Some people have the habit of collecting precious fountain pens which are used by legends and famous people for its traditional design. These pens are better for superlative handwriting when compared to ballpoint pens. Many companies are involved in manufacturing finest range of fountain pens for their customer and it is difficult to choose the best one among them. Thus we have framed a list of 6 best fountain pen brands in the following section.

List of 6 best fountain pen brands in the world

6 # Pilot 

The Pilot corporation is one of the leading manufacturer of quality writing instruments in the United States which has continuous sales growth year after year because of their innovation. The company was founded in the year 1918 and has its headquarters in Florida. They have their subsidiary units in United States, Germany, France, Italy, Taiwan, Russia, Singapore, etc. Other than writing instruments they are also producing stationery products and jewelry. They offer fountain pens in different variety of colors and categories such as plumix, varsity, prera, vanishing point fountain, MR metropolitan fountain and more. You can write smoothly without any ink leakage and this is perfect for the superlative handwriting.

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5 # Montblanc

fountain pen1

This is the well known and top quality brand. This brand was founded in the year 1906 by an engineer and a banker. Pen collectors undeniably have a pen of this brand which was made before World War 2. Even the current collection of this brand is attractive and valuable. The prices are high when compared to other brands in the market. This high value luxury pens have a round star logo on the top. You feel comfortable in using and smooth of writing. The collections include Montblanc Boheme, Heritage, Starwalker, Grace Kelly, etc. you can get wide range of designs and features.

4 # Waterman

fountain pen2

These pens are distinct from each other and you can find reinvented designs from waterman. The waterman company was founded in the year 1883. There is a historical story behind the pen, before the death of founder L.E.Waterman he lends a pen to his potential customer to sign the insurance contract but the pen leaked in the contract and because of that issue he missed his commission. The company suffered allot during the time of 1920 for not innovating much as of its competitor. So by that time they started giving much innovative pens and they are different from one another. The various inventions of this luxury brand include Charleston, Elegance, Perspective, Expert Deluxe, Exception, Carene, etc. This is one of the best fountain pen brands that offer a better writing experience.

3 # Aurora

fountain pen3

These Italian fountain pens are founded in 1919 in the heart of Torino. In 1935 their headquarters were destroyed due to the war and then they moved to suburbs of Torino where it is situated till now. There are some nibs that allow you to write without getting the feeling of moves which you can gain from using the Aurora fountain pens. They are well known for their nibs and elegant designs. Some of the best designs of Aurora are Ipsilon, Optima – which is gorgeous with marbled finish, Talentum – with chrome capped option in black and other fun colors like pink, blue and yellow bodies, Aurora 88 Large and Aurora Style. It is well balanced and you can write with the caps posted. It is the best brand for fountain pens with beautiful finish that available for better writing.

2 # Lamy

fountain pen4

This is the finest one for beginners and you can trust the durability of the pen because it will work for longer period of time. Considerably the cost is low when compared to the other fountain pen brands. They are offering broad choice of colors for the users. The cartridge holds more ink so that you need not to change the ink often. If you are a beginner and in need of fountain pen Lamy will not get you down as it offer better quality pen at lower cost with modern design. Lamy safari and Lamy all star are the two first great fountain pens of this brand. Lamy safari has ABS plastic body with transparent ink window. Lamy all star has an anodized aluminum finish body instead of ABS plastic which comes in variety of colors.

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1 # Parker

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As we all know parker is the popular and  best brand for fountain pens. There are many users worldwide specially buying the parker. This is the favorite brand for some writers. There will not be anyone who is disappointed with the quality of this brand. They are known for innovation, reliability and quality craftsmanship. It was founded by George Safford Parker in 1888. The latest technology and creative pen from parker are Duofold, Premier Black Edition, parker urban, parker IM and sonnet, etc. It delivers the smooth and buttery flow. The fountain pen is available with matte black metal and hourglass shaped.

That’s it about the best fountain pen brands and we hope you enjoyed this article. Please let us know your feedback in the comments section below.