How to Play the Popular Pokemon for iPhone Game

How to Play the Popular Pokemon for iPhone Game

The new Pokemon for iPhone game has created quite a lot of buzz. These days, Pokemon is not just for children anymore. Instead, it’s a fun game that’s great for all ages and can be taken everywhere with you in your pocket.

If you’ve never played Pokemon before, never fear! This article will instruct you on how to play this game in order to be the very best Pokemon trainer. We’ll go over the basic steps to the game, as well as some tips to reach higher levels more quickly. We’ll also show you how to apply these tips to your own game.


1. Set Up Your Account

Before you can get started, you’ll need to download the Pokémon for iPhone. Pokemon Go is available for most recent iOS systems in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand. After you open the app, you’ll be prompted to create a Pokemon trainer account and choose a starter Pokemon from the three available choices.


You can choose to start with a Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur. Your choice is totally up to you. This will be the very first Pokemon you acquire, and throughout the game, your goal will be to acquire many more.


For those who are unfamiliar with the world of Pokemon, make sure to pay attention to the introductory explanations given to you when you create your account. That will help you find your way around the game and the different map icons.


2. Catch Pokémon

For many people, this is the most fun part of playing Pokemon for iPhone. This game is unique in that it integrates into your actual environment — it’s an “augmented reality” game — so you have the experience of hunting Pokemon down in your actual neighborhood. Wherever you walk, you’ll find more!


Catching these Pokemon means that they become added to your own collection. You have to catch Pokemon in order to use them in other parts of the game, like battles and leveling up.


To catch a Pokemon, first tap on the Pokemon’s body. You’ll see something called a Pokeball, which is used to catch the Pokemon. Simply launch the Pokeball at the Pokemon to attempt to catch it; if you don’t get it on your first try, use another Pokeball to try again. As you advance through the game, you’ll acquire pokeballs of different strengths.

Note that the color of the ring surrounding the Pokemon indicates how difficult it is to catch. Red rings are the most difficult, while green ones are the easiest.


You can catch Pokemon in a variety of different places, and the more you walk around, the wider range of Pokemon you’ll catch.


someone's hands holding a phone and playing Pokemon Go

3. Visit Pokestops

When you browse the Pokémon for iPhone map, you’ll notice certain landmarks are highlighted. These are called Pokestops, and they’re pinned to real landmarks around your town or city. Visiting a Pokestop earns you important game items, like pokeballs, Pokemon eggs (which you can hatch by walking around), and useful potions. You can also use certain items, like incense and lure modules, to attract more Pokemon to wherever you are.


You have to physically visit Pokestops and click on them in the app in order to reap these rewards. However, you can also buy these items in the app.


4. Level Up Your Trainer Character

 Catching Pokemon and visiting Pokestops will eventually raise your character’s level to level 5, which is the point at which you can officially choose a team. Pokemon players are divided into three trainer teams: Team Valor (red), Team Instinct (yellow) and Team Mystic (blue). You have to choose a team in order to be able to battle other Pokemon at gyms.


As you reach higher levels, you’ll catch higher-level Pokemon and be able to pick up new, more effective items.


5. Battle at Gyms

 Some landmarks that you’ll notice on your map aren’t Pokestops but instead are battle gyms. These are the sites where you’ll need to go in order to battle other Pokemon.

One thing to keep in mind for battles is that every Pokemon has a unique Combat Power (CP). You can gradually increase a Pokemon’s CP by obtaining special items called Stardust and candy. Your Pokemon’s ability to defeat other Pokemon will depend on their CP, as well as each Pokemon’s signature battle attacks.


If you beat a rival team at a gym, you can add your Pokemon to that gym to hold it down for your team. When other teams come by, they’ll have to beat your Pokemon in order to take the gym over. The more you battle in gyms, the more experience you and your Pokemon will gain.


Different Pokemon have different types of attacks. You can either tap on the enemy or tap-and-hold to attack them, and you can also dodge enemy attacks. When your Pokemon is wounded in a battle, they lose some of their Hit Points. These can be replenished using potions that you pick up at Pokestops.


the image of the Pokemon ball logo icon

6. Hatch Eggs

As you visit Pokestops, you’ll acquire Pokemon eggs which will eventually hatch into live Pokemon. What’s the catch? You have to walk around to hatch them. Different eggs require a different walking distance to hatch them, so you may have to walk anywhere from 2 to 10 miles in order for the egg to hatch.


