Top 12 most scariest places on earth

Top 12 most scariest places on earth

There are some places in the world which are unfamiliar than alien landscapes we eternally imagined. These places have old houses and castles where we hear footsteps in the hall, scream at night, fog taking the shape, all mysterious, terrifying and violent things will happen. Are you having much curiosity to know about these places then you will definitely find this article more interested. We have listed the top 12 most scariest places on earth in the following section. Do you have fortitude to spend your night in these places?

List of top 12 most scariest places on earth

12 # Old Changi Hospital in Singapore 

most scariest places on earth1

This is one of the haunted places in the world which was built in the year 1935 and Notorious Kempeitai used this building as torture camp and prison. Until 1997 it was again used as hospital after the World War II. Due to the construction of Changi General Hospital it turned as old building. It is believed by people around that place is that ghosts of died soldiers has been seen walking in the corridors.

11 # Helltown

haunting places2

The Helltown is located in the Northern part of Ohio which is one of the terrifying places on earth. While driving through the wooded landscape and the dark will make you scary even if there is much population. The buildings out there are used by fire department for practice thus it looks daunting.

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10 # Aokigahara in Japan

haunting places3

This terrifying place in Japan is also known as Suicide Forest because nearly 180 people stanch suicide in the year 2004. People around that place believe that the forest is obsessed by the souls of those people who died over there. The vines and dense trees will make you feel like ghost place which made this place as one of the most scariest places on earth.

9 # Humberstone and LaNoria 

terrifying place4

These two towns are located in Chile which was recently shown in a TV show named Destination Truth. In these places many business transactions were taken place but due to depression these places were collapsed in the year 1958. After that people left these towns and considered as deadly places because of the rumor of ghosts walking around the town made the people near that place to refuse to enter.

8 # Leap Castle

terrifying place5

This castle is the most popular places on this list as it is related with gruesome history. This castle was built by O’Bannon during 15th century and was taken over by O’Carrolls. It is considered as one of the haunted places on earth because Mulrooney was killed by one of his brother regarding the struggle for control in front of the family members. The rumor of castle is that violent and vast number of spirits was haunting that place.

7 # Borgvattnet in Sweden  

haunting places6

This small village is located in Northern Sweden which was built in the year 1876. Many strange things were happened in that village including one encounter that made it as scariest place. Many people around that village have experienced the paranormal activities, moving objects and unexplained sounds over there and a priest saw the soul of an old woman in a room. The chaplain named Erick Lindgren wrote a journal describing his own experiences. Currently that place is running as café, restaurants and guest house but you should have dare to spend your night over there.

6 # Banff Springs Hotel, Canada

haunting places7

This is the luxury hotel located in Canada which was built by Canadian Pacific Railway before 125 years and now it is considered as one of the haunting places in the world. The main story behind this place is that a family was killed in the room number 873 in that hotel and the locals believe that the family killed is still seen in that place.

5 # Castle of good hope

haunting places8

The castle of good hope was constructed by the Dutch East India Company during 17th century which was considered as the oldest colonial building in that country. A tall gentleman was seen on the ramparts in the castle in 1915 which was the first recorded paranormal occurrence in that place. A lady has been witnessed running around the castle crying and holding her face that was another incident. By all these happenings it became one among the most scariest places in the world.

4 # Lawang Sewu – Indonesia 

haunting places9

The Lawang Sewu means thousand doors which were built by the Dutch East Indian Railway Company in the year 1917. This building was taken over by the Japanese forces during the World War II. It was used as a prison and many of them were treated harshly and numerous soldiers were killed in that place. Many tourists are visiting the building with the hope of catching a glimpse of paranormal and it is believed as the haunting place in the country.

3 # Shades of death road

terrifying plce10

It is the New Jersey road that stretches for around 7 miles of countryside which is considered as one of the haunting places in that area by the locals. Most of the people around that place states that the highway men kill the people along the road and others says that they have seen many paranormal activities over there.

