5 Best Garcinia Cambogia Pills Approved by the FDA

5 Best Garcinia Cambogia Pills Approved by the FDA

Discussions about Garcinia Cambogia’s benefits are still controversial. Some say it is good for your health and fitness purposes. Others might disagree. For what is worth, this exotic plant is used in many food supplements, and it is supposed to make you feel fuller for a longer period of time. Below, we have talked about what this plant really is and how it actually works. Also, we have come up with a list of the best Garcinia Cambogia brands that you should consider including in your diet.

a green garcinia cambogia plant

What Is Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia Cambogia is an exotic fruit that grows mostly in Indonesia. It became popular when the healthy eating industry has included it in food supplements. The fruit’s extract is told to suppress appetite, aiding in the weight loss process. Nowadays, many people struggle with binge eating, which is a type of overeating. We all tend to ingest food even when we are not hungry at all. This is where Garcinia Cambogia extract comes in.

Garcinia Cambogia supplements were first included in diets back in the 1990’s. Still, its popularity didn’t go through the roof until 2012, when Dr. Julie Chen talked about it during a Dr. Oz TV show episode. Although many people seem to look at it as to a miraculous weight loss pill that will simply melt the fat away, we should inform ourselves more before making an accurate judgment.

How Does Garcinia Cambogia Actually Work?

You may be wondering how Garcinia Cambogia helps people lose weight. In studies conducted by Georgetown University, Garcinia Cambogia has been shown to reduce fat in animals and humans in a small sample size test. The secret is the hydroxycitric acid or HCA that inhibits certain enzymes in your body’s system that create fat cells. It also has been known to increase serotonin levels in the brain, which could also lead to lower levels of appetite.

As I previously mentioned, you shouldn’t consider this fruit or extract to be a magic pill. A healthy weight loss requires regular exercise, a balanced diet, and, if necessary, a couple of visits to your nutritionist. If your doctor tells you to also include other supplements such as Garcinia Cambogia in your daily diet, then you should do that. Whatever your choice is, make sure not to overdo it. In the next section of the article, you will read some short reviews about the best Garcinia Cambogia brands available on the market.

The Best Garcinia Cambogia Brands to Try


#1. MuscleTech

best brands of garcinia combogia

MuscleTech offers two main Garcinia products: Garcinia 4x SX-7 and Platinum Garcinia Plus. The first is actually made from four different sources of Garcinia including Garcinia fruit rind extract, Kokum fruit rind extract, and Asam Gelugor rind extract.  With 1.666g of Garcinia per serving, you are looking at a whole lot of Garcinia being put into your system with only two caplets.

It delivers 70% hydroxycitric acid per serving, which is Garcinia’s most desirable ingredient that is said to help curve the appetite. Their other product, Platinum Garcinia Plus also provides a whopping 1.56g of Garcinia Cambogia per serving. It also offers a 60% HCA concentration per pill, which is more than most brands on the market. Look for MuscleTech if you want to get high concentrations of HCA in your supplements.

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#2. Healthy Natural Systems

best garcinia brands

Another option for you to look at is Healthy Natural Systems, which offers a package containing 60 tablets of 500 mg of Garcinia a piece. For around 13$ a bottle, it is not a bad way to see if Garcinia is the right supplement for you. They also offer Garcinia Cambogia Chews, for those of you who prefer to not swallow capsules as they can leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

These chews contain 500mg per serving and 50% hydroxycitric acid. You can usually find these tablets at GNC stores, so if you have any questions, they can answer them and also offer money-back guarantees. Overall, it is one of the best Garcinia Cambogia brands you should consider taking.


#3. Pro-Nutra Ultra Concentrated Garcinia

best garcinia combogia brand1

The Pro-Nutra Ultra Concentrated Garcinia provides a high powered option at 1500 mg per tablet. This could be a big plus considering many other brands leave you no choice but to take three 500mg pills to get the recommended dosage. Specialists state this is definitely one of the best Garcinia Cambogia supplements. No matter how much Garcinia there is in your pills, it simply will not work without a proper diet and regular exercise. No pain no gain!


