Alt Energy Manufacturer Brings Eco Friendly Car Wash To Supercharge Tesla Stations!

Alt Energy Manufacturer Brings Eco Friendly Car Wash To Supercharge Tesla Stations!


So, you’ve been an environmentally friendly driver, have you? You purchased an electric car, are avoiding the gas pump, and enjoying an easy commute free from fossil fuels. But, there’s one serious drawback to your new purchase. That drawback is the 30 to 40 minutes you spend charging your new car. Big news for those of you with a Tesla electric car. According to a recent article in Forbes, the alternative energy automobile manufacturer will introduce an eco-friendly car wash to select Supercharge Tesla Stations in their Fremont factory. This service will clean your Tesla automobile while your car charges!

In a partnership with Eco Green Auto Clean,Tesla will conduct a series of tests involving this eco-friendly car wash service allowing owners to restore their car to pristine conditions while owners charge their battery. Even better, this service should thoroughly clean the car without fear of damaging the clear coat finish. If everything works according to plan, this potentially game changing move will establish Supercharge Tesla Stations as the perfect one-stop-shop for electric car charging stations.

Worried about wasting excessive amounts of water and harmful soap during your car wash? Don’t! Eco Green’s claim to fame stems from their unique use of coconut oil (among other alternative ingredients) as green cleaning solutions. Their entire process merely requires a single cup of water (which is perfect considering California’s latest record breaking drought).

According to the Forbes article, the service will begin as a test program exclusively at the Fremont location. If this process proves successful, you may see these Eco Green Auto Clean services in stations near you. reports that the offer will most likely appear as a subscription service around the $99 mark.

How to Play the Popular Pokemon for iPhone Game

How to Play the Popular Pokemon for iPhone Game

The new Pokemon for iPhone game has created quite a lot of buzz. These days, Pokemon is not just for children anymore. Instead, it’s a fun game that’s great for all ages and can be taken everywhere with you in your pocket.

If you’ve never played Pokemon before, never fear! This article will instruct you on how to play this game in order to be the very best Pokemon trainer. We’ll go over the basic steps to the game, as well as some tips to reach higher levels more quickly. We’ll also show you how to apply these tips to your own game.


1. Set Up Your Account

Before you can get started, you’ll need to download the Pokémon for iPhone. Pokemon Go is available for most recent iOS systems in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand. After you open the app, you’ll be prompted to create a Pokemon trainer account and choose a starter Pokemon from the three available choices.


You can choose to start with a Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur. Your choice is totally up to you. This will be the very first Pokemon you acquire, and throughout the game, your goal will be to acquire many more.


For those who are unfamiliar with the world of Pokemon, make sure to pay attention to the introductory explanations given to you when you create your account. That will help you find your way around the game and the different map icons.


2. Catch Pokémon

For many people, this is the most fun part of playing Pokemon for iPhone. This game is unique in that it integrates into your actual environment — it’s an “augmented reality” game — so you have the experience of hunting Pokemon down in your actual neighborhood. Wherever you walk, you’ll find more!


Catching these Pokemon means that they become added to your own collection. You have to catch Pokemon in order to use them in other parts of the game, like battles and leveling up.


To catch a Pokemon, first tap on the Pokemon’s body. You’ll see something called a Pokeball, which is used to catch the Pokemon. Simply launch the Pokeball at the Pokemon to attempt to catch it; if you don’t get it on your first try, use another Pokeball to try again. As you advance through the game, you’ll acquire pokeballs of different strengths.

Note that the color of the ring surrounding the Pokemon indicates how difficult it is to catch. Red rings are the most difficult, while green ones are the easiest.


You can catch Pokemon in a variety of different places, and the more you walk around, the wider range of Pokemon you’ll catch.


someone's hands holding a phone and playing Pokemon Go

3. Visit Pokestops

When you browse the Pokémon for iPhone map, you’ll notice certain landmarks are highlighted. These are called Pokestops, and they’re pinned to real landmarks around your town or city. Visiting a Pokestop earns you important game items, like pokeballs, Pokemon eggs (which you can hatch by walking around), and useful potions. You can also use certain items, like incense and lure modules, to attract more Pokemon to wherever you are.


