Top 7 best perfumes for men 2018-2019

Top 7 best perfumes for men 2018-2019

Every man will not step out from his house without wearing perfume. It is like their phone, watch, wallet and other accessories which they never forget to use whether it is party or office or anywhere else out. And moreover he wants to smell good near his desired woman which can be possible only with the long lasting fragrance.

There are more than thousands of perfumes available for men in the market and it is really difficult to choose the best one among them. Thus to help you we have framed a list of top 7 best perfumes for men 2015 in the following section.

List of 7 best perfumes for men 2015

1 # Nautica Voyage

best perfume for men

Nautica Voyage is the first one that comes in your mind when you think about best perfume for men. It delivers amazing and long lasting fragrance which remains a major factor for the success of this brand. If you are looking for some perfect gift for your men then this would be the apt one. It is made by combining ingredients like green leaves, woody amber and dewy moss to deliver a quality perfume for its customer. You can wear it for office or special occasions to attract others and stand unique with your magical fragrance. Moreover it protects the odor naturally to make him stay fresh for the whole day.

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2 # Cool Water

perfumes for men2

It can be the best perfume for men which are offered by Davidoff in the year 1988. You can get many flavors like lavender, jasmine, musk, sandalwood and more. Famous stars like Josh Holloway and Paul Walker appeared in its promotional meet held on 2008. You will feel fresh with one or two sprays and can last for the whole day. You will add this on to your favorite perfumes after you use it once. The cool water makes use of various natural ingredients to protect your skin from irritation, rashes and other problems which most of the brands available in the market fails to provide.

3 # Mont Blanc Legend

perfumes for men3

This can be the sophisticated perfume with blend of various materials like lavender, verbena, pineapple leaf, apple, sandalwood, rose and more. Mont Blanc is one of the well known and traditional brands in the market that offer many products like luxury watches, jewels, pen and other writing instruments. The trace of aroma of this perfume will whisk you away to treasured times and places. If you are looking for manly fragrance then it will satisfy your needs by providing awesome scent that can also give you much confident and attitude.

4 # Victorinox by Swiss Army 

perfumes for men4

Victorinox was introduced by Swiss Army in the year 1996 which was engaged in producing professional and household knives when it was started. But now they are one of the leading brands that manufacture and sell wide range of products like watch, fragrance, travel gear, etc. They make use of the ingredients that does not result in any side effects like rashes, allergies, irritation, skin darkening and more. You will be surprised about its quality as it can be able to deliver fragrance for about a whole day. They have an incredible success for around 125 years in the world due to their key factors like quality, innovation and unique design.

5 # L’eau D’issey perfume for men

perfumes for men5

It is one of the best perfumes for men which were introduced by Issey Miyake in the year 1994. It makes use of water as an essential ingredient for perfume along with musk, woods and amber. Wide ranges of flavors are offered under L’eau D’issey like harmony, bloom, breathes, flowers, grace, wishes, please and more. You will receive lots of compliments when you wear it and also it makes you feel fresh for whole day. You can get mild fragrance that attracts and will not make you feel bad by its smell. This can be the unique and elegant reference in the men’s fragrance world.

6 # Paco Rabanne one million

perfumes for men6

One million from Paco Rabanne is a masculine seduction perfume that helps you to grab your partner’s attention with its amazing scent. It comes in limited edition that can satisfy what you expect in a perfume. This can be the better gift for your husband or boyfriend for Valentine’s Day.  It is recommended product for the man who is picky about his perfume and it is affordable than other leading brands available in the market. You can get it in 3.4 oz bottle so that can utilize it for about a year which may vary based on your use. It can be one of the best perfumes for men, which exist in splash as well as spray.

