So, you’ve been an environmentally friendly driver, have you? You purchased an electric car, are avoiding the gas pump, and enjoying an easy commute free from fossil fuels. But, there’s one serious drawback to your new purchase. That drawback is the 30 to 40 minutes you spend charging your new car. Big news for those of you with a Tesla electric car. According to a recent article in Forbes, the alternative energy automobile manufacturer will introduce an eco-friendly car wash to select Supercharge Tesla Stations in their Fremont factory. This service will clean your Tesla automobile while your car charges!

In a partnership with Eco Green Auto Clean,Tesla will conduct a series of tests involving this eco-friendly car wash service allowing owners to restore their car to pristine conditions while owners charge their battery. Even better, this service should thoroughly clean the car without fear of damaging the clear coat finish. If everything works according to plan, this potentially game changing move will establish Supercharge Tesla Stations as the perfect one-stop-shop for electric car charging stations.

Worried about wasting excessive amounts of water and harmful soap during your car wash? Don’t! Eco Green’s claim to fame stems from their unique use of coconut oil (among other alternative ingredients) as green cleaning solutions. Their entire process merely requires a single cup of water (which is perfect considering California’s latest record breaking drought).

According to the Forbes article, the service will begin as a test program exclusively at the Fremont location. If this process proves successful, you may see these Eco Green Auto Clean services in stations near you. reports that the offer will most likely appear as a subscription service around the $99 mark.