2 # Mexico’s Island of the Dolls

terrifying place11

The Island of the Dolls is located on the Lake Teshuilo in Mexican city which is called as the strangest haunted place by the people around that area. The story behind that place is about a young girl who fell in the water in 1920 and the girl’s spirit has unable to move from the Island. The locals in that place won’t go near that during night because of the fear. You have to test your dare to visit this place in night.

1 # Mary King’s close – Scotland

haunting places12

It is an underground warren which was a trade area and has been abandoned after the outbreak of plague. It is the popular tourist destination now where many tourists are visiting with the interest to learn about the history of that place. Many reports have stated about the various paranormal goings in that area thus is considered as one of the scariest places in the world.

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5 Best backpacks for travel 2018-2019

5 Best backpacks for travel 2018-2019

Wherever you plan to go for weekend or summer holidays you need a backpack that holds all your clothes and other stuffs. Many companies are involved in producing backpack specifically for travelling which offers more comfort and fits all the needs of travelling. People use to pick travel backpacks than the traditional hiking backpacks as they have many amazing features. Before buying a backpack you have to consider various factors like material, lockable zippers, multiple compartments, padded hip belt, internal frame, padded shoulder straps and more. In fact it is difficult to find the best one among the plenty of brands to choose from. Thus we have listed top 5 best backpacks for travel 2018 in the following comments section after taking into account of all the above basic elements.

List of top 5 best backpacks for travel 2018

5 # Osprey Farpoint 40 Backpack

best backpack for travel1

The Osprey backpack is one of the popular as well as reputed brands in the market that offers high quality products to their customer. The Farpoint 40 comes in carry on sized which is easy to carry as well fit for any kind of travelling. The hideaway shoulder straps are good for comfort and this backpack is packed with lots of features that enable you to cover all your stuffs in a single bag. It is available in different sizes and in many attractive colors which is one of the best backpacks for travel.

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4 # Patagonia MLC

The Patagonia MLC can be the ideal travel pack that is made of recycled fabric which can be converted as both suitcase and backpack. You can get plenty of rooms to pack your things as well as extra pockets on the outside to keep your additional belongings. It is featured with handles, laptop compartment, backpack strap, shoulder strap and more. It has multiple compartments that allow you to split your materials into smaller sections that can be easy to access and to find the stuff you need. This can be the great companion for you in the entire environment which made it as the best backpack for travel.

3 # Deuter Transit 50

best travel backpack3

The Deuter Transit can be used as both travel backpack and hiking backpack which is light in weight so that can be carried like messenger bags. This has the well padded shoulder straps, suspension system, nice hip belt, size carry handles and more for additional comfort. The length can be adjusted to fit your need for space which can be extended till 22 inches so that you can use it for all kind of travelling. This is affordable in price when compare to other brands in the list and it worth for the money you are paying. Moreover this best travel backpack is made of semi water resistant material that will enable you to protect your items in any climatic conditions.

2 # Minaal carry-on backpack

best backpack for travel4

The Minaal carry-on can be the best travel backpack for the people who are interested in stylish and sleek companion for their travelling. On the side and top it has solid carry handles which is helpful for you to carry the bag for short distance. Even though the size of the bag is small when compared to other backpacks in the market it provides many compartments to separate all your belongings and can get lots of additional space. To support the weight of the bag it is featured with hip belt that enables you to carry it much comfortably. The internal hidden frame packs has supporting rods that makes the bag to be slimmer and easy while moving around. This is one of the expensive backpacks available in the market for travel.

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1 # Osprey Porter

best travel backpack5

The Osprey porter is the budget friendly backpack which has the basic suspension system of a travel bag. You can get the porter in three different sizes such as 30L, 46L and 65L so that you can choose the size based on your travel requirement. Like the Minaal it also comes with carry handle on side and the top to enable easy handling. This budget bag is one of the least expensive bags available in the market and is offered with high quality materials along with the optimum features. The main drawback you face from this one is the hip belt which is minimal when compared to the other ones in the market other than this it is the best backpack for travel in the list.

