7 Unblocked Music Sites You Can Listen To at School

7 Unblocked Music Sites You Can Listen To at School

Setting up your own playlist to listen to your favorite music is often one of the best ways to motivate yourself to tackle a difficult school project. There are many different streaming websites available to choose from that feature a variety of different music types and popular artists.


Unfortunately, these types of sites are often restricted on school networks. So how to listen to music at school, not blocked? There are still several popular music sites that aren’t blocked where you can listen to music at school that you can try today. This article is going to explore seven sites that are likely to be unblocked sorted by their popularity.



Top 7 Unblocked Music Sites to Listen To at School – Try Today (Listen to Music Not Blocked at School)

1. Slacker Radio


Slacker Radio is another top unblocked music site that you should consider trying out for yourself. The website is free to use and has many great features that make it a great choice for audio entertainment. One of the best features about the site is that you can find just about any type of music imaginable. From classical to rap, Slacker Radio is sure to delight with its plethora of choices.


You can also signup for an online account to remove advertisements and unlock other features such as offline listening. Slacker Radio is definitely one of the top choices for those of you who are seeking a music site that offers plenty of entertainment options.

2. Soundzabound


Soundzabound is one of the top unblocked music sites that you can likely use at your educational institution. This is due to the fact that Soundzabound is designed to meet the royalty free requirements that most educational facilities require for music use.


The website is fairly easy to use and navigate. You can sort music by genre as well as by specific artist. This makes it a great choice for those who are looking for audio content to incorporate into school projects and more. However, since the music is royalty free, it is important to realize that this service does not incorporate most popular pop artist. It is meant to be more of an educational tool which is why most school websites do not restrict its use.

3. Pure Volume


Woman in headset tuned to Pure Volume


Pure Volume is another unblocked music site that is worth trying out for yourself. Their signup process is completely free and they do not have any type of premium account access like Slacker. All of the music is supported by periodic advertisements. Like Slacker, you can search by artist name as well as genre.


Pure Volume supports almost as many artist selections as Slacker does. The only downside is that their website is not quite as intuitive and is slightly more difficult to navigate. However, it is still a great music streaming site that is perfectly legal to use.

4. Grooveshark


Grooveshark is another great unblocked music site. Creating an account is simple and completely free. Once created, you can begin exploring a variety of different music genres featuring some of the most popular artists today like Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars. In terms of selection, Grooveshark has almost as many choices as Slacker does. The only downside is that their playback is slightly less reliable.


One of the best features about Grooveshark is that you can create custom playlists using a variety of different artists. You can also save these playlists for later use. This makes this site a perfect pick for those who want to create their own study jams and motivational music to help get through difficult school projects.

5. BlueBeat Music


BlueBeat Music is another unblocked music site option to explore. They are definitely much lesser known than some of the more popular choices like Slacker. However, this also means that they are much less likely to be blocked by website filtering options. To use the service, you will have to sign up for an account which is completely free.


One of the best things about BlueBeat is that it keeps the commercial breaks down to a relative minimum compared to some of the other options. You can easily favorite songs and artist to create your own playlist to fit a variety of different needs and moods. In terms of selection, BlueBeats Music has a fairly impressive library. It has only slightly fewer selections than other sites like Pandora and Slacker.

6. PlaylistSound


PlaylistSound music list


PlaylistSound is another smaller unblocked music site that is worth trying out for yourself. To stream music, you will have to create an account first which is completely free. One of the best things about this particular option is that their website is very easy to use. Browsing the different available artists is very simple thanks to the large icons that display different album choices and more.


One great feature that is worth mentioning about this service is that it includes Youtube video selections for popular choices as well. This makes it a great choice for those who enjoy watching music videos as well as those who just want to listen to music. The only downside is that playback is slightly interrupted by regular buffering during periods of higher server load. However, it is still a great option that is worth trying out for yourself.

7. SongArea


SongArea is probably one of the newest unblocked music sites for school to try for yourself. Like the other options, they require an account to stream music. However, the service is free to use and is supported by advertising revenue. The website sports an impressive variety of popular artists ranging from Justin Bieber to Zara Larsson.


