The Nintendo DS is one of the popular consoles of all time like Game Boy and PSP. Nowadays we can play those classic games in android phone using emulator. The best thing about playing games with android is you can get many number of emulators in Google Play store. But still now there are only few selections of DS emulators are available for android community. Among them it is difficult to find the best one. Thus we have framed a list of best DS emulator for android 2015 in the following section that enables you to have better gaming experience.

Top 6 best DS emulator for android 2018

1 # DraStic DS emulator

DraStic DS emulator

It is the highly rated DS emulator in Google Play store which enables you to play Nintendo DS games in any android device with full speed. You can easily toggle between landscape and portrait modes while playing the game. It offers save state option so that you can save and resume your game anywhere. It is equipped with various features like compatibility, speed, fast forward mode and more. It allows you to synchronize your saved progress with Google Drive. A demo is available so that you can make use of it to decide whether you want to purchase it or not. Some of the users are facing trouble in loading game which can be the only drawback of this one otherwise it is the best DS emulator for android.

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2 # nds4droid


It is a free DS emulator for android that offers great visual and sound. It is an open source and does not affect the GPL which most of the other emulators do. It is near to perfect because it does not perform faster like DraStic DS emulator. You can play your favorite classic games like Pokemon using this amazing app. You can get it for free of cost from Google Play store and it will be compatible with your device. Sometimes it performs slower in higher end model which can be the big issue faced by the users and the developers are working on it to improve the emulator.

3 # pretendo NDS emulator

best ds emulator3

The pretendo is one of the free Nintendo DS emulators available in the market for your android device that enables you to play your all time games. It is packed with various features like action replay, code breaker cheats, and key bindings, save and resume game at any time, wireless controllers, auto rotate option, dual screen mode, button layouts, automatic frame skipping and more. While getting this emulator make sure that ROM is transferred to storage area and the file name of ROM should end with .rom, .zip or ds. You can start the game by opening the emulator and choose “file browser” from popup menu. Then select the game which you want to play in your smartphone and enjoy it. It can be the best DS emulator for android.

4 # smart NDS emulator

smart NDS emulator

It is another great android DS emulator which almost support and compatible with all devices. You can browse for any games within the app and it let you to play amazing games without any issues. This emulator does not come along with ROM, you need to get it separately and transfer to your SD card to start playing. Just like pretendo emulator the file name of ROM must end with .nds, .zip or.rar in the file extension. You can get options like fast forward, auto rotation, save and resume games, etc which you usually get on other emulators. On the whole it is the descent DS emulator to satisfy your need of playing old school games.

5 # geNDS emulator

geNDS emulator

This emulator offers various features like gameshark, action replay, supports wireless controllers, custom button layouts, switch between portrait and landscape mode, automatic frame skipping, save and load your progress anywhere, etc. You can get this android DS emulator for free from Google Play store. As there are only limited emulators are available for android community this one has less rating when compared to DraStic. It delivers better video quality and you will not hear any noise while playing game. You can easily install this app but there are few problems in loading in which the developers are working to fix them. Otherwise it is one of the best NDS emulator for android.

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6 # Open NDS 

Open NDS 

The open NDS is another free DS emulator for android that enables you to play your favorite classic games easily in smartphone. This emulator offers various features like multi-touch, Gamepad controller support, load and browse compressed archive, custom ROM directory, PAL support, RomFetcher support and more to deliver amazing performance. This is not great as nds4droid but the company involved in improving the app. You can move and resize the touch input controls as you require for comfortable playing. Users are facing lag with the audio which can be the only issue you may face with this app. The installation also does not involve much complication so that you can get it quickly in your smart phone.

That’s it about the DS emulators we hope you enjoyed this article and please let us know your feedback about these emulators in the comments section below. Also don’t forget to share it with your friends.