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7 # Dolce & Gabbana

perfumes for men7

Dolce & Gabbana is a luxury Italian company which was introduced in the year 1985 and well known for its fashionable products. Other than perfume it is engaged in offering various products like handbags, footwear, watches, sunglasses, jewelry and cosmetics. More than 3000 employees are working in this industry which have working area all around the world. This perfume makes your men smell really magnetic and will not result in any kind of skin issues. It is one among the list of popular brand that offers excellent and best perfume for men with long lasting features.

We hope you find this article useful to choose the best fragrance for your men and let us know your favorite perfume from the list. Please leave your comments below and share this article with your friends.

6 Best gel nail polish Brands 2018-2019

6 Best gel nail polish Brands 2018-2019

Gel nail polish is the new trend among girls which cause less damage to your nails and lasts much longer than regular nail polish. Usually a manicure or pedicure lasts for maximum of 5 days but gel nail paint does not chip for more than two weeks.

You can get perfect look for your nails by applying this nail polish without spending your time and money in salon. For that you have to choose the best one among multiple brands available in the market, which is a boring process. Thus we have listed some of the popular and best gel nail polish brands 2018 in the following section to help you in picking your favorite brand.

Top 6 Gel nail polish brands 2018

6 # Essie 

The Essie gel polish is one of the leading producer of gel nail polish in the world which offers wide range of shades to match all your occasions. You can get amazing colors of polish from the Essie’s winter collection and the brand was originated by Essie Weingarten. You will get perfectly groomed hands and shiny effect that will not chip for longer period of time. You can enhance the effect of manicure and pedicure by applying this gel polish. The brush will flow smoothly in your nails so that you can apply the nail paint in single coat for better result.

5 # IBD just gel polish

best gel nail polish brand

If you are a gel nail paint lover then you absolutely like IBD just gel polish which is made with 100% gel. It protects your nail naturally without damaging it and the color lasts for 21 days. You need not to worry about cracking, chipping and smudging.

This nail paint is easy to apply and it gives overall beauty to your hand which made it as best gel nail polish brand. It offers wide range of nail products to their customer among them nail polish is the popular product. It is also known as UV gel polish in which each type is available in 90 different colors that enhance your beauty.

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4 # CND Shellac

best gel nail polish brand2

To get gel polishes from CND directly a consumer should be a licensed beauty professional otherwise you cannot buy shellac nail polish. There are around 70 colors provided by shellac which does not chip for 14 days. This is one of the popular gel nail polish brands in the world that gives you flawless finish for your nails.

If you want to brighten the color then you can do two or more coating and it is suitable for layering also. CND promises for long lasting shine as it has shellac formula which is different from other brands. If you once use it then definitely you will add this to your favorite brand and wish to try all the colors.

3 # Sally Hansen

best gel polish3

Sally Hansen’s pro gel is a famous gel nail polish brand in the world. It offers wide ranges of nail paint which attracts you by its silky smooth finish. You can do 10 gel manicures with this pro gel nail system and ensures flawless outlook of your hand. It is available in 24 different colors and can be the smart choice for nail polish lovers. It lasts for longer days like other leading brands and suitable for all your occasions. The consistency is good which not too thick and not too thin so that it is easy to apply on your nails without smudging. This will give you shiny and perfect look for your hands.

2 # OPI Gelcolor

best gel polish4

It comes in the list of traditional nail polish which gives a solid quality Gelcolor line. It is mostly available in salons and stores that supply nail paints. Only limited colors are provided by this brand but you surely find your favorite one. There is no need for any additional maintenance for a week if you use OPI Gelcolor. Each shade has unique name like pink before you leap, Bastille my heart, etc so that you can easily identify your desired color.  This is the best brand for gel nail polish that makes you feel great for your hands and toes.

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1 # what is the best gel nail polish brand – Gelish

nail paint5

Gelish is one of the top gel polishes available in the market that offers 100 choices of colors. It lasts for many days when compared to other brand that is up to three whole weeks. You will not face any issues like chipping, smudging, etc and each woman wish to try out all the colors exist in this brand. You will not think about manicure and pedicure for three weeks if you apply it once. Gelish is the best brand for gel nail polish that offers better quality and makes use of unique formula.

