Gel nail polish is the new trend among girls which cause less damage to your nails and lasts much longer than regular nail polish. Usually a manicure or pedicure lasts for maximum of 5 days but gel nail paint does not chip for more than two weeks.

You can get perfect look for your nails by applying this nail polish without spending your time and money in salon. For that you have to choose the best one among multiple brands available in the market, which is a boring process. Thus we have listed some of the popular and best gel nail polish brands 2018 in the following section to help you in picking your favorite brand.

Top 6 Gel nail polish brands 2018

6 # Essie 

The Essie gel polish is one of the leading producer of gel nail polish in the world which offers wide range of shades to match all your occasions. You can get amazing colors of polish from the Essie’s winter collection and the brand was originated by Essie Weingarten. You will get perfectly groomed hands and shiny effect that will not chip for longer period of time. You can enhance the effect of manicure and pedicure by applying this gel polish. The brush will flow smoothly in your nails so that you can apply the nail paint in single coat for better result.

5 # IBD just gel polish

best gel nail polish brand

If you are a gel nail paint lover then you absolutely like IBD just gel polish which is made with 100% gel. It protects your nail naturally without damaging it and the color lasts for 21 days. You need not to worry about cracking, chipping and smudging.

This nail paint is easy to apply and it gives overall beauty to your hand which made it as best gel nail polish brand. It offers wide range of nail products to their customer among them nail polish is the popular product. It is also known as UV gel polish in which each type is available in 90 different colors that enhance your beauty.

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4 # CND Shellac

best gel nail polish brand2

To get gel polishes from CND directly a consumer should be a licensed beauty professional otherwise you cannot buy shellac nail polish. There are around 70 colors provided by shellac which does not chip for 14 days. This is one of the popular gel nail polish brands in the world that gives you flawless finish for your nails.

If you want to brighten the color then you can do two or more coating and it is suitable for layering also. CND promises for long lasting shine as it has shellac formula which is different from other brands. If you once use it then definitely you will add this to your favorite brand and wish to try all the colors.

3 # Sally Hansen

best gel polish3

Sally Hansen’s pro gel is a famous gel nail polish brand in the world. It offers wide ranges of nail paint which attracts you by its silky smooth finish. You can do 10 gel manicures with this pro gel nail system and ensures flawless outlook of your hand. It is available in 24 different colors and can be the smart choice for nail polish lovers. It lasts for longer days like other leading brands and suitable for all your occasions. The consistency is good which not too thick and not too thin so that it is easy to apply on your nails without smudging. This will give you shiny and perfect look for your hands.

2 # OPI Gelcolor

best gel polish4

It comes in the list of traditional nail polish which gives a solid quality Gelcolor line. It is mostly available in salons and stores that supply nail paints. Only limited colors are provided by this brand but you surely find your favorite one. There is no need for any additional maintenance for a week if you use OPI Gelcolor. Each shade has unique name like pink before you leap, Bastille my heart, etc so that you can easily identify your desired color.  This is the best brand for gel nail polish that makes you feel great for your hands and toes.

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1 # what is the best gel nail polish brand – Gelish

nail paint5

Gelish is one of the top gel polishes available in the market that offers 100 choices of colors. It lasts for many days when compared to other brand that is up to three whole weeks. You will not face any issues like chipping, smudging, etc and each woman wish to try out all the colors exist in this brand. You will not think about manicure and pedicure for three weeks if you apply it once. Gelish is the best brand for gel nail polish that offers better quality and makes use of unique formula.

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