We always remember those days where we spent most of the time in playing video games. It was the best time in childhood days. We were deriving the gaming experience in the palm of our hand by sitting without moving to the play ground. In the modern scenario full featured 3D games can be played with the use of smartphone. Even though it provides the pleasure of gaming we always wanted to play those childhood games.

We can make it possible by using the GBA emulators. With the help of those emulators we can satisfy our self by playing those old games in the android phone. We can bring back our childhood days and memories. In this article we would like to share with you about 6 best GBA emulators for android which will be helpful for you to make your choice.

List of top 6 best GBA emulators for android

6 # John GBA Lite

emulator for android6

This GBA emulator works amazing and is also easy to use. You will be able to play all your favorite games in android phone without any issues. It allows you to control the directions while playing the games using virtual on screen keypad option. You can store the game files in SD card and internal storage. It also offers other features like turbo button, screenshot, customizable keys, fast forward, zipped file support, high quality rendering, Bluetooth controller support and more. Sometimes the buttons will get freeze which can be the major problem users face with this emulator otherwise it works smoothly in your android phone.

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5 # ClassicBoy

emulator for android1

You can play classic games with this emulator. It is powerful and all in one. You can make use of the left side screen for the movements and right side for the actions. It provides you the best gesture controller so that you can control the movements of the character. You can make use of the graphic button to edit the size and the position. The custom setting also enables you to make changes in the style, scale and animation, etc. It supports the controller profiles such as PS3, XBOX360 and MOGA.

4 # GBA

emulator for android2

The Gameboy emulator runs pretty good.  You can make use of the virtual joypad easily. The auto save option is available so that the game will be saved once if you close the program. It is suitable for the people who want to delete the extra files and do standard cleaning. The layout is also good. The only thing to be considered in this emulator is reset button because it freezes the game most of the time. Other than that it can be one of the best emulators for android to play your favorite retro games. The buttons will not freeze while playing the game like you face on the other android GBA emulators.

3 # Retro Game Boy and Advance

emulator for android3

This is the beat free emulator for the android. The source code is freely available for you. When your app closes suddenly do not worry about it as the last game played by you will be saved automatically. It let you to play some of the GBC games. Now it is easy to control your game, all that you need to do is open the menu and select “to use as controller” option. In that choose whether it is tablet or Smartphone and then set as console and tada. That’s it you have the control of game but the only drawback is you cannot use the commands like save or restore.

2 # VGBA

emulator for android4

This can be the paramount free Game Boy Advanced emulator in the market with attractive features. It runs the GBA games in your android phone without landing in any trouble. It let you easily cheat at games. With the single touch of the play back button it takes you to the last move which can be replayed. It supports both the full screen portrait and landscape mode while playing. The main attractive feature of this emulator is you can save the game at any point and once if you get killed go back to that point and play. Seeks network support to automatically search and download the game box art.

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1 # My Boy

emulator for android5

The My Boy fast and featured Game Boy Advanced emulator enables you to play all the games which could bring back your childhood days. It is the only emulator that supports link cable emulation with great speed. Only with the full version you can make use of the features like save, instant return back, fast forward, etc. the multiple screen layout is possible with this one. The My Boy can be one of the best GBA emulators for android for free.

We hope you will play all your favorite games by using these emulator mentioned above. Share your gaming experience with us in the following comments section and also share it with your friends.