Let us know your favorite gel nail polish brand and your feedback about this article in the following comments section. Please don’t forget to share it with your friends.


Top 10 Best Nail Polish Brands That Last Longer than Others

Top 10 Best Nail Polish Brands That Last Longer than Others

Most women enjoy having long and strong nails. Using the best nail polish you can afford will not only embellish your manicure, but it will also prevent your nails from becoming brittle. Nowadays, polish companies have transformed this industry into an art. If you want to make a fashion statement, you should definitely wear bold nail polish colors.

a woman's hands using a nail polish brush

True fashionistas never compromise when it comes to using the best nail polish available on the market. Whether you do your manicure at home or at a beauty salon, you should consider trying some of the brands presented below. Unlike other cheap products that might harm your nails, these will help you avoid certain issues. They will even protect your nails.


Top 10 Best Nail Polish Brands on the Market

#10. Bobbi Brown

three bobbi brown nail polish bottles

Bobbi Brown’s nail polish will offer you a long-lasting shimmer, and it will give your nails the perfect look you have been looking for. The company provides a wide range of colors and shades. All of them will complement your manicure in a natural and elegant way. The best way to wear this brand’s products is by applying two layers of polish on each of your nails.

The company offers an entire transforming experience for its clients. Besides polish, you can also buy other makeup and beauty products such as skincare items, brushes, moisturizers, body lotions, and more. Moreover, you can find a lot of useful makeup lessons on their website.

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#9. Nars

a bottle of Nars purple nail polish

This brand’s nail polish provides UV protection, which prevents your nails from becoming discolored. Its bottles’ design is classy, and the small brush will help you enjoy nail painting even more than before. If you choose to buy Nars nail products, you will have the possibility to choose between a lot of shades such as shimmer, night series, opaque, sheer, and more.

Once you see your nails’ shine after using this polish, you will want to come back to the beauty store for more. This nail polish lasts longer than other brands, and it doesn’t chip as easily.

#8. CND

three cnd nail polish bottles, in three different colors: pinks, white, and green

CND is one of the best nail polish brands, especially when it comes to top coats. Moreover, it doesn’t require a base polish coat. It dries in just nine minutes without the need of using any LED or UV lights. The high definition color and shine can last up to an entire week.

The company uses the prolight technology. This makes the final product longer-lasting and easier to apply. All the brand’s colors will give your nails a professional look. CND sells over 73 different shades of nail paint to their customers.

#7. Cover Girl

cover girl purple nail polish bottle

Cover Girl nail polish is easy to apply. One interesting advantage of this brand is that the color you see through the bottle matches perfectly the one you will get once you apply it on your nails. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same thing about other polishes. To get a bigger picture of how diversified this brand is, you should find out that there are no less than 50 different shades of pink available for you to buy.

This polish will create a beautiful shine and shimmer on your nails. The company’s secret is the use of a high-gloss nail polish formula. It combines a chip resistant top coat, high gloss color and a durable and protective base coat. But wait! There’s more! All these three elements are mixed, and they form one single layer.

#6. Sally Hansen

a bottle of Sally Hansen pink nail polish

Sally Hansen is one of the best nail polish brands ever created. It became famous and popular for its ten-days-no-chip policy and guarantee. This polish provides a smooth and finished layer. Moreover, it contains certain benefic elements that nourish your nails, making them stronger.

If you want to gain a bold and attractive look, you should opt for their intense red shade. All their products dry quickly and last long enough for you to make an impression. One of the most popular items this company sells is the nail art tool kit. It is an easy-to-use product that helps you obtain a professional-looking manicure at home.



#5. L’Oréal Paris

three l'oreal nail polish bottles, with different colors: red, pink, and nude

Everybody has heard of L’Oréal Paris. It is one of the leading brands in the world when it comes to makeup. Their nail polish comes in a wide range of shades and styles. Most clients consider this to be a high-quality and trustable brand that never fails or disappoints. If you want to have fun, you should purchase more than one color and change your manicure every week. This is definitely one of the best nail polish brands on the market.