The only real drawback to this particular option is that their website is a bit cluttered. When searching for a particular artist, it is easy to get lost in all the icons that are squeezed onto one page. However, since this is a newer option, it is far less likely to be blocked by school firewall settings.

Bottom Line


All of these unblocked music sites you can listen to at school are definitely worth trying out for yourself. Keep in mind, the exact content that is allowed will differ from school to school. Feel free to try out our different selections and tell us about your experience in the comments below.


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Top 6 Websites Like DivxCrawler to Download Movies For Free

Top 6 Websites Like DivxCrawler to Download Movies For Free

If it is a weekend we always prefer to watch our favorite movie whether it is newly released or old one. We can see the new movies in theatre but the old one has to be downloaded. When you enter into movie sites, some will automatically download unnecessary software if you click on download option. Otherwise it will ask permission to install some other media players. Even if you do so, it will not enable you to get any movie until you close that site.


You will not face such irritations anymore because there are some sites that really allow you to download movies for free on a single click without any issue, sites like DivxCrawler for example. Here we have listed top 6 websites to download movies for free in the following section to help you watch and download your favorite movies.

List of top 6 websites to download movies for free

1 # Divx Crawler


Divx Crawler


This is one of the best websites to download movies for free without redirecting you to any other site. It is the best source to get movies, videos, software and more. When you enter into the site you can see the list of movie collection along with description about each movie. In the right corner of list you can find the download option to download that particular movie for free.


It will let you to compress the file size to store it on your hard drive and also to easily share. This site will update the movie list so that you can find most of the new movies also which can be downloaded quickly with high quality. You can get all type of movies like classic, comedy, horror, black and white movies, etc. This is one of the best sites to download free movies.

Similar sites like DivxCrawler or sports streaming sites:

2 # Free movie downloads6

Free movie downloads6  


When you enter in to this free movie downloading site you can see search option on the right corner. Just type the movie name or category in that search option to get your desired movie. Below that you can see the menu with list of category like animation, action, comedy, crime, drama and more. Get in to the category and select the movie that you want from list. This free movie downloading site will not ask you for any log in or will not ask permission to install any software. You can trust this site to download unlimited number of movies for free without facing any issues.


3 # Download free full movie


Download free full movie


Download free full movie is one of the best websites to download free movies which also let you to watch it online. This provides review of all movies that will help you to know some information about that movie and to decide whether you have to watch it or leave. You will be attracted by the black background of this site and also by the plenty of movies available.


You can search the movie by its name, actor, director, and category or by the recent post. The main drawback you can face in this site is you need to install flash player. Otherwise you will not face any issues or trouble while downloading your favorite movie.

4 # Gingle



Gingle is one of the best sites to download free movies which offer maximum number of films that includes new and old ones. This portal will not ask you to register or fill any kind of form to download. Just you need to click the button and it will start within five seconds without any issues. Like other sites you can get various categories and search option.


You can download full length latest movies, popular songs, listen to radio stations in online, wallpapers, play and get the famous games. You can also search directly through the picture name, actors and director, etc. In the home page you can find separate list of each category which is updated often to easily find your desired one whether it is film or music or game.

5 # 300MB movies 4U

movie downloading5


It is another awesome free movie downloading site that allows you to download movies directly. You can see the latest updated list in the home page of site where you can get a huge range of block buster movies. From that you can choose any one by clicking on film’s name and it will first give basic information about the characters, director and year of release, etc before download option which will give help you to know about it.


It specially offers you a category which most of the other sites does not that is you can get IMDB top 25 movie option. In which you can see a list of films that is highly rated and reviewed by users in IMDB. You can also watch and download TV series, HD videos, and classic movies even it let you to play popular games.

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6 # Direct movie dl

Direct movie dl


In this website you can find huge database of movies for free which can be downloaded with the single click. You need not to pay or download any unnecessary software to watch the movie. You can find the list of categories like free movies, member area, movies coming soon and more so that you can find your desired picture easily without involving much time in searching. There are certain movies which is offered only for their members thus to enjoy those films you have to be a member of this website. You can also use the search option to get the film you are looking for.


