2017 brings you an array of sports events including athletics, soccer, boxing, formula 1, basketball, and cricket among many others. Luckily, there are free sports streaming sites where you can stream real-time games or access the already broadcasted ones conveniently.

Some of these events may not be offered exclusively on your TV set because of channel restrictions. This makes it very difficult to stay up to date with the events as they unfold. Therefore, this post reviews some of the best free sports streaming sites. They are chosen based on their popularity in the market.

a group pf players on the field during a rugby match

1. WatchESPN

WatchESPN is one of the most popular free streaming sports sites. It is owned by the popular ESPN sports channel. WatchESPN allows sports fans to stream live sports events from different categories. It also provides users with recent sports updates and news. By listening to the ESPN radio and podcasts, you will be able to catch all the occurrences in the sports industry.

The only downside of WatchESPN is that it is strictly for US subscribers. Consequently, you must have a cable package from an ESPN cable provider near you. However, when you meet these specifications, you are offered access to high definition real-time sports broadcasts via your PC, iPhone/iPad or any Android device.

2. FromHot

FromHot is another free streaming site for sports fans. It offers different events such as football, hockey, basketball, motorsports, and tennis among many others. You will love it for its simple and user-friendly interface.

Top sports events which are available for live stream are listed in the lobby of the site. The best feature of FromHot is that you can choose a particular time zone and enjoy all the local tournaments in that region.

FromHot also has a live chat widget. It allows users to engage other subscribers in heated arguments and conversations about a particular game. The above features make FromHot one of the best sports streaming sites available for free.

3. Batman Stream

Over 15 million users stream into Batmansream.com every month to watch live sports for free. The site provides favorite sports events from football, rugby, NBA, motorsports and NHL platforms. The site has been operating for the past four years. Bamtmanstream is reliable because it has up to 95% of uptime despite the heavy traffic it experiences when massive events are underway.

You will love how the available videos and broadcasts are organized on the Batmanstream website. Just like FromHot, it provides the live chat feature which hosts discussions about top sports events. When looking for a particular game or tournament, you can use the search tool on the homepage. The only downside to the Batmanstream site is that it restricts access from some countries.

several players during an american football match

4. LiveTV

LiveTV is one of the free sports streaming sites which delivers a remarkable user experience. The site’s simple interface displays trending matches, upcoming playoffs from different leagues, upcoming broadcasts, a navigation pane, and an iconography for available streams. It gets up to 25 million sports fans every month.

Another advantage of LiveTV is that the site supports five different languages. It has become quite popular in Germany, France, and Italy. LiveTV might just be the best free streaming platform for soccer fans around the world. Its downfall, however, is that it lacks some NFL streams as well as other America-oriented sports.

5. VIP League

VIP League is another great website that allows you to stream sports such as football, basketball, motorsports, formula 1, and Moto GP among many others. It is a safe bet for an all-around sports fan due to its diverse catalog. Users can change their time zone to stream some local sports action. The interface is also friendly and aesthetic.

You can change the theme to different color/design which pleases you more. Note that it doesn’t allow users from some countries such as India. However, with a good VPN software, you can stream events from any location.

6. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is without a doubt one of the most reliable free sports streaming sites available. It offers multiple mirrors for streaming a particular event. Therefore, if one mirror fails, you can watch the game on another one. All the sports available for live stream are organized on the lobby of the site ergonomically. The interface isn’t clustered with numerous match details that can reduce UX.

The homepage displays just the latest and most popular events across different sports platforms. You can, however, use the search button or “show all” option to find your desired broadcast.

several jockeys on their horses during a horse racing championship

7. Boss Cast

Boss Cast is a relatively new sports streaming site that covers most favorite sports events. Its games choice is targeted mainly for the US audience. However, the time-zone-change feature allows you to stream live games from different regions. The site provides users with a platform for sharing opinions and thoughts on a particular sport.

Once you reach the homepage of Boss Cast, you are greeted with sports videos from football, hockey, and basketball among others. The site gives you an option to peek at other streaming pages such as AXN and BBC for more action.

8. FirstRow Sports

FirstRow Sports is another great site for live streaming matches from different confederations. It is considered as one of the best sports streaming sites because it allows you not only to watch but also to upload your own sports videos.

This way, you can share hilarious sports clips with your friends. The site is also quite reliable, thanks to its multiple mirror links for streaming. Its only downside is the availability of many ads.

Summing It Up

As the football season begins, make sure that you can access any of these free sports streaming sites to stay abreast of all things sports-related. You can always try multiple sites to get a variety of tournaments. Have you used any of these free sports streaming sites before? If you have, share your thoughts in the comments section.

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