Strategies of Cryptocurrency Finance

Strategies of Cryptocurrency Finance

After the global financial crisis in 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto invented a virtual currency called Bitcoin to solve the world’s economic problems.

The hype of cryptocurrency reached its pinnacle when Bitcoin hit $19,000 at the end of 2017. That was when most people found out about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Since then, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies lost more than 80% percent of their value. Many pundits claimed that cryptocurrencies were a Ponzi scheme and a bubble that would burst.

So far, the bubble hasn’t burst, and most cryptocurrencies have regained a large share of the market. 

As talks of worldwide adoption of cryptocurrencies brews, most people are curious about what they are--and about their benefits.

How To Make Money From Cryptocurrencies

Long-Term Investing

Although cryptocurrencies are meant to be used as a virtual currency in exchange for goods and services, investors can buy cryptocurrencies and keep it in their virtual wallets. 

Exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, and Uphold permit individuals or companies to purchase cryptocurrencies by depositing flat currency into their virtual wallet and exchanging it for cryptocurrency. 

After the purchase, the investor can keep the coins in their virtual wallet or take it off the exchange by transferring the cryptocurrency to a hardware wallet such as the Ledger Nano S.

Investors in cryptocurrencies should not be surprised to see high volatility in the price since the cryptocurrency market is unregulated and manipulated by whales--investors who own the majority of the cryptocurrencies and have the ability to impact the market.

Most investors who purchase company shares on the stock market, usually, receive a 10-20% annual return in a booming market.

Investors who purchased Bitcoin in January 2017 would have paid around $1,000 for one coin and could have sold it for $19,000 by the end of the year. That is a return of 1900% in twelve months. 


Much like the foreign exchange and stock markets, brokers allow individuals to trade cryptocurrencies. A trader would register with a brokerage and deposit money into their account to buy or sell a cryptocurrency against fiat currency.

Traders in forex and stock markets use technical and fundamental analysis to determine the direction of the price. Fundamental changes in an economy have a great impact on currencies and are monitored. The problem with cryptocurrency trading is that technical analysis does not hold much weight due to market manipulation.

Retail investors, otherwise known as individuals who trade, are incapable of manipulating the market due to the foreign exchange market comprising of $5 trillion daily transactions. 

Bottom line:

Cryptocurrency traders struggle to use fundamentals to analyze the market.

Whales, individuals who own the majority of the coins, can increase or decrease the price of the coins by market strategies such as pump and dump. 

Although traders use chart patterns such as the double bottoms and triangle breakouts as they would in forex and stock markets, whales can manipulate the market any time, thereby undermining the credibility of chart patterns.


If one does not want to risk their money in investing or trading cryptocurrency, another option to earn it is by mining.

Here’s the truth…

This doesn’t involve putting on a hard hat and grabbing a pickaxe. 

Cryptocurrencies operate on blockchain, a system that records transactions across several computers linked in a peer-to-peer network.

When a person makes a purchase or sells with Bitcoin, that transaction is recorded on the blockchain. With fiat currency, banks record transactions made in-store or online. In the cryptocurrency sphere, miners are responsible for keeping transactions on the blockchain. (1)

Miners earn Bitcoins by verifying transactions. That sounds easier than in practice. Miners have to verify 1 megabyte worth of transactions and must solve a complex computational math problem known as proof of work. 

The miner’s job is to come up with a 64-digit hexadecimal number called a hash, which is less than or equal to the target hash. The chances of a computer producing a hash below the target are 1 in 6 trillion. The more miners compete for a solution, the more complex the problem becomes. If that wasn’t difficult enough, miners also have to be the first to produce the hash to earn Bitcoin.

Bitcoin mining also requires the miner to invest in mining hardware Application Specified Integrated Circuits (ASIC). (2) 

The damage: 

The cost of a good ASIC is around $3,000. 

Miners will also have to install software to perform the transactions. Software such as CGMiner, MultiMiner and BFGMiner are available as a free download.

Don’t be surprised if your electricity bill skyrockets since Bitcoin mining consumes a tremendous amount of electricity.


Investing in cryptocurrency does not mean that the investor has to rely on the price to increase in order to earn profits.

