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Top 6 Best cordless impact wrenches 2014-2015

cordless impact wrenches1

People used to spend most of their time in trying to unbolt old nuts. This work can be easily done by electric impact wrench which is designed to remove troublesome and stuck nuts as well as bolts without wasting your time. In fact while talking about wrenches you will have this question in your mind “what is the best cordless ... Read More »

3 coolest ways to use coconut oil for sunburn

coconut oil for sunburn1

The overexposure of ultraviolet rays from sun leads to sunburn which cannot be avoided during summer. The sun burn results in itches, pain, rashes, scars, freckles and wrinkles. Moreover it may bring permanent health issues. For those people who are worried about this problem coconut oil can be the best solution. After hearing this you may think, is coconut oil ... Read More »

4 Effective methods of using onion juice for hair growth

onion juice for hair growth

Millions of people all around the world is facing the problem of hair loss everyday and are searching for the effective methods to avoid this issue. The hair loss may lead to stress, losing personal confidence, changes the appearance of the person and more. You can get rid of this issue with the simple natural ingredient available in your kitchen ... Read More »

6 Best lawn mower brands 2014-2015

lawn mowers5

Many people used to spend their weekends with mower to groom their garden. This machine helps to cut the grass in your lawn at even height using revolving blades. There are various types of lawn mowers like reel mowers, rotary mowers, gas, electricity, riding, hover and more. The type of mower mainly depends up on the size of the garden. ... Read More »

6 Best mosquito killers 2014-2015

best mosquito killer

Mosquitoes are the dangerous insects in the world that bothers you when you are talking with your friend in backyard or while spending time with kids in park. Not only outside but also in house it disturbs your sleep with their humming. Their bites can cause illness, itching, allergies and various types of diseases if you didn’t make any arrangements ... Read More »

Homemade ant killer

homemade ant killer1

Ants spend their time in searching food and they enter into our house for the same reason. They leave trail with a chemical scent while searching for food. This scent trail helps them to return back to their nest and also helps other ants to find food at the end of this scent. We used to spend much money and ... Read More »

How to get rid of ant hills

get rid of ant hills

Image source Even though we get some benefits from ants like cleaning up fungus, get rid of dangerous pests, aerating soil, etc sometimes they become trouble for us when they build big mounds. If you want to clean that ant hill then you have to identify the type which it belongs to. This will help you to find out its ... Read More »

Home remedies for ants in Kitchen and Garden

home remedies for ants

Ants are the small creatures in the world but they make much trouble in home. These little culprits enter into your home soon when you spill any food items or sugar and forget to swipe it up. There are more than 12000 species of ants in the world and the total biomass of all ants in the earth is equal ... Read More »