We hope you find this article useful to directly download your favorite movies for free without facing any issues. If you know any other websites to download free movie sites then please share it with us in the comments section below which will be helpful for other users.

Sites Like PrankDial/Prankowl & Other Great Prank Call Websites

Sites Like PrankDial/Prankowl & Other Great Prank Call Websites

Prank calls have always been a source of having fun and entertaining yourself. If you want to make a prank call to one of your friends, all you have to do is to search the best dedicated websites on Google. This activity is very popular, especially among teenagers. Sites like Prank Dial.com and others have even developed funny prank call scenarios. To help you pick the right site that will suit your preferences, we have come up with a list of the best prank call websites available online, sites like Prankdial.com or Prankowl.com.


Sites Like PrankDial/Prankowl.com & Other Great Prank Call Websites

#11. Hoaxcall


hoaxcall prank call website


Hoaxcall is a popular prank call portal that is similar to Prank Dial.com.  This platform enables you to hear what the called person says directly in your browser window. All you have to do is simply choose the call scenario you want to do. Hoaxcall provides plenty of different funny scenarios such as God Wants You, The Garbage Spy, Rocking Festival, and others.


Then call your friend, press the play button and enjoy your friend’s reaction. This website gives you the possibility of recording the entire conversation. This way, you can hear it again later. To play the clip, you just have to click on the sentence you want your friend to hear. One can say that Hoaxcall is a source of unlimited fun and entertainment.


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#10. Easy Prank


easy prank website homepage


This is an amazing free prank call website that allows you to have unlimited fun with your friends. There’s a pranks list with all the available jokes you can choose from. You will easily find it in the site’s menu. Easy Prank provides a wide range of prank templates such as Service Call, Stop Calling Me, Totally Awesome Survey, and others. Under each option, there are two buttons: preview and send prank. You can choose the desired one to enjoy hearing the joke or send it to a friend. The platform provides the possibility of recording and even downloading the conversations.

#9. Foxy Call


foxy call prank call website platform


Foxy Call is one of the best prank call websites that not only enables you to call a friend and play a prank on him but also lets you send prank-related text messages. It offers a voice modifier feature that will help you keep your anonymity during the conversation. This way, the person you’re playing the prank to will not be able to recognize who is calling him/her. Another great feature helps you send already recorded voices that you can send directly to your friends. You can record the conversation and enjoy listening to it later on together with your friends.


#8. Prank Call


prank call website homepage subscription


This is another popular prank call site that is available for people in the US and Canada. Besides Prank Dial.com, this is also a website that has gained a lot of awareness since its launch. It is now easy to make pranks just by typing the number of the person to whom you want to make the call. You can record the conversation for a later round of fun. You should definitely try this with your friends. The platform offers unlimited free-of-charge calls. Moreover, the site doesn’t require an account or a subscription.

#7. Comedy Calls


comedy calls prank call website homepage


Comedy Calls is the best website for prank calls that allows you to make use of plenty of pre-recorded prank scenarios to have fun with your folks. The site provides a browsing library feature that you can easily use in your search for the perfect prank. There are a lot of categories of funny jokes that you can send to your friends. The platform requires you to collect call credits in order to gain access to all its features.

#6. KDK Prank Calls


kdk prank calls platform homepage


On this site, you will find a wide range of prank call scenarios to choose from. This way, you can use the platform multiple times, without getting bored or out of ideas. KDK Prank Calls provides plenty of categories like Hosted Pranks, Soundboards, Prank Calls Templates, Forum, Chat, and more. It is one of the most popular free prank call websites that enables you to have a great time with your friends.


#5. Bored


bored prank call websites and its categories


Bored is one of the most popular prank call sites, right next to Prank Dial.com. In order to access all its features, you need to fill up a form. In other words, you will have to provide your name, the phone number of the person whom you want to call, etc. Filling the form enables you to make three free-of-charge prank calls. If you want to make more, you will have to pay a required fee. What is interesting about this platform is its other categories besides the prank calls. Here, you will also find games, music, videos, quizzes, and even TV shows.