Investors who want to make money from cryptocurrency can send their coins to exchanges to earn interest.

A popular cryptocurrency exchange Uphold offers investors 5% interest for their cryptocurrencies if they keep them on the exchange. Uphold also allows investors to earn up to 10% interest when they loan certain digital assets to CRED.

That requires investors to hand over a certain amount of cryptocurrencies for a fixed period. After the agreed period lapses, the lender will earn interest and receive their initial investment.

Different Cryptocurrencies

Coinmarketcap, a platform that tracks capitalization of cryptocurrencies, has more than 2,000 listed digital assets.

Considering there are so many coins on the market, how does a novice know which one to invest in? A Bitcoin billionaire said that one should start from the top and work their way down.

The top three coins on the cryptocurrency market are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

While most pundits in the crypto community view Bitcoin as a store of value such as gold, many want Ripple to be adopted as an official coin that banks will use for cross-border transactions.

How To Use Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency market is in its fledgling stages, meaning that most people don’t use it for its intended purpose: 

To conduct cross-border transactions.

Most people in the crypto community have purchased digital assets to make profits of it as an investment tool. They buy low and wait for the price to surge so that they can sell.

Why not use cryptocurrencies to purchase goods and services? 

Well, you can. And you should. 

The most notable purchases using Bitcoins include supercars such as Lamborghinis and mansions in California. 

How is cryptocurrency different from fiat currency? 

Imagine a world where you can send a letter, and it arrives across the world in seconds. That’s called e-mail.

If we can send letters across the globe in seconds, why can’t we do that with money? The standard process of sending money across borders requires a person to use institutions such as SWIFT or Western Union. 

That includes filling out forms, paying high fees and waiting hours, even days, for the transaction to reflect. 

Cryptocurrencies have solved all those problems. 

To send money across the world, one can circumvent third parties such as Western Union and conduct the transaction from the comfort of their homes. Not only will they not have to fill out forms, but they will pay a fraction of the fees and will conclude the transaction in seconds. 


Register an account with an exchange. 

Then fund your account with the fiat currency of your choice. Exchange your fiat currency with a cryptocurrency by buying it on the exchange. Once you’ve converted fiat into cryptocurrency, send it to a wallet anywhere in the world. The beneficiary will receive the cryptocurrency in a few seconds or hours, depending on the coin, and can convert it into local fiat currency by selling the cryptocurrency on their exchange.

No more waiting in lines or filling out forms, not to mention presenting documentation to confirm your identity and waiting days for the money to reflect in the beneficiary’s account.

If cryptocurrencies are so wonderful, why isn’t there worldwide adoption? 

The biggest problem in the cryptocurrency market is regulation. Investors don’t want to invest in an unregulated asset class.

Although the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ plan to add a Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), they are waiting for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to regulate the cryptocurrency market.

Billionaires such as Mike Novogratz and Tim Draper have invested in Bitcoin. Wall Street is waiting for regulations before it dips its fingers in the cryptocurrency pie.

The cryptocurrency market capitalization peaked at the end of 2017 when it reached almost $900 billion before plummeting to around $200 billion. Cryptocurrency pundits expect the market to receive a multi-trillion dollar injection once Wallstreet gets onboard.  

Will that happen? 

Nobody can predict the future. That hasn’t prevented the mainstream media from proclaiming cryptocurrencies dead every time the market crashes. According to the mainstream media, Bitcoin has died more than 350 times.

Regardless of how much value cryptocurrencies lose, the main ones have never dropped to 0. Ponzi schemes and bubbles such as Enron and Bernie Madoff lost all of their value once exposed. 

At the time of writing, the price of one Bitcoin is $10,600. How many public companies can say that the price of their company share is anywhere near that?  

Facebook’s share price is $204, while Google’s price is $1,145. Those are some of the biggest companies in the world, with worldwide adoption. 

A survey revealed that only 8% percent of American have invested in cryptocurrency. (3)

With Bitcoin reaching a high of $19,000 with only 8% of Americans invested in the digital asset market, what price will it reach when there’s worldwide adoption?

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Complete Guide of the Best Time to Take Vitamins

Complete Guide of the Best Time to Take Vitamins

Are you already taking vitamins? Or, perhaps you are interested in starting to add vitamins to your daily routine? If so, the guide below will help you learn more about vitamins, their differences, and more. Don’t forget to consult your doctor before starting to take vitamins or any other supplement.