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#4. Essie

a bottle of Essie pink polish

Essie is a great choice when you’re looking for a high-quality nail polish. Its smooth layers are globally recognized. There are plenty of options to choose from in Essie’s collections. Their main target audience consists of young women who are bold enough to make a statement. With this polish, you don’t even have to apply a top coat. It will last up to ten days.

#3. Revlon

two blue and black revlon nail polish bottles

Revlon doesn’t need any detailed introductions. Women not only know it is a famous beauty brand, but they also love using this company’s products. Besides long-lasting nail polish, Revlon also offers perfumes, skincare products, and other cosmetic items. Although this brand is always associated with quality, its products’ prices are quite affordable. You can easily obtain a beautiful manicure by using one of their many nail polish shades.

#2. China Glaze

a green nail polish bottle from China Glaze

Women usually worry about affecting their nails when they use polish. Well, with this brand, you can stop thinking about nail polish side effects. China Glaze combines several effective formulas that create a protective layer on your nails. Furthermore, this layer will nourish your nails and will give them a beautiful glossy look. If you want a long-lasting and chip-resistant polish, this brand is the right one for you.

#1. OPI

a bright green nail polish bottle

This brand is sold in 50 countries around the world, and there are many OPI lovers who consider it to be among the best nail polishes on the market. OPI offers you vibrant, rich, and deep shades. You can even say it will exceed your expectations. Your manicure will not only look pretty, but it will also last longer.

However, the OPI’s price range is higher compared to other polish brands. Most of OPI’s shades will look great on your nails no matter the occasion or event you’re participating to. People won’t be able to tell if you did your nails at home or at a beauty salon.

All the above companies offer some of the best nail polish brands on the market. You should try some of them to see which one suits your preferences as well as your needs. Some of them might be more expensive than others, but all of them have a high-quality formula.

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Top 6 best deodorants for men 2018-2019

Top 6 best deodorants for men 2018-2019

All of us like to use deodorant for the best fragrance that comes from it. Everyone wants to stand unique. Likewise each and every deodorant has its own fragrance. Men search for the best fragrance in order to stand distinctive from others and to attract his girlfriend. Most of the deodorants affect the skin and produce irritation, rashes, etc. Selecting the best deodorant is not a simple task as it involves a huge process. In order to find the better one first we need to know about the ingredients used in the product and have to analyze whether these ingredients can create any side effects to our skin. If you want to know the best deodorants for men available in the market then take a look of the following list which provides you much information about the men’s deodorant.

List of top 6 best deodorants for men 2015

1 # Gillette clinical advanced antiperspirant and deodorant

deodorant for men1

The Gillette clinical deodorant is specially made to fight against the sweat. It guarantees 48 hours of freshness which enables you to keep your body with fragrance throughout the day. It offers triple protection technology to the users which consists of wetness protection, odor – fighting and avoids irritation. It provides satisfaction to the users as it minimizes the skin allergies and does not result in the rashes, irritation, etc. The men who are working harder will get more sweating naturally and it creates some diseases to skin. This men’s deodorant is suitable for these people as it contains conditioning ingredients.

2 # Arm & Hammer essentials natural deodorant

deodorant for men2

The Arm and Hammer is an unscented deodorant. This contains baking soda and plant extracts which can protect the men from odor and can feel fresh throughout the day. It has the secret formula of essential oils that makes the skin moistures and avoids the skin problems from arising. Men can use it daily and stay confident for longer period of time. The recipe does not include aluminum, colorants and animal – derived ingredient so that the deodorant will not create any side effects to the skin. It protects from wetness naturally. The various raw materials to produce this deodorant include Dipropylene Glycol Water, Allantoin, Coriandrum Sativum Fruit Oil, Anthemis Nobilis Flower Oil, Triethyl Citrate, etc.

