Green eyes are rare with only about two percent of the world’s population having green eyes. People with green eyes stand out because of this rare genetic trait. Vibrant green eyes are no doubt stunning, but there’s plenty of interesting facts about people with green eyes and the science behind the rarest eye color found in humans. Here are eight interesting facts about people with green eyes will surprise you.

a young woman with beautiful green eyes

#1. They Are Not All Irish

It is a common misconception that people with red hair and green eyes must be Irish. The truth lies within the anthropological and genetic evidence. According to research by Dr. Hooton of Harvard University, only five percent of Irish people are people with green eyes. Most Irish people have blue eyes or mixed eye color. Green eyes and red hair are more common in Scotland.

#2. Genetics of Green Eyes Are Not Simple

Another common myth is that if two parents have brown eyes, then their child will have brown eyes. Genetics for eye color are complex. For simplicity, gene mutations of two or more that occur on the same chromosome are called alleles.

One parent may have a brown and green allele, and the other may have a brown and blue allele. Their child could have blue, green, or brown eyes. It becomes more complicated than this, but this is a basic example of why it isn’t easy to pin down how a person received their green eyes.

a close-up detailed image of how a green eye looks like

#3. The History Is Long

Humans all had brown eyes at one point, but genetic mutations started giving diversity in eye color. People with green eyes existed in Siberia and during the Bronze Age, which is known as the cradle of Eastern civilization.

While this interesting fact might lead you to wonder why Asians do not have green eyes more commonly, it is because natural migration patterns of humans shifted. In modern times, a large percentage of Europeans have green eyes. You are still likely to find people with green eyes all over the world.

#4. A Lot of Celebrities Have Them

It isn’t because they have a cosmetic enhancement to their eye color. If you look at celebrities, you will quickly find more people with green eyes than you will on a regular day in your city. This is because they are an exotic and valued eye color. In addition to their talents, they are more likely to land roles or rise to fame if they have unique traits that set them apart.

Green eyes are not the only factor, but they are certainly a contributing factor to the attractiveness that Hollywood demands. Famous celebrities with green eyes include Lindsay Lohan, Tyra Banks, Channing Tatum, Harry Styles, Madonna, Rihanna, and dozens of others.

a picture of the actress Jennifer Aniston

#5. People with Green Eyes Have an Increased Risk for Eye Cancer and Other Issues

This isn’t the most fun interesting fact, but it is important to know that people with naturally lighter eyes are at a higher risk for developing eye cancer or eye damage. This is because people with green eyes lack melanin in their eyes that protect them from sun damage.

It is crucial that if you have green eyes, you wear protective sunglasses when exposed to the sun. This includes days where you think you might not be in sunlight. Harsh lighting indoors can also cause excessive eye strain. People with green eyes have a beautiful trait that requires extra protection.

#6. Some Places Have a High Concentration of People with Green Eyes

In Verona, Italy, about 37.2 percent of the population has green eyes. Slovenes are at an even higher percentage with around 56 percent of their ethnic population having naturally green eyes. This is hugely uncommon anywhere in the world, but these areas are known for having extremely high rates of this genetic mutation. If you want to find a green-eyed partner, heading to Verona would certainly increase your odds.

a close-up image of a woman's green eye, wearing mascara on her eyelashes

#7. Hazel and Green Are Different

It’s a common mistake to label someone with green eyes as a person with hazel eyes. Hazel eyes are different in the way that there are multiple colors in the iris that span from the center. You will see flecks of amber, green and brown in hazel eyes. These eyes may appear to change color based on the pupil size, light and even clothing that the person is wearing.

People with green eyes typically have solidly green coloring. A person with blue eyes may also have eyes that change color based on the aforementioned factors, but they are still not considered to have green eyes. Remember that truly green eyes are extremely rare.

a woman's hazel eye close-up

#8. Eye Darkening Changes Are Possible

Certain medications and eye-related treatments can cause discoloration of light-colored eyes. This includes green eyes. A number of cosmetic procedures can lead to permanent brown coloring or yellow coloring. This is particularly true for lash enhancements.

Eye surgeries also carry some risk. Before using a high-end cosmetic treatment, it is important for people with lighter-colored eyes to consider the risks and talk with their doctor. Green eyes have to be protected more aggressively than brown eyes. As a result, they are subject to change over a lifetime if extra care is not given.

Summing It Up

While green eyes are rare and delicate, it’s just another wonderful trait that people can pass on to their children. Some geneticists think that green eyes will eventually become less common. Green eyes may be beautiful, but they are not associated with envy or deceptive personalities.

They do add an attraction factor for some people, but there is more to eyes than their color. If you are going to assign a trait to people with green eyes, let it be luck. They are lucky that genetics played out in a way that allowed them to be born with one of the rarest eye colors on the planet.

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