When Is the Best Time to Take Vitamins – a List

Capsule Vitamins and a Glass of water

For those who take vitamins daily, a common question that might pop up is, “When is the Best Time to Take Vitamins?” Significant research and investigation into the timing of taking vitamins points to a few keys elements when considering what time to ingest your vitamins. Elements like what type of vitamin, time of day, diet and eating habits affect the time you should take your vitamins or supplements.  It is very beneficial to do your own research for the specific vitamins you are taking to determine when is best time to take your vitamins. Discuss your options with your doctor and be sure to consider your personal diet and health when taking vitamins and supplements. 

The information in this article is compiled from research from health journals and is not compiled by a doctor, so please do not follow this guide without consulting your doctor first. For starters, every vitamin assimilates differently with or without food, water intake and what kind of food you may eat with it. In order to properly digest your vitamin for optimal utilization, it is important to pay attention to the time of day, your eating habits and the type of vitamin being taken. The time and way to take your vitamin is totally dependent on what type of vitamin you are taking. For example, C vitamins are known to boost energy, so probably do not take C vitamins before bed.  

1. Type of Vitamin

The best time to take vitamins depends greatly on what kind of vitamin you are taking. Generally speaking, the best time to take vitamins is when you eat but we will break this down further below. Vitamins work in symbiotic accordance with the macronutrients found in food. This simply means that the best time to take vitamins in a general sense is when you eat or shortly after you eat. However, like we said, the time to ingest vitamins depends greatly on the type of vitamin you are taking. Fiber is best taken in the morning when you wake up because it can begin its adventure in the colon without being disturbed by food. Doctors say not to take vitamins before taking fiber, because fiber can cause vitamins not to be absorbed, so be aware of this if fiber supplements are in your regime. C vitamins should be taken in the morning, because they are known to boost energy and keep people awake. Calcium should be taken before bed or after dinner as it is most utilized while we sleep.

2. With or Without Food

Vitamins best taken with food are fat-soluble vitamins, including A vitamins, B vitamins, D Vitamins, E vitamins and K vitamins. These vitamins need fat in order to be absorbed so take them with fatty foods. Probiotics are best consumed with food or right before a meal, as well as digestive enzymes. Other vitamins that are said to be good to eat with meals include your daily multivitamin. Water-soluble vitamins, including Vitamin C and Most B Vitamins, can be taken throughout the day, but are best to take in the morning time with lots of fluids. These water-soluble vitamins need to be restored daily because they are not stored in the body’s fat tissue. On the other hand, fat-soluble vitamins need to be taken with some sort of dietary fat (like nuts or avocados) in order to be best absorbed. These include Vitamins A, D, E and K and definitely need to be taken with fatty foods in order to properly work.  If for some reason your multivitamin upsets your stomach in the morning, take it with your lunch to ensure proper food in the system to absorb and digest properly. Calcium does not require food in the stomach though, so you can take this before bed if you have not eaten recently.


3. Quality of Vitamins

Another factor to consider regarding when is the best time to take vitamins – the quality of the vitamins you are ingesting. You must ingest high-quality, effective and pure vitamins in order to reap the benefits of taking vitamins. Do not go for the discount or cheapest vitamins on the shelf. Would you want to give your child the lowest grade vitamins out there? No. Treat yourself in the same manner and buy high-quality and highly-tested vitamins at your local pharmacy or wellness center. Do not forget to consult your doctor about if, or when is the best time to take vitamins for you – before ingesting vitamins or constructing your own vitamin intake plan.

Best Smartwatch For Women: Ratings, Reviews, And Deals

Best Smartwatch For Women: Ratings, Reviews, And Deals

Why just tell time, when you can do it all?  


Smartwatches have become all the rage in the tech world thanks to their ease of use and multitude of benefits to their users.  Smartwatches can do anything from track your sleep to allow you to scroll through your “likes” on your Facebook feed.  With the recent boom in smart watch technology, it can be a tough market to find the perfect smartwatch to suit your wants and needs.