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3 # Jack black pit boss

deodorant for men3

The Jack black deodorant helps men to stay as odor free. It protects from wetness and does not leave any trace of residue in the clothes or skin. In enables you to stay fresh and active so that you need not to worry about the odor and time. When you use this product you don’t smell like a drugstore brand as it will not provide strong scent. It works better for the sensitive skin which made it as one of the best deodorants for men. You can feel convenient and non-sticky after using this. This men’s deodorant avoids the odor from sweating so that you can feel confident for whole day. It is also an antiperspirant and famous among the men.

4 # Dove men plus care

deodorant for men4

The Dove men plus is an antiperspirant and deodorant which is designed with clinically proven formula called non – irritant. Without making any compromises you can control the odor using this deodorant. It provides 48 hours of protection from odor and avoids wetness. This deodorant is recommended by Dermatologist for skin care. The moisturizer technology helps to avoid irritation and other skin problems. This is one of the greatest deodorants made for men. It is much effective for the men who involved in sports and for those who have sensitive skin. It is solid and non-sticky in nature that helps men to feel different and active throughout the day.

5 # Jungleman naturals all – natural deodorant

deodorant for men5

The Jungleman deodorant is entirely made from the natural products. There is no harmful or chemical ingredient used in this deodorant. From morning till night the fragrance remains in the body. You will not feel bad about the odor that comes out of sweat. Most of the deodorant will have bad effect on the sensitive skin but this one works well and avoids rashes and allergies. It protects your skin and makes it smooth. It is unscented and anti – perspirant that makes you feel dry and fresh whole day. During summer deodorants will not work much effectively as the body sweats more. But this one works well in summer also and keeps your fragrance. This is one of the excellent and safest deodorants in the market among the various other ones. It is perfect for the men who like to stay 100% odor free. This is popular among the sports persons, trainers, and those who work very hard. The users will not face any problem of irritation by using this.

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6 # Herban Cowboy maximum protection forest deodorant

deodorant for men6

The Herban Cowboy deodorant delivers great smell that lasts for longer period of time so that you can feel fresh for the whole day. This will not smell overpowering and you will not result in any kind of rashes or skin irritation. It does not contain aluminum chloro hydrate, alcohol, triclosan, etc. It helps to stop the odor naturally and keeps you dry for long time without the anti perspirant chemicals. This can be a great choice for the men who want the maximum protection from odor naturally and moreover it is offered at affordable price.

We hope the above list of best deodorants for men is helpful for you in making your buying decision. Please let us know your thoughts about this article in the following comments section and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Top 8 best makeup brush Brands 2018-2019

Top 8 best makeup brush Brands 2018-2019

Both men and women want to do their best when it comes for grooming. In case women are more particular and have high makeup sense than man. They use many beauty products like creams, powders, brushes, tonners, facial packs, etc to look beautiful than others always. Women often go to parlor to add more beauty to their skin and face. Using of best makeup brushes makes the makeup even and gives professional outlook. In this article we have listed 8 best makeup brush brands 2018 in the following section.

List of 8 best makeup brush brands 2018

1 # Sigma essential kit

brush brands1

This brand provides you long lasting makeup brushes which helps to make your skin finer. These brushes are soft and high density in nature. It offers a set of 12 brushes such as eye liner, tapered blending, large shader, pencil, small angle, eye shading, medium angled shading, duo fibre, large powder, concealer, large angled contour and foundation. These 12 brushes make the even and high quality outlook. It is also easy to clean these brushes as it is made of soft material and regular cleaning of brushes will maximize the life expectancy.

