12 Fresh Summer Vacations and Unique Ideas Everyone Can Enjoy

12 Fresh Summer Vacations and Unique Ideas Everyone Can Enjoy

There’s nothing quite like summer vacations: you get to spend time with your loved ones creating unforgettable memories.


Thinking of running off for a little escape by yourself? That’s okay too: everyone needs some time to themselves.


Either way, you need some amazing vacation ideas and unique vacation spots to get the ball rolling.


Whether you’re looking for cheap vacations or the best family vacations, there’s something here for everyone.


4 Fresh Vacation Ideas for Unforgettable Summer Getaways


Sick of the same-old, same-old? No problem: these vacation spots are perfect for spicing things up and chilling out somewhere new.


1. Skaftafell, Iceland


Skaftafell offers a slightly more laid-back option for visiting Iceland because it’s part of a beautiful national park. Plus, this town is a four-hour drive (along the marvelous Icelandic coast) from the bustling city of Reykjavik.


2. Fes el-Bali, Morocco


Morocco can get a little hot in summer. If you can stand the heat, you’ll be glad you made the decision to visit. Fes al-Bali is full of fabulous colors, shopping, beaches, cuisine, and culture. In fact, UNESCO lists the entire town as a world heritage site. What more do you need?


3. Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore in Michigan, USA


If you’re an outdoors person and looking for something a little different, this is your place. Michigan’s Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore offers a unique landscape for kayaking, hiking, or just chilling out. Between the stunning colors, rock formations, shipwrecks, and twelve-mile beach, you’ll never run out of things to do.


4. Sedona, Arizona


If you’ve been meaning to take a trip through the great American Southwest but want to avoid the hustle and bustle of high profile locations, Sedona is the place for you. You get unique shopping, luxurious lodging, and stunning hike options to keep you occupied for any length of time.


The 4 Best Family Vacations with Something for Everyone


Taking young kids on international flights isn’t relaxing or fun for anyone. These interesting US-based spots are some of the best family vacations you can find domestically.


5. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA


When it comes to vacation ideas, people don’t usually think of New Orleans as a family destination. However, this location offers something for everyone: museums, shopping, history, dining, you name it.


6. Glacier National Park in Montana, USA


Parks aren’t always the most exciting vacation spots for young kids, but Glacier National Park has something to keep everyone busy. Even within the park, there’s no shortage of places to stay for a few nights. Kids will love the star gazing, horseback trail rides, and Native American-run cultural activities.


7. Salem, Massachusetts, USA


Salem is an excellent destination when it comes to summer vacations because it’s a lot less busy than the fall months. This makes it one of the best family vacations to soak up interesting sights, activities, history, and architecture without the massive crowds during Halloween season.


8. Sequoia National Park in California, USA


While adults can hike for days, kids might get bored quickly if the scenery doesn’t change very much. Sequoia National Park is the perfect solution for this. Here, you get seriously massive trees, crystal caves, junior ranger activities, and of course: great lodging and dining to keep everyone comfortable.


4 Cheap Vacations to Enjoy Your Time Off While Sticking to a Budget


For a lot of people, traveling isn’t a financially viable option. These cheap vacations have you covered.


9. Anywhere in Thailand


Just about everywhere in Thailand is chock-full of activities like swimming, hiking, shopping, or vegging out at the spa. Although the plane ticket gets a little pricy, your money will go very far once you get there.


10. Zanzibar, Tanzania


Again, a plane ticket might set you back a bit, but once you arrive it will be money well spent. If you’ve always wanted to take an ultra-luxurious vacation and never had the budget to do so, Zanzibar is your ultimate destination.


11. Gatlinburg, Tennessee


Folks who love cheap vacations and hiding out in the middle of nowhere to reconnect with themselves will love Gatlinburg. Whether you want exciting outdoor activities or just want to kick-back and absorb the scenery, this is the place to go.