Luckily, we’ve got you covered!  Today, we’re bringing you the top smart watches in the industry, categorized by what you may be looking for in a smartwatch.

Comparison Table

How Do We Rate Them?

Woman checking up heart rate from smart watch

With so many types of smart watches on the market, it can be difficult to choose which is the best suited for you and your lifestyle. We have done the leg-work for you and compiled a list of smartwatches that will make it easier than ever before for you to decide on the watch that is right for you.  In addition to making this information easily available, we take pride in our reviews.  


We use a combination of factors to rate our products, but we like to focus on three main factors: value for cost, customer service, and customer reviews.

Value for Cost

Your hard-earned money is valuable which is why we look at the cost of all of our recommended products and compare these costs to similar product costs.  We take into consideration what accessories are included in the product price to get you the best deal and what features are included with that product to ensure that you do not overpay.

Customer Service

Customer Reviews

Best Smart Watches for Women

Woman in a white dress using a digital clock in the display and technology advances in communication. This is a new technology. That makes life more comfortable.

Using our rating system, we have pulled together a list of the top four women’s smartwatches on the market today and organized them by what matters: your lifestyle.

For Those Who Want Their Android on Their Wrist

Samsung Gear S Smartwatch

samsung gear s smartwatch
  • Display: 2.0-inches
  • Processor Speed: 2.0 GHz
  • OS: Tizen
  • Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S 4 mini, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Note 3, & Galaxy Note 4
  • The Samsung G​​ear S is basically a smartphone that you wear on your wrist.  The Gear S is Samsung’s first network-connected wearable smart watch, which allows you to make and answer phone calls when your phone isn’t nearby.  It can do more than just make phone calls; the Gear S can check texts, emails, updates, stream and play music, navigate maps, and run various other apps.  


    The Gear S features a 2 inch touch screen that is curved to fit the shape of your wrist to make it comfortable enough to wear all day, but large enough to comfortably read your notifications.  


    As far as battery life is concerned, you can expect only about 1-2 days of use out of a single charge depending on how much you are using the watch, but this shorter battery life is expected of a higher-performing smartwatch.  


    Of course, the Gear S also comes workout-ready with a step tracker, calorie burn calculator, heart rate monitor, and built in GPS.  This exercise information is gathered over time to give you detailed information on your progress.


    It is important to keep in mind that this is a Samsung smartwatch, meaning that it is not compatible with iPhones.


    Who should try it: The Android tech-lover that wants to be able to wear their phone on their wrist.

    Overall Rating: 8/10

    For Those Who Want Water Resistance

    Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch for Apple/Android Devices - Silver
    • Notifications at a glance: calendar events, text and emails, incoming calls, and more.
    • Includes Pebble Health, a built-in activity and sleep tracker with daily reports and Weekly insights.
    • Always on, Color e-paper display with LED backlight; water resistant to 30 meters; battery life up to 10 days

    The Pebble Steele is one tough cookie.  The Steele is made from marine-grade stainless steel equipped with a tough 2.5D glass display that is water resistant up to 30 feet, which means it can be brought in the shower, the pool and even in salt water!  The Time Steele manages your notifications, calendars, calls, music playback, physical activity, and still maintains a 10 day battery life.  The charging device, when you finally need it, is magnetic and works with any USB port.


    The Pebble TIme Steele allows for voice replies and notetaking utilizing a built in microphone and is compatible with most iPhone and Android apps, such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Gmail, etc.  Not to mention that the watches display face is always on, and utilizes a color e-paper display with an LED backlight, meaning that you are able to read the watch face in any lighting conditions.  


    Another cool perk? You have a virtually unlimited amount of custom watch faces to choose from in the Pebble app store, which makes this watch face totally customizable. Pebble has also upgraded their Timeline feature, which organizes your calendar events, notifications, missed call - everything - to allow you to review what has passed and what is coming up in the near future.


    Who should try it: Anyone who spends a lot of time near water, enjoys long-lasting battery life, and wants their display to be ever-present.

    Overall Rating: 8/10

    For Those Who Like Simplicity

    Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch - Q Crewmaster Black Silicone
    • Looks like a watch, acts like a smartwatch—these no-charge hybrid smartwatches feature built-in activity tracking,...
    • Snap a photo, ring your phone, control your music and more with the customizable link button
    • Track your everyday accomplishments including steps, distance, and calories burned and monitor your sleep duration and...

