Most of the gamers want to upgrade their television after the arrival of Playstation 4 as they cannot imagine the greatest gaming experience without it. In fact it is pretty hard to choose a TV for gaming as you have to consider various factors like response time, picture quality, noise reduction, clarity, input lag, dedicated gaming settings and more. If you are looking for the most excellent gaming television then you have to take a look into the following section. In this article we have listed the top 5 best TV for PS4 2018 after analyzing the benefits and drawbacks of each one.

List of 5 best TV for PS4 2018

5 # Samsung H5500 LED TV

best tv for ps4 1

The Samsung H5500 can be a great television to play ps4 as it offers the resolution of 1080p and delivers clear image. You can experience the amazing picture without compromising the clarity as it is featured with the resolution twice as high as standard HD television. The important factor that most of the other gaming televisions fails to provide is the good motion clarity in high speed action which you can get from this LED TV. It has Eco Sensor technology that measures the amount of existing light and automatically adjusts the brightness of the image. You can easily connect your existing wireless network with the help of built-in Wi-Fi option.

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4 # LG 42LB5600 LED TV 

best gaming tv for ps4 2

The LG 42LB5600 is a high definition TV that comes with LED backlight technology for brighter picture. You can get the resolution of 1080p to deliver detailed and clear image which made it as the best gaming TV for ps4. The motion clarity index helps to reduce the blur of fast motion content while playing video games or watching sports channel and thereby provide immersive image. It is available at affordable price when compared to other gaming TV in the market and has the longer life expectancy.

3 # Vizio E700i-B3 smart HDTV

best tv for ps4 3

The Vizio HDTV is one of the most expensive televisions in the market that delivers brilliant picture quality with the LED backlight technology. It dynamically adjusts the dimming area of the screen to match the picture contrast on the other areas of the screen. It delivers flawless picture performance by combining the smooth clear action technology and ultra-fast refresh rate. It enables you to enjoy the high speed chase scene in a smash hit movie or play your favorite shooter video game. It also has built-in Wi-Fi to connect with the existing internet, expanded premium app collection, full screen app launcher for finding and organizing your apps and more to make it as ultimate smart television for the users. With all these features it can be the best TV for ps4.

2 # Samsung UN40EH5000 LED TV

best gaming tv for ps4 4

The Samsung UN40EH5000 can be the great choice for playing ps4 games as it offers many amazing features than other televisions in the list. It enables you to have great gaming experience and to watch the movies or videos with fast action. In order to accurately measure the speed of LED TV it has clear motion rate option that calculates backlight technology, image processor speed and frame refresh rate which made it as the best gaming TV for ps4. This has the ability to eliminate image distortion while playing game with it. The wide color enhancer plus feature allows you to see the originally intended picture color. With the help of entire RGB spectrum you can view vibrant and natural looking images. To automatically calibrate the brightness of the content on the screen and to measure the intensity of the room light, the television makes use of unique eco light sensor.

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1 # Sony W850B premium LED TV

best tv for ps4 5

The Sony W850B is equipped with plenty of features to deliver astounding performance. This 70 inch television can be the best gaming TV for ps4 that enables you to have unlimited fun and supreme gaming experience. It offers clarity images, iconic design with large speakers, enhanced sound, precise motion clarity, let you to tweet and watch the TV at the same time, HD wireless streaming and more. You can hear every detail of the sound effects, music and dialogue with greater clarity. Even the fast moving content can be seen clearly without any blur and you can be able to access thousands of TV channels, movies, games, online videos, music, etc in the HD quality with the use of built-in Wi-Fi option. The Dynamic Edge LED backlight with frame dimming illuminates bright scenes and delivers pitch black night scenes clearly by boosting the contrast in the right area.

We hope you find this article useful in choosing the appropriate television that meets your gaming needs. Please let us know your feedback about this article in the following comments section and also don’t forget to share it with your friends.