#4. Phone Losers


phone losers prank call website


Phone Losers is a great website for prank calls that allows you to have fun with your friends and family. It is easy to do this, due to the platform’s versatility. Basically, you can use any caller ID you want. This funny prank site has a huge list of themes like complainer pranks, Wal-Mart pranks, Foursquare stalking pranks and more. Phone Losers’ developers update the site pretty often. Therefore, you will definitely want to check it out regularly.

#3. Prank Owl (Prankowl.com)


prank owl site featuring its main options


Now you can easily send free prank calls to your friends and family members with the help of this popular site. You will have to complete three steps when you access this website which will guide you to make a prank call if you are a new user. Also, it gives you the opportunity to create your own username and password to generate an account.


You can choose a prank from a wide list of options. Then, you can send it to the person you want, by using a caller ID or a phone number. If you want to boost this site’s entertainment level, you should get the premium token. This will allow your access to all its features.


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 #2. Wacky Prank Calls

wacky prank calls website homepage


Wacky Prank Calls is another similar site like PrankDial, a free prank call website that offers interesting and funny pre-recorded voices to send to your friends. It is quite different from other sites because you have to enter a certain phone number to play a prank call. This is that required number: 09051050000. If you dial it, you will get instructions on how to make a call. Then, you need to follow the given procedure. You will hear the live conversation. Also, on this website, you don’t have to worry about your contact information protection. The platform has a strong security policy.

#1. Prank Dial.com (Prankdial.com)


prank dial.com phone jokes website


Prank Dial.com is definitely the best prank call website in the world. It has millions of users who enjoy their prank options. To enjoy their prank scenarios, you need to create a new user account. Once you created a username and a password, you will gain access to the entire platform. You can choose any of the pranks available in the site to send to your friends. Like many other prank call websites, this one also lets you record the conversation and listen to it later.

We hope you enjoyed this article about the Prank Dial.com and other interesting and funny prank call websites. Please let us know which site you consider the best from the above list. Also, share your thoughts in the following comments section which will be useful for other readers also.

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Top 5 best portable dvd player for car 2018

Top 5 best portable dvd player for car 2018

If you are looking for an all around performer or in-car player then you are at right place. It is really daunting task to pick one from the plenty of options available in the market. Moreover while buying the portable dvd player you have to look into various essential elements like the screen size, quality of picture, dimension, price, battery life, etc. In this article we have listed the top 5 best portable dvd player for car 2018 in the following section which will enable you to make your choice.

List of 5 best portable dvd player for car 2018

5 # Argos 10 inch dvd player


portable dvd player1

The Argos portable dvd player is great for long journeys which provides extended battery life and suitable for all kinds of travelling. You can be able to plug it in to a car socket so that provides much comfort to watch the films or any other videos. You can make your desired journey with the help of this dvd player and fits easily in your car. You can get plenty of colors and options to choose from. It comes with the resolution of 640 X 480 to deliver crystal clear picture. The screen size is quite bigger thus your film or video will look amazing without any issues.

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4 # Panasonic DMP-B100

portable dvd player2

The Panasonic is one of the popular electronic goods manufacturing company in the world that offers plenty of products for their customers. The portable dvd player from this company is equipped with all the essential features which enable you to make your trip pleasant. You can be able to watch your desired movies in high definition anywhere with this player. It comes with 9 inches screen that let you view the movies with premium image quality than the usual definition players. It allows you to play your images or videos taken with camcorders and digital cameras.

3 # Philips PET7402A portable dvd player

portable dvd player3

The portable dvd player from Philips enables you to have pleasant time while travelling as it allows you to watch many number of films in high definition. The LCD display screen let you indulge in enjoying your music, movies, photos, etc on the road. You can be able to watch your videos with detail and vibrant colors. The speaker is equipped with providing quality sound and allows you to listen freely without any issues. It is compatible with most of the DVD and CD disks available in the market which is not offered by most of the other ones. It has revolutionary compression technology by which large digital music files can be made up to 10 times smaller without regarding their audio quality.

