If you are searching for some apps to share your data connection from android device to another one, then it is possible with android tethering. The android tethering app allows you to expand your data connection from your PC to phone, phone to phone and phone to PC. Much tethering apps are available in Google store for android than iOS.

You need to know about the varieties of tethering apps like wire tethering, wireless tethering, tethering through USB, Bluetooth, etc to choose suitable app based on your requirement. In this article we have listed five best tethering app for android after analyzing pros and cons of each app.

Top 6 best tethering app for android

6 # Tethering Widget 

android tethering app6

This android widget allows you to easily share the data connection from your phone to other devices in single click. After installing this app you have to go to the launcher option and then select home button. In that go to menu and choose add widget to get this one in your phone. You have to do this to activate this app without any issues which will not allow you to use unless you add the widget. It is user friendly and works perfectly to use the wifi router to android phone to a computer without any adapter.

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5 # Easy Tether Lite

best android tethering app

This is an interesting tethering app that works through USB cable. You can also connect it to your game consoles like Xbox, play station, etc. There is no much difficulty in using this app, first you have to install it in your android phone and then install companion software on your PC or laptop to join the device with USB. Now you can share your data connection between phone and computer.

If you are not interested in spending money then you can download it from Google play store for free. This is the best tethering app for android which functions in basic method that allows you to share data, download videos, music, etc.

4 # Tether for Android

android tethering app

This is the best android tethering app that enables the user to directly share internet from android phone to laptop or desktop after installation of software. This app consumes more data as it works faster than other app. You can fully access your internet on computer using phone’s data plan.

Tether application supports both mobile platform like android, blackberry and also Windows, Mac, etc. It runs smoothly in your device without any issues and gained more positive feedbacks from user.

3 # ClockworkMod Tether  

This tether app comes in the list of most appreciated apps on Google play store which works absolutely great. This app requires Carrier’s tethering plan and it works in most of the devices. It is easy to use and allows you to tether without rooting or signing up for any tethering plan. To do so you have to install companion software in your device.

In this app, upload and download rates are available in the first page which will be helpful for the users to know about their data usage. This best android tethering app is compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows.

2 # FoxFi

android tethering app2

It is another great app for tethering which does not require any root to share data connection. It makes use of the control panel with intuitive interface to do activate or deactivate function. You can connect the android phone and system with the help of Bluetooth. It is the best tethering app for android that displays upload and download speeds to users like ClockworkMod tether.

People who own older android phones might not be able to use this app because FoxFi’s wireless option does not work in older versions of android. Not only with laptop and desktop you can also connect with your tabs and consoles to access the internet.

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1 # PdaNet Plus

android tethering app3

This app is one of the famous and most advanced android tethering apps. It does not require any root whereas better than wireless tether. The installation process takes few minutes and allows you to tether with your PC or other devices through USB or Bluetooth. To do so you have to first install companion app in desktop, then connect the device and share your internet at phone’s actual speed.

This app works well on all android phones and it can reach the download speed of above 35Mbps through USB. The main drawback which users face from this app is it does not support Wi-Fi hotspots. Otherwise it is the best and all time popular android tethering app.

We hope this article will help you in choosing the perfect and best tethering app for your android phone. Let us know your favorite tethering app for android from the list and also give your feedback about this article in the below comments section.