If you’re getting some steps in to try to hatch an egg, just make sure your Pokemon for iPhone app is turned on — otherwise, the distance won’t register towards your egg! The Pokemon that come out of your egg can be anything from a basic Zubat to a rare Pikachu.


7. Evolve Your Pokemon

Over time as you gather special items, you’ll be able to evolve your Pokemon into their next form. The advanced forms are usually even stronger — and cooler-looking too!


It’s wise to wait to evolve Pokemon until you reach level 10. Evolving a Pokemon helps raise your character level, but the amount of increase depends on your current level. That makes it more worthwhile when you’re already at a higher level.


Let’s Recap

Pokemon for iPhone can quickly turn into a fun, absorbing game once you learn the basics. It’s unlike any other iPhone game and has totally changed the experience of catching Pokemon into one that anyone with a smartphone can enjoy. Try out these tips after you download Pokemon for iPhone, and make sure to let us know how it turns out!

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Top 10 most expensive basketball shoes

Top 10 most expensive basketball shoes

Before few years only limited number of companies was offering shoes for basketball but now it has increased incredibly and all comes with innovative technologies to satisfy their customers. The shoes that you are selecting should have gel underneath which helps to reduce the impact of invariable jumping and running. Moreover they have to support the soles and ankle of players. Among those plenty of options it is quite hard to find the finest one thus in the below section we have listed the top 10 most expensive basketball shoes which enable you to make your choice.

List of top 10 most expensive basketball shoes

10 # Nike Air Force One

expensive basketball shoes1

The Nike Air Force One was first released in the market in January 2005. It was worn by famous people and legends. You could not find these shoes in any shops because most of them were sold at auctions and through private collectors. You need to spend 2500 dollars to buy a pair of this basketball shoe.

9 # Air Jordan XI

expensive basketball shoes2

The Air Jordan XI was manufactured in the year 1995 which is specially made for the NBA’s. This was worn by the legend Joe Johnson at the time of test. The original pairs are valued as 2700$ which is comparatively cheap than the other inventions of Jordan company. This is considered as one of the most expensive basketball shoes in the market.

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8 # Adidas Golden KB8

expensive basketball shoes3

The Adidas KB8 was made for the 1998 Slam Dunk contest. This was worn by Kobe Bryant and his number is 8. That is why the shoes are named as KB8 and after some time this was renamed as crazy 8 because Kobe left Adidas. Only two pairs were made ever in this model of basketball shoes. The retail version of this footwear did not reach as planned and you can get this shoe for $3000 which made it as the luxury basketball shoe.

7 # Air Jordan V

expensive basketball shoes4

The Air Jordan V is a unique pair of shoe with attractive features likes clear rubber soles, reflective tongue and strap lock that make you feel convenient to use. Jordan wore this pair during the match which is black and silver metal design with 23 written on its back that is never sold in shops anywhere. This is available for $10,000 from only few collectors.

6 # Nike Air Mag

expensive basketball shoes5

The popular celebrity Michael J Fox wore this Air Mag shoe in the film “Back to Future” and it is signed by the hero of that movie. Then Nike decided to produce 20 more pairs additionally for their customers. The Nike Air Mag is the coolest looking shoes you ever find and it is available for $ 12,000 in the retail stores.

5 # Air Jordan I

expensive basketball shoes6

The Air Jordan I shoes are rare and made with red / black color. It is designed by Tinker Hatfield and its extremely stylish design attracts the users. Each and every pair is signed by Michael Jordan using the water – resistant marker so that your favorite personality autograph will not get erased at any cost. You can be able to get this luxury basketball shoe for 25,000 dollars.

4 # Nike Air Zoom Kobe 

expensive basketball shoes7

There were only 25 pairs of Nike Air Zoom shoes ever made and it is manufactured to dedicate to one of the famous and great basketball players Kobe Bryant. The shoe was signed by that famous player and Nike offer this shoe for 30,000 dollars from which 10 percent of income will be given to charity that is one of the corporate social responsibilities of this shoe manufacturing company.

3 # Air Jordan VI

expensive basketball shoes8

The Air Jordan VI is one of the finest looking and comfort inventions from the Jordon Family. This has the special feature of best world toe and lace tightening facilities. The holes are provided in the tongue with molding facility in order to protect the tendon Achilles. Variety of colors is available and the pairs are limited. All these features made it as the high end basketball shoe available in the market.