You have to physically visit Pokestops and click on them in the app in order to reap these rewards. However, you can also buy these items in the app.


4. Level Up Your Trainer Character

 Catching Pokemon and visiting Pokestops will eventually raise your character’s level to level 5, which is the point at which you can officially choose a team. Pokemon players are divided into three trainer teams: Team Valor (red), Team Instinct (yellow) and Team Mystic (blue). You have to choose a team in order to be able to battle other Pokemon at gyms.


As you reach higher levels, you’ll catch higher-level Pokemon and be able to pick up new, more effective items.


5. Battle at Gyms

 Some landmarks that you’ll notice on your map aren’t Pokestops but instead are battle gyms. These are the sites where you’ll need to go in order to battle other Pokemon.

One thing to keep in mind for battles is that every Pokemon has a unique Combat Power (CP). You can gradually increase a Pokemon’s CP by obtaining special items called Stardust and candy. Your Pokemon’s ability to defeat other Pokemon will depend on their CP, as well as each Pokemon’s signature battle attacks.


If you beat a rival team at a gym, you can add your Pokemon to that gym to hold it down for your team. When other teams come by, they’ll have to beat your Pokemon in order to take the gym over. The more you battle in gyms, the more experience you and your Pokemon will gain.


Different Pokemon have different types of attacks. You can either tap on the enemy or tap-and-hold to attack them, and you can also dodge enemy attacks. When your Pokemon is wounded in a battle, they lose some of their Hit Points. These can be replenished using potions that you pick up at Pokestops.


the image of the Pokemon ball logo icon

6. Hatch Eggs

As you visit Pokestops, you’ll acquire Pokemon eggs which will eventually hatch into live Pokemon. What’s the catch? You have to walk around to hatch them. Different eggs require a different walking distance to hatch them, so you may have to walk anywhere from 2 to 10 miles in order for the egg to hatch.


If you’re getting some steps in to try to hatch an egg, just make sure your Pokemon for iPhone app is turned on — otherwise, the distance won’t register towards your egg! The Pokemon that come out of your egg can be anything from a basic Zubat to a rare Pikachu.


7. Evolve Your Pokemon

Over time as you gather special items, you’ll be able to evolve your Pokemon into their next form. The advanced forms are usually even stronger — and cooler-looking too!


It’s wise to wait to evolve Pokemon until you reach level 10. Evolving a Pokemon helps raise your character level, but the amount of increase depends on your current level. That makes it more worthwhile when you’re already at a higher level.


Let’s Recap

Pokemon for iPhone can quickly turn into a fun, absorbing game once you learn the basics. It’s unlike any other iPhone game and has totally changed the experience of catching Pokemon into one that anyone with a smartphone can enjoy. Try out these tips after you download Pokemon for iPhone, and make sure to let us know how it turns out!

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6 Best Golf rangefinder

6 Best Golf rangefinder

Golf rangefinder is an essential electronic device for golfers to define or measure the distance between current location and a designated pole or flag. Since the golf rangefinder is manufactured from thelaser, it also called golf laser rangefinder. When the golfers would like to predict the distance between their location and a designated pole or flag, several factors might affect their judgment, such as the physical condition and experience of golfers. On the other hand, golf rangefinder provides valuable data for users to prepare the game, which ultimately solved the above issues from golfers. This article reviews the functions and performance of golf rangefinder and recommends the best.


Best Golf rangefinder 

1. Tour Z6 JOLT  fromBushnell

best golf rangefinder

Tour Z6 Jolt from Bushnell is one of the highly recommended rangefinders from our review. Featuring with PinSeeker and JOLT technology, when the rangefinder located the flag, the golfer will receive short vibrating pulses as confirmation. This technology ensures fast measurement by removing any doubt.


Our review found that the Vivid Display Technology™ is keen to provide and display the target quickly in all conditions. We have tested the screen under thecloudy condition, and precise target identification was obtained.


Equipped with the E.S.P. 2 (Extreme. Speed. Precision), the rangefinder provides more accurate and faster result up to 450 yards. The pricing is reasonable based on the above-advanced features, and the golf rangefinder is suitable for the professional and advanced golfers.


