If you are planning to spruce your dogs in home without spending much money in salon then you should have a grooming clipper which is the essential product to tidy your lovely pet. Before purchasing a clipper you have to aware of various factors like quality, emission of heat and noise, durability, availability of accessories, comfort, battery life and more. There are many brands available in market which offers grooming clippers for dogs, among them it is pretty hard to find the best one. Thus we have framed a list of top 6 best dog grooming clippers 2015 in the following section after considering all the above factors. You will learn to brush up your dog like a professional groomer by using these clippers.

Top 6 best dog grooming clippers 2015

6 # Wahl 9284 pet grooming clipper

The Wahl 9284 grooming clipper offers everything that you need to groom your pet. It provides comfort grip to use it safely and to cut at different angles. This light in weight clipper enable you to cut down your dog’s fur close to the skin so that will take time for growth and avoids the need for grooming often. It will not scare your pet with loud vibrations as it run quiet which is not achieved by most of the other dog clippers available in the market. This 17 pieces grooming kit includes battery operated trimmer, cleaning brush, oil, blade guard, scissors and more to groom your dog like professional. You can also make use of the instructions given by Wahl to get new ideas on grooming.

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5 # Oster A5 turbo professional clipper  

grooming clipper5

Oster A5 is a great clipper to groom your dog which is packed with universal rotary motor. It is powerful to cut your dog’s hair within 20 to 30 minutes like butter. It has cooler running so that will not emit much heat and easy to handle. Your dog will look amazing after using this clipper and will not cause any wound for your pet as it is fixed with cryogen blade which is coated with antimicrobial. The blade comes with detachable system so that you can easily and quickly change them. This machine runs in 120 volts at a speed of 4000 strokes per minute.

4 # Wahl 9590 pro series pet clipper

grooming clipper4

Wahl is one of the best dog grooming clippers that comes with plenty of professional features to make your grooming impressive. Dogs hair will be little thicker than human so that it offers high carbon blades made in steel to cut your dogs hair smoothly. It is comfortable clipper to hold as well as to cut the hair without pain so your pet love grooming with this Wahl. It has self sharpening option for blades and it will not get overhead so safe to handle. Sometimes due to the noise of clipper your dog will run away from grooming but you will not face these issues with this one. You can make any style of hair cut for your pets in home without spending much money.

3 # Andis pro animal detachable clipper

animal clipper3

The Andis pro clipper may differ based on the type of grooming you plan to do for your dog. If your pet has wiry and thick hair then Andis pro clipper will be the great choice for you. It is designed with rotary motor to avoid emission of much heat as it will irritate your dog’s skin. Now it is easy to groom your pet with this one as it has ceramic blade which are detachable in nature. You can quickly change the blades to cut thick coats with the speed of 3700 strokes per minute. It will not involve much trouble in maintain this clipper and you will get the guide along with this product to help you in grooming your pet animal which can be one of the best dog grooming clippers.

2 # Wahl U clip deluxe clipper

animal clipper2

The Wahl U clip is one of the ideal grooming clippers for dog which gives you professional result in home. Now you can quickly do perfect trimming, full body clipping and touch ups for your pet without spending mush money in salon. It comes with steel blades that can perform well with a speed of 7200 strokes per minute. You can get this effective clipper for affordable price which is built with high care and quality. The smooth vibrations and easy of cut makes your dog to enjoy the grooming so that it will sit for whole time.

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1 # Andis AGC professional animal clipper

animal clipper1

The Andis AGC grooming clipper for dog is featured with ultra edge blade that can cut your pet’s wiry hair without irritating it. It has shatter proof so that your hand will not be injured while grooming your pet. It is an all purpose clipper that runs at a speed of 3500 to 4400 strokes per minute. It runs quite without making much noise so that your dog will love it. It is an all purpose which does not require much maintenance and is break resistant so the life expectancy of product will be more. It is highly recommendable for the people who are looking for an amazing dog grooming clipper.

The best dog clippers may differ based on your requirement and priorities. Please let us know your thoughts about the grooming clippers in the list and also share your feedback in the comments section below.