Blowing smoke rings or vape rings is fun and not that difficult to do once you get the hang of it. Moreover, a smoker that does “O’s” looks impressive. People that blow smoke rings think that others will consider them cool. In fact, they want to grab others’ attention and stand out in the crowd. Although some of you might think this is something hard or almost impossible to do, we will show you the easiest and most effective ways to create vape rings. All you need are perseverance, practice, and patience. It can be done using cigarettes, hookah, e-cigarette or smarties. If you have tried many techniques and didn’t find the right one, then this article is the right choice for you. Below, you will find some of the easiest and most effective methods and tips on how to blow smoke rings.

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Methods & Tips on How to Blow Smoke Rings

#1. The Tap Out Method

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This method is also known as the training wheels method. It helps smokers blow the smoke rings easily. Using this method helps almost all smokers blow rings. Moreover, they can learn quicker and easier how to make “O’s.” All you have to do is simply inhale the smoke from hookah or cigarette and keep it in your throat. Then slowly tap on your cheeks.

This way, it will be easier for you to exhale the haze and form small ring shapes. You will need to train quite often. Also, you need to learn the proper way to keep the smoke in your throat without inhaling it into your lungs. The tap out way is one that suits beginner smokers.

#2. Tongue Push Method

By following this method, you will make use of your tongue to produce the circles or rings. Just like in the above method you have to inhale the smoke. After that, you have to curl your tongue towards your throat. Try to place your tongue in a certain position in which it forms the letter U shape. Then use the flat side of your tongue to blow out the smoke.

If you practice long enough, you will soon start to see small rings coming out of your mouth. Also, this method helps you create longer-lasting smoke rings compared with other ways. When it comes to how to blow smoke rings, this is definitely one of the best methods to try.

#3. Deep Inhale Method

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For this method, you will need to use an electronic cigarette. Firstly, you need to inhale deeply from your cigarette. The longer you inhale, the better the rings will be. Keep your tongue towards the back of your mouth and try to position your mouth in the required shape. Secondly, open your lips slowly and blow out the smoke. This should help you create the O shape. Push out only small amounts of smoke. Between each smoke blowing, you should wait a couple of seconds if you want to create perfect circles.

#4. Traditional Method

This method is well known among smokers. Almost all people have tried it in the attempt to create beautiful and perfect smoke rings. You can blow a perfect O-shaped smoke ring using this method. Take a deep inhale or puff and hold the smoke in your mouth. Keep the tongue at the bottom of your mouth and pull it. Then slowly open your mouth to avoid the air flow. Otherwise, the breeze might break your vape rings.

You have to open your entire mouth not only the lips. This way, you will be able to make the ring. Now use your tongue to push the smoke out from your mouth. You will achieve a great O shape only when you push your tongue towards your lips a little harder than usual. The secret lies in the way you hold and push your tongue. This is a common and often-used tip on how to blow smoke rings.

#5. Jawin

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This method is a more complex and quite difficult one. It requires more practice and patience because you have to control your muscles more. Like other methods in the list, you have to take a thick puff of smoke as much as possible. Then form an O shape with your lips and use your tongue as a springboard to produce the circle of smoke. You should be aware, though, that every blow will reduce the amount of smoke from your mouth. This seems easier but takes some time, and it needs a lot of practice. You have to push the vapor out by moving your jaw up and down. For better results, you should use lighter cigarettes.

Beautiful smoke rings are made especially when you use strong cigarette varieties. Just relax and don’t give up. On the other hand, don’t smoke a lot of cigarettes in the attempt to create vape rings. The best way to practice is by sitting in a room where there’s no airflow. If the wind or breeze is too strong, your smoke rings will break apart, and you won’t even get the chance to see them.

As mentioned above, something that might help beginners is tapping their cheek while they blow the smoke. Also, you should hold your tongue in the back part of the mouth. It is easier this way! Once you become better at this, you can start using your tongue in order to make the rings spin.

To improve the smoke shapes, you have to curl your lips when the smoke is coming out. Another easy way to create perfect circles is to make use of cell phone wrapper. Let us know the method you liked most from the list and also your feedback in the following comments section. All the above tips on how to blow smoke rings will help you achieve results as long as you practice and don’t give up. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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