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2. Pro X7 Slope from Bushnell

golf range finder

Pro X7 Slope from Bushnell Laser Rangefinder is also one of the best rangefinders from Bushnell Golf. Similar to Bushnell Tour Z6, the Bushnell Pro X7 Slope is also equipped with advanced features, like PinSeeker and JOLT technology, Vivid Display Technology™ and E.S.P. 2 (Extreme. Speed.Precision).


Pro X7 Slope from Bushnell Laser Rangefinder introduces the Slope Technology, which offer compensated distances regarding from elevation changes. The function successfully adjusts the yardage based on slope’s degree. However, such technology is not legal for the use in theprofessional tournament. Therefore, Bushnell Pro X7 shall not be listed in the first rank.

Compared with Bushnell Tour Z6, the Bushnell Pro X7 Slope is relatively expensive. However, the price is still acceptable based on those advanced featuresabove.


3. Gx-3i Series from Leupold

Our review recommends Gx-3i Series from Leupoldas one of the best golf rangefinders in the world. Thanks for the PinHunter technology, the rangefinder can ignore the noise clutter and target the flagstick only.


Leupold understands that most golf coursesare equipped with prism reflector. Therefore, they introduce the prism lock functionality. Working with the PinHunter technology, our review found that the rangefinder can lock the flagstick efficiently. Such combination is unique for Leupold.


Our testing successful evalated the fog mode, enabling users to screen out any false readings because of atmospheric interference or raindrops. Our reviewers agree that this minor feature is convenient for users.


4. V3 Standard Edition from Bushnell

top golf rangefinders

The fourth recommended golf rangefinder is Bushnell Tour V3 Standard Edition, which is also come from Bushnell Golf. Similar to Bushnell Tour Z6 and Pro X7 Slope, the V3 Standard Edition from Bushnell is also equipped with features like PinSeeker and JOLT technology. The feature offered tactile confirmation with short vibrating pulses when rangefinders spotted or locked the flag.


The rangefinder is good to offer ergonomic design with a stable grip, which helps users to hold the rangefinder firmly. With the light in weight, i.e. 6.6 oz., users shall not feel tired when measuring the distances.


This golf rangefinder is the bestseller from the company because of the advanced features with respect to the fair pricing. Our review also identified the improved battery life for the rangefinder.


5.COOLSHOT 40 from Nikon

golf range finders review

Featuring with the lightweight, the Nikon Laser Rangefinder is easily fit into your arms. With only 8 seconds, the rangefinder can measure the distance to any object. The operation is simple, with only a single press of the power button. The item shall switch off immediately after the measurements, which save the battery energy significantly.


Unlike other rangefinders, the Nikon Laser Rangefinder does not measure the distance depending on the flagstick reflector. Therefore, the rangefinder is an all-around rangefinder that can be used in hunting, etc. If you are looking for a comprehensive rangefinder, the Nikon Laser Rangefinder shall be the best choice for you.


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6. Medalist from Bushnell

golf rangefinder

The other member of therangefinder from Bushnell Golf is the Medalist. We agree that the item shall be used for casual golfers only, but not the advanced, nor professional golfers. Featuring with the PinSeeker technology, the rangefinder can make anefficient acquisition, and ignore the noise clutter.


The device is in horizontal profile, which is attractive and handier. A tripod can be mounted at the device’s bottom, offering alternative ways for users.  If users do not need so advanced features, Medalist is the suggested model for you because it can identify the distance between you and flags promptly. Users can get the desired information, making the shot as expected.


These are the top 6 Golf range finders in the market. If you have any suggestions then you can comment us below.

Best Alarm Clocks for Heavy Sleepers

Best Alarm Clocks for Heavy Sleepers

Do you tend to be a heavy sleeper? Or maybe you just love hitting the snooze button until 12pm. For some people the run of the mill alarm clock just does not do the trick, so here are the best alarm clocks for heavy sleepers.

Why do we oversleep?

The reasons people oversleep varied from medical conditions, to socioeconomic status. Many of the times, we just have bad habits that developed over the years. A more powerful alarm clock could help solve that, or it could at least help us form better sleep habits.

Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers from Sonic Alert

As the name implies this alarm clock is specially made for heavy sleepers. Its alarm reaches 113 decibels in amplitude so it is going to get the job done. It offers dual alarms, so you or your spouse can have a separate or additional alarm time. If you are the type that is still counting sheep when the alarm buzzer is going off, this model comes with a “super shaker bed vibrator” that goes underneath your mattress. That should sound unpleasant even if you are the most unperturbed sleeper. If that is not enough for you, you may want to purchase an extension cord, so the snooze button is completely out of reach. You can also of course set the beeping and vibration to go off simultaneously for an added effect. Your coworkers will see you bright and early if you go with this bad boy.

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Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels from Nanda Home

If you find yourself a habitual snooze button slapper, you might need this alarm clock by Nanda Home. With motorized wheels that support the alarm’s base, it is not your normal alarm clock. Instead of simply sounding the alarm after you hit the snooze button, after the second snooze, it actually zooms off your night table and onto the floor. Once it activates, it drives around with a mind of its own, also emitting high frequency “R2D2” like sound effects – highly annoying. The only way to turn off this sucker is to physically get up out of bed, pick it up, and shut it off. If that is something you do not want to deal with every day, you can turn off the wheels and use it like a normal alarm clock. The snooze alarm also can be set to go off anywhere between 1 to 9 minutes. The most deep and stubborn sleepers does not stand a chance with this ‘robolarm. ‘

Tocky Special Edition from Nanda Home

Next up is Tocky, an alarm also by Nanda Home. Similar to the Clocky it jumps off your nightstand and rolls around randomly. It is unique to other alarm clocks because it lets you record your own wake-up sounds with a built-in microphone. Therefore, if you want to scold yourself for not getting up on time, you can do it with Tocky. If the radio or buzzers are not your thing, you can also upload your favorite mp3 tracks using a USB cable. Just make sure it is something like Metallica or deadmau5, if you want to get the adrenaline pumping.

Magnasonic MAG-MM178K AM/FM Projection Clock Radio with Motion Activated Snooze

best alarm clock for heavy sleepers

If robots or mattress vibrators are not your thing, then you might try this alarm from Manasonic. Chock full of features, it has motion activated snooze so you do not have to fumble around looking for the button. That may go a little easy on you, so it comes with clock projection capability, so you can now see how much you are really over sleeping readily on your wall or ceiling. If you find yourself unplugging your alarm and forgetting to reset it, this one automatically sets the right time and date, and backs up your alarm settings with a battery.So when you are late because of daylight savings time, you are just going to have to find a better excuse to tell your boss. It also features temperature display, and AM/FM radio.

Crazy Clock

For those who love retro appliances and need to wake up for a morning meeting, try Crazy Clock. This is actually made in the shape of a blender and is filled with Styrofoam beads. When the alarm goes off as you probably guessed the beads inside whirl around for a cacophonic morning surprise. There is also carnival music that goes off during the same time. Not for the faint of heart, but if this doesn’t get you up in the morning nothing will. If your friend oversleeps this may make a great gift, or if they love 50 TV shows like “Leave it to Beaver.”

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Timex T156B Wake-up Shake and Wake

heavy sleepers alarm clock

Timex has been around for literally a century and a half so it figures they made something for heavy sleepers. This one actually has built in funny phrases to help laugh you out of a slumber, such as a military drill sergeant or an annoying Asian man. It also has vibrating capabilities to further the war against sleep. A good plus here is that this runs on AAA batteries, so it’s great for traveling.

These are some of the most impressive alarm clocks on the market. Depending on how deep of a sleeper you are, and what type of wake-up experience you like, will determine which one you go with. Using a good alarm clock can be potentially life changing if you are habitually sleeping through the buzzer and it begins to affect your work life. If you want to get up early, be sure to pick one of these best alarm clocks for heavy sleepers.

Top 5 Best Tire Brands 2018-2019

Top 5 Best Tire Brands 2018-2019

Choosing the best tire brand for your car can be a tricky process, although an important one. There are a plenty of tire companies out there with different price points. If you want the best then you have to check whether the tire is safe, matches your car’s level of performance, and has durability. In addition, price and seasonal properties are also important. We have looking at some of the major tire companies that are out there right now, and tried to come up with the best tire brands overall.

