Kayak fishing is the popular trend among people as it is the healthy way of transport and also environment friendly. The concept of kayaks was originated by people in Arctic regions who used boats for their fishing in lakes and river. They made their first kayak using animal skin before 4000 years. If you are planning to buy a new kayak then you have to consider various things like cost, type and amount of rigging, conditions and locations of fishing, etc. And it is difficult to find the preeminent one as there are many companies involved in manufacturing fishing kayaks especially for fishermen that provides great comfort. Thus to help you we have framed the list of 6 best kayaks for fishing 2015 in the following section after considering all the above factors.

Top 6 best kayaks for fishing 2015

6 # Old Town Predator

The predator 13 from Old Town kayaks gives you totally new fishing experience and is engineered to meet all the needs of a best fishing kayak. It delivers the perfect platform for on-water sporting and fishing which also provides more connection to the environment. It is featured with slip resistant deck, slide mount paddle storage, scupper holes, element seating system, dual tackle holders, bow hatch with click seal cover, molded paddle rest and more. The multiple mounting plate enables you to add all the greatest accessories that you require and you can have the full control while riding on it.

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5 # Jackson Kayak Kilroy

Jackson Kayak is one of the leading producers of kayaks which were founded by Eric Jackson and Tony Lunt as a partnership business in the year 2003 at Tennessee. They are offering many varieties of kayaks based on the nature of location like fishing kayaks, whitewater kayaks, exploration kayaks, stand up paddle boards and other accessories. Each category has unique designs which are formed by its own team members.

The Jackson Kayak Kilroy is designed for the people who prefer sit inside kayak and it offers staging system, gear mounts and more. It is one among the decked out kayaks in the market that will not make you wet. This can be the best fishing kayak for the money.

4 # Hobie Mirage Outback Kayaks

fishing kayak2

This best fishing kayak is perfect for the people who like hands free maneuverability. It is offering varieties of Mirage kayaks such as Mirage sport, mirage revolution, mirage outback, inflatable, pro anglers, Adventure Island and Tandem Island. There are different colors of kayaks available to choose from.

It is large enough to carry out your works like fishing, picnic or to carry camera gear with the help of pedaling option. The outback can be the great companion for people who spend their most of the time in fishing. It has the capacity to hold 181 kgs and is powered with glide technology for efficient and easier pedaling.

3 # Feelfree Moken

fishing kayak3

It is one of the leading kayak brands that offer wide range of comfortable kayaks for fishing. The Moken from Feelfree is featured with center console, uni-track system, hinge hatch, paddle keeper system and more. They are producing innovative kayaks with high level of craftsmanship. It can be the perfect kayak for both inland and coastal fishing. It has the capacity to carry 160 kg which fits your fishing needs. It is easy to handle the paddles in coastal waters and lakes. You can get fishing and recreational kayaks from Feelfree which has plenty of models in it. You can get accessories like paddles, seats, outfitting, storage and dry bags, etc. You can get awesome fishing experience with this one.

2 # Pelican Intrepid 100X Angler

fishing kayak4

Pelican International is the leading company in the world that manufactures canoes, fishing boats, pedal boats and Kayaks for more than 45 years. They are providing high quality products at affordable price for their customer. Their business philosophy includes innovation, meeting quality standards and investing in technology.

To produce the kayaks, Pelican makes use of Twin Sheet Thermoforming technology to ensure stronger and stiffer product. This technology helps to achieve lightweight kayaks with breakage resistant, superior safety and outstanding longevity. The Angler is powered with drain plug, adjustable footpegs, storage bag, carrying handle, phone holder, rod holders, mesh deck cover and more. It can be the best fishing kayak for the money.

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1 # Ocean Tetra 12 Angler

fishing kayak5

Ocean Kayaks is the biggest manufacturer of sit-on-top kayaks in the world which was originated in the year 1971. Their main unit is located in Old Town, USA and they have their other production units in New Zealand. They are distributing quality kayaks in different models to their customer and also their innovative design includes sit-on-top kayak with window especially for under water.

The Ocean Tetra has the capacity to hold 350 lbs so that it fit all your fishing needs. The big storage comes with two rod hold and center hatch which allows you to access the rods in seated position. It provides great comfort and back support for the users. The tetra angler has gained much positive reviews from the consumer and it is offered at affordable price. It is suitable for any condition and locations of fishing. On the whole it is one of the best kayaks for fishing when compared to other brands available in the market.

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