Whatever you do for the whole day, the foot massager can be the one that help you to relax your stress at the end of the day. It will appease your painful feet and helps the exhausted feet to feel better. You will receive various benefits like increasing energy, concentration, improved immune system and reduce stress by doing massage for your feet. There are different types of foot massagers such as vibrating box, motorized calf and foot, water based and mechanical foot massager to meet your needs. If you are looking for the finest massager than take a look at the following section in which we have listed the top 8 best foot massager and its reviews 2015 to help you in choosing the suitable one for you.

Top 8 best foot massage machines reviews 2015

8 # Homedics 275h

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The shiatsu foot massager from Homedics is featured with deep kneading technology that relaxes the overworked soles and arches. You can get much comfortable massage with the variable air compression option. This foot massager is easy to use and convenient for any kind of location with the toe-touch control system and convenient cord storage. Moreover you can enjoy your massage with the added heat feature. The machine gently pushes your foot down to deliver a deeper, more intense massage and comfort to tired feet.

7 # Moji 360 massager


This is one of the latest innovations from Moji Company that will make you feel better and relaxed. This massager is equipped with different massage zones so you can select the zone as you require. It works like a professional massage therapist on your tired foot which is featured with steel massage spheres and rotating steel. This can be the best foot massager for the people who are affected by Plantar Fasciitis issue as it gives complete relief from the pain in your heel, arch and toe. This will fit all your needs and suitable to carry at any place as it is easy to pack with your materials.

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6 # Conair waterfall

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This waterfall foot massager spa will help you to reduce your stress and enables you to gain energy. It is featured with 3 push buttons to activate three kinds of actions like waterfall, LED/bubbles and Hi/low bubbles. It is also packed with heat option in order to maintain the temperature of the water placed on the foot spa. For the stability non slip feet is added on the machine and you can make settings of relaxation also. It is relatively less expensive when compared to the other massager spa machines. The only drawback which you will find with this one is the therapeutic value which lacks in giving enough pressures at the key point of your feet.

5 # Foot vibe massager

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This vibrating foot massager from U.S.Jaclean Company is powered with infrared light, high frequency vibration, stimulates reflexology points, soothes muscle tension and improved circulation. This can be used in arms, thighs, hands, feet and legs to get immediate relief from the stress. The remote control operation enables you to access the massager machine easily and the different levels of infrared light treatment will help you to do massages with various levels. If you are looking for the finest vibrating foot massager then foot vibe can be the better choice for you. It is available at affordable price with bundle of benefits for your feet.

4 # Homedics FMS-200H

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This best foot massager will perform deep kneading action with soothing heat to make you feel better and it is worth for the money you are paying. In order to provide ultimate relaxation it offers four counter rotating massage heads which can be done with the touch of a button. This is easy to use and does not involve any complications or side effects. It covers your feet fully while massaging and you can feel awesome. It gained much positive foot massage machine reviews from their customer as it is trust worthy and helps you to stay away from the pain. It is portable in natures thus can be carried along with your materials to any place.

3 # Body Back roller

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This mechanical foot massager from body back company will give you pleasure as well as therapeutic value while rolling the device on your feet. It will feel like walking on the pebbles and enables you to get relief from the pain. It is banana shaped roller that makes use of hot and cold techniques in order to step in right direction while dealing with massage. This will keep the temperature levels that fit with your foot’s temperature to deliver better performance. The mechanical foot massager is generally easy to use, small in size and cheap as well when compared to other ones. It requires much effort which can be the only disadvantage you get from this roller.

2 # Medi-Rub 200 Plus

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This foot massager is designed to stimulate circulation in lower legs and feet. This machine helps you to reduce the foot pain and enables you to feel relaxed. It is equipped with heavy duty motor to perform better as well as for ease throbbing in heels and toes. This can be the best massager machine and are widely used by people with diabetes, plantar fasciitis, fitness industry professionals, etc to prevent swelling and other foot related problems. This will fit your needs of personal and clinical treatments. On the whole it can be the finest machine for the people who are affected with plantar fasciitis and other foot related issues.

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1 # Homedics FMS-150H

This is designed with rotating massage heads for relaxing your feet and enables you to reduce the stress. This can be the great machine to soothe feet as well as to improve the blood circulation. You can select the level of massaging with the combination of heat as you require for excellent massaging. You can also make use of the toe-touch control for easy access and to determine the pressure points. This product has gained much positive foot massage machine reviews from its customers.

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