2 # Toshiba SDP74S

portable dvd player4

The Toshiba SDP74S portable dvd monitor enables you to enjoy your favorite film or pictures or video with high quality. The screen size is quite bigger when compared to other ones thus suitable for viewing pictures brightly as well as clear. You can get the crystal clear quality pictures with the maximum dimension and you will enjoy them without any blur. The design is amazing which will be the first thing that you will note when you remove the packaging. The battery will lasts up to five hours which is comparatively higher than the usual one and they are offering wide range of colors to choose from.

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1 # Sony DVP-FX930 portable dvd player

The Sony FX930 can be the best portable dvd player for car which is equipped with various features that satisfies the need for watching film. This 9 inches wide screen LED monitor comes with special mechanism for flexible viewing. You can get the touch operation control option that is unable to achieve by most of the other ones available in the market. It is light in weight as they make use of anti shock design. You can be able to fix it easily in your car without making much effort.

Please let us know your favorite portable dvd player for car and also your comments in the following comments section which will be useful for other readers also. And don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Top 5 best large screen TV 2018-2019

Top 5 best large screen TV 2018-2019

While talking about the mediums of entertainment we always prefer television which became integral part of our life. There are many choices available in this segment to choose from ever before and you can redefine the word home theater with the help of large screen TVs available in the market. While buying those televisions you have to look into various factors other than price like widescreen or letterbox, right screen size, television depth and its type like LCD, HD, CRT, DLP and more. Thus to help you we have framed the list of best large screen TV 2018 in the following section after considering all the above features.

List of 5 best large screen TV 2018

5 # Panasonic E6 VIERA

best large screen tv1

The LED television named VIERA from Panasonic is packed with bundle of features that enables you to have amazing television experience. You can have complete access when you turn on the TV with the variety of additional content including photos, internet videos and more. It also allows you to connect your smart phone or tablet with the television to share your stuffs easily. The Backlight Blinking technology provides high quality pictures without any blur and fine control of the backlight result in images that are free from flicker and after images. This television in lesser in weight and the cutting edge design will attract you. The highly efficient low power consumption is the main advantage of this product.

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4 # Toshiba Cloud     

The Cloud LED TV from Toshiba is enhanced with various options like streaming news, family calendar, photo album, media guide, personal messaging and more to deliver personalized TV experience. It is designed to meet the modern connection needs and to offer brilliant picture quality for the users. You can be able to play games with your friends and family members and it enables you to connect with the internet. You can control the video and audio devices using the remote in this convenient television. It comes with USB ports, HDMI connections, Video input, Wi-Fi, PC port, etc to facilitate the multiple inputs. To deliver sharp and brighter content it is equipped with LED backlight. You can get the wider screen size of 65 inches which is bigger than other brands available in the market.

3 # Samsung F7500 LED TV

best large screen tv3

The Samsung F7500 is the ultra slim television with highest refresh rate to make it as perfect television for playing video games, watching movies and many more. This 46 inches smart TV comes with the voice command recognition system and motion sensing for effortless entertainment experience. This best large screen TV allows you to watch two channels at a time and also to record all of your favorite programs so that you can watch it later without missing them. On the whole it delivers excellent performance when compared to other televisions.

2 # Sony W802A smart TV


The Sony W802A is the high definition television that comes with dynamic edge LED backlight to deliver crystal clear pictures. You can get dynamic sound from this television that will fill the entire room which is amazing for the action movies thus you can get theater like experience from this one. You can view the movies, apps, music and other things on your smart phone in big screen by connecting the device to add value to your entertainment. This can be the best television for gaming as it offers brighter as well as clear picture without any blur. It has built-in Wi-Fi thus you can connect to the existing internet connection to enjoy your various social networking sites in bigger screen. You can also record your most wanted shows or desired videos to watch it later using the recording option offered by this smart TV.