    The Fossil Q Crewmaster is a smartwatch in disguise, a beautiful disguise.  These watches are GORGEOUS and come with tons of options for customizable watch straps to match your style.  


    The Q Crewmaster works as a fitness tracker and calculates your steps, distance, and calories burned along with your sleep duration and quality. A gentle buzz notifies you when you receive texts, calls, and social messages.  The watch features three buttons that are completely customizable, you can choose to use them to control your music, check the date, set a personal goal, anything.  


    Additionally, the watch doubles as a camera remote and allow you to take a photo with the push of a button.


    The best part, there is no charging, ever.  The Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch comes equipped with a built in battery that only needs to be changed once every six months.  One of the coolest features of the watch is its ability to recognize what time zone you are in and automatically update to that time zone, without you having to lift a finger.


    Who should try it: Someone who wants a smartwatch that looks like a watch and only gives you the notifications that matter.

    Overall Rating:  8/10

    For Those Who Want a Designer Watch with Functionality

    Michael Kors Access, Women’s Smartwatch, Bradshaw Rose Gold-Tone...
    • Smartphone notifications & Touchscreen functionality; Activity & custom goal tracking; Customizable faces, bands, &...
    • Band & Case Material: Stainless Steel; Case Color: Rose Gold-tone; Band Color : Rose Gold-Tone; Case Size: 44 mm; Case...
    • Battery Life: Estimated 24 hours based on usage. Voice-Activated Google

    Michael Kors is embracing the smartwatch world with their Access Bradshaw smartwatch.  This watch is sleek and beautiful, with an almost endless array of customizable watch faces and watch straps to choose from.  On top of the 24/7 touchscreen display, the Bradshaw comes equipped with 24/7 fitness tracking.  The watch will track steps, distance, and sleep tracking is available through a 3rd party app.  

    The coolest feature of this smartwatch? The voice commands.  


    The Bradshaw gives you the ability to search the web, set alarms, create calendar notification, and even check the weather using just the power of your voice.  This smartwatch has a relatively short battery life due to the “always-on screen” and you can expect to charge your Bradshaw every 24 hours.  This smartwatch is both iPhone and Android compatible and comes with an external speaker so that you may play your music aloud.


    Who should try it: Anyone who is fashion-forward, but still wants to be connected.

    Overall Rating: 8/10

    Which is the Best Women’s Smartwatch for You?

    woman happily showing her smartwatch

    It is important for you to take into consideration your lifestyle, price range, and desired features when choosing which smartwatch is the best for you.  

    Some Other Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Smart Watch

    The Band


    Phone Compatibility

    App Compatibility

    Battery Life

    To learn more details about the specific products listed, click the name of your item of choice.  Each link will bring you to a webpage complete with further details on your selected smartwatch and tons of personalized customer reviews.


    Happy Shopping!

    DNA Kits and How to Use Them to Find Your Heritage

    DNA Kits and How to Use Them to Find Your Heritage

    Have you ever wondered where your ancestors hail from? DNA kits are able to help you find that out. The first commercially available “at-home” kit came from With a click of the mouse, you are able to find family from the past. You are able to fill out your own family tree. If you get any names with green leaves on them, you are able to open up more information. What if you wanted to take it further? With the help of DNA testing, you are able to find out where you come from. Not to mention, you’re able to find ancestors with the help of your DNA kit. As the years passed, new DNA kits arrived on the scene.

    Ancestry DNA and 23andme are two of the more popular ones. By ordering them through the mail, you receive your very own DNA kits. Whether by using a swab, or spitting into a tube, the kits are as easy as one, two, three.

    What are DNA Kits?

    Each of us is made up of DNA. Every part of our bodies holds a complete set of what we are made of. Skin, heart, blood and bones, even our cells tell us who we are.

    So what makes DNA kits so special?

    DNA kits help us figure out our past and where our heritage began. They use genetic marker sequences within our DNA to find results. Some DNA kits, or DNA testing, can even help us find out if our family have certain disease markers. 23andme is one of those DNA kits that can do that. There are a lot of uses for DNA kits besides figuring out the past.

