The Reciprocating saw is popularly known as Sawzall which is an essential demolition tool to cut array of materials like wood, fiberglass, masonry and metal. If you need anything to cut through quickly then reciprocating saw will be the best choice to do it faster than other tools. It will be difficult for you to make your way through hundreds of offers available in the market. And moreover we have to consider various factors like speed, portability, stroke depth, durability and more before purchasing this powerful machine. For this reason we have listed 6 best reciprocating saw 2015 in the following section after analyzing its advantages and disadvantages.

List of 6 best reciprocating saw 2015


reciprocating saw1

This cordless reciprocating saw can cut anything for remodeling or any demolition work. It can cut rough roofs and walls, metal, pipe, etc which is powered with 18 volts battery. This powerful tool can deliver high performance with the help of variable speed motor that force the blade up to 3000 strokes per minute. It has adjustable shoe for the purpose of maximum visibility and keyless blade clamp for changing the blades easily. The rubber handles enables the user to have a comfortable handling. The great thing about this reciprocating saw is the quick release chuck which allows you to select the orientation of blade as up and down or right and left. It can be the great companion for industrial user which performs better than other reciprocating saw available in the market.

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2 # Milwaukee 6538 Reciprocating Saw

Milwaukee 6538

reciprocating saw2

Milwaukee is a corded reciprocating saw that enables you to cut varieties of materials quickly. This saw performs better than hand saw that are available in the market. The motor is equipped with highest protection which prevents from the failure so that you can get better durability from this saw. It has the capacity to maintain invariable speed while cutting and featured with balanced mechanism to deliver smooth running. While pushing or pulling the saw it enables the users to add resistance with their movement in order to increase the efficiency of the device. More than that if offers blade at different length so that you can meet any type of cutting requirements. On the whole it is one of the best reciprocating saws available in the market.


reciprocating saw3

This saw enables you to accomplish the demolition task easily without much effort. It is outfitted with back and front motion of handsaw which let you to cut pipes, wood frames and more quickly. You can carry it along with your tool kit as it easily fit into places than other hand saw. This professional demolition tool is featured with 10 amp motor that offers you to have speed control for better performance and it push the blade with the speed of 0 to 2800 per minute. You need not to worry about the replacement of batteries or recharging them if you make use of this DEWALT reciprocating saw. It has adjustable shoe that allows you to have stability and control while cutting at different positions.

4 # Skil 9216 Reciprocating Saw

Skil 9216 

reciprocating saw4

This saw is packed with 9 amp powerful motor to cut through tough metals, walls and wood. It is one of the best brands that offer affordable reciprocating saw in the market which helps you in accomplish your remodeling task. It has an indicator that let you to know when power is on so that there is less chances for accidents. Like other saws in the list you can easily change the blades based on your requirement. You can get pivoting foot along with this stability while cutting materials. You will not feel inconvenient about bringing the extra tool to your work place as it is featured with tool-less blade changing option. While purchasing this saw you have to consider the unit based on the amount of work you are going to carry out. You will feel satisfied with this one as it offers great performance for the money you are paying for it.

5 # Black & Decker BDCR20B Reciprocating Saw

reciprocating saw5

This professional demolition tool is featured with tool-free blade changing preference that enables you to work conveniently while cutting heavy woods and materials. Without workload it has the maximum battery voltage of 20 volts and minimum voltage of 18 volts. It has the ability to push the blades with the speed of 0 to 3000 strokes per minute to perform effectively. This ideal saw is lighter when compared to other ones of the same category and you can easily carry it to anywhere you want along with the tool kit. It let you to make changes with the settings and speed to ensure proper control. You can gain high comfort while working with this one.

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6 # Bosch RS7

reciprocating saw6

This amazing reciprocating saw delivers the power of 11 amps which is great for cutting tools faster and efficiently. For effortless removal and installation of blade this saw is equipped with tool less blade change system. While cutting the materials there are chances for slipping thus it offers ergonomic handle with soft grip for maximum comfort and safety. The variable speed trigger enables you to improve the cutting control as well as to change the speed of the blade according to the nature of material. This can be a great demolition tool for professionals to meet their working needs.

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