12. Biloxi, Mississippi


If you want to soak up the sun on a beach for a few days, look no further than Mississippi – yes, really. Here you can find casinos and American Civil War attractions to peak your interests and of course: the glorious Gulf coast.


Selecting the Best Summer Vacations


Think about the goals of your vacation.


What do you want to get out of the trip? Fun activities, relaxation, history and culture, or maybe all of the above?


This will help you narrow down a list of the best vacation spots so you can choose the perfect place.

Top 9 Poorest Countries in the World in 2018

Top 9 Poorest Countries in the World in 2018

In general terms, the wealth of a country can be assessed by reviewing their Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This metric is best defined as a country’s total market value of goods produced during a specified period of time. But can this be an indicator of the poorest country in the world?

This number is divided by the country’s population to provide the overall Gross Domestic Product. Of course, there are other things that contribute to a country’s wealth, but this has been a universally accepted standard in economics.

Unfortunately, this metric varies greatly from country to country. There is a ton of disparity between rich and poor, and this challenge spans the globe. While there is no clear winner when it comes to the poorest country in the world, here are a few that top the list.

The Poorest Country in the World – 9 Examples

#1. Madagascar

some poor houses in Madagascar

This African island has received some publicity for their unique biosphere and attention to tourism. However, most of the country is drowning in poverty. The country has experienced political turmoil and unrest for many years. These constant challenges have left the country with little economic leadership or direction.

Also, most of the natives are trained in agriculture and make a living through this type of work. Unfortunately, the country is severely affected by climate change, and the weather can be unpredictable. This creates hardship for the locals who rely on agriculture to survive.

#2. Malawi

some people hauling water in Malawi

Malawi is another African state that tops the list when it comes to the poorest country in the world. It has one of the lowest per capita incomes in the world with over half the country living below the accepted poverty line. Unfortunately, the country has experienced loss of aid due to corruption within their local government.

Without aid, the country has experienced turmoil and has not had the funding to contribute development. This change has led to even further poverty and destruction. Similar to other African countries, the Malawi people rely heavily on agriculture and farming for survival. Massive flooding in late 2015 devastated the country and their economy, and they’re still working to recoup the losses.

#3. Guinea

a poor family in Guinea

This country has experienced wealth in the past due to their massive local mineral mining. However, recent events have contributed to the slip. The country has not enjoyed economic freedom since the 1990s, and the country’s government has engaged in a series of sociopolitical conflicts which have rapidly delayed the country’s return to independence.

In addition, the country’s laborers rely on outdated equipment and processes for farming which has proved a massive handicap.

#4. Niger

several men with cattle in Niger

Niger is swallowed by the Sahara Desert, with 80 percent of its land mass lying in the stretches of this sandy oasis. Niger has often been touted as the poorest country in the world due to its large population and limited room for expansion and growth.

The country’s rapidly growing population and reliance on small-scale agriculture place it at risk for desertion. In addition, the country has a rough past of slavery, illiteracy, and disease. Mortality rates are extremely high, and while the country anticipates some relief due to ongoing oil projects, it continues to rack up debt to complete these projects.

#5. Liberia

a destroyed school site in Liberia

Liberia earns a look as the poorest country in the world. The African nation experienced a major hit to their economy with the Ebola crisis. Ebola caused many investors to withhold their investments until the disease was better contained.

In addition, the overall economy relies on exports like rubber, iron ore, and palm oil. This means the country is at the mercy of the global commodity markets. Overall, a whopping 85 percent of Liberians live below the poverty line definitely putting it in the running for the poorest country in the world.

#6. Afghanistan

some cute children in Afghanistan

This Middle Eastern country needs no introduction. After almost two decades of war and terror, the country definitely lacks structure and lands recognition on the list as the poorest country in the world. Unemployment in Afghanistan sits around 35 percent, and almost half the population survives on less than one dollar per day. In addition, the country lacks the support of foreign investment due to the constant turmoil and instability.

