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Facts about green eyes

We often meet the people look same like us with black eyes. But when you see some people who have green or blue eyes you just stare at their eyes before start talking with them. They have it from their birth onwards. In modern days youngsters are attracted by the variety of color lenses available for eyes and they like to wear it to stay different from others.

Are people with green eyes having any special quality or feature?? What is the reason behind the color? Come let’s see about the various facts about green eyes.

How people get green eyes?

facts about green eyes

People having green eyes have yellow colored stroma which involves in the scattering of molecules and atoms. There are two types of melanin named black melanin and blue melanin. If a person does not have any one of the melanin either black or yellow in the eyes then he/she will have blue eyes. In case of lower level of black and higher level of yellow melanin, people used to get green eyes. This typical eye color do not appear immediately after birth which will take around six months to occur and will keep on changing for several years. People with this rare eye color may be at an risk for eye cancer, discoloration, intraocular melanoma, etc when compared to the black or brown eyed people as the pigment in their iris may not be able to protect it from UV exposure or sun damage.

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Presence of green eyes

Green eyes are common in Europe and most of the European people will have green eyes than brown. Majorly women do have the green eyes than men. In a study 17% of the female had green eyes whereas only 8% of the male had it. Moreover there are only 2% of the people have this rare eye color including United States, South America and Northern Africa around the world. Many residents in a village in china have this color as familiar. Comparing to other countries in the world, it is rare to see people with green eyes in Asia and Africa.

Characteristics of people having green eyes

There are certain characteristics which most of the green eyed people naturally have. This is all said based on the observation during a study.

They are good listeners and speakers. They used to be more attentive on what people talk and they listen carefully to each and every happenings. In a crowd they will be the first person to come forward. In order to experience new challenges in life and to gain new opportunities they prefer risky jobs.

These people are curious in nature. From the childhood they will be excited in knowing the new things. As they grow up their curiousness nature will grow too. Whether it is a game or software or anything else they wanted to know about it.

People with green eyes are creative. They do many innovations and are talented in nature. The way they are expressing thoughts, ideas and emotions will differ from others. Whether it is personal or professional life they are passionate about everything that they do to prove their talent and skills.

They will be having great analytical skills. The way of answering, approaching and tackling of problems will be unique. Their brain works smarter than normal one and you cannot make them fool easily. They are gifted with sharp mind and has the ability to learn things easily as well as focus on singular path without any distractions to achieve their goals faster than others.

When it comes for relationship they are very passionate in love and mutual bonding. You can expect trust and kindness from them. Generally they will have long term friendship and carry out their relationship in a better way.

Leadership is an inborn quality of green eyed people. They will be the group leader of their team and always take active participation in leading the team towards success.

They found to be cheerful and wish to enjoy each and every moment of their life. They are jealous too. Love to face challenges in life and can easily overcome it with their extraordinary talent.

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List of celebrities with green eyes

While talking about green eyes you will be interested in knowing the list of famous personalities with green eyes. In the below section you can find the names of celebrities who have green eyes.

  • Abbie Cornish
  • Adele
  • Adrien Brody
  • Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
  • Alexandra Paul
  • Alex Pettyfer
  • Alicia Silverstone
  • Alida Valli
  • Amanda Bynes
  • Amy Lyndon
  • Amy Ryan
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Ben Whishaw

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