Many people spend their time and money in taking attempts to lose weight but most of them fail in their attempt. In fact acupuncture can help in weight loss as it calms the factors for excessive weight gain. This is the traditional method that involves in placing firm pressure on numerous points of the body. It is found in several studies that the sessions for weight loss in acupuncture are effective and safe which helped patients in losing their weight. If you want to know does acupuncture for weight loss works then you are at the right place. In this article you can learn how it helps for weight loss with regular exercise and healthy diet to achieve your desired fitness goal from the following section.

Acupuncture for weight loss

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There are many reasons for the excessive weight gain like frustration, stress, imbalance in body and more. Acupuncture helps to lose your weight and also to maintain it by making some changes in the lifestyle. In this method of treatment needles are inserted into precise points on the body and make it relax to deal with frustration, anxiety, etc. This will enable you to balance the organ systems and thereby promotes better health.

The ear acupuncture or ear stapling also helps in reducing weight which involves points on the ear. The ear acupuncture points will control the food cravings so that you will not take excess food. This technique will surely help people in maintaining weight if they administer it properly by a qualified acupuncturist. It is found in a study that ear acupuncture along with 15 minutes of walking and intake of 2000 calorie a day will result in weight loss. With the proper diet plans and regular physical exercises you can be able to reduce your weight as well as to control them from gaining again along with acupuncture.

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Acupuncture Treatment

Before proceeding with the treatment for reducing weight using the acupuncture you have to consult the acupuncturist about your lifestyle, pattern of food and all other things. This will help him to find the reason for your excessive weight gain and he will be able to select the effective acupuncture treatment for you. Without the initial consultation you cannot start the treatment directly as it is important for the acupuncturist to know about your food habits and lifestyle.

The treatment involves the combination of body and ear points which will be pointed will the needles. Even though this system was developed by the Chinese people a long time ago as the Microsystems of the body containing the points related to major parts of the body but many ear acupuncture points was discovered by Nogier, a French man to cure many health problems.

The various points of ear acupuncture to reduce the weight includes mouth, stomach, lung, spleen, kidney, hungry, endocrine, adrenal and ovary which helps to deal with many issues like sugar imbalances, appetite control, frustration, anxiety, water retention, hormonal imbalances, slow metabolism, control smoking and more. The most important thing is you have to consult the best practiced acupuncturist for your problem to get the desired result without any side effects. The main reason behind the excessive weight gained by most of the people would be overeating which can be controlled through the points quickly or stress which can also be reduced by this method.

During the initial stage the acupuncturist will deal with the Four Gate points in order to calm the nervous system and to circulate the energy throughout your body. Then the front collecting point of stomach is used to circulate oxygen and blood throughout the body and particularly in stomach. Based on the nature of treatment and if necessary then the acupuncturist may also use the electro stimulation to stimulate the metabolism and to increase endorphin release. Moreover the needles are kept placed for around forty to forty-five minutes or more which depends on the need of patient and after that the needles are removed. If the patient still feels like hungry or urge to eat then the acupuncturist apply the mild pressure to the point for 15 to 20 seconds. This will make the patient to feel relaxed and helps to regain their will power.

The number of treatment depends on the patient’s willingness and goal to lose weight. The overeating patient has to undergo treatment for every day until first five days, then alternative days for second week and three days once for third week. They have to carry out the booster treatment also in order to stabilize the energy levels. All the treatments has to be undergone properly to gain the desired result easily.

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It is advisable for the patients to take weight loss program along with the exercise and nutritional counseling to make changes in your lifestyle permanently. You can discuss about the diet and exercise with your acupuncturist which has to be maintained properly for long time to avoid the weight gain. The diet plan should contain essential amounts of fibre, low in fat, carbohydrates, low fat protein, etc to achieve your goal effectively.

Acupuncture cost

When you decided to reduce weight through acupuncture then also have to consider how much does the whole process costs. The information related to cost will help you to decide whether you have to try acupuncture or will go for some other traditional methods.

Basically to decide about your type of treatment and to get some basic idea about your gain you have to visit the acupuncturist for at least once. Always the initial cost is most expensive which will come around $75 to $125. In this initial visit your acupuncturist will inform you about the number of treatments you have to undergo.

For routine treatment the patient has to visit once or two days per week or every month which cost little lesser than the initial one. It will come around $75 and in this stage you will see the improvement in your weight loss as well as change in your lifestyle. These costs are for basic treatment which will increase if your conditions are more serious or if number of visit increases. The actual acupuncture cost may differ from person to person even though they have to undergo the same kind of treatment. When compared to other traditional methods for weight loss the acupuncture will be relatively an affordable treatment. Other then reducing weight the acupuncture will also help in other kind of health issues.

We hope you find this article acupuncture for weight loss useful in knowing much information related to acupuncture treatment and its cost. Please let us know your feedback in the following comments section which will be useful for other readers also.