#7. Ethiopia

some children outdoors in Ethiopia

This African country is extremely underdeveloped and impoverished. Over 55 percent of the country’s population lives in city slums, and the GDP per capita is one of the lowest in the world. Ethiopia is another culture where agriculture is the foundation of the country’s economy. Unfortunately, the country regularly experiences drought making progress a challenge.

#8. Burundi

several Burundi children on a field outdoors

This community has experienced the brunt of the infamous Hutu-Tutsi ethnic conflict. The conflict has created chaos and destruction throughout the country, and the European Union has cut funding to this impoverished country because of political corruption.

Also, the crisis has driven a recession and a ban on trade with neighboring countries. This experience has contributed to inflation making it difficult for the locals to find ways to put food on the table. All of these factors have landed Burundi in the mix as one of the poorest country examples in the world.

#9. Haiti

a crowded Haiti street

This country is still recovering from the devastating effects of recent earthquake damage. While the country enjoys the advantages of a free market economy and a good relationship with the United States, there are many factors contributing to the lack of economic growth.

Over 80 percent of the country lives below the poverty line, and seven out of ten people report living on under two dollars per day. Government corruption and lack of educational resources have really hindered the country’s ability to recover.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many areas of the world that lack the resources and economic conditions to truly thrive and prosper. Each of these countries has been labeled as the poorest country in the world at one point or another. Moreover, all of them still land on the list due to their low gross domestic product rating and high poverty levels. It’s important to acknowledge this disparity and understand the struggles that exist all over the globe.

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Top 6 Best Countries to Live in (2018)

Top 6 Best Countries to Live in (2018)

What are the best countries to live in? It’s a simple question with surprisingly simple answers. Although numerous organizations use different criteria to respond to this question, most of the key factors are obvious. The best countries to live in have nationalized health care, high-quality education, low unemployment, plenty of nature, and a strong sense of community.

an aerial view of Cape Town

No wonder Scandinavia always does so well in these studies! In this article, we’ll take a look at some of 2018’s best countries to live in. As you’ll see, many of the nations on this list have long track records of providing their citizens with happy and healthy lives.

The Top 6 Best Countries to Live in

1. Switzerland

Matterhorn Peak in Switzerland

Switzerland has always been considered one of best countries to live in. For hundreds of years, Europeans would spend their holiday in this marvelously peaceful nation. Well known for its pacifism and sublime natural scenery, Switzerland clinched the top spot in the 2017 U.S. News & World Report survey of the best 80 nations on earth.

Switzerland also came in third place on the UN’s 2017 list of best nations and fourth in the 2017 World Happiness Report. One reason for Switzerland’s higher standard of life has to do with its strong sense of community spirit. Switzerland has extremely strong Good Samaritan laws on the books, which makes it one of the safest and friendliest nations on earth. The life expectancy in Switzerland is currently 83 years old.

2. Australia

The Sydney Opera House in Australia

Many younger people dream of living in Australia. That’s according to a new survey that asked millennials where they would most like to settle down. The top response from young adults in this survey was almost unanimous: Australia. Not only does Australia have some of the finest beaches in the world, but it also has one of the best education systems.

Currently, five percent of Australia’s GDP goes to education, and the average Australian student will go to school for at least 20 years. The 2017 U.S. News & World Report study put Australia in eighth place, but the UN study awarded the “Land Down Under” with a second place finish. The current life expectancy in Australia is around 82 years old.

3. The Netherlands

a windmill in Netherlands

It should be no surprise that the Netherlands came in at number six on countries millennials would most like to move to. This European nation has a reputation for its laid-back lifestyle, youthful vibe, and liberal leanings (especially in its capital city of Amsterdam). The UN put the Netherlands in the number seven spot on their top nations list.

