When you’re crazy about pink, there’s no reason why your laptop shouldn’t reflect your tastes. A pink laptop is unique, cute, and will never go out of style. However, while shopping for a laptop, it’s important not to compromise looks for quality and performance. To help you with your search, this article lists the best pink laptops to buy, from the least expensive to the most.


Top 5 Best Pink Laptops of 2018

1. Epik 11.6” Convertible Laptop

Epik 11.6” Convertible Laptop


If you’re looking for a pink laptop with a low price-point, check out the Epik Convertible Touchscreen from Walmart. This little, pink laptop is compact and light, making it an ideal choice for commuters and college students. As the name suggests, the Epik can fold in several ways, making its functions highly flexible.


Listed at $185, this laptop is the most basic choice. The Epik laptop comes equipped with a 1.44GHz Intel processor and 2GB RAM. The hard drive is compact, with a maximum of 32 GB.


The Epik Convertible Laptop comes with a standard 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Also, you can purchase Walmart’s exclusive Care Plan for 2 or 3 years, for $45 or $59, respectively. The Care Plan covers repairs that the manufacturer’s warranty does not, such as damage from cracks and spills.

2. Acer Aspire Switch 10E

a small pink acer aspire switch laptop


Acer is a well-established brand with a long line of products. The Aspire Switch 10E is compact and edgy, with a hot pink shell that is sure to draw attention. The Aspire Switch makes use of the Snap Hinge 2, a revamped magnetic snap hinge that allows you to use this device as a standalone tablet or a traditional laptop.


Like the Epik, this pink laptop is best used for more basic processes, such as Microsoft Office, Internet browsing, or light entertainment. The processor is a dual core, with 1.33 GHz and 2GB ram. The onboard memory is large, maxing out at 500GB. With only a 10” screen, this laptop is light and easily portable. The Aspire is currently listed at $250.

3. Samsung Notebook 9

an open samsung pink notebook


If you’re looking for a pink laptop with a little more power, check out the Samsung Notebook 9. Highly rated and very pink, the Notebook 9 offers power, style, and longevity. Although the 13” screen is much larger than the Epik and the Acer Aspire, the Notebook 9 can hold its battery life for up to 10 hours.


The dual core processor maxes out at 2.10 GHz and is complemented with a 4GB memory card. Combined with a high-definition screen, and an Intel HD graphics card, this laptop is much better for advanced entertainment and multiple program use.


The laptop is sold for just under $1000 at NewEgg.com. It comes with a standard one-year manufacturer’s warranty. However, you can purchase the extended protection for $60. In addition, you can purchase the Accidental Damage Plan for 1, 2, or 3 years for $60, $125, or $250, respectively. This covers your laptop against spills and cracks.

4. Apple MacBook Rose-Gold

a pink apple macbook


The Apple MacBook is prestigious for many reasons, including superior performance, design, and brand-name reassurance. If you’re looking for a pink laptop that can work hard and look great doing it, try out the MacBook in rose gold. There are two MacBooks available.


One model has a 256GB hard drive with an m3 processor that runs at 1.1 GHz; the other has a 512GB hard drive with an m5 processor that runs at 1.2 GHz. Both models are great for work and play. Still, if you’re planning on running more programs and would like to save more files on the hard drive, rather than iCloud, you should invest in the advanced model. Both models are equipped with 8GB of ram, a 12” touchscreen, and a feather-light body that weighs only 2 lbs.


The 256GB model is currently listed at $1199.99, while the 512GB model is listed at $1499.99. Each MacBook comes with Apple’s one-year manufacturer’s warranty and 90 days of tech support. For $250, you can also purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan, which continues your warranty for another two years.

5. Windows Surface Book

an open windows book pink laptop


Just because the Surface Book doesn’t ship from the manufacturer pink, doesn’t mean you won’t be able to customize it to your liking. There are several pink skins and hard shells available. This allows you to have an excellent laptop without committing to a specific color.


The Surface Book’s 13.5” screen is fully detachable, allowing you to use it as a tablet or traditional laptop. This laptop is also very powerful, equipped with an Intel Core i5 and 8GB of RAM.


You can purchase the Surface Book at many major electronic retailers, including Fry’s, the Microsoft Store, and Best Buy. However, if you choose to purchase it at Best Buy, you gain access to Geek Squad’s technical support. The basic Surface Book is currently listed at $1299.99.


If you do decide to go with the Surface Book, finding a pink skin or hard case is pretty easy. There are several websites that specialize in custom-made skins for the Surface Book, or you can purchase a standard pink skin. Hard cases provide more protection against damage but offer less variety of styles and colors.

Putting It All Together


Buying a pink laptop is a unique way to express yourself. Getting the color you want doesn’t necessarily mean you have to compromise performance; there are several options available that can cater to your needs. The Epik Convertible Laptop and Acer Aspire are compact devices best used for light personal and educational use.


The Samsung Notebook 9 is a step up, with a more powerful processor and a higher price tag. The Surface Book and MacBook are powerful laptops that, while more expensive, are stylish and trustworthy for complex functions. Have you purchased any of these models? Share your experiences below.

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