We hope you find this article useful in finding the suitable backpack that meet the travelling needs. Let us know your favorite one from the list and also your feedback in the following comments section which will be helpful for other readers also.

Top 7 best portable power packs 2018-2019

Top 7 best portable power packs 2018-2019

When your phone or laptop is run out of power especially in the situation where you need to use it urgently then portable power banks can be the best solution. This can be connected with your phone and other gadgets to charge up anywhere without worrying about the power outlet. While choosing a power battery pack you have to check whether it is having the sufficient capacity and light enough to slip into the pocket. It is difficult to choose the finest one as there are plenty of products available in the market. Thus we have listed the top 7 best portable power packs 2018 in the following section.

List of 7 best portable power packs 2018

7 # Gembonics external battery charger

best portable power packs1

The Gembonics power bank can be plug in to phone, laptop, camera and other gadgets to power up quickly. It has the large capacity of 5600mah that enable you to instantly charge your device. It is light in weight so that fit easily in your pocket which is suitable for several occasions and outdoor activities where you have the need to charge your devices. With the use of cable you can simultaneously charge 3 devices at top speed. It also comes with powerful LED flashlight for several purposes and on the whole it is one of the best portable power packs available in the market.

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6 # Mogix portable power bank

best portable power bank2

The Mogix external power pack has the capacity of 10000mah that enables you to charge phones and other devices up to 4 times faster. The USB cable with two ports allows you to power 2 devices at a time and can support all kinds of gadgets like smartphone, laptop, camera, etc. With the help of smooth to surface button you can be able to avoid the accidental ON which happens when it is tossed in a bag or purse. This light weight power bank can be great for charging your devices during travel.

5 # Lumsing portable power bank

power pack review3

The Lumsing external battery charger has the capacity of 10400mah which is comparatively higher capacity than the other products available in the market. It is certified with FCC, CE, ROHS to ensure 500 plus recharge cycles of the battery. It also has 4 LED indicators to reveal the remaining battery level of the charger so that you can charge it before you leave your place. For the easy handling it is designed with stylish harmonica design which is the mostly mentioned by users in the power pack reviews. You can avoid overcharge, short circuit, over current, over voltage, etc which made it as the best portable power bank.

4 # EasyAcc power bank

best portable power bank4

The EasyAcc portable battery pack is having 4 USB cables that enable you to power up 4 devices at a time. The capacity of this power bank include 12000mah so that you need not to worry about the devices going flat when you use them for longer period of time. You can safely leave your device without losing the power to go around. The LED power status indicator helps you to know the remaining power of your external battery charger which is also designed for daily use as it easily fit in your pocket or backpack.

3 # Jackery premium portable charger

best portable power packs5

The Jackery portable aluminum charge is featured with 12000mah capacity to power up your devices faster and to meet your needs of charging. The USB ports allow you to simultaneously charge your phone, iPad and other gadgets with added extra battery life. This is one of the world’s largest capacity battery packs which also easily fit in your pocket. To create the high quality portable charger it is made of premium microchips and polymer cell. The 3 LED indicators will show the discharging and charging status of the power bank which is mentioned by most of the users in the power pack reviews.

2 # RAVPower multi-voltage external battery charger   

best portable power packs6

The RAVPower is quite different from other ones in the list as it is featured with multi-voltage like 9V, 12V, 16V, 19V, 20V, etc. You can use this charger to power up your android phones, iPhone, Tablets, Laptops, camera, camcorder and other devices anywhere when there is need for charging. It also supports to large capacity phones so that you need not to worry about the device. The 2 USB ports will enable you to connect with two devices at a time. It is made of aluminum body to ensure good heat dissipation and the LCD screen will display the power level, voltage selection and more. All these factors made it as the best portable power pack available in the market.