Authors of the UN study praised the Netherlands’ 12.4 percent income inequality rate, one of the lowest in the world. It’s also worth noting that the Netherlands has one of the lowest unemployment rates (5.1 percent) in all of the European Union. In sharp contrast to other EU nations, the unemployment rate in the Netherlands has only gone down in the past few years. The current life expectancy in the Netherlands is around 81 years old.

4. Denmark

a city landscape in Denmark

The Danes are experts at happiness. Denmark always places high in the annual World Happiness Report. While it came in second place this year, it has been the happiest place on earth for the last three year. The UN praised Denmark for its strides in gender equality, noting that the median wage gap between Danish men and women is currently only 7.8 percent.

One reason for Denmark’s high happiness levels has to do with the sense of collective responsibility many citizens feel towards each other. Many Danes go out of their way to volunteer, and most feel a great sense of belonging. The Danes, like most other Scandinavian nations, also put great emphasis on education and a healthy work-life balance. The current life expectancy in this northern nation hovers around 80.

5. Japan

a temple and a cherry tree in Japan

Japan is often considered one of the best countries to live in, in Asia. The island nation came in fifth place on the 2017 U.S. News & World Report’s study, the highest position for any Asian nation. Japan is an incredibly safe nation with a homicide rate of only 0.3. Anyone with children should note that the Japanese education system is one of the most successful in the world.

The Japanese population has an astonishing literacy rate of 99 percent with an average IQ of 105. And, of course, who could forget the amazing Japanese cuisine, which was recently added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Without a doubt, Japan is still one of the best countries to live in. Life expectancy is extremely high in Japan, currently hovering around 83 years old.

6. Norway

a climber in Norway mountains

2017 marks the 13th time the Scandinavian nation of Norway has clinched the top spot on the UN’s quality of life report. This year, the UN praised Norway’s national healthcare service. Norwegians now enjoy a life expectancy of 82. Most surveys suggest Norwegians are living the happiest lives on the planet. The World Happiness Report gave the number one spot to Norway this year.

People working at the World Happiness Report say the Norwegians live happier lives than the rest of the world mainly because they spend a great deal of time enjoying the nation’s amazing natural scenery at their mandatory log cabins (called hytta in Norwegian). Norwegians are also known for spending long hours with friends and family.

Interestingly, many Norwegians say they are happier than the rest of the world because they have easy access to pristine natural scenery away from the innovations of modern society. Most Norwegians also say their shared belief that experiences are more important than material possessions is a major reason for their happiness.

Believe it or not, Norwegians actually have a word for helping people without expecting any return (Norwegian: dugnad). Although the fjords in Norway are spectacular, it’s the kindness and generosity of the people that truly makes this one of the best countries to live in.

Bottom Line

It’s so easy nowadays to travel around the world. With the rapid advances in technology, it’s possible for anyone with access to the Internet to become a digital nomad. If you’re thinking about settling down with a family in a new nation, you might want to consider trying to get into one of the nations listed above. All of the countries on this list are some of the finest in the world.

As the years wane on, these countries are only expected to raise their already high standards of living. So, if you have the capital and the courage to do so, go ahead and book a flight to one of these cheerful destinations. Once you arrive there, you’ll be glad you did.

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Top 12 most scariest places on earth

Top 12 most scariest places on earth

There are some places in the world which are unfamiliar than alien landscapes we eternally imagined. These places have old houses and castles where we hear footsteps in the hall, scream at night, fog taking the shape, all mysterious, terrifying and violent things will happen. Are you having much curiosity to know about these places then you will definitely find this article more interested. We have listed the top 12 most scariest places on earth in the following section. Do you have fortitude to spend your night in these places?

List of top 12 most scariest places on earth

12 # Old Changi Hospital in Singapore 

most scariest places on earth1

Image Source

This is one of the haunted places in the world which was built in the year 1935 and Notorious Kempeitai used this building as torture camp and prison. Until 1997 it was again used as hospital after the World War II. Due to the construction of Changi General Hospital it turned as old building. It is believed by people around that place is that ghosts of died soldiers has been seen walking in the corridors.