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2 # Air Jordan III

expensive basketball shoes9

The Air Jordan III is manufactured with highly comfortable leather which makes you feel like flexible while playing basketball. This provides you the additional comfort for the money that you are paying to get them. This is designed by Peter Moore and it comes with beautiful Jump man logos which are sold in market for $50,000.

1 # Reebok Question

expensive basketball shoes10

The Reebok Question high end shoes were made with the diamonds and there were totally 246 diamonds in the laces. The price of the shoe is 65,000$ which made it as one of the all time iconic basketball shoes and is specially made for Allen Iverson.

Please let us know your favorite basketball shoes from the list and also your thoughts about this article in the following comments section which will be useful for other users.

How to make Giant Jenga

How to make Giant Jenga

how to make giant jenga

Everyone loves to spend their leisure time with family or friends and it will be more fun if you play some interesting outdoor games with them. The Giant Jenga is such a game that can be played in your backyard with your friends and family members at weekend which will give you much joy. It is not like other outdoor games where you need lots of space so you can play it in patio or anywhere you wish to. If you are eager to know more about this game then just have a look at the following section. In this article we discussed about the topic on how to make giant Jenga which will be helpful for you to do it with some easy steps on your own.

Steps involved in building giant jenga

You can build giant jenga easily with the few items available on hardware shops near your house and here is the list of required things to make this jenga.

Materials Required

  • 2 x 4 wooden boards
  • Band saw or circular saw
  • Electric hand sander
  • Carpenter’s rim or edger

These are the essential materials you need, let’s move on to the topic how to make giant jenga in the below section which involves only four easier steps. You can easily get the materials required to build jenga set from nearby hardware shops.

Step 1: Take the wooden boards and cut it into pieces in 12 inches. You should make at least 48 or 54 pieces. The size of the wood depends upon the type of jenga you are planning to play. Make use of the Carpenter’s rim or edger to level the surface of the wooden pieces that should be straight. Every piece has to be in sit level if it is not so then replace it with the another one. You have to ensure that all the part is perfect and easily get along with other part.

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Step 2: The ends of wooden pieces will be sharp and rough for handling so just smooth the corner of each pieces for facilitating safety handle. While playing the game the pieces should not grab each other when you pull it thus rub down the flat surfaces of all parts using the electric hand sander. If you want it to be colorful then you can also use some attractive colors on the edges of each piece. If the edges are not smoothed then it will injure your skin while playing.

Step 3: Now it is the time to set the jenga blocks for that you have to keep the wooden pieces like facing each other. Just take three pieces and place them as they are facing against the other one. Likewise place another three pieces above the previous one. The same procedure follows till the last piece of wood. Make sure that there are no deviations from the surface level.

Step 4: This is the final step to built giant jenga set which involve the replacement of damaged pieces of wood after arranging the jenga blocks. You can use the pressure treated shamble to reduce the infiltration.

That’s it your giant jenga set is ready which can be stored in the garage or shed to use it while playing. To make it more interesting you can write some funny tasks to do in each wooden piece that has to be done by the person who takes that specific one. You can even color the wooden piece and keep specific task for each color so that the person who pick the color has to do the task.  You can also make this and present for birthdays or take it to parties to have unlimited fun with your friends and family members.

You have learned how to make the giant jenga if you do not know how to play it then here are the instructions to play this game.

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Instructions to play giant jenga game

jenga blocks

First set the giant jenga like a building and divide as two teams among yourself. Each person will get the chance to play the game what you have to do is just wait for your turn. Within the group you can determine the order of person to be played by age or numbers or any order you like.

Each person from two teams has to pull one board from the jenga at a time with one hand which has to be taken from the bottom layers not from top two. After picked the board they have to keep it on the top in any direction.

The main thing you have to keep in mind is that your stack should not fall down if so then you will be eliminated from the game. So you have to steady the stack without falling. If there is any task written on the board then you have to do it before placing it on the top. Likewise all the member of the group has to arrange the wooden piece in order without falling down. This will give you much fun while playing with the family at weekend or during summer vacation. This can be the most liked outdoor game for your kids as well as for adults.

We hope this article on how to make giant jenga will help you to make your own jenga set. Please let us know your experience of the game and also share your thoughts in the comments section below which will be useful for other readers.