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1 # Anker Astro external battery charger

power pack review7

The Anker Astro is the best portable battery pack for the people who are seeking for fastest charger. The huge capacity of this external charger allows you to power up all the devices at three times faster than the usual one. The USB cable enables you to connect with the devices without any issues and you can keep the charger in your pocket or backpack easily. It delivers amazing performance and the glossy exterior ensures reliability as well as safety. This can be a great companion for you to power your gadgets at the time travel or at any emergencies.

We hope you find this article useful and please let us know your favorite portable power packs from the list. Also share your feedback in the following comments section.

10 Most dangerous roads in the world

10 Most dangerous roads in the world

We always drive through the roads that are safer but it is not same for all the people who are living in remote areas where they don’t get proper infrastructure. In fact those roads are treacherous and you have to test your courage to drive on that road. If you are interested to know more about those unsafe paths then take a look at the following section. In this article we have listed the top 10 dangerous roads in the world which involves much adventure for thrill-seekers.

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List of 10 most dangerous roads in the world

10 # Transfagarasan Road in Romania

most dangerous roads in the world1

This road has many hairpin bends up to 90 km which is built as a military path during 1970s while Nicolae Ceausescu was ruling the country. It is the second highest road in Romania which connects two tallest mountains of Southern Carpathians. It involves much turns, twists and tunnels when compared to other rods of that surrounding which made it as one of the most dangerous roads in the world. Apart from all these risks you can be able to enjoy the best Sceneries while going on. This road was constructed between 1970 and 1974 to ensure quick military access across the mountain.

9 # Zoji Pass, India

dangerous highways2

This road is considered as one of the important paths in the country as it provides the route to mountain locations and this remote area. If you want to pass this road then you have to be ready to face the bad climatic conditions, snowfall, violent and heavy winds, etc. Even though this road is very dangerous it connects Srinagar and west part of Himalayas. It is one of the riskiest passes in Himalayan mountain range which approximately have the distance of 5.6 miles.

8 # China’s Sichuan-Tibet Highway  

dangerous highways3

This road was constructed in the year 1950 which is situated between Tibet and Chengdu that covers the distance of 1,500 miles. Due to rock avalanches and landsides there were many accidents caused in this highway. You will have the challenging ride with snowy winter in this path which has many high mountains and popular rivers such as Lantsang River, Dadu River, etc.

7 # Karakoram Highway in Pakistan

deadly roads4

This highway connects the China and Pakistan across the tallest mountains in the world that covers the distance of 4800 meters. It is also called as “Friendship Highway” by Pakistani Government that has many avalanches, floods and landslides. It is considered as one of the most deadly roads in the world because it involves adventure and risks. It is referred as the eighth wonder of the world as it was constructed in high elevation and difficult conditions.

6 # Stelvio Pass, Italy

deadly roads5

This is the most dangerous highway in the world that was built during 1820 which was called as second highest paved pass in Alps with the height of 9045 ft. While passing through this way you will see the “Three Languages Peak” because this is where three languages Romansh, Italian and German meet. It has 48 sharp turns that made this road as hazardous to drive which connects the Valtellina with Meran and mid Venosta valley.

5 # Norway’s Trollstigen Road

dangerous highways6

It is the fifth in the list of most dangerous roads in the world as it has many steep inclines, sharp turns and is risky to drive. This is located in Rauma and one of the popular roads during tourist season where you can find more than 2500 vehicles pass through daily. As it is dangerous path government restricts the vehicles that are more than 39 feet long to travel through this road. Due to heavy snow fall it is closed during spring and winter season.

4 # Taroko Gorge Road, Taiwan

deadly roads7

This road is narrow and has many winding turns that made it as one of the most deadly roads in the world. It connects Suao-Hualien Highway and Taichung on the country’s eastern coast. Due to typhoons and earthquakes it is closed as driving is impossible during this condition. It is named as Taroko because in Truku language it means splendid and magnificent.

