Golf rangefinder is an essential electronic device for golfers to define or measure the distance between current location and a designated pole or flag. Since the golf rangefinder is manufactured from thelaser, it also called golf laser rangefinder. When the golfers would like to predict the distance between their location and a designated pole or flag, several factors might affect their judgment, such as the physical condition and experience of golfers. On the other hand, golf rangefinder provides valuable data for users to prepare the game, which ultimately solved the above issues from golfers. This article reviews the functions and performance of golf rangefinder and recommends the best.


Best Golf rangefinder 

1. Tour Z6 JOLT  fromBushnell

best golf rangefinder

Tour Z6 Jolt from Bushnell is one of the highly recommended rangefinders from our review. Featuring with PinSeeker and JOLT technology, when the rangefinder located the flag, the golfer will receive short vibrating pulses as confirmation. This technology ensures fast measurement by removing any doubt.


Our review found that the Vivid Display Technology™ is keen to provide and display the target quickly in all conditions. We have tested the screen under thecloudy condition, and precise target identification was obtained.


Equipped with the E.S.P. 2 (Extreme. Speed. Precision), the rangefinder provides more accurate and faster result up to 450 yards. The pricing is reasonable based on the above-advanced features, and the golf rangefinder is suitable for the professional and advanced golfers.


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2. Pro X7 Slope from Bushnell

golf range finder

Pro X7 Slope from Bushnell Laser Rangefinder is also one of the best rangefinders from Bushnell Golf. Similar to Bushnell Tour Z6, the Bushnell Pro X7 Slope is also equipped with advanced features, like PinSeeker and JOLT technology, Vivid Display Technology™ and E.S.P. 2 (Extreme. Speed.Precision).


Pro X7 Slope from Bushnell Laser Rangefinder introduces the Slope Technology, which offer compensated distances regarding from elevation changes. The function successfully adjusts the yardage based on slope’s degree. However, such technology is not legal for the use in theprofessional tournament. Therefore, Bushnell Pro X7 shall not be listed in the first rank.

Compared with Bushnell Tour Z6, the Bushnell Pro X7 Slope is relatively expensive. However, the price is still acceptable based on those advanced featuresabove.


3. Gx-3i Series from Leupold

Our review recommends Gx-3i Series from Leupoldas one of the best golf rangefinders in the world. Thanks for the PinHunter technology, the rangefinder can ignore the noise clutter and target the flagstick only.


Leupold understands that most golf coursesare equipped with prism reflector. Therefore, they introduce the prism lock functionality. Working with the PinHunter technology, our review found that the rangefinder can lock the flagstick efficiently. Such combination is unique for Leupold.


Our testing successful evalated the fog mode, enabling users to screen out any false readings because of atmospheric interference or raindrops. Our reviewers agree that this minor feature is convenient for users.


4. V3 Standard Edition from Bushnell

top golf rangefinders

The fourth recommended golf rangefinder is Bushnell Tour V3 Standard Edition, which is also come from Bushnell Golf. Similar to Bushnell Tour Z6 and Pro X7 Slope, the V3 Standard Edition from Bushnell is also equipped with features like PinSeeker and JOLT technology. The feature offered tactile confirmation with short vibrating pulses when rangefinders spotted or locked the flag.


The rangefinder is good to offer ergonomic design with a stable grip, which helps users to hold the rangefinder firmly. With the light in weight, i.e. 6.6 oz., users shall not feel tired when measuring the distances.


This golf rangefinder is the bestseller from the company because of the advanced features with respect to the fair pricing. Our review also identified the improved battery life for the rangefinder.


5.COOLSHOT 40 from Nikon

golf range finders review

Featuring with the lightweight, the Nikon Laser Rangefinder is easily fit into your arms. With only 8 seconds, the rangefinder can measure the distance to any object. The operation is simple, with only a single press of the power button. The item shall switch off immediately after the measurements, which save the battery energy significantly.


Unlike other rangefinders, the Nikon Laser Rangefinder does not measure the distance depending on the flagstick reflector. Therefore, the rangefinder is an all-around rangefinder that can be used in hunting, etc. If you are looking for a comprehensive rangefinder, the Nikon Laser Rangefinder shall be the best choice for you.


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6. Medalist from Bushnell

golf rangefinder

The other member of therangefinder from Bushnell Golf is the Medalist. We agree that the item shall be used for casual golfers only, but not the advanced, nor professional golfers. Featuring with the PinSeeker technology, the rangefinder can make anefficient acquisition, and ignore the noise clutter.


The device is in horizontal profile, which is attractive and handier. A tripod can be mounted at the device’s bottom, offering alternative ways for users.  If users do not need so advanced features, Medalist is the suggested model for you because it can identify the distance between you and flags promptly. Users can get the desired information, making the shot as expected.


These are the top 6 Golf range finders in the market. If you have any suggestions then you can comment us below.