We have to create password to secure our stuffs. While creating password we will not use the same one for everything as it can be easily identified or misused so that we follow different while generating new login or account. In order to safeguard we use many key but we find it difficulty in remembering all those. Sometimes we forget the actual one and wrongly type some other so that it will get locked.

To avoid all these confusions there are some applications available to manage your passwords. You just want to feed up all your safe codes like credit card, debit card, license information and more in that app. Then you need not to worry about remembering all as just the app do. Here you go with the list of 6 best password manager apps for iPhone in the following section.

Top 6 Best Password Manager Apps for iPhone

1 # Dashlane

password manager1

It is the all – in – one generator as well as the password manager app. It helps you in storing your entire important open key as a list and you need not to worry about the safety. The best thing about this app is it tells you how much your password is strong that is the length of it.

If you once feed up everything and you want to log in this app can launch it and log you in automatically where other does not do. This is available on both iOS and Mac. It is quite easy to use and well designed. No one can access the data without master code. It gives you a secure backup which can be one of the best password manager apps for iPhone.

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2 # 1password

password manager2

It is created by Agile Bits which is used to track and maintain password. It also enables you to create a new and strong password whenever you want. You no need to remember your code word and get confuse as this app do for you. You just have to create a master pass code for this app.

With the few taps and simple unlock you can manage this one. It will not hold much memory in your phone. You can login to any of the sites which have a code instantly using this one which made it as the best iPhone password manager app. You can create the category and list down your favorite or most visited using the app in order avoid searching. You can manage it with the help of internet connection.

3 # mSecure

password manager3

This compatible app can keep your data safe and secure. There are almost 300 icons available so that it is easy for you to list your stuffs as big as you want. You can represent different kinds of accounts and logins. If you are busy and do not have time to enter data then you can take a photo of it and feed it later. It also supports Android, Mac, Windows and others.

It shows the strength of password and you can regenerate it with a single tap. This best iPhone password manager app is used by millions of people worldwide and has the auto – backup option to SD card and e-mail in order to secure data. You can share the records through e-mail, SMS and clipboard.

4 # PasswordBox

password manager4

You can manage your credit card numbers, web logins and more in this app. You can generate strong password when you need. Once you create a login all your secret code will be synchronized so that you can login from any device. You can store up to 25 passwords for free and after that you need to pay for it. This is the great choice for iPhone. You will have a better experience in using this.

5 # aWallet Password Manager

password manager5

This is good and awesome app to safeguard your stuffs. This allows you to change and create new data category. It supports for restore and backup of data to ensure the use on some other device also. You can encrypt the category and list up the favorite one. You can create a master password for the app where no one else can open it without the code which was created.

It supports auto destruction which will be done if the code is unsuccessful for a number of times which made it as one of the best password manager apps for iPhone. This does not need any internet access only seeks to backup and restore data file to USB device.

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6 # Keeper 

Keeper is another great and free password manager app for iPhone that enables you to keep all your stuffs safely. This easy to use app is also available for android and desktop. This allows you to enter, organize and store your various passwords and also personal information. For creating strong passwords on the fly it has built-in password generator. This app can automatically fill the login information of the user so that you can directly use it. The keeper provides 30 days trial pack for their customers which will help them to know about the app easily and can subscribe it to enjoy it further.

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