#4. BioGenetic Laboratories Garcinia TRIM

garcinia combogia brand

BioGenetic offers a bottle with 120 capsules at 750 mg per serving and 60% hydroxycitric Acid per two capsules. At around 30$ per bottle, it has relatively good value. Although keep in mind that it does not contain the recommended Potassium and Calcium levels inside the capsule. These two elements were recommended by Dr. Oz when taking Garcinia Cambogia food supplements.

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#5. Puritan’s Pride

top brands of barcinia combogia

Puritan’s Pride Super Citrimax Garcinia Cambogia contains 45 capsules providing 1500 mg per 2 capsules. These tablets also contain Chromium Picolinate to support sugar metabolism, and potassium, which is an essential nutrient for the body. These are basically designed to work with a calorie reduced diet supplemented with plenty of exercise.

We have briefly reviewed some of the best Garcinia Cambogia brands on the market. So, there you have it! There are no known harmful side effects of Garcinia Cambogia because it derives from a fruit that grows and develops naturally. Even so, when choosing a certain food supplements brand, I would recommend consulting a doctor or a health practitioner first. There are no magic pills out there, but diet and exercise and going with a supplement like Garcinia Cambogia might help accelerate that process. I hope this aided you in your weight loss journey.

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Top 7 Best Indoor Tanning Lotion 2018-2019

Top 7 Best Indoor Tanning Lotion 2018-2019

Sometimes, people with fair skin will get irritated or burnt by the UV rays from the sun. This process happens to the diminished melanin content in their body. In order to avoid those issues, you have to make use of the finest indoor tanning lotion that will protect your skin.


While choosing the best indoor tanning lotion, you have to consider numerous criteria. These can be ingredients, price, usage, etc. Moreover, you have to check whether it will suit your skin type or not. Thus to help you out in this article we have listed the top 7 best indoor tanning lotion 2018-2019 in the following section that will enable you to make your choice.


What Is the Best Indoor Tanning Lotion?


There are many new brands that appear in the market. Therefore, finding the best product for you is not a simple task. You need to carefully read the label to select a cream that suits your type of skin. You have to learn about various ingredients that you can find in a lotion. These can be hemp seed oil, body blush, anti-aging, shimmer, silicon, vitamin E, and more.


People who have sensitive skin need to choose body blush while those with signs of aging has to choose anti-aging. Therefore, given the variety of skin and body types, we selected the best indoor tanning lotions based on the online reviews.


Top 7 Best Indoor Tanning Lotion 2018-2019


1# Australian Gold Sinfully Black


best indoor tanning lotion

The Sinfully Black indoor tanning lotion smells great. It does not give you any orange color that usually appears with most of the other lotions. You can really obtain a pleasant brown hue if you use it on a frequent basis.


It is available in pocket size and comes with a low price tag so that you don’t want to spend much money for a lotion. It contains sunflower oil, kukui nut oil, and vitamins to make your skin softer. For the delicious fragrance, they use temptuous berry. This option can be your best indoor tanning lotion.


Product Details


2# Pink Diamond Tingle Hot Sizzle Indoor Tanning Lotion


indoor tanning lotion

This is a salon tan lotion with added natural bronzing to get an immediate result. They make use of tingle power T2 formula to boost the tanning cell activity and increase blood flow. You will not face any side effects while using this lotion. As a result, it can be a great choice when you step out of the house.


This is a good indoor tanning lotion for the people who show signs of aging. That’s because it contains a triple action anti-aging blend. You will be able to see the difference in your body tan after a few days of usage. You can expect it a flawless golden tan.


Product Details




3# Watermelon Wow Dark Maximizer Tanning Lotion


cheap indoor tanning lotion

The best rated indoor tanning lotion from Watermelon Wow Dark has a color burst complex TM. This formula provides deep golden color for the skin. The watermelon extract in the lotion moisturizes the skin so that you can feel soft and smooth.


Vitamins like A, C, and E that this product contains make the skin glow. It works great on the skin, and you can get the good looking tan you are dreaming of. This is a paraben-free tanning lotion that delivers amazing performance when compared to other brands available in the market.


Product Details


4# Millenium Tanning New Solid Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion


best rated indoor tanning lotion

This Millenium Tanning solution is the cheaper indoor tanning lotion than the salon choices. It has plenty of ingredients to make your skin tan and smooth. You can feel the difference when you use it even after the first time you apply it on your body.


