Plantar Fasciitis is commonly found among the people who are on their feet a lot like soldiers or athletes which can occur either in one foot or both feet. This can happen because of the formation of spur and much pressure for the foot. At the place of injury a new bone will be formed as an attempt to reinforce and stabilize the strains of your foot. If it occurs then the pain will be literally more and it becomes worse after longer time of rest. The person who is affected by this plantar fasciitis will get incredible pain after getting out of the bed or longer periods of sitting.

This can be identified with some symptoms like swelling, pain in sole of the foot, snapping or clicking sound and more. You have to get basic awareness about the causes of plantar fasciitis and the self treatment that are available to get rid of this problem. A study was conducted with the two groups of athletes who are suffered from this problem and who does not have the symptoms of plantar fasciitis to test the flexibility and the strength of these people. In that study it is found that people with plantar fasciitis are restricted than other group. Recently a new article is also released by stating the new techniques in treating plantar fasciitis by Thomas C. Michaud.

Generally restrained exercise or running may increase the risk of plantar fasciitis and if you once get this then you have to continue the training activities. Most of the Physician advice the people who is affected with this foot pain to take moderate exercises regularly in order to protect the inflamed fascia ligament. In order to provide support to your feet during running or exercise you have to make use of right running shoe to protect your Achilles, ankles, heels, etc. Before buying the shoe you have to check its flexion point so that it will be flexible and make you feel relaxed while wearing. In this article we have listed the top 6 best shoes for plantar fasciitis 2015 in the following section.

Top 6 best shoes for plantar fasciitis 2015

1 # Asics GEL Nimbus

best shoes for plantar fasciitis

The GEL Nimbus is one of the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis which is featured with GEL cushioning, Fluid Ride midsole and more. This is effective solution for back pain and knee pain that provides you comfortable feeling. You can carry out your regular exercises or running with this shoe without worrying about the pain anymore. It is available in variety of colors like orange, blue, yellow, red, etc which will perform better for the price you are paying. They are offering shoes for both men and women who are suffered from this problem. It is manufactured with the combination of cushioning properties and bounces back with less weight as well as extended durability.

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2 # Saucony Kinvara  

best running shoes for plantar fasciitis

This is one of the leading manufacturers of running shoes that will give you great comfort and flexibility. They have heel-to-the-toe-drop option which can be the added benefit for the users. This lightweight shoe is improved with heal landing zone for smoother changeover. It is designed with internal booty construction that provides fit while walking or running with this one. They used power foam material which is lighter than rubber with grid technology to absorb the impact and center the foot. The important factor to be considered while getting the shoe for foot pain is flex appeal which can be found in this Saucony Kinvara in order to reduce your pain. All these features made this as one among the best shoes for plantar fasciitis.

3 # Brooks Addiction 11

best running shoes for plantar fasciitis3

This awesome shoe is equipped with motion control in order to provide control and superior support while using this. You will not get any type of pain after longer period of sitting if you use this one. The customized cushioning helps for perfect blend of comfort and support which many of the other best running shoes for plantar fasciitis fail to give. To create the smoother transition from mid-foot to fore foot it is featured with Progressive Diagonal Rollbar. You will get better durability with the abrasion-resistant rubber that helps to extend the life of shoe. The stylish outlook will not make you feel that you are wearing the shoe for plantar fasciitis problem. It is offering quality products for both men and women.

4 # Orthaheel Walker


This is the finest walker for people who is affected with the plantar fasciitis that are made of high quality leather that helps to prevent sports injuries. It is equipped with PU foam in order to reduce the roughness against skin so that you will not feel any kind of irritation or other problems. This will help you to get rid of knee, back and foot pain which is caused due to overweight or plantar. You will get the three important factors that are heel support, arch support and midsole stability in this product. You will not face any of the common complaints that you are getting from other shoes.

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5 # New Balance 990v3

best shoes for plantar fasciitis5

This shoe was manufactured in USA which is suitable for all types of foot and gives you protection against shock. This is one of the best sneakers for plantar fasciitis that help you to have your regular exercises as well as running and other activities without any pain. This lighter weight shoe is available in many sizes so that you can get this even if you have wider foot. This is comfortable and flexible for fast runners that enable you to run without any pain.

6 # Vionic Zen 

The Vionic zen walking shoes are equipped with orthaheel technology which provides better support for your leg when you are walking or doing exercise. It is light in weight and designed to promote stability and comfort with each step. They make use of full grain, premium, water resistant leather for the durability which has the ability to absorb shock and reduce stress on ankles, knees, feet, etc. This helps you to maintain an active lifestyle and are available at variety of colors. On the whole this shoe can be a great choice for the people who are suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Some of the shoes will not offer better heel support or flexibility which is because of the usage of cheaper materials. But the entire best sneaker for plantar fasciitis listed in this article will provide enhanced relief from pain. Let us know your feedback in the following comments section and also don’t forget to share it with your friends.