    How does DNA testing work

    Most DNA testing looks for genetic markers that are similar between two people, or samples. Since all of the cells in our bodies are exactly the same, samples can be taken from anywhere. Hair, skin, saliva and other bodily fluids just to name a few. Even forensic scientists use DNA testing or DNA kits while working. The most common is using evidence from under the fingernails or a blood sample.

    How does DNA testing work, exactly?

    First, your DNA will be isolated and copies are made. Millions of copies using a method called PCR, or polymerase chain reaction. It’s from PCR that scientists can find your specific code and start DNA testing. The “fingerprints” found within these codes are compared for matches.

    DNA kits

    Today, there are some popular DNA kits that you can order online. 23andme and Ancestry DNA have been found in several ads on Facebook. They can also be seen in television commercials. Both kits use saliva for DNA testing. Just order, spit and send back. Simple, right?

    Ancestry and Ancestry DNA

    Ancestry has been one of the most popular sites for finding out one’s heritage. You can also plan out your family tree on the site. To obtain your family tree, just add in the family members you already know. Ancestry then searches those names within their record collections. Sometimes names will come back with a leaf on them.

    What now? Click on the leaf, of course! New names could be revealed from this information. The more family members you add to your tree, the more hints you could get. It is fun to watch your heritage being revealed to you. Here’s a quick video of how one Ancestry user was able to trace her family line.

    Don’t have time to enter all that information? Order an Ancestry DNA kit. It’s easy to order and use.

    How does Ancestry DNA work

    Ancestry DNA is easy to use. Upon receiving your DNA testing kit, you’ll open it up. Inside the box, you will have a full set of instructions on how to use the kit. You also get a saliva collection tube and a prepaid return mailing package. This ensures that you have no additional costs. After returning the DNA testing kit in the mail, your sample will be tested in a lab.

    Ancestry DNA Costs

    Yes, it is true these are not free services. Now that you’ve explored the website, you’re ready to order your very own kit. Just click on the ORDER NOW button. From there you will fill out your order form. It costs $99 plus shipping and handling for one kit. You are able to send DNA kits to other family members as well. There is an option button for that on the order form.

    Will you be trying Ancestry DNA today?

    Results from your Ancestry DNA kit

    When will I get my results? That question is the most asked one. According to the Ancestry DNA website, your sample will be processed within six to eight weeks. After that, you will receive an email confirmation and your test results. One important note of advice; make sure to activate your DNA kits before sending them in. This ensures they will be processed correctly.

    23andme DNA Kits

    23andme is an up and coming DNA testing kit. When you pop on their website you will find two different DNA kits. The first one is their ancestry service. After sending in the sample for this kit, you will get a global ancestry breakdown. You’re able to map out your ancestry, possibly seeing how far back the generations go. With these DNA kits, you’re able to find the origins of your maternal and/or paternal ancestors.

    Their second DNA testing kit is the recommended health +ancestry service. Besides finding your ancestry line, you can get a comprehensive view of your genetics. You’ll receive more than 75 reports online about your traits, health, and ancestry.

    Is 23andme right for you?

    How 23andme works and what it costs

    Like Ancestry DNA, 23andme’s basic ancestry service costs $99. The combined health +ancestry service costs $199. The site recommends this package over their basic service. Possibly because you get more results about yourself and you didn’t know your family had. The kit should arrive within three to five days after ordering. Make sure to activate your kit once received.

    Again, you receive a box with full instructions of how to use. No blood or needles required. A saliva tube sits in your box, as well as a return mailing package. In six to eight weeks you will get an email confirmation to let you know your results are ready. Just log into your account and discover what your DNA says about you.

    How Private are DNA Kits — Privacy Concerns

    After ordering a DNA testing kit, one often wonders how private the information is. Privacy concerns are good to have. Kate Black, Privacy Officer & Corporate Counsel says, “Your privacy and the security of your information is 23andMe’s highest priority. Our goal is to be transparent about our policies and practices related to data use. We want to ensure your information is protected by physical, technical and administrative security measures.”

    They do collect information such as name, address and credit card information upon order. However, they claim they do not sell, lease or rent personal information to third-parties.