This product can be suitable for beginners on a tight budget. You can use this lotion for bed tanning to get the best result. This cream uses auto-darkening tan technology which is absent from most of the other products.


Product Details



5# Designer Skin Glam Slam Bronzer Tanning Lotion


indoor tanning lotion review

This tanning lotion contains black walnut shell to provide immediate color to the skin. You can feel the difference in your skin in just a few hours after tanning. The premature aging can be averted with the regular use of Glam Slam tanning lotion.


The kiwi watermelon extract is present to offer a delicious for fragrance with a fruity smell. This is a great lotion for tanning if you are planning for sun bath or outdoor game.


Product Details



6# Black Cherry Crush Bronzer Tanning Lotion


what is the best indoor tanning lotion

With the use of extended bronzer in this lotion, you can maintain the tan for longer period of time. It also darkens your skin tan to obtain a brown hue. You can get instant color while keeping your skin moisturized.


The natural blend of Aloe Vera and vitamin E provides glowing skin. This is a cheap yet quality indoor tanning lotion to use daily. You will not find any stain on your clothes after using it. Surely you will love the fragrance, and you will not feel any irritation or rashes on your body.


Product Details



7# Black & Tan Indoor Tanning Lotion


best indoor tanning lotions

The best indoor tanning lotion offers you good looking skin and darker tan. It has tantalizing silicone bronzer with warming energy beads and more bronzing effect for fast result. This tanning lotion also contains auto-darkening technology just like Millenium tanning lotion.


It is available in ounce bottle which will be helpful for you to use it as trial. This option enables you to make the decision whether to buy the full-fledged version or not. You can get the brown color tan you always wanted which is enough to make you satisfied.


Product Details



Final Word


These tanning lotions protect your skin, nourish, moisturize, and prevent from uneven tanning and burns. Women like to keep their skin glow as they are conscious of their beauty and health. Please let us know your feedback about this article in the following comments section. This way, you help other readers too.

World’s Best-Selling Tea Brands in 2018

World’s Best-Selling Tea Brands in 2018

After water, tea is the most popular beverage in the world. Recent estimates show that around 80 percent of American homes have one or more boxes of tea. A whopping 158 million Americans drink at least one cup of tea every single day. That translates to an amazing 84 billion servings of tea per year, which further translates to roughly 3.8 billion gallons. One question that naturally arises in people’s minds when they hear these stats is: “what are the favorite tea brands among most tea lovers?”

a white small cup of tea on a tbale

In this article, we’ll go through the top ten tea brands in terms of sales. All of these tea brands have satisfied millions of customers around the world. So, if you’re just getting into tea drinking, you owe it to yourself to learn a bit more about the tea brands on this list.

The Best Tea Brands to Consider Drinking

1. Lipton

a wooden box full of tea bags

Leave it to the British to have some of the most successful tea brands in the world! We begin our list with the United Kingdom’s number one tea manufacturer: Lipton. Founded in 1890, the legendary Lipton brand continues to dominate the global tea market. Besides the company’s signature black tea, Lipton now offers very popular bottled iced teas and even k-cups.

Believe it or not, Lipton has some of the hottest k-cup products on the market. Some of Lipton’s products even give Starbucks a good run for its money. Unilever and PepsiCo now own stakes in Lipton.

2. Tetley

a bag of tea in a transparent glass of water

The British tea company Tetley is second only to Unilever (aka Lipton) regarding tea manufacturing and sales. Founded back in 1837, Tetley sells well over 60 tea varieties to hundreds of countries. In addition to its original headquarters in the U.K., Tetley also has a factory in Canada.

Some popular new tea brands from Tetley include the company’s immunity boosting super teas and a delightful black-green tea combo. The Indian company Tata Global Beverages currently owns Tetley.

3. Twinings

several packages of Twinings tea

Twinings was founded way back in 1706 and is currently owned by Associated British Foods. There’s a ton of history behind the Twinings brand. Indeed, Twinings’ logo is the oldest of all tea brands. The company was named after Thomas Twining who opened London’s first official tearoom at No. 216 Strand, London.

