coconut oil pulling

Most of the people badly suffer from various dental issues like gingivitis, gum inflammation, yellow teeth, cavities and more. All these may happen due to thousands of bacteria in our mouth. Among them some are friendly but many are not. The best remedy to stay away from those harmful bacteria is oil pulling. You may think why coconut oil? but this oil contains essential vitamins that boost your health when compared to other oils. This process will help to reduce all of those dental problems and enables you to stay healthy. In this article you can find the method of doing coconut oil pulling and various essential facts about it.

How to do coconut oil pulling

coconut oil pulling2

Oil pulling is just cleaning your mouth by swishing like mouth wash. If you use coconut oil for that then it is coconut oil pulling. This is simple which gives you better feel. Here you go with the process of doing oil pulling using coconut oil.

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All that you need to do is take coconut oil about one table spoon and swish in your mouth. Just do for 20 minutes. While swishing you can feel that the quantity of oil get doubles by your saliva and that time toxin will come out by that action. The oil will turn in to while color while swishing and the consistency of oil will get hard. Try to swish the oil without swallowing it because it contains toxin which is not good for health. After 20 minutes spill it out and then do brushing usually.

If you do this after your bed daily it will make you to stay fresh and healthy for the whole day. It is recommended by doctors to do daily or even twice in a day to clean up your teeth.

Benefits of coconut oil pulling

There must be a question arising in our mind why specifically coconut oil for oil pulling than other oil. You can receive the following benefits if you use coconut oil.

The main health benefit you derive by doing the oil pulling in coconut oil is it contains Vitamin E which acts as an antioxidant and anti – bacterial. That helps to bring out the harmful bacteria from your mouth which can not be possible with the sunflower or sesame oil.

It also contains easily digestible, vitamins like A, D, E and K. These vitamins are good for immune system, protects against UV rays, good for strong bones and teeth.The coconut oil helps to increase good cholesterol level and reduce the bad stuffs thus you can stay energetic as well as healthy throughout the day. If you make use of the coconut oil for oil pulling daily then you can improve your overall health just by spending 20 minutes daily.

Is oil pulling good for health or has side effects?

Basically oil pulling is good for health. If you continue doing it regularly you can see the better changes in your body. It helps to whiten your teeth as most of us finds the teeth becomes yellow even after brushing. The main problem faced by most of the youngsters today is the yellow teeth and they are spending much money in buying useless products to make their teeth white which can be easily done by oil pulling. This process strengthens your teeth and gums which may help you to avoid the bleeding from gums.

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It protects you from the cavity problems and prevents gingivitis. You can have better breath while sleeping.  You can get stronger teeth, less jaw pain, reduces sleeping problem, etc. This also helps you to avoid various skin problems like pimples, wrinkles, etc.

Are you tired of using many creams for acne? It spoils your skin and beauty. If you are irritated with that stop thinking about it and do coconut oil pulling every day. You need not to worry about the acne and other skin issues.

Oil pulling is an excellent complement to Candida treatment. This eradicates the yeast from oral thrush and push out the toxins from Candida Die – Off. The symptom of Candida infection is oral thrush which can be avoided by oil pulling in coconut daily.

This is the Traditional Method of cleaning the mouth. It also works out well for hangover. If you are irritated with the hangover you can do the oil pulling regularly. This makes your skin to glow without a single issue.

Do you think this oil pulling in coconut oils creates any side effects to you? The answer may be no unless you have any allergy of using coconut oil. For this issue it is better to use the oil in your skin and check whether you are getting any itching or rashes. If yes you will get the side effect. If no you can put the oil in mouth and do swishing for 20 minutes to stay away from your oral problems.

We hope you find this article useful and please share your feedback about this method of oil pulling in the following comments section.