11 # Helltown

haunting places2

The Helltown is located in the Northern part of Ohio which is one of the terrifying places on earth. While driving through the wooded landscape and the dark will make you scary even if there is much population. The buildings out there are used by fire department for practice thus it looks daunting.

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10 # Aokigahara in Japan

haunting places3

This terrifying place in Japan is also known as Suicide Forest because nearly 180 people stanch suicide in the year 2004. People around that place believe that the forest is obsessed by the souls of those people who died over there. The vines and dense trees will make you feel like ghost place which made this place as one of the most scariest places on earth.

9 # Humberstone and LaNoria 

terrifying place4

These two towns are located in Chile which was recently shown in a TV show named Destination Truth. In these places many business transactions were taken place but due to depression these places were collapsed in the year 1958. After that people left these towns and considered as deadly places because of the rumor of ghosts walking around the town made the people near that place to refuse to enter.

8 # Leap Castle

terrifying place5

This castle is the most popular places on this list as it is related with gruesome history. This castle was built by O’Bannon during 15th century and was taken over by O’Carrolls. It is considered as one of the haunted places on earth because Mulrooney was killed by one of his brother regarding the struggle for control in front of the family members. The rumor of castle is that violent and vast number of spirits was haunting that place.

7 # Borgvattnet in Sweden  

haunting places6

This small village is located in Northern Sweden which was built in the year 1876. Many strange things were happened in that village including one encounter that made it as scariest place. Many people around that village have experienced the paranormal activities, moving objects and unexplained sounds over there and a priest saw the soul of an old woman in a room. The chaplain named Erick Lindgren wrote a journal describing his own experiences. Currently that place is running as café, restaurants and guest house but you should have dare to spend your night over there.

6 # Banff Springs Hotel, Canada

haunting places7

This is the luxury hotel located in Canada which was built by Canadian Pacific Railway before 125 years and now it is considered as one of the haunting places in the world. The main story behind this place is that a family was killed in the room number 873 in that hotel and the locals believe that the family killed is still seen in that place.

5 # Castle of good hope

haunting places8

The castle of good hope was constructed by the Dutch East India Company during 17th century which was considered as the oldest colonial building in that country. A tall gentleman was seen on the ramparts in the castle in 1915 which was the first recorded paranormal occurrence in that place. A lady has been witnessed running around the castle crying and holding her face that was another incident. By all these happenings it became one among the most scariest places in the world.

4 # Lawang Sewu – Indonesia 

haunting places9

The Lawang Sewu means thousand doors which were built by the Dutch East Indian Railway Company in the year 1917. This building was taken over by the Japanese forces during the World War II. It was used as a prison and many of them were treated harshly and numerous soldiers were killed in that place. Many tourists are visiting the building with the hope of catching a glimpse of paranormal and it is believed as the haunting place in the country.

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3 # Shades of death road

terrifying plce10

It is the New Jersey road that stretches for around 7 miles of countryside which is considered as one of the haunting places in that area by the locals. Most of the people around that place states that the highway men kill the people along the road and others says that they have seen many paranormal activities over there.

2 # Mexico’s Island of the Dolls

terrifying place11

The Island of the Dolls is located on the Lake Teshuilo in Mexican city which is called as the strangest haunted place by the people around that area. The story behind that place is about a young girl who fell in the water in 1920 and the girl’s spirit has unable to move from the Island. The locals in that place won’t go near that during night because of the fear. You have to test your dare to visit this place in night.

1 # Mary King’s close – Scotland

haunting places12

It is an underground warren which was a trade area and has been abandoned after the outbreak of plague. It is the popular tourist destination now where many tourists are visiting with the interest to learn about the history of that place. Many reports have stated about the various paranormal goings in that area thus is considered as one of the scariest places in the world.