Top 6 best longboard Brands 2018-2019

Top 6 best longboard Brands 2018-2019

Longboarding is an awesome sport which is also easier than skateboard. If you want to know what is the best longboard brand then you are at right place. In this article we are going to discuss about the various types of longboard along with pros and cons and also about their brands. While buying a longboard you have to concentrate on three factors such as wheels, bearings and trucks. The longboard manufacturers are also producing ramp, street, park skateboards and mountain boards. They are trying to expand their product lines to compete with other brands and attract their customers. Here we have listed some of the popular and best longboard brands 2018 in the following section which are well known for their quality.

List of top 6 best longboard brands 2018

6 # Madrid

The Madrid is one of the leading deck manufacturers in the world that offers huge variety of longboards for their customer. This can be the great choice for beginners as it provides mush balance and you will be attracted by the design as well as by performance of the Madrid longbords. You can get the boards with paper stripes, layers, WMD, tags, arrow black, leopard design, goatsucker, bigfoot and more. They are durable, strong, have smooth wheels and are available at affordable price. You can also get the best carving which allows you to control the speed while travelling downhill.

5 # Gold Coast

best longboard brands1

The Gold Coast is one of the best longboard brands available in the market which offers variety of longboards for their customer. It is a California based company that designs and manufactures cruises, fun on four wheels, apparel, components, two trucks and transition skateboards other than longboards. They make the products with high quality materials and innovative design. The wheels are made using proprietary formula to give consistent ride every time for their customers. On the whole it can be the great longboard for beginners who want to have fun with their ride.

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4 # Atom Longboards

best longboard brands2

The Atom longboards is another top longboard brands in the market that is perfect for doing tricks. It is producing quality boards at affordable price which makes customer satisfaction as their primary goal. This is ideal for downhill carving as it is featured with maximum stability and the ease of push enables you to have full control over the board. This good longboard brand has designed it with comfort, laminate deck, high rebound wheels to eliminate the wheel bite, etc. you can expect amazing performance and life expectancy from this longboard.

3 # Surf One

top longboard brands3

The Surf One is one of the brands of Skate one company which involved in producing quality products for their customer. When compared to other ones in the mark it offers only limited selection of products but is excellent in design and each one is unique from the other. This best longboard brand makes use of graphics treatment which was introduced in the year 1960 to deliver perfect longboard for their customer which has been the important factor for the success of this brand. They make use of the finest wood and other materials to create the products to maximize their life expectancy.

2# Yocaher Longboards

top longboard brands4

The Yocaher is one of the top longboard brands in the market which has been involved in manufacturing standard skateboards and longboards for the people all around the world. They have wide ranges of products to choose from and have plenty of attractive designs. This good longboard brand is also offering graphic decks, old school decks, longboard completes, and graphic completes, protectors, HD5 trucks and more. You can get high stability while using this board and can able to enjoy your ride without any issues. You can get more attractive and different varieties of colors from this brand when compared to other ones in the list.

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1 # Sector9 longboards

The Sector9 has placed first in the list as it is one of the leading manufacturers of longboards in the market. This brand can be the ideal one for skate, snowboarding and surf lifestyles as it offers high quality boards for the people all around the world. They are making the designs with the help of professional and foremost designers to deliver innovative outlook for the boards. You can get men’s apparel, hardware, decks, trucks, women’s apparel, wheels, accessories and other special items from this brand. You can have smooth and stable ride with the board as it is featured with ease of push.

Let us know your favorite longboard brand from the list and also your thoughts in the following comments section. Please don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

Top 10 fastest cars in the world 2018-2019

Top 10 fastest cars in the world 2018-2019

Every man has the dream of owning a fastest car, but only few can be able to purchase a high speed car because most of them cost millions of dollars. Men are passionate about the car and spend most of their time in finding out which is the fastest car in the world at present. The list of high speed cars includes familiar brands who are involved in manufacturing cars globally for many decades.

Some popular brands are involved in producing a car that breaks the current record of fastest car in the world. Here you go with the list of top 10 fastest cars in the world 2015 in the following section.

List of top 10 fastest cars in the world 2015

10 # Ferrari LaFerrari

fastest car1

It is an aggressive sports car with 6.2 liter engine and offers a speed of 220 mph. It has the smart look which appears like jet engine and also attracts car lovers. It has hybrid system for better performance which is quite different from other cars. It is packed with two electric motors, 963 horsepower, HY-KERS system to add extra power to the combustion engine’s output and more. It is one of the fastest cars in the world with excellent outlook and latest technology which costs around 1.3 million dollars.