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2 # Bdellium tools

brush brands2

This is one of the professional anti-bacterial makeup series with 12 brushes such as all-purpose blush, foundation, natural powder, slanted contour, tapered blending, finishing, pencil, large shadow, angled brow, precision liner, brush eye liner and small shader. These are eco – friendly and made up of antibacterial agents so that it will not cause any irritation or side effects to your skin. With this set they also provide storage pouch which helps to store it safely. You can apply your moisturizer and face mask evenly using the all – purpose blush brush. Applying makeup product using hand will absorb more quantity than using brush. These brushes are made up of natural hair and synthetic bristles. You can apply the creams easily under your eyes and around nose using it. The eye liner brush has long tip which is used to draw a perfect line.

3 # Mac

brush brands3

MAC is one of the most popular brands among the makeup brushes. It offers wide range of brushes like highlighter, blush brush, foundation stippling, blending brush, angle brow, v brush, pencil brush, angled liner brush, etc. It offers a guide book called cherry on the icing prepared by MAC professionals which gives you some great makeup tips. The blending brush is multi – purpose one that can be used to blend and highlight under the brow and also to apply a light coat. You can make a perfect eye shadow with little amount of color to get the perfect shade. This brand is affordable in price and has many best quality features.

4 # Coastal scents

brush brands4

This is one of the popular brands for professionals as well as beginners. This brand provides 22 pieces of brushes such as dome shadow, flat buffer, powder buffer, large fan, dome blender, medium shadow, detail concealer, angle blush, round powder, etc. These brushes help you to apply single color and also blend of colors evenly on your skin. It is made up of natural hair and synthetic material which avoids shedding thus you use it for longer period of time.

5 # Bobbi brown

brush brands5

The Bobbi Brown offers 6 types of brushes like foundation, face blending, eye shadow, eye liner and eyebrows.  The foundation brush is made up of synthetic bristles with different color on base which you can use to apply both liquid and creamy product. The main advantage of this brand is you can load the product in the brush and put the cap. You can use it later whenever you want and also carry to the entire place instead of carrying the whole products. This is better one for touch up. The eyeliner brush can be used in both wet and dry form.

6 # Sephora

brush brands6

It is an antibacterial brush brand which deals with 7 types of brushes as powder, angled eye shadow, lip liner, eyeliner, brow brush, foundation, concealer and eye blender. It is made up of anti-bacterial and non-toxic which minimizes the bacterial growth in your brush. The eyeliner brush has thin end which helps you to draw a line that gives up your eyes a perfect shape. The powder brush can be used for multiple purposes which allow you to apply foundation, powder, blush, etc. The brush kit comes with a silver pouch and light in weight that is easy to carry also. These brushes are very soft and take minimum time to clean. It is one of the best makeup brush brands in the market.

7 # E.L.F makeup brushes

brush brands7

It is one of the best known products in the market. It is most suitable for the people who do makeup daily. It offers high quality and professional makeup brushes. It is easy to use and also to wash which made it as one of the best makeup brush brands in the year 2015. Each brush is tested by the professional team of makeup artists and has been ergonomically designed to fit perfectly on your hand. This will not result in any rashes or irritation as it is made of high quality materials.

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8 # Bundle monster

brush brands8

The Bundle Monster brand provides a wide range of brushes for best makeup. They are highly affordable, easy to use and better one for the starter. This consist of 15 pieces of makeup brushes which are made of synthetic fiber for long lasing performance. These can be packed in a crocodile roll up travel size carrying case to make it perfect for travelling and to protect the brushes from damages. It is recommended to wash the brushes regularly and try to do air drying before use.

Let us know your favorite makeup brush brands and also your feedback in the following comments section. Please don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

Homemade Coconut oil hair mask

Homemade Coconut oil hair mask

coconut oil hair mask1

If you are searching for a better remedy to moisture your dry hair naturally without spending time and money in salon then coconut oil will perfectly match your needs. It has many benefits in it which can moisture your dry hair and provides you flawless hair. Not only for hair you can apply it in your body to get smooth skin and use it for cooking to enrich your food.

Prepare a hair mask using coconut oil to repair your damaged ends. If you don’t know how to make it then here are some methods that will help you out in preparing coconut oil hair mask.

