Piercing is not a new trend, in many countries it has been going on for thousands of years. There are many types of piercing to decorate your body but ear piercing is the most popular and traditional one among them. There is a specific law for piercing in South Australia, which states a minor can do only ear piercing without parental consent and some piercings are prohibited even with parental consent. Nowadays some people do this as professional job and ear piercing can heal faster than body piercing. You can see both men and women adorning various types of ear piercing as it became style icon among young ones. We have listed some of the popular ear piercings in the following section.

List of Top 10 Best Ear Piercing

10 # Orbital Piercing

piercing type1

These types of piercing has two holes as the entry and exit of piercing is on the same part of the ear. There is no danger of stretching or tearing so you can have this piercing at any part of your ear. If you already have one then you can get a hole near that to make it as orbital piercing. Many people confuse this with the industrial piercing but it is different as the piercing goes through the front of ear not on sides. You can make use of jewels like captive bead ring, flesh tunnel, etc.

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9 # Tragus Piercing

piercing type2

It is named as Tragus Piercing because you get hole on the tragus part of the ear just over the ear lobe. The ear part is thick and fleshy so there could be much pain and excessive bleeding in this type of piercing. While using ear phone you may face some irritation and it will take long time to heal. This is one of the best types of ear piercing and became popular during the year 2005.

8 # Antitragus Piercing

piercing type3

This is the adventurous and unique style of piercing which will attract the people who love piercing. It is pierced just opposite to tragus that is outside of your ear (fold of cartilage) and rare to find. Curved ball, circular barbell or ball closure ring can be used as ornaments. It takes around eight weeks to heal and sometimes cause infection.

7 # Daith Piercing

piercing type4

Piercing is placed on the inner most part of the ear which is called as crus of the helix. You can wear curved barbells, ball closure ring or captive bed ring to make it look pretty and cool. These types of ear piercing will take six to eight weeks to heal and if you want to take off the jewel you can do after complete healing. In most of the areas this type of piercing is pronounced as day-th piercing. They make use of straight hollow needle to create the hole.

6 # Rook piercing

piercing type5

This is one of the unique and difficult ears piercing which is located on the anti-helix part of the ear. If you do not have enough space for piercing then you can’t do this one. Any type of jewelry can be used with this piercing yet bed rings and curved barbells are common. You need to bear much pain to get this one as it varies from other type of piercings. It takes little more time for healing when compared to other types of piercing and you have to take care of your ear for at least one week. It is difficult to see the entry and exit hole thus it is marked and a hollow needle is pushed to create the hole.

5 # Industrial Piercing

piercing type6

The way of puncturing differs from other types in industrial punching as it has two holes in the upper part of the cartilaginous ear and then the holes can be connected with the jewelry. It is the newest as well as fastest growing form of ear piercing among the young people. You will not feel any irritation in your ears.

4 # Earlobe Gauging

piercing type7

This type of ear piercing is the new trend among teenage people who involved in the process of stretching their ear hole from smaller to the bigger size they want. You start stretching your ear hole by using bigger piece of jewelry to get a new look. This is the best type of ear piercing. If the stretching is done quickly then it leads to hypertrophic scars and will take longer time to heal thus the stretching process has to be taken care.

3 # Lobe Piercing

piercing type8

This piercing is located on the bottom most part of the ear and most commonly used type of piercing. It is simple and does not hurt much like other types and all of us surely did this at least once in our life which is the best ear piercing. There are huge varieties of jewelry available for this ear piercing and you have to be careful while selecting the earring as wrong material may cause infection. It will take four to six weeks for healing.

2 # Anti-helix Piercing

piercing type9

Anti-helix is also one of the most painful piercing as the punch is made on side of the ear that is close to your head. It will take long time to heal and you can make use of the thin jewel because it is difficult to insert the jewelry.

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1 # Helix Piercing

piercing type10

This piercing is punctured in the upper part of the ear towards rim and it also takes time to heal like anti-helix. It is not safe to put hole using piercing gun because it will cause shock to the ear. You can make use of ornaments like studs, ball earrings, gem closed rings or metal rings. This is one of the most commonly used and popular type of ear piercings.

You have to care your ears after piercing to protect it from infections and premature closure. The above list is the inclusion of some commonly used ear piercings, let us know your favorite type of ear piercing in the comments section below and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.