3 # Guoliang Tunnel Road, China 

dangerous highways8

This road was built to connect the village Guoliang which is located on the mountain top. Before the construction of this path the only way to reach this village was by walking as the way has many steep cliffs. It took around 5 years to complete this road which was built by villagers. This way is almost 13 feet wide and 16 feet tall which became popular attraction of tourist as it has the best scenery while travelling. It is dangerous to travel during rainy season because there are chances for accidents.

2 # Halsema Highway, Philippines

deadly roads9

This path is 150 miles long and is risky to travel for small vehicles in this narrow road. The falling rocks and landslides made this as the most dangerous highway in the world. In the rainy season it is impossible for the drivers to drive their vehicle due to lack of safety. It has many steep drops even are more than 1000 feet which made this way really dangerous to drive which is highest altitude highway in Philippines.

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1 # North Yungas Road, Bolivia 

dangerous highways10

This is one of the most deadly and worst roads in the world that is located in Bolivia. This 40 miles long road connects the Amazon rainforest area to northern Bolivia. It has many drop offs and there is no railings to prevent you from falling. This route has hazardous climatic conditions where rain, dust and fog will result in poor visibility.

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Which Are the Safest Countries in the World?

Which Are the Safest Countries in the World?

a man's hand holding an olive branch and making the peace sign

The safest countries in the world are not determined by a set of subjective rules. In fact, these countries are determined and ranked by several factors that are set in place by the Global Peace Index. This index bases its information on 22 factors such as economic balance, how one region relates to another, crime rates and tons of meticulously compiled data that then translates into which countries are the safest in the world.

Countries that would be considered peaceful are often disqualified if neighboring nations or states are at war or having complex issues. A majority of the safest countries are European. According to the World Atlas‘ safest countries in the world list, 18 out of the 25 are in Europe. So, without further ado, here are the safest countries in the world, listed in no particular order.


1. Scandinavian Countries – There Are Five of Them

the flags of the Scandinavian countries

Scandinavian countries are incredible in the sense that all of them are on the list of the safest. This includes Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. If you also consider Iceland part of Scandinavia and Finland, then five of the safest countries in the world are in one little cluster.

It makes sense. Each of these countries has a higher than average income, incredibly low crime rates, excellent economic opportunities, and healthcare for all citizens.

2. Qatar

the skyline of Doha Qatar

The Middle East is safer than you might expect, but Qatar enjoys a relatively excellent amount of safety and enjoyability for living or visiting. in 2018, Qatar is considered an optimal travel destination for nearly anyone. You only need to be aware of basic cultural norms.

Knowing some Arabic might help you, but dialect variation can make that difficult. Qatar is one of the safest countries in the world because of its wealth and tourism, but it also has strict laws. There are a plenty of cultural and religious sites within the country too.

3. Singapore

the urban skyline of Singapore with modern tall buildings

The luxury of Singapore is not lost on the world. Singapore has strict laws and police reliability that makes it incredibly safe. Terrorism and homicide rates are so low that they may as well not be mentioned. In Singapore, you can enjoy incredible food, shopping, entertainment, museums, incredible architecture and so much more.

It is no wonder that Singapore Airlines is also ranked as the top airline of choice for international flights globally. With a taste for luxury and safety, Singapore does not disappoint as one of the safest countries in the world.

4. Hong Kong

the urban skyline of Hong Kong

Hong Kong may be massive and bustling with life, but it is still one of the safest countries in the world. The biggest issue that anyone faces when living in or visiting Hong Kong is the rate of counterfeit currencies. This is why most shops and businesses only accept smaller bills.

