped muzzle. These types of cats will be affectionate and likes to be peaceful. They always want to be with their owners and follow them where ever they go. It will not need much grooming and maintenance like other breeds but has to be kept clean to avoid health problems. They will be friendly with other pets and children if properly trained. They were first originated in the year 1994 as the result of experimental mating of Oriental Shorthair and Don Hairless. It was accepted in the American Cat Fanciers Association during 2008 for championship class competition. The common health issue faced by these types of cats is Ectodermal Dysplasia.

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5 # Donskoy

hairless cats2

This hairless cat breed was originated from Russia which was discovered by a cat breeder named Elena Kovaleva. It was recognized by the World Cat Federation in the year 1997 and will behave friendly with the kids. Their appearance will be muscular, large eyes, medium sized, long webbed toes and almond shaped eyes. This type of cat breed look different from others and have unique characteristics which attracts its owner. They require frequent grooming and they love to be clean. The important thing to be considered is you should not make it over-bathing as it results in oily skin. This will not create any kind of allergies to children and other pets so that can be a great choice for apartment lifestyle.

4 # Ukrainian Levkoy

hairless cat breeds3

These hairless cats have distinct appearance which usually is medium in size. They have soft and elastic skin which may be the reason for this wrinkled appearance. Commonly these types of cats have folding ears, longish muscular body, etc. They just look like tigers which make other animals and kids to get afraid of. They always enjoy being with family members and can behave socially with strangers also. These friendly cats are intelligent in nature which can be a great companion for kids. There is no much grooming needed for this cat but you have take special care to protect their skin against direct sun as it is dangerous for them and result in various health issues.

3 # Lyoki

hairless cats4

This strange breed of cats is the natural mutation of domestic shorthair which was developed Tennessee and Memphis. They are entirely hairless cats and are distinct from Sphynx. Their appearance will be solid black coat, lithe body, wedge shaped head, smooth skin and more. They are attached with the family and their owner thus it can be a great companion for your kids. They can survive in challenging environment and you will be admired by their behavior. They are highly affectionate and friendly with other animals and their owners. Even though it is hairless they used to shed more when they become older. They get wolfish appearance because of the grey coat and hairless face.

2 # Bambino cat

hairless breeds of cats5

The Bambino cats were registered as hairless breeds of cat in the year 2005 which looks like a kitten and this was the reason behind the name Bambino that means baby in Italian. They have short legs, upright ears and lengthy body. They need regular bathing and grooming to make it happy even though it does not have fur. You have to take care of them and protect their skin from strong sun rays as it leads to skin injury. They are friendly with the family members and have patience when compared to other ones in the list. These types of cats are commonly found in white and pink color.

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1 # Sphynx

hairless cat breeds6These hairless breeds of cats was developed in the year 1960 which are popularly known for its lack of coat or fur. They have wedge shaped head, lemon shaped eyes, large ears, medium length neck, thicker paw pads, tapering tail and muscular body. This type of cats look quite different from other breeds in the list and can survive in any kind of environment. They are also popular for their extroverted behavior and are intelligent, affectionate with their owners, high level of energy and curiosity in nature. These cats are also known as Canadian Sphynx.

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