Tea enthusiasts still visit this legendary tearoom that is still operational today. Besides the original pure black tea, Twinings now offers a wide variety of beverages including green tea, chai, oolong, and herbal teas.

4. Celestial Seasonings

a package of Celestial Seasoning tea

You’ve probably seen a few of Celestial Seasonings‘ tea boxes in your supermarket during flu season. Headquartered in Colorado, Celestial Seasonings prides itself in its high-quality herbal blends designed to soothe sore throats and clear the sinuses. Celestial Seasonings is one of the few tea brands that makes $100,000,000 consistently each year. Besides herbal teas, Celestial Seasonings also offers green tea, black tea, and chai blends.

5. The Republic of Tea

Jasmine flowers in a small pot of tea

Two wine experts developed the Republic of Tea in 1992. Located in Novato, California, the Republic of Tea only uses organic products in its wide variety of tea blends. Customers absolutely love the various fruity herbal concoctions that come out of the Republic of Tea’s plant each year. A few popular blends include The People’s Green, Wild Berry Plum, and Açai Green Tea. The Republic of Tea’s blends all come in distinctive cylindrical containers.

6. Tazo

a Tazo tea package in a gift basket

Anyone who enjoys Starbucks coffee must know about the Tazo brand of tea already. Steven Smith founded the herbal tea company in Portland, Oregon, back in 1994. However, it wasn’t until 1999 that Tazo reached a truly global status. That’s the year Starbucks decided to purchase the company and started selling Tazo’s herbal teas in its stores.

Despite Tazo’s slightly higher price range, tea aficionados love this brand’s dedication to quality. Some of Tazo’s most famous tea brands include Zen Green Tea, Awake English Breakfast, and Refresh Mint.

7. Dilmah

a large box full of tea bags on a table

Dilmah is one of the most environmentally conscious tea companies in the world. This Sri Lankan company started the business in the 1970s and has quickly become an international success story. People just love the richness of Dilmah’s authentic Ceylon teas. All of Dilmah’s tea fields are 100 percent free from carbon emissions. Dilmah is perhaps best known for its pure white tea, but it also has a wide range of herbal, green, and black teas for sale.

8. Bigelow

a cup of tea made of paper and cardboard

Headquartered in Fairfield, Connecticut, Bigelow is one of the most affordable of all the tea brands on this list. But don’t think this old tea company skimps on the quality of its products. Bigelow offers some of the highest quality American teas for the price.

A few popular Bigelow brands include green tea, Earl Gray, and Lemon Lift. Although this company is headquartered in Connecticut, Bigelow has its very own plantation in South Carolina. Bigelow brings in around $90 million each year.

9. Yorkshire Tea

a small red teapot branded with the Yorkshire tea logo

Yet another popular British brand of tea is called Yorkshire Tea. Located in Harrogate, Yorkshire Tea dates back to 1886. The company is well known for its rich black tea. A few other popular items offered by this company include special teas for hard water, the Yorkshire “Gold” blend, and the Yorkshire “Bedtime Brew.”

All of Yorkshire Tea’s tea leaves come from countries like Sri Lanka, Kenya, or India. Despite Yorkshire Tea’s huge popularity, it is still family owned and operated.

10. Harney & Sons

two small transparent cups of tea

Harney & Sons is one of the best-selling luxury tea brands around the world. This Connecticut-based tea manufacturer is well known for its ultra-chic tea boxes and dedication to detail. If you’ve ever stayed in a fancy hotel like the Four Seasons, then you’ve probably seen a box of Harney & Sons lying around. Harney & Sons is consistently awarded for its high-quality tea blends and gorgeous packaging.

A few different tea blends offered by this company include matcha, fruit teas, black tea, rooibos. If you’re in the market for a high-end tea, definitely give Harney & Sons a shot.

Summing It Up

No matter which tea brands you enjoy, it’s a good idea to add a cup of tea to your daily routine. Numerous studies show the amazing benefits of tea. Did you know that a cup of tea could significantly reduce your risk for stroke, provide robust immune system support, and help with bone strength?

It’s true! Any of the tea brands above will have at least one blend that you’ll absolutely fall in love with. So, go ahead! Boil up some water and take a long tea break. You deserve it.