Preparation of coconut oil hair mask

1 # Honey and coconut oil hair mask

With some of the basic ingredients available in your home you can make this hair mask. You should have one tablespoon of coconut oil, one tablespoon of raw honey, sauce pan to heat, mixing bowl, towel, spoon and shower cap if you need. Mix the coconut oil and honey in a mixing bowl. Then pour it in sauce pan and heat the mixture until coconut oil and honey mix well together. For long and well damaged hair you add these ingredients little more.

Split your hair into many small portions using comb and then apply the mixture well from top to bottom of your hair. Make sure that you apply little more in ends to repair the damages. Tie your hair tightly and wear shower cap. Let the mask to soak for about 30 – 40 minutes, and then wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner as you usually do. You can see the magic after it dries well. You can feel the difference immediately after your first wash because it will be smooth and silky. For better result try it weekly once which can give you beautiful looking hair. You can also get the shiny and thick black hair if you use this hair mask frequently.

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2 # Simple coconut oil mask for hair

In order to repair your split ends and damaged hair you can try this coconut oil hair mask using simple materials available in home. You need to have only three ingredients that are coconut oil, black soy and Mayo. While doing this method don’t forget to divide your hair in to various portions which will help in applying the mask throughout your hair and even in scalp well. Take a bowl, mix black soy and mayo together. Mix it well until you get a paste from it and make sure about the consistency of the paste because you are going to add coconut oil in it which will make it more liquid. After that mix the paste with pure coconut oil and apply in your hair from top to bottom. Tie your hair and let it for 20 minutes. You can rinse as usually you do in your home with your favorite shampoo and feel the silky hair after it gets dry. Use this simple method to get beautiful as well as healthy hair.

3 # Perfect coconut oil hair mask

coconut oil hair mask3

You can do this hair mask easily with only two ingredients that is coconut oil and olive oil. Try to make use of sufficient amount of oil so that you hair can absorb it well. Mix them well in a bowl and apply it on your hair. Try to focus on ends because there will be more damage in the end than scalp part. Wrap your hair with shower cap and rinse it after 20 – 30 minutes. Soaking time may differ based on your hair damage. You can use any kind of shampoo and conditioner to rinse. Olive oil is optional if you don’t like to apply it on your hair then use coconut oil alone. It gives you better result and your crunchy hair will become soft. This method will give you perfect silky hair and you can feel the difference immediately after the shampoo wash.

4 # Hair mask using coconut oil   

To do this mask you have to take coconut oil, shower cap, hair clip, hair dryer. Just apply the coconut oil in your hair from root to bottom of your hair. There is no need to heat the coconut oil because it can easily melt in your hand. Apply the oil evenly from scalp to the bottom of the hair and split your hair in to small portions so that you can be able to spread the oil well in your hair.  After applying cover your hair with shower cap and pin it using hair clip. Then heat your hair using hair dryer for 10 to 15 minutes so that oil set well in your hair. Heating is optional so you can soak it for 30 minutes if not use dryer. Finally wash your hair with shampoo. A tip to maintain your hair end without splitting and dry is you can apply little amount of coconut oil in the end at night before sleeping. Next day morning you will find oil in your hair and it will be smooth. You can try it daily to totally avoid split ends.

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5 # Coconut oil for hair mask

coconut oil hair mask

Coloring your hair often may damage it due to the chemicals used in that color. Sometimes hair coloring will also result in the hair loss. This method of hair mask will be helpful for people who like to color their hair. Do this once in every week to protect your hair from damages. Take coconut oil and spread it on your finger by rubbing. Then apply it on your hair with hands and make sure you concentrate on end. Then comb your hair that has wide tooth. Then wrap with a towel and leave it for around 40 minutes. Rinse your hair and see how silky and shiny it is.

We hope you enjoyed this article and got idea about coconut oil hair mask. Try these methods and share your feedback in the following comments section which will be useful for other users.