Many people make use of electronic cigarettes as it can be the greatest way to avoid the intake of nicotine. It is the finest alternative to cigarettes that contain tobacco or hookah pens and enables you to reduce the harm to your body. There are many brands available in the market which manufactures electronic cigarettes. Among them it is difficult to find the best one thus we have listed the top 10 best electronic cigarette brands 2018 in the following section which will help you to make your choice.

List of top 10 best electronic cigarette brands 2018 reviews

10 # South beach smoke

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The south beach smoke can be the great brand for starter and has been in the market for longer period of time. They are offering various flavors like grapes, watermelon, lemon, strawberry and more. You can get high quality e-cigarettes and vaporizers with easy refillable feature. You can also get the blend of three different flavors that will give you better smoking experience. The e-cigarettes from South Beach is featured with higher capacity batteries, refillable e-liquid tanks, portable charging cases and more.

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9 # Bull smoke

Bull smoke is one of the best e-cigarette brands 2018 available in the market which has its manufacturing units in Fernley. You can get distinguishable personas and coolest flavors from this brand. There are around 10 different taste and have various nicotine strengths like non filters, ultra lights, full flavored, lights and more which will give you the pleasure of smoking. It gives you more vapors and lasts for around 800 vapors so that you can enjoy it for longer period of time. It is easy to use and will create so real vapor smoking sensation which can be the greatest advantages of this brand.

8 # Victory E-cigs  

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This company is manufacturing and distributing e-cigarettes in more than thousands of retail stores which was started in the year 2010. You can buy this in online that provide around eight different flavors at affordable price. While purchasing you can choose the level of nicotine as you required and it is facilitated with disposable cartridges that enables you to refill it easily. The battery lasts for 2 hours which can be one of the best electronic cigarette brands 2018 when compared to others. They make use of latest micro electronic technology to deliver real smoking experience without flame, tar, tobacco, fire, ash and more other things.

7 # 777 E-Cigsreview4

This is one among the leading e-cigarette company in the market that has many loyal customers. You can get the top notch flavors like traditional smooth tobacco, blend, peppermint, vanilla, coffee, watermelon, chocolate, caramel, apple, strawberry, coffee and more. This can be the finest alternative for smokers who are looking forward to realistic experience of smoking. You can get the level of nicotine as high, medium, light and zero as you require. You can get many number of puffs which does not result in any serious health issues.

6 # Revolver E-Cigs


This is the new brand to market when compared to others but it provides best e-cigarettes for their customers. They have customer satisfaction as their primary motive and it is equipped with Talon Tank system. They are also selling e-liquid separately that comes in different flavors include sweet menthol, mint, fruit, etc and it gives you maximum amount of vapor which enables you to blow smoke rings. It comes with two different batteries that will enable you to use it for longer period of time.

5 # Green Smoke


This is another top brand of electronic cigarettes that have lots of selection. This will perform better for the price that you are paying for it and can be the great alternative for smokers to maintain their health. They often make changes with the flavors and other features to attract the customers. On the whole this can be the best option for the starters of e-cigarette or hookah.

4 # Halo Cigs

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They are the innovator in electronic cigarette industry that offers quality products which can be used by both starter as well as experienced people. They are popular for their wide range of flavors and one of the respected brands in the market. It also offers premium e-liquid and e-juice for their customer which will be helpful in replacing the old liquid with the new one easily. You can choose the level of nicotine as you require like other brands and enables you to have better smoking experience.

3 # Eversmoke

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This brand is offering superior e-cigs, fantastic cartridges, long lasting batteries and more at reasonable price which made it as one of the leading company. They are providing great starter kits for their customer and it enables you to enjoy your smoking with the maximum amount of vapor. With the every puff you take in this a LED light in orange color will on and it also indicates the need for charging.

2 # Apollo E-Cigs

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The Apollo cigarettes make use of the help of experts in tobacco and electronic cigarette industry to manufacture the best one in the market. They are producing disposable cigarettes that can last till 500 puffs so that you can use it for longer period of time than analog cigarettes. They are creating bigger cartridge to make it lasts for longer time and offering wide range of flavors to choose from. You can get the kit with different nicotine strengths that fit your lifestyle and meet your needs.

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1 # V2 Cigs

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This e-cigarette brand has been on the market for more than 7 years which offers quality products to the customers. As battery is the important factor for e-cigarettes they allow their customers to choose the battery, color and its type. These e-cig kits come in different colors like black, blue, white, stainless steel in various sizes. They also provide quality starter kit for the beginners.

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