Be sure that you are trading your currency at a legitimate foreign-exchange center, and keep your money close to you so that there are no mistakes. Hong Kong is also polluted, but it is still quite the experience. You can wander the streets full of colorful shops or enjoy traditional food. Museums are plentiful, and people here are typically friendly. It is also home to Disney Hong Kong.

5. Austria

the small town of Hallstatt in Austria

Another European country to add to the list of safest countries in the world. Austria is a top destination not only for the breathtaking castles that dot the picturesque landscape but also because international tourism is a large portion of the country’s GDP.

Austria has all of the reasons in the world to protect its tourism industry. As a result of this, it is quite safe and comfortable to visit. There is a lot of walking and nature involved, but Vienna is a city with a more musical atmosphere and tons of entertainment.

6. Canada

the skyline of Toronto Canada at dusk

Canada made the list because it is truly one of the most breathtaking places to visit for the wide-open expanse of nature, but it is incredibly safe as well. There’s more of a cultural focus in Canada related to native populations throughout the country.

Whether you are interested in going north to explore the wilderness, or staying within cities, you have tons of options. Canada is clean, friendly and embraces international tourism. Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto are the top destinations.

7. Japan

a beautiful image over the city of Osaka in Japan

Japan is an expensive country to visit, but it is one of the safest places to go. Tourists often remark that they have never felt safer. On mass transit, you can expect quiet and respect of your personal space even when trains or buses are crowded.

Japanese people value respect and urban solitude. You can experience the bustling streets of Tokyo and Shibuya districts, but you can find quiet in Kyoto and temples as well. Japan is relatively small, but you aren’t likely to run out of fulfilling adventures while visiting one of the safest countries in the world.

Putting It All Together

When you think of the safest countries in the world, you probably think about your home country first, but this is a subjective reaction. The safest countries are great for travel, living, raising a family, working and more governmental factors such as trade and world economics.

If you are considering any of the above, then the top safest countries in the world will help you narrow down choices. These countries are subject to change on a yearly basis, but certain countries remain at the top of the list for years.

Education opportunities, social welfare, criminal justice and low military impact all play a role in what makes these countries so safe to live in and visit. These factors are subject to change, but the government of a nation goes a long way in determining its safety as well.

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Top 10 Best Luxury Car Brands 2018-2019

Top 10 Best Luxury Car Brands 2018-2019

The automobile industry has developed and there are many brands available in the market which offers innovative cars to their customers. There are more than 68 million cars produced in the year 2013 and it is increased to 72 million in 2014. Among them only few brands are interested and willing to produce luxury cars whereas others are concentrating on the affordable cars.

A person owns luxury cars to show his status and high class personality to the world. Buying a luxury car is a dream for every individual. The word luxury does not mean the cost alone as it includes various things like comfort, popularity, reliability, interior, innovation and more. In this article we have framed a list of top 10 best luxury car brands 2018 by considering all the above features.

Top 10 luxury car brands 2018

1 # Maybach

luxury cars1

Maybach is one of the leading brands in producing luxury cars in the world. The Maybach Excelero is the most expensive car which costs 8 million dollars and is designed by Fulda. It can reach the speed of 351 km/h and equipped with 5.9 liter v12 turbo engine. This German luxury car brand was founded in the year 1909 by Wilhelm Maybach and today it is owned by Diamler AG. They are offering various equipment combination and features like carbon fiber rim, air conditioning with climate control, navigation system with voice recognition, interior air filter and comfort than other brands.

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2 # Lamborghini

luxury car2

Lamborghini is the manufacturer of luxury sports cars which is owned by Volkswagen and controlled by its subsidiary Audi. This Italian brand was founded in the year 1963 with the objective of producing refined grand touring car. In the year 2000, during worldwide financial crisis the Lamborghini’s sales dropped nearly 50 percent. Lamborghini Veneno Roadster is one of the most expensive cars in the world that costs around 4.5 million. The powerful design of Roadster has no roof at its top and also no fiber at the top. It has the amazing interior design with great speed of 221 mph and horsepower of 750 hp.

