In olden days music was made in the studio by using all the instruments and spending much time but today any one can make their music and share it through laptop. When looking for laptop to produce music we need to think about various aspects like RAM (Random Access Memory), processor, memory capacity, easy to edit and use, built in speakers and ability to install other software. In this article we have listed the top 5 best laptops for music production 2014 in the following section.

Best laptop for music production 2014  

1 # Apple MacBook pro

laptop for music production1

The Apple is one of the famous as well as known brands for laptops. When comparing to other brands it is quite costlier but in case of quality it is greater than other ones. It is best choice for the music production. Some of the special features of MacBook pro is core i7 processor and 2.8 GHz speeds, 512 GB flash memory, 16 GB of installed memory and you can expand your memory, editing, can install your needed software for editing and recording with fast process and browsing speed. It is portable and light weight in nature so that you can be able to carry it while travelling.

It offers 15.4 inch retina display, the resolution of 2880 x 1800, Mac OS and 7 hours battery life. The retina display has 5 million pixels so that it gives you better and sharp image, text, etc. This display will not affect the eyes as the reflection is reduced and you can see from any angle. It has high – speed thunderbolt and USB 3 ports which allows transferring data in high speed and connecting displays which made it as the best laptop for music production. The integrated HD Face Time webcam enables you to connect with your friends, business people, and anyone with whom you want to interact.

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2 # Sony Vaio fit series svf14212cxw

laptop for music production2

This is one of the best music production laptops. It offers 14 inch touchscreen display which makes user to feel high responsible touch. The LED backlight helps in bright display with lowest power consumption. High – resolution display of 1600 x 900. The core processor is Intel core i7 which delivers better performance and stunning visuals. It is designed with Windows 8 which enables the user to get easy access on the apps, sites and more by keeping your needed stuffs in the start screen and reduces your time of searching. It delivers amazing and clear sound so that you will not face any problem with the speaker.

While working in the system if you want to move for coffee or some other work you can just close the lid to put it on sleep mode and can resume in 2 seconds using the Rapid Wake Technology. The multi – gesture touch pad brings out better interaction between you and laptop. Some of the attractive features of this best laptop for music production 2015 includes handiest port around, extraordinary web camera, artrage studio, sharing of videos , music, etc., movie creator, socialife app, etc.

3 # Dell Inspiron 15

laptop for music production3

The touch screen lovers love dell Inspiron 15. This is the best laptop for music production. It has the Intel premium processor 2127U as the core processor. HD WLED touches screen display with the resolution of 1366 x 768. Windows 8 as operating system and 4 GB RAM. You can play your favorite video, song, visit website, access your mail in single touch.

The internal memory is about 500 GB and also has the expandable memory so that you can install any music production software. It is designed as sleek and portable with 6 cell battery and 10 key number pad. In addition it has optical drive, video graphics, media card reader, waves maxx audio 4.0, pocket cloud companion, etc. It has the better sound effects and clear audio when compared to the other brands available in the market.

4 # Asus k55a

laptop for music production4

This music production laptop has Intel core i7 processor so that the CPU can be faster. The display is 15.6 inches which is a wider display to view and does not need too much of energy. The weight is 2.5 kg so that you can take it to any place and can be great for travelers. It has Intel HD graphics 4000 which is high end bridge model which offers a different clock speed in different CPU model. The battery life is better and the price is substantially good. You can expand the memory at a higher range. It consists of super hybrid engine II which enables the system to reach normal within 2 seconds after resuming the sleep mode and this interesting feature made this laptop as a great choice for professionals. It automatically secures the data when the battery level comes to 5%.

It has the ability to deliver most powerful sound and better bass. It is accompanied by multi – touch pad for smooth and effective typing experience which also offers wide ranges of colors. The super batt technology of the battery provides the extended lifespan so that the battery stands for longer period of time. To ensure comfortable usage and to make the heat generating components away from the palm rest it has IceCool Technology.

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5 # HP probook

laptop for music production5

This laptop can be a great choice to meet most of your needs in music production. It has the Intel core processor i5, standard RAM of 4GB at 1333MHz, 15.6 inch backlit LED with the resolution of 1366 x 768, the keyboard is spill proof which is suitable for any kind of environment, finger print reader for security enables you to keep your files safe, Bluetooth 3.0, memory 640 GB, better graphics and battery life.

You can get the greatest sound effects so that you can be able to make music with greater effects. It is portable in nature so that you can edit your music at your desired place, there is no need to sit in the studio. Battery is considerably good and light in weight. It supports to other software thus that installation of your needed software is not a problem. You can make the best editing and production of music using this laptop.

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