    According to their website:

    23andMe uses a range of physical, technical, and administrative measures to safeguard your Personal Information, in accordance with current technological and industry standards. In particular, all connections to and from our website are encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

    Ancestry DNA claims to do the same thing. They also allow you to download your DNA testing results, as well have them delete the results from their database. As well, they do not share personal information with third-party advocates. For more information visit both sites for more in-depth privacy statements.

    Find Out Who You Are Today

    Both 23andme and Ancestry DNA are great ways to find out who you are. Each use saliva for their test results. They’re very simple to use and both protect your personal information from third-parties. You can order one just for you, or even order them for family members. Visit their sites to find which one is best for you. Not sure which to choose, here’s a video giving a full comparison of both DNA kits. Which one are you going to choose?

    Featured Image: CC by 0, by patrisianovianti, via Pixabay

    Is Hulu Free Actually Free Anymore? Here’s the Scoop!

    Is Hulu Free Actually Free Anymore? Here’s the Scoop!

    The pressing question is, “can we get Hulu free anymore?” Inquiring minds want to know. Hulu had bloomed in popularity because they bring us all the TV shows we love, but can’t get on Netflix, at one click. But, you used to be able to get Hulu, “Hulu Plus,” and even a free trial of Hulu — can you anymore? Well catch you up on the greatest aspects of this service, and answer all the questions you have about Hulu free.

    Many people turn to online sites that allow us to watch television. And everyone likes to get stuff “free,” though nearly nothing is really free anymore. Usually, to get something free, you are paying for it in information or watching advertisements.

    Still, we ask ourselves; in a world where free isn’t really free anymore, is Hulu free?

    Online Video Streaming: Hulu Free

    Hulu is an online video streaming site that launched in 2008. You can find your favorite movies there, but Hulu centers more on TV series. You’re able to use any device available to stream your favorite shows. With the use of your tablet, smartphone or TV, you can stream Hulu anywhere. You are able to watch all types of shows on Hulu; action, comedy, romance and more. If you’re into anime, you’ll find select shows and movies on Hulu and “Hulu Plus.” Hulu is becoming the most go-to site for television programs found on major networks, not including the CW and CBS.

    Many people had Hulu free, and others Hulu Plus, though their model has changed in the last few years.

    Hulu video streaming for free

    The services Hulu provides are becoming more popular, like Netflix or Amazon Video. Of course, Hulu works by connecting to wireless internet services. By doing this, when they started, you were able to stream your favorite videos and shows for free on a trial basis. This makes traveling long distances, or a long flight more tolerable. Just plug into available internet services and enjoy! According to Hulu Press;

    “Hulu is the complete TV experience for consumers, offering both live and on-demand programming and more consumer choice than ever before,” said Freer. “We are the only place that delivers award-winning content, ad loads less than half that of traditional television, with ads that are always viewable and always in a brand-safe environment — and we are leading the TV and advertising industries into the future.”

    But, the Free trial on Hulu is a thing of the past

    When they started out, new subscribers were able to get a 7-day free trial. You were allowed limited access to the site, with commercials, while choosing a plan. Hulu began to take catching up with the competition seriously, in 2016. That is when they dropped the free trial, and added other things.

    Is it true “Hulu Plus” is no longer free?

    Yes, it is true, they ended their 7-day free trial. And, actually, “Hulu Plus” no longer exists either. With competing companies, Hulu decided to move towards an all-subscription model. In 2016, Hulu joined a deal with Yahoo. That is when Hulu decided to phase out their free trial system. Why?

    According to, “Hulu used to have a free tier with limited shows and advertising, but killed it in 2016. Now, the price is a flat $7.99 per month for its base content. Hulu used to call this tier “Hulu Plus,” but now it’s just Hulu.

    They focused on building a subscription service that provided a more personalized experience possible for their viewers. Hulu Senior VP and Head of Experience Ben Smith said in a statement, “As we have continued to enhance that offering with new originals, exclusive acquisitions, and movies, the free service became very limited and no longer aligned with the Hulu experience or content strategy.”

    Hulu free is no longer available, but the services offered by the streaming service seem to make up for the low cost.

    The Product Formerly Known as “Hulu Plus” – Is the pricing worth it?