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Effective ways to lose 10 pounds in 7 days

Effective ways to lose 10 pounds in 7 days

weight loss5

Sometimes most of the people give back their dieting plan as it does not show the result very soon. But they wanted to reduce their weight soon and like to maintain the same for future. You will be having this question in mind is it possible to lose weight in 7 days. In fact it is possible if you keep track on your dieting plan properly and carryout needed exercise. For those who want to reduce their excessive weight naturally without taking any pills, here are some of the effective ways to lose 10 pounds in 7 days in the following section. You have to continue it regularly to maintain the same body structure forever.

Simple ways to lose 10 pounds in a week

Before going into the method you have to make sure that this weight loss program will make changes in your lifestyle and the food habits.

1 # Set your goal

The primary thing you have to do to reduce your weight is to set the goal. You have to focus only on achieving your goal and stop trying out your old dresses that does not fit you because it will lowers your confidence level. Fix your calories counting that you have to intake to reach 10 pounds weight loss in one week. You can keep a journal and write down the things that you are eating daily and with each meal which will help you to know the amount and type of food you are consuming. If those food items are rich in fat or excess the calories that you fixed then you can be able to change them with the help of this journal.

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2 # Prepare your own dieting chart

effective ways to lose 10 pounds in 7 days1

To effectively reduce your weight you have to prepare your own dieting chart so that you can follow them to achieve your goal. Try to include the food items that are rich in protein and have water content in it which will help you to burn the fat inside your body. You also have to allot time for your cardio or any kind of exercise that is important in losing weight. Try to avoid the foods that promote cholesterol in your body like fried chicken, chips, French fries, etc. Starting from the first day with each meal such as breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can also plan for the mid meals that you are taking in between till the last seventh day. Make sure that your food chart does not exceed more than 2000 calories per day because a person has to intake 2000 calories a day without exercise.

3 # Drink more water

weight loss2

Drinking plenty of water is essential to reduce your weight. If you do not take enough quantity of water while following the dieting plan then you cannot achieve your desired result. Because water helps in removing the excess and unwanted water content from your body through urine or sweating and thereby you can also reduce the fat content in your body. Try to drink at least 2 0r 3 litres of water and increase it gradually for the forthcoming days.

4 # Take meals in smaller portion

Reduce the quantity of food that you are consuming and increase the number of meals that you are taking. That is instead of having three heavy meals you can have five meals per day in smaller portions. Try to add whole grain foods like wheat, nuts, barley, ragi, etc in your meals which will help you to stay without hunger for longer period of time. Rather than eating quickly enjoy each and every bite of your food which will reduce the food carving that most of the overweighed people face. This is one of the effective ways to lose 10 pounds in 7 days.

5 # Eat fat burning foods

There are some food items that will naturally burn your fat without doing any cardio. Intake more food items like that to burn more fat easily in your body. Those food items includes orange, bell peppers, lemon, strawberry, cinnamon, salmon fish, broccoli, apple, peaches, foods that are rich in omega 3 like olive oil, fish oil, walnuts, etc. These foods will help in reducing the level of insulin in your body so that you can be able to lose weight soon.

6 # Spice up your dish

weight loss3

This is one of the effective ways to lose 10 pounds in 7 days and it can be done with your regular recipes. Add more spices in your dish like cardamom, cinnamon, fennel seeds and more to burn fat in your body. These spices also have medicinal qualities so that you can gain more health benefits from these things.

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7 # Do 30 minutes exercise a day

To successfully lose 10 pounds in a week you have to regularly do at least 30 minutes of exercise which will help to burn more calories easily. You can be able to burn 200 to 300 calories in your legs, arms and other core parts of the body if you do workouts for around 30 minutes. Moreover you can go in stairs instead of choosing the lift which will help you to reduce your weight soon. Other than exercise you can walk daily in the morning that will give better result and you will not result in foot pain.

8 # Sleep more at night

weight loss4

Sleeping 30 minutes more at night will help in reducing weight which was found in a study. Restful sleep will boost your metabolism and you can feel relaxed if you sleep earlier at night. This will help you to reduce the stress that cause weight gain and you can also get other health benefits from doing so.

These are the effective ways to lose 10 pounds in one week naturally without using any pills. We hope you find this article useful and please share your thoughts about the methods listed above in the comments section.