Let us know your feedback about this article in the comments section below which will be useful for other users and also don’t forget to share it with your friends.

5 Best backpacks for travel 2018-2019

5 Best backpacks for travel 2018-2019

Wherever you plan to go for weekend or summer holidays you need a backpack that holds all your clothes and other stuffs. Many companies are involved in producing backpack specifically for travelling which offers more comfort and fits all the needs of travelling. People use to pick travel backpacks than the traditional hiking backpacks as they have many amazing features. Before buying a backpack you have to consider various factors like material, lockable zippers, multiple compartments, padded hip belt, internal frame, padded shoulder straps and more. In fact it is difficult to find the best one among the plenty of brands to choose from. Thus we have listed top 5 best backpacks for travel 2018 in the following comments section after taking into account of all the above basic elements.

List of top 5 best backpacks for travel 2018

5 # Osprey Farpoint 40 Backpack

best backpack for travel1

The Osprey backpack is one of the popular as well as reputed brands in the market that offers high quality products to their customer. The Farpoint 40 comes in carry on sized which is easy to carry as well fit for any kind of travelling. The hideaway shoulder straps are good for comfort and this backpack is packed with lots of features that enable you to cover all your stuffs in a single bag. It is available in different sizes and in many attractive colors which is one of the best backpacks for travel.

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4 # Patagonia MLC

The Patagonia MLC can be the ideal travel pack that is made of recycled fabric which can be converted as both suitcase and backpack. You can get plenty of rooms to pack your things as well as extra pockets on the outside to keep your additional belongings. It is featured with handles, laptop compartment, backpack strap, shoulder strap and more. It has multiple compartments that allow you to split your materials into smaller sections that can be easy to access and to find the stuff you need. This can be the great companion for you in the entire environment which made it as the best backpack for travel.

3 # Deuter Transit 50

best travel backpack3

The Deuter Transit can be used as both travel backpack and hiking backpack which is light in weight so that can be carried like messenger bags. This has the well padded shoulder straps, suspension system, nice hip belt, size carry handles and more for additional comfort. The length can be adjusted to fit your need for space which can be extended till 22 inches so that you can use it for all kind of travelling. This is affordable in price when compare to other brands in the list and it worth for the money you are paying. Moreover this best travel backpack is made of semi water resistant material that will enable you to protect your items in any climatic conditions.

2 # Minaal carry-on backpack

best backpack for travel4

The Minaal carry-on can be the best travel backpack for the people who are interested in stylish and sleek companion for their travelling. On the side and top it has solid carry handles which is helpful for you to carry the bag for short distance. Even though the size of the bag is small when compared to other backpacks in the market it provides many compartments to separate all your belongings and can get lots of additional space. To support the weight of the bag it is featured with hip belt that enables you to carry it much comfortably. The internal hidden frame packs has supporting rods that makes the bag to be slimmer and easy while moving around. This is one of the expensive backpacks available in the market for travel.

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1 # Osprey Porter

best travel backpack5

The Osprey porter is the budget friendly backpack which has the basic suspension system of a travel bag. You can get the porter in three different sizes such as 30L, 46L and 65L so that you can choose the size based on your travel requirement. Like the Minaal it also comes with carry handle on side and the top to enable easy handling. This budget bag is one of the least expensive bags available in the market and is offered with high quality materials along with the optimum features. The main drawback you face from this one is the hip belt which is minimal when compared to the other ones in the market other than this it is the best backpack for travel in the list.

We hope you find this article useful in finding the suitable backpack that meet the travelling needs. Let us know your favorite one from the list and also your feedback in the following comments section which will be helpful for other readers also.

Top 7 best portable power packs 2018-2019

Top 7 best portable power packs 2018-2019

When your phone or laptop is run out of power especially in the situation where you need to use it urgently then portable power banks can be the best solution. This can be connected with your phone and other gadgets to charge up anywhere without worrying about the power outlet. While choosing a power battery pack you have to check whether it is having the sufficient capacity and light enough to slip into the pocket. It is difficult to choose the finest one as there are plenty of products available in the market. Thus we have listed the top 7 best portable power packs 2018 in the following section.