9 # Lamborghini Veneno

fastest car2

As a part of fiftieth anniversary, the Lamborghini offered Veneno which is the fastest car in the world with a high speed of 221 mph. In order to give it style and a sporty look they used carbon fiber during production. It has horsepower of 750 and V-1 engine with speed automatic transmission. You need to spend 4 million dollars to buy this car. You feel like flying in the air while driving this high speed car as it delivers breathtaking performance.

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8 # Noble M600

fastest car3

The exterior and interior look of Noble M600 is awesome and it delivers excellent performance. This handbuilt super car was made by Noble Automotive by using carbon fibre and stainless steel materials. It has 4.4 liter V8 engine which provides the strength of three variant machines from 450 hp to 650 hp. Under the hood it has two optimal supercharges that enables the car to provide maximum speed of 225 mph.

7 # Pagani Huayra 

fastest car4

It is one among the fastest cars in the world as it delivers the speed of 370 km/h. It has 7 speed auto manual transmission with the horsepower of 738. It is equipped with 6 liter V12 turbo charged engine like Mercedes AMG which made it as super power car. You can buy this car for about $ 1,273,500. The engine is designed with ability to maintain carbon emission to avoid pollution. The Top Gear Magazine named Huayra as “The Hypercar of the Year 2012” and received many positive review while tested on Top Gear.

6 # Mclaren F1

fastest car5

It is an ultra speed car in the 20th century with the doors which is specially designed like bat wings. It has V12 engine like BMW with 627 horsepower and also weights only 266 kilograms. It is the typical fast car that made record in automotive industry. In 3.2 seconds it can go from zero to 60 mph and can attain maximum speed of 240 mph. the main drawback of this car is it costs considerably higher than other fastest cars available in the market.

5 # Koenigsegg CCX

fastest car6

The Koenigsegg CCX has placed fifth in the current list of fastest car in the world 2015 as it reaches the maximum speed of 245 mph and capable of reaching 62 mph in 3.2 seconds. The car was designed with the aim of making a Global car particularly to enter into the United States Car Market and to compete with Global environmental and safety regulations. It has V8 twin supercharged engine that generates torque of 678 lb and horsepower of 806. An individual has to spend 5.5 million dollars to own Koenigsegg CCX.

4 # Saleen S7 TT

fastest car7

Saleen S7 TT can be the popular car among car lovers, which is powered with twin turbo aluminum power train that can reach 62 mph in 2.8 seconds. This high performance American super car was hand-built and was produced by Saleen. It has 750 horsepower and can attain the highest speed of 248 mph. you can buy it for approximately $ 650,000. It is one of the top speed cars in the market which is equipped with latest technology.

3 # SSC Ultimate Aero

fastest car8

SSC Ultimate Aero has the record of fastest car in world in 2013 but removed later when Guinness made changes with the speed limiter. This mid-engined sports car was manufactured by SSC North America from 2006 untill 2013. The Ultimate Aero has 6.8 liter V8 twin turbo engine which enables it to reach a speed of 256 mph. The company is planning to release Ultimate aero XT version which will have a top speed of 276 mph.

2 # Hennessey Venom GT

fastest car9

Hennessey Venom GT is one of the fastest sports cars in the world which is an American company. It is manufactured with Hennessey Performance engineering which is the reason behind the performance and also it is powered with twin turbo powered V8 engine. There were 16 Venom GT sold in the market and the company is planning for Venom F5 which is advanced than the previous version. It can achieve the top speed of 270 mph which is considerably higher than the other brands offered with same price.

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1 # Fastest car in the world 2015 – Bugatti Super Veyron

fastest car10

The manufacturer of Bugatti Veyron used light weight technology which made this car weights about 550 pounds. The weight is lighter than Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. It is equipped with 1600 horsepower which enables the car to reach 60 mph in 1.8 seconds. It can reach the highest speed of 288 mph which made it as fastest car in the world. If you own $ 2,500,000 then you can purchase this car.

We hope you all enjoyed this article and let us know your favorite car from the list. Please share your feedback in the comments section below.

Top 10 best multiplayer android games 2018-2019

Top 10 best multiplayer android games 2018-2019

Sometimes it’s bit boring to play games against the computer. It is always fun and realistic to play multiplayer games against real player than the computer and it is competitive too. The gaming consoles were well known for its great graphics. But now the smart phones can beat those gaming consoles and delivers better and quality gaming experience. Most of us are addicted to smartphones because of the features it holds in it especially for playing games.