Sauna vs steam room

Sauna vs steam room

The better way women find to relax them is to go to a health spa for steam room or sauna which enables them to reduce their stress. Both of the method involves in increasing the blood circulation and increase the heart beat. The main difference between sauna and steam room can be the nature of heat provided by them. Sauna provides dry heat with the stack of rocks using traditional method whereas steam room offers moist heat using the water. In this article we are going to discuss briefly about the sauna, steam room, various benefits of each one, sauna vs steam room and more in the following section.


sauna vs steam room

When compared to the steam room sauna produce much heat to improve the blood circulation in your body. A sauna was originated in Finland and was referred to the Finnish bathhouse which makes use of water in hot stones to create steam. There are mainly two methods of sauna namely infrared saunas that make use of active carbon fibers or charcoals for heat and conventional saunas which warm air in the room for heat. In the sauna you can have benches to sit and enjoy the steam but usually the steam disappears quickly.

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Benefits of sauna

  • The saunas help in relaxing the muscles and enable you to relieve from tension thus it also minimize joint pain. This is most useful therapy for the people who are affected from the health issues like headaches, painful migraines, etc.
  • It will soothe the endings of your nerve so you will not feel any pain easily and your whole body will become stable.
  • You can go for sauna if you are facing much stress in your office or personally as it help you to relieve from any kind of stress.
  • The heat that you get from sauna enables your body to feel relaxed and you will get better sleep. It will heat up your body and later on will release the increased melatonin from your body.
  • It is great for lowering the blood pressure and relaxing muscle which also enable you to get the glowing pink skin.

Steam Room

steam room vs sauna

Image Source

A steam room is one of the ancient types of bathing which became popular in Rome and Greece. The steam room will produce maximum level of humidity by using the steam to produce heat. Usually these rooms are built with ceramic tiles and ceiling has to be slanted to avoid the dripping onto the bathers. Mostly steam room is preferred to create more sweat for the purpose of detoxification. Your body will lose the excess fat and unwanted water content from the body when sweating more thus steam room is suitable for the people who want to maintain their physical appearance.

Benefits of steam room

  • The moisture heat from the steam room will opens the mucous membranes for relieving the pressure and the steam stays in room for longer period of time when compared to the sauna.
  • This is suitable for those who are suffering from the health issues like bronchitis, asthma, etc as it minimizes the fat content of your body through sweat.
  • It will improve the breathing of the bathers so that you will not end up in any king of problems due to the excess heat prevailing inside the room.
  • This is one of the suitable methods for weight loss as it increases the metabolism in your body. Even the sweating will help in weight loss which cannot be achieved in sauna.
  • You can also cleanse and remove the toxins in your body using the steam room which is the main advantage that you receive.

Steam Room vs sauna

Here you can find some of the difference between sauna and steam room which help you in deciding the type of heat bath you would like to take. Just check out sauna vs steam room in the following section.

  • You can get both wet and dry sessions from sauna whereas steam room will offer only the wet session.
  • Usually sauna makes use of stove to generate the heat but steam room makes use of the external steam generation.
  • Sauna is suitable for the people who do not like moist heat as they can prefer the dry one. People who do not like to have dry session prefer steam room.
  • The walls of sauna are usually made of wood which also has the seating table in wood but the wall of steam room is made of glass to promote the moist heat.
  • Sometimes excessive heat will bother the humidity and you will feel like thirst in sauna whereas over heat in steam room will lead to excessive thirst, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, etc.

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The major similarity that you can get from both steam room and sauna is they increase the circulation to promote healthy skin and you will gain energy. Other than health they also offer various benefits for your skin which could not be achieved in any other things. Whether it is wet or dry heat bath you have to be sure about the temperature of the room as the excessive temperature will sometimes create bad effects on your skin as well as on your health. This is the main thing that you have to consider and make sure before entering into the room. Moreover steam room also enables you to lose certain weight by excessive sweating and enables you to stay fit for longer period of time.

That’s it about the sauna vs steam room, we hope you find this article useful in getting some information about sauna as well as steam room. Please let us know your feedback in the following comments section which will be useful for other users also.

