Many people used to spend their weekends with mower to groom their garden. This machine helps to cut the grass in your lawn at even height using revolving blades. There are various types of lawn mowers like reel mowers, rotary mowers, gas, electricity, riding, hover and more. The type of mower mainly depends up on the size of the garden. While talking about lawn mowers you will have this question in your mind “what is the best lawn mower brand” because many brands are involved in manufacturing these mowers and hundreds of products are available to choose from. Moreover each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Thus we have framed a list of best lawn mower brands 2018 in the following section after considering all the factors.

Top 6 best lawn mower brands 2018

6 # Toro 

This is one of the popular brand available in the market which offers huge range of products for homeowners and professionals to create as well as to maintain beautiful outdoor spaces. Since 1914 they are maintaining trusted relationship with their customers by providing quality and innovative products. This brand is involved in producing landscape, rental, innovative turf, construction equipment, outdoor lighting solutions, commercial, residential properties, etc. You can get zero turn mowers, walk power mowers, lawn and garden tractors from Toro.

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5 # Poulan

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The Poulan was an American company which was started in the year 1912 in Louisiana. It was founded by Claude Poulan and later on purchased by Bearid Company. After 1972 this brand was sold to Electrolux. It is one of the best lawn mower brands that also produce power equipments like leaf blowers and chainsaws. Recently they have launched a new brand namely Poulan pro which also offers mowers for their customer in gold and black color instead of traditional green color followed by Poulan. It offers high quality lawn mowers and also riding mowers in the market which is packed with plenty of features that enables the users to groom their garden perfectly and without spending much time.

4 # Worx

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This best lawn mower brand offers cordless mowers for their customer at affordable price that enables them to maintain their garden effortless. The various other products offered by this company may include grass trimmer, chainsaws, lawn mower, hedge trimmers, yard cards and other accessories. It comes with various features like adjustable moving height, mulching blades which are better than standard blades, intellicut moving technology, push button starting and rear discharge. It has the ability to cut grass for around 10,000 square feet garden with single charging. You need not to worry about pushing start and spilling of gas in this mower because it has many advantages than traditional mower. It can be the awesome and eco friendly little mover which are available in the market.

3 # Fiskars

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The Fiskars Corporation was founded in the year 1649 which was involved in producing consumer goods. It was formed by Peter Thorwoste who was a Dutch merchant and they were manufacturing metal, wire, nails, hoes and more when started. During economic and industrial development in Europe the Fiskars Corporation expanded their business and offered various agricultural machineries, forks, household utensils, etc to their customer. Now they became one of the leading brands of lawn mowers. They are offering reel lawn mowers that have many advantages than electric or gasoline mowers and better for environment also. It is equipped with innovative features that let you enjoy the benefits of reel mover and will not make you disappoint by its performance.

2 # Black & Decker

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This is an American Company that manufactures hardware, power tools, home improvement products and other accessories. It is the wholly owned subsidiary of Stanley Works which has its headquarters in Maryland. This company was formed in the year 1910 as a small machine shop by Alonzo G. Decker and S. Duncan Black which was the reason behind the brand to get this name. Other brands of Black and Decker include DeWalt, Oldham Blades, Vector, Black and Decker Firestorm and more. They are offering both cordless and corded lawn mowers in the category of mowers. You need not to worry about the pull cords, maintenance, storage of gas and oil, etc if you make use of this mower. It will not emit any smoke so it is not harmful to environment like gas mowers. With the help of this one you can complete your yard works easily.

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1 # Green Works

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This company has the mission of taking gas out of the tools and also produces reliable tools for the consumer. Thus they are producing powerful lawn mower to maintain and groom your lawn within few minutes. These machines work better than traditional gas lawn mowers and have the capacity to meet the garden of any size. It is featured with compatible hedge trimmers, compressor, pole saw and other innovative green tools of mowers. It has equipped handles for easy storage and delivers amazing performance to enhance the garden or yard. This is the best lawn mower brand that offer mowers at affordable price.

We hope you enjoyed this article and let us know your favorite and best lawn mower brands from the list. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.