3 # Bugatti

luxury car3

Bugatti was a French car manufacturer and their cars are best known for design and classy craftsmanship. In the year 1998, German Automobile Manufacturing Group Volkswagen acquired Bugatti. The invention of Veyron GT by Bugatti is the fastest car in the world with the speed of 411 km/h which is also one of the ultra luxury cars. Every part of the car is designed beautifully and is made of carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum which made it as one of the luxury car brands. The interesting fact about Veyron is, to build a radiator it takes around 15 hours and comparing to other cars the fuel pump can pump eight times faster.

4 # Rolls Royce

luxury car4

Rolls Royce is owned by few business tycoons and celebrities, which made this as one of the expensive car brands in the world. This was established as subsidiary of BMW in 1998 and headquarter is located in Goodwood, England. There were 3630 exclusive luxury Rolls Royce sold in 2013 which was the highest sale. It tried to make cheaper models in order to increase the sales but it seems to be expensive for most of the people. It gives you great feel of comfort and luxury that most of the brands does not provide.

5 # Bentley Mulsanne

luxury car5

Bentley motors is famous for the production of luxury cars which is wholly owned by Volkswagen. The great craftsmanship of Bentley is Mulsanne which is designed with 6.75 liter v8 twin turbocharged engine. It takes around 170 hours to construct the interiors of a single Mulsanne which made it as style icon. Additionally you can experience the entertainment with the Wi-Fi, picnic table and 8 inch screen with high resolution that can be moved when not in use. This ultra luxury car makes you feel like flying in air while travelling.

6 # Mercedes Benz

luxury car6

Mercedes Benz is one of the oldest and largest car manufacturers in the world which created its first automobile in 1886. The headquarters is situated in Stuttgart, Germany and also have production or assembly unit in various other countries around the world. It is one among the big 3 German luxury automakers and also the most expensive car brand. The C Class from Mercedes Benz is a stunning and classy model of luxury car with great features like beautiful interiors, automatic opening and closing, keyless entry and more.

7 # Jaguar

luxury car7

Jaguar started manufacturing high performance and classy models of cars after World War II. It is the British multinational automaker which was founded in the year 1922 and owned by Tata Motors since 2008. This car comes with the package of modern technology which makes it as unique among other brands. The Jaguar XJ is a luxury car that offers the feel of riding on airline. The exterior and interior of this fourth generation XJ is extremely stylish than the third generation XJ.

8 # BMW

luxury car8

BMW is also one among the big 3 German luxury automakers like Audi and Mercedes Benz. It is headquartered in Munich and it is the parent company of Rolls Royce. It is said that 56% of the cars produced by BMW is powered with petrol engines and 44% of the vehicles are powered with diesel engine. It is the well known brand for the production of luxury cars with innovative features. In second quarter of 2014 BMW is planned to launch its first fully electric car named BMWi3. It has assembly unit in various other countries like Thailand, India, Russia and Malaysia.

9 # Ferrari

luxury car9

This is an Italian luxury sports car manufacturing company which was founded in the year 1929 by Enzo Ferrari. The first Ferrari car was introduced in 1947 and its engine was designed by Giaochino Columbo which is considered as a symbol of speed, luxury and wealth. A 52 year old Ferrari 250 GTO was sold at auction for 34.65 million which is the highest sales record of auction and this made Ferrari as most expensive car in the world.  Fiat bought Ferrari in 1968 which initially holds 40% of its share but now increased to 90%.

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10 # Porsche

luxury car10

Porsche is the German automobile company engaged in producing high performance sports car and the luxury car brand in 2015. Panamera is the best luxury car in world which offers great features like leather seat, 2 spoke steering wheel, cutting edge technology and more. The other models of Porsche include Cayman, Macan, Boxster, etc.

Almost we covered everything about the most luxury car brands 2018 in the above list. Let us know your feedback in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.