Top 5 best adjustable dumbbells 2018-2019

Top 5 best adjustable dumbbells 2018-2019

Most of the people prefer to use adjustable dumbbells rather than getting expensive gym equipment which works on specific parts of the body alone. These dumbbells can be a great option for your routine workout in home as it helps in reducing the excess fat in your body and enables you to achieve the perfect shape. Moreover they are affordable than other gym equipments and offers excellent health benefits. In fact it is difficult to pick the one among the hundreds of products to choose from. Thus we have framed the list of top 5 best adjustable dumbbells in the following section that will help you to achieve your fitness goal.

List of 5 best adjustable dumbbells 2015

1 # Bowflex 552 adjustable dumbbells

best adjustable dumbbells1

You can turn your home into gym by getting the Bowflex 552 dumbbells which will meet all your needs for fitness. In this equipment you can adjust the dumbbell from 5 pounds to 52 pounds. It will not occupy much space in your home that can be placed anywhere and easy to fit even in limited space. This can be one of the best adjustment dumbbells that will be flexible and strength training option for your daily workout. You can make a smooth lift off with the provided metal plates and it is suitable for both heavy as well as lighter exercises. You can do more than 30 exercises with this dumbbell and 80 variations in it. You no need to worry about the gym timings and other issues anymore.

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2 # CAP Barbell dumbbell set

best adjustable dumbbell2

If you are looking for equipment for bodybuilding then CAP Barbell can be the great choice as it is featured with rubber trim collars, comfort handle, durable iron plates, ergonomics grips and more in order to deliver better performance. You can make use of it to do your regular workouts in order to achieve the fitness goals. The iron plates are equipped with semi glass finish for the extended durability which made it as the best adjustable dumbbells for the price. You can keep this dumbbell anywhere in your home like kitchen or bedroom as it does not hold much space like other gym equipment. This dumbbell set has rack storage system, 2.5 pound plates, threaded collars, 5 pound handles, 5 pound plates, etc to meet all your needs for exercise. It allows you to work with interchangeable weights that are easy to use as well as stable for your training.

3 # Universal 445 adjustable dumbbell

adjustable dumbbell set3

The Universal adjustable dumbbell is offering 18 individual free weights in a single dumbbell set which is not found in other brands available in the market. You can be able to increase or adjust the weight from 4 pounds to nearly 45 pounds to carry out your daily workouts without any issues. You can get the best adjustable dumbbell for the price from this brands and it also saves the space in your home as it fits in stand. You can easily store the weights in stand which helps to avoid the clumsy. It is featured with rubber handles that enables you to carry out your exercises comfortably and without slip. You can get the workout guide along with the set that will be useful for you to learn different exercises to achieve your fitness needs.

4 # Bowflex 1090 dumbbell

adjustable dumbbell set4

You can get the ultimate strength building workout from Bowflex 1090 which helps to stay fit. The additional weight will create a challenging workout that will enable you to get stronger as well as to build body in a healthy way. It allows you to adjust the weight from 10 pounds to 90 pounds which is comparatively higher than other ones in the list and is mentioned by many people in adjustable dumbbell reviews. It will easily fit in any places so that you can even carry while travelling to carry out your exercise without missing it. This adjustable dumbbell is suitable for heavy leg lifts, basic toning, strength toning and other kinds of exercises which will facilitate you to do 30 exercises likewise. For the smooth and comfortable liftoff you can get mold surrounding metal plates. On the whole you can experience better performance with this dumbbell.

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5 # PowerBlock dumbbell set

best adjustable dumbbell5

The PowerBlock dumbbell set is more compatible than the traditional ones and it delivers excellent performance to meet your fitness goals. You can carry out your routine workout with this strength training equipment and allows you to add 3 pounds increments from 3 to 24 pounds as the highest weight. Just like the weight stack in the gym you can easily change the weights in this dumbbell as mentioned mostly in the adjustable dumbbells review. For the protection of wrist you can have the paddle handle that gives you more safety and comfort while doing workouts. If you want to build muscle or to avoid unwanted fat in your body then this can be the effective as well as great choice for the money you are paying. You can make different kinds of workout using this one to build your body and to meet your fitness goals.

We hope you enjoyed this article and let us know your preferred adjustable dumbbells from the list. Please also share your valuable thoughts in the following comments section.