    To get or not to get, that is the question. When Hulu started, their basic package for $7.99 came with limited commercial interruptions. Some were fine with these interruptions. However, for $4 more you can get more content with no commercials – minus certain shows that have them due to streaming rights.

    But what makes Hulu better than cable?

    Cable television is very expensive these days. And a technician from whichever company comes to your home to install everything. Some companies charge for that installation, and even that can run into money not well spent. Additionally, if you don’t own a cable box you’re looking at spending $20-$30 a month. That adds up to a lot of money.

    Whereas, if you were to sign up for Hulu today, you’d only be spending $7.99 a month. If you chose to sign up for Hulu with Live TV, you could completely skip the Cable TV, for only $39.99 a month. If you already have cable, you know that is a heck of a savings. With average US cable bills running $99.99 a month, that is only one third the cost.

    Also, if you’re going on vacation or need to take a break, financially,  you can put your account on hold for up to twelve weeks. Can you do that with cable? We’ll cover more about Hulu with Live TV below. First, let’s talk about an exciting offer for Hulu and Sprint customers

    Sprint Unlimited Plus Hulu, Plus Means Better!

    Sprint users are in luck! All new or current Sprint users are able to sign up for Hulu on their smartphones. How does it work exactly? After you’re done signing up for your subscription you’ll get an activation link or code. By using the link or code, you’re able to complete any Hulu registration process.

    Adding Hulu to your Sprint plan

    Basically, enter your email address to create an account and log in to your current Hulu account. It’s that simple! Note, those who are already signed up for Hulu Limited Commercials, won’t have access to Hulu Live TV or add-ons. According to the Sprint FAQs page, your plan “includes the TV you love, with the Hulu Limited Commercials plan. Your Sprint Unlimited plan also includes a 10GB mobile hotspot so you can watch on the go, where you go. You’ll be able to watch the most popular next-day TV, original series, thousands of hit shows, movies and more.”

    Sounds almost too good to be true, right?

    Watching Hulu “Free” with Sprint Unlimited

    After registering and activating your account, watching Hulu with Sprint is easy. Since the app comes on your phone already, you can take it anywhere. Stream your favorite shows and movies from the comfort of your home, car or wherever you get an internet connection.

    There are, however, some exclusions at the moment. Sprint prepaid brands, any phones on seasonal standby, as well as Sprint corporate and business accounts are excluded. There is no information on when these types of exclusions will be allowed, till then it looks like Sprint users are limited. Hulu free is no longer available here either.

    Hulu Channel Lineups and Subscriptions: Hulu with Live TV

    Like mentioned above, cable is expensive these days, especially if you want to watch certain networks, movies or television shows. Even when using a DVR system, you’re looking to spend large amounts of money to achieve this. If you are addicted to your cable, your best bet is to go with Hulu with Live TV.

    Sure it’s $39.99 a month, but in the long run, you’re saving money to watch live television. This subscription will cover your local, regional and standard cable networks. Not to mention, you get up to 50 hours worth of DVR recording time. (If you’re not looking to spend $40 a month, you also get DVR with the basic package.) Even with the cheaper versions, you still have access to your favorite shows.

    Have a large household, look into getting the Hulu’s add-on packages. You get more hours for DVR recordings, and Unlimited Screens packages. However, some regional and local channels might be limited due to where you live.

    Free Movies Online, a Thing of the Past

    It was sad to see Hulu free disappear. However, you’re still able to stream favorites such as Law and OrderFamily Guy, and South Park just to name a few. There are no hidden fees, no extra equipment, and no cable guy to come install anything when signing up for Hulu. All you need is your phone, tablet, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV device or a Samsung Smart Tv for streaming. It’s also nice to know that you can cancel at any time without any extra costs. Even the streaming quality is pretty nice. Hulu with Live TV comes in HD quality.

    For your viewing pleasure, Hulu Free no longer

    Hulu with Live TV is a great replacement to cable television, and Hulu’s lower tiers make a great addition to your current streaming services. For just $7.99, that’s a deal you don’t want to pass up. You save money in the long run and it’s a great investment in entertainment.

    So, what will you be watching today?


    Featured Image: CC by 0, by ADMC, via Pixabay