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1 # Samsung F8000 big screen TV

This is another great widescreen television that delivers amazing performance to meet all your need for the LED television. The Samsung F8000 is equipped with sleek design which also comes with the metal stand thus you can place it anywhere in your home without any issues. It comes with smart evolution technology that keeps your TV up to date with the latest technology advancement. With the voice and gesture control feature you can control the settings of the television as well as the volume, sound effects, etc. It will make recommendations based on what you watch so you can enjoy your channels instead of searching the list. On the whole is offer high quality pictures in large screen thus you can have excellent entertainment in your home.

We hope you enjoyed this article and please let us know your thoughts in the following comments section which will be useful for other users.

7 coolest inflatable water slides

7 coolest inflatable water slides

Kids are always excited to have some outdoor entertainment during summer holidays and there is nothing more entertaining than the inflatable water slides. There are many models of inflatable water slides like front end loader slides, tube slides, slides including detachable pools and double slides. This water slide offers numerous levels that enable the kids of all ages to have fun. If you are looking for an inflatable water slide for your backyard then you are at the right place. Here we have listed the 7 coolest inflatable water slides in the below section.

List of 7 coolest inflatable water slides

7 # Blast Zone pirate bay water slide

inflatable water sliders1

The pirate bay from blast zone is perfect for outdoor entertainment that enables your kids to have unlimited fun while playing in it. The water slide operates using the constant flow of air fed from UL listed blower and some escapes through the seams in the material. This allows the inflatable to avoid the risk of under or over inflating. The pressure inside your inflatable water slide will support much splashing, jumping and other activities the kids want to do. You can easily set up the water slide by just turn on the switch. Other than splash pool with slide it also offers water canons with bouncer and crawl tunnel which make them to have multiple games in one water slide.

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6 # Bounceland jump and splash inflatable water slide

The Bounceland offers both dry and wet play combo bounce house that offers many outdoor games for kids. It is powered by strong UL blower which makes the inflating more quickly. This is made of puncture proof materials with quadruple stitches so that it can be used for longer period of time. It has the capacity to hold the maximum weight of 300 lbs. This can be used in any occasion to entertain the kids and allows them to play both water games as well as dry games.

5 # Blast Zone inflatable water park

cheap inflatable water slides3

The Blast Zone inflatable crocodile water park has double high tail wall for the safety of your kids. You can also get climbing ramp for the ease of use and the water slides on two sides enables the kids to have unlimited fun. They can enjoy their summer holidays with the twisty splash slides. It is manufactured using the commercial grade PVC material for the extra durability. This cheap inflatable water slide will inflates in just seconds and will enable your kids to enjoy the adventure.

4 # Banzai Splash blast water slides

commercial inflatable water slides4

The Splash blast from banzai is both paddle pool and water slide. The paddle pool has sprinkler system in the corner that a child can use to cool off. This is one of the commercial water slides that offers climbing wall with the standard handles and foot holes to facilitate the children get to the top of the slide. The continuous air blower is kept on constantly while the inflatable toy is being used to keep the structure secure.

3 # kidwise double inflatable water slide

inflatable water slides5

The Kidwise inflatable water slide can be a great choice for the outdoor entertainment and can fit in your backyard without any issue as it is 20 feet in long. It has two slides that will enable the kids to have competition in order to get more fun. This water slide inflates in just few seconds and is easy to keep in the case after the sliding got over. It is easy for the kids to climb over and for their protection it is designed with the wall covering the whole slide.

2 # Little tikes rocky mountain river race

The rocky mountain river race from Little tikes comes with two slides and a climbing wall which can be the great choice for kids below 10 years of age. They can have hours of outdoor splashing fun in this bounce house. It is featured with the spray hoods thus you can make the slippery sliding surface for amazing ride without getting struck anywhere. It also has a dump bucket that pours water on kids while they are climbing on the inflatable rock wall which will give much fun for them.

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1 # Intex Kool splash waterslide

The Intex waterslide allows you to turn your swimming pool into a water park in summer which will provide unlimited fun to your kids. You just have to inflate and attach a garden hose then slide away to enjoy your ride. For the stability of the slider you can have inflatable bases with the slider. On the whole this can be one of the greatest water slides available for kids that fit in your backyard easily.

We hope you enjoyed this article and let us know your favorite water slide from the list. Please also share your feedback in the comments section below.