The developers are constantly developing high end games for android platform. The multiplayer game is one among them with realistic graphics. While talking about the multiplayer games you may confused on which is the best one?  Don’t worry we’ve listed some best multiplayer android games 2015 in the following section.

1 # Fun Run

multiplayer game1

The fun run gives you real time fun with your friends. It is the online real time multiplayer game for android. There is no matter where ever you are in the world you can play it with four players. You need to compete with the furriest creatures in the forest to remain as cool critter and have to finish the race before your friend. This game is awesome and you can have more excitement when you start playing it which helps you to get matched with random players all around the world.

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2 # Clash of Clans

multiplayer game2

It is the multiplayer online game that let you to build your own village, rise your army of  hog riders, dragons, archers, barbarians and other mighty fighters. After formed all these start your battle with the players and attack foes. The “foes” in this game is the other people. You can join clans to help each other and always being attacked by or attack other people. The game will exist almost solely of multiplayer. It has won the Best Multiplayer Award of 2013. This game enables you to discover your favorite attacking army for countless combination of troops.

3 # Mini Motor Racing

multiplayer game3

You can play the mini motor racing game against 4 persons through Wi-Fi. It is the remote controlled car racing game featured with campaign and competitions. The game graphics are great. You can play in 20 different types of track with varying weather condition and day and night which is one of the best multiplayer games for android.

4 # Real Racing 3

multiplayer game4

The Real Racing game is available for free of cost. The Time Shifted Multiplayer (TSM) let you play with your friends very much easily, that is the other player. You can have race with anyone, anytime and anywhere. You need to have the space of 1.2GB to install this on your smart phone. It offers wide range of tracks for race and more than 50 types of cars. This android multiplayer game was developed by EA Swiss Sarl.

5 # Modern Combat 4: zero hour

multiplayer game5

This game is especially for the user who loves to play action games. It is the shooter game which was developed by Gameloft. It needs 1.9 GB of space for storage. It is the best android multiplayer game which comes with different modes and featured with zone control, battle, capture the flag and more. There are around 20,000 weapon arrangements. You can download it from the play store. The game move on with a story that in the wake of nuclear warfare, the few elite soldiers have to avoid global devastation by track down and rescuing the world leaders from the familiar terrorist group.

6 # Dungeon Hunter 4

multiplayer game6

It is more fun and adventure game where you can battle as four different characters. It let you to fight more and improve your skills and strength. This is one among awesome and best multiplayer games for android allows you to fight with your friends or against the warriors. You can also upgrade the weapons as it has in app purchases. The thrilling and death match mode makes the fight more interesting.

7 # Space Team

It is quite different from other multiplayer android games. You can play it with the help of Wi-Fi and which does not work other than android and ios platform. It has won many awards and recognition. You can play it with 2 or 4 players. All that you need to do in this game is you shoot your enemy’s ship until it gets explode. You need to follow the instructions and also to share with your team members. There should be a team work with coordination to win the game.

8 # Warlings

multiplayer game8

This the ultimate multiplayer game available on the play store. Make use of the gun and shoot the opponents. You need to use tactics and tricks to win the game. You will be provided with six battlefields, crack team of warlings and bunch of weapons to execute your combat manoeuvres. With of bunch of weapons and team of warlings you have to defeat the enemy in three different battlefields. Play with your friends through Bluetooth. You will have lots of fun while playing this game with your friends and other players all over the world.

9 # Minecraft Pocket Edition

multiplayer game9

The Minecraft is all about build things and adventure. There are two modes such as survival and creative modes. You can play it as a multiplayer using the Wi-Fi network. In survival mode monster and zombies comes at night while build a thing where as in creative mode you can shape the world which made it as one of the best multiplayer android games.

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10 # Muffin Knight

multiplayer game10

This android multiplayer game has the stunning visuals. It consists of fairy tale characters with unique features and ability in each character. This is the story based game with a total of 18 different characters and a little boy who has to return the old fairy’s magical muffins. The strange curse was set on him and with every muffin touch he turns in to a different creature. Finally the old muffin turns him back to normal after he gets all the muffins back. The controller works better and it is fun to play with friends.

Let us know your favorite multiplayer android games which you like to play with your friends in android phone and also share your feedback about this article in the comments section below.