Best tire brands 2018


best brands of tire1

Continental is one of the largest tire manufacturer founded in 1871 in Hanover, Germany. It is selected as best because of its Truecontact standard all-season tire. When selecting a tire you should keep in mind that tires are rated for summer, winter or all-season. With the true contact, you are getting a tire that runs solidly and safely in both hot and cold, icy or dry conditions. It also tends to rate very highly in steering and traction ability, and does well in wet conditions. To boot, (or should we say to tread?) it will run you a very modest penny at about 80$ per tire. This is a great choice if you are looking for an all-around tire that performs well and also has great tread life.

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best tire brands2

The official tire brand of NASCAR and most people know this company by their name. A great thing about Goodyear is their 1-year warranty, which Goodyear promises to replace a tire inside the first 2/32” of tread wear. (See official warranty for more details) If you drive a sports or performance vehicle, you may want to go with their Eagle Sport All-Season tires as they were designed for these type of vehicles. These tires feature an all-season tread that is molded into a large surface with a more asymmetrical design to increase handling and response times. In fact the tire’s internal structure uses the same technology in the NASCAR competition. These tires are a very good value with a price tag of about 140$. Goodyear offers a wide selection of tires for sedans, small trucks, and commercial vehicles. You are getting a very high quality to dollar ratio with Goodyear.


best tire brands1

Although not as well known as Goodyear or Continental by any stretch they are well worth mentioning. Why? Because good deals often go under the radar. Milestar is actually a trademark of TIRECO, which is a tire and Wheel Company based in the US and has been around for about 40 years. If you are on a budget and are looking for a quality all-season tire, look no further than Milestar’s MS932 Sport All Season tire. For less than 80$ you are getting a very highly rated tire, than can also take some abuse in the snow, rain, and various temperature extremes.Milestar also offers a limited warranty on their products which is based pro-rata off the wear amount on the tire’s treads. In addition, if you are looking to replace your car’s factory tires and are not looking to spend a fortune on a new set.


best brands of tire

Not really a company many have not heard of but worth mentioning. Founded in 1900, they originally manufactured pneumatic parts of wagons and buggies. Bridgestone bought the company in 1988. They offer a couple of high performance tire lines like the Firehawk Wide Oval Indy 500. These should provide generally more traction for greater steering response if you are looking for that.  If you drive a Corvette, Camaro, or similar type sports car these tires may just be the perfect fit. Not a great winter tires though, this is more for burning out.

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best tire brands

Image soure:

This company was included because its mascot was just so dang cute. Based out of Clermont-Ferrand in France it’s been around since 1889 and is one if the top three largest tire manufacturers on the planet. Like Goodyear they have a warranty, which is always a big plus when you go with a larger tire company. Michelin has a wide array of tires to offer; some may be priced a little higher than average but should offer more enhancements. The Premier A/S by Michelin is a total performance tire that actually uses sunflower oil and an extreme silica to enhance handling and stopping time in cold and wet conditions. This should be helpful in many stop-n-go traffic environments where fender benders abound. A great tire choice for luxury sedans; one thing though, their summer tires do not perform well in wintery environments.

So what do those numbers on my tire mean anyway?

You may be wondering what the numbers on the side of your tire really mean. If most like likely says something like P235/65ZAR19. The P stands for passenger or the class of vehicle, the 235 is the thickness of the tire’s sidewall in millimeters, and the 65 is the height of the sidewall in terms of percentage of the section width. (So 235 x 0.65 = 152.75) The z indicates the max speed a properly installed and inflated tire can be driven. (z = highest rating) The R stands for radial construction or common automobile tire. Finally the 19 is the size wheel the tire will fit in inches. If that’s too confusing, contact your local tire dealer or car jockey for a more detailed explanation.

Each car and each driver has a different scenario when it comes to buying tires. You want to consider strongly whether you are willing to swap out your summer tires before the ice and the snow, otherwise you are probably better off with all-seasons. Each brand has their own forte’s and some seem to cater to the more performance and sports oriented market. Also, look into each company’s warranties as they all vary. I wish you luck in finding the best tire brands and make sure to read as many reviews as possible before deciding.