Mosquitoes are the dangerous insects in the world that bothers you when you are talking with your friend in backyard or while spending time with kids in park. Not only outside but also in house it disturbs your sleep with their humming. Their bites can cause illness, itching, allergies and various types of diseases if you didn’t make any arrangements to control them. Mosquito killer is the only way to kill them and get rid of these issues.

If you are looking for the best mosquito killer then you’re in right place. In this article we have listed some of the effective mosquito killers that will guide you to make your choice.

List of 6 best mosquito killers 2015

6 # Stinger indoor mosquito killer

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The stinger indoor insect killer can be the best choice for the people who want to get rid of mosquitoes and other small insects in your home without getting any side effects. This product is featured with UV white light that attracts the insects to trap. This is environment friendly which will not cause any effect on your kids and pets also. It has the quiet fan that draws insects into internal trap where they will die and you can be able to clean the draw easily by pulling it. On the whole this can be a great solution for you to kill those dangerous mosquitoes and other insects.

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5 # Electronic indoor insect killer Zapper

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This electronic insect killer is 15 inches wide that comes with UV light which instantly kills mosquitoes. If mosquito comes near the metal grid it will burst like cracker and you will not get any smell. This pest control has no chemicals, fumes, mess, etc. It can be the finest mosquito killer for indoor that attract insects using UV light. It also comes with washable tray so that easy for you to maintain.

Other than mosquitoes it kills moths, flies, stink bugs and other insects. It is safe to use as the UV lights are not harmful and it is not dangerous for your pets. Just turn on the insect killer and forget about mosquitoes, surely you will like the bursting sound that arise from machine while killing mosquitoes.

4 # Mosquito Bits

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Rainy days are the perfect time for mosquito breeding. In those days we can see small water ponds everywhere and that is utilized by mosquitoes to build their family. It will hide in leaves, plants to suck your blood which may cause allergies, itches and other dangerous diseases. Mostly you can find much numbers of mosquitoes near your drainage. Mosquito bit can help you to get rid of these problems.

You can sprinkle these mosquito bits in standing water which will kill them in 24 hours. It will float in water to control them. Mosquito bit can be the best mosquito killer as it contains ingredients such as spores, insecticidal toxins, solids and more. It is comparatively cheaper than electronic insect killer and at the same time works effectively.

3 # Executioner mosquito zapper

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It is one of the best sources to kill mosquitoes which are made of ABS plastic with two batteries and trading standard approval. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. You have to fully charge it before you use and can perform effectively. Just press the on button and swing to kill mosquitoes. If mosquitoes, flies, bugs and other insects touch the screen then it will be zapped immediately with popping sound and sparkling blue light. It is fun using this zapper and can be a remedy to control insects. After using it doesn’t forget to charge so that you can utilize it for next day.

2 # Summit mosquito dunk

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The mosquito dunk helps to reduce population of mosquitoes in your pond or near your home. Each dunk has the ability to cover around 100 square feet. It is economical and you can get it from hardware or home supply stores near your house. Other than mosquitoes it is not harmful for pets, birds and wildlife. It can kill mosquitoes in one hour and can lasts for 30 days which is better than other products. It is the great mosquito killer to use in ponds, animal water troughs, standing water, etc. It contains the same ingredients that are used in mosquito bits.

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1 # Flowtron electronic insect killer

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It is equipped with advanced insect control that works in 40 watts bulb. It provides continuous and instantaneous service to the users. The non toxic UV light attracts mosquitoes, flies, bugs and other insects to kill them. It also has non clogging grid in which insect does not clog. It has the capacity of killing insects for around 1 acre which cannot be offered by many other killer machines. While insect is bursting you will not get popping sound and frying smell. Overall it is an effective equipment to get rid of mosquitoes.

These best mosquito killers will control them and enables you to peacefully enjoy your evening with friends and family members. Let us know your opinion about this article in the comments section below and please share it with your friends.