List of 7 best portable power packs 2018

7 # Gembonics external battery charger

best portable power packs1

The Gembonics power bank can be plug in to phone, laptop, camera and other gadgets to power up quickly. It has the large capacity of 5600mah that enable you to instantly charge your device. It is light in weight so that fit easily in your pocket which is suitable for several occasions and outdoor activities where you have the need to charge your devices. With the use of cable you can simultaneously charge 3 devices at top speed. It also comes with powerful LED flashlight for several purposes and on the whole it is one of the best portable power packs available in the market.

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6 # Mogix portable power bank

best portable power bank2

The Mogix external power pack has the capacity of 10000mah that enables you to charge phones and other devices up to 4 times faster. The USB cable with two ports allows you to power 2 devices at a time and can support all kinds of gadgets like smartphone, laptop, camera, etc. With the help of smooth to surface button you can be able to avoid the accidental ON which happens when it is tossed in a bag or purse. This light weight power bank can be great for charging your devices during travel.

5 # Lumsing portable power bank

power pack review3

The Lumsing external battery charger has the capacity of 10400mah which is comparatively higher capacity than the other products available in the market. It is certified with FCC, CE, ROHS to ensure 500 plus recharge cycles of the battery. It also has 4 LED indicators to reveal the remaining battery level of the charger so that you can charge it before you leave your place. For the easy handling it is designed with stylish harmonica design which is the mostly mentioned by users in the power pack reviews. You can avoid overcharge, short circuit, over current, over voltage, etc which made it as the best portable power bank.

4 # EasyAcc power bank

best portable power bank4

The EasyAcc portable battery pack is having 4 USB cables that enable you to power up 4 devices at a time. The capacity of this power bank include 12000mah so that you need not to worry about the devices going flat when you use them for longer period of time. You can safely leave your device without losing the power to go around. The LED power status indicator helps you to know the remaining power of your external battery charger which is also designed for daily use as it easily fit in your pocket or backpack.

3 # Jackery premium portable charger

best portable power packs5

The Jackery portable aluminum charge is featured with 12000mah capacity to power up your devices faster and to meet your needs of charging. The USB ports allow you to simultaneously charge your phone, iPad and other gadgets with added extra battery life. This is one of the world’s largest capacity battery packs which also easily fit in your pocket. To create the high quality portable charger it is made of premium microchips and polymer cell. The 3 LED indicators will show the discharging and charging status of the power bank which is mentioned by most of the users in the power pack reviews.

2 # RAVPower multi-voltage external battery charger   

best portable power packs6

The RAVPower is quite different from other ones in the list as it is featured with multi-voltage like 9V, 12V, 16V, 19V, 20V, etc. You can use this charger to power up your android phones, iPhone, Tablets, Laptops, camera, camcorder and other devices anywhere when there is need for charging. It also supports to large capacity phones so that you need not to worry about the device. The 2 USB ports will enable you to connect with two devices at a time. It is made of aluminum body to ensure good heat dissipation and the LCD screen will display the power level, voltage selection and more. All these factors made it as the best portable power pack available in the market.

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1 # Anker Astro external battery charger

power pack review7

The Anker Astro is the best portable battery pack for the people who are seeking for fastest charger. The huge capacity of this external charger allows you to power up all the devices at three times faster than the usual one. The USB cable enables you to connect with the devices without any issues and you can keep the charger in your pocket or backpack easily. It delivers amazing performance and the glossy exterior ensures reliability as well as safety. This can be a great companion for you to power your gadgets at the time travel or at any emergencies.

We hope you find this article useful and please let us know your favorite portable power packs from the list. Also share your feedback in the following comments section.