When your relationship is relatively new, you may feel pressure to find fun, exciting and unique things to do with your girlfriend. After you have been together for a few months or longer, the pressure may be off. However, while you may no longer feel as though you need to impress her, you may be looking for the best things to do with your girlfriend that both of you will enjoy.

While dinners and movies are common date ideas, there are many other things to do with your girlfriend that you can experience together over the months and years.


10 Fun Things to Do With Your Girlfriend

#1. Go Hiking

a couple on a mountain hike

In many areas of the country, hiking trails abound. Think about visiting local, state or national parks together for a fun day trip. There are few things more magical and relaxing than spending a day surrounded by the beauty of nature with someone you care deeply about. Be sure to pack sunscreen, snacks, and water for a more enjoyable day outdoors.

#2. Enjoy a Picnic

a young couple on a bicycle

If hiking is not your top idea for fun things to do with your girlfriend, another option is to enjoy a picnic together under the sun or even under the stars in the evening hours. Find a romantic area with great views. Make sandwiches, or buy restaurant food. Make sure to bring a comfortable blanket to sit on while you enjoy your meal. For an extra touch, bring a portable radio, or turn on soft, romantic music through one of your phone’s apps.

#3. Get a Couple’s Massage

massage towels, stones, and candle

Some men think that massages are rather feminine, but the reality is that many men get massages regularly for stress-relief and relaxation. With a couple’s massage, the two of you will be in the same room, and you will each have a masseuse focusing on your muscles and joints.

Whether you get a 30-minute or an hour-long massage, you will both leave this experience feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Enjoy a cocktail or dessert after your massage for the ultimate date experience.

#4. Go Skating

a couple on an ice skating rink

How long has it been since you have gone ice skating or roller skating? Chances are that both of you will be pretty awkward on skates if it has been awhile, but this can make the experience even more fun. With many skating facilities indoors, you may be able to go skating any time of year. This is a fun idea for a day or evening night, and you both will love being active and sharing a much-loved tradition from the past together with each other.

#5. Have a Game Night

board games cards and pieces on a table

Another great idea for things to do with your girlfriend is to have a game night at home. Order a pizza, and make brownies or cookies for dessert together. Bring out your favorite board games from your childhood to play together, or play any number of card games.

An alternative to this is to have a video game night. Car racing and adventure video games that allow two players to play with or against each other are the best options to consider. Dancing and karaoke video games can also be fun to enjoy together.

#6. Attend a Theatrical Show

If you are looking for fun things to do with your girlfriend that are more cultural, consider a theatrical performance. Look for Broadway-style shows that will be hosted close to your home in the coming weeks, and buy your tickets well in advance so that you have the best seats available.

If theater is not your favorite thing, remember that there are other forms of culture that you can enjoy together. For example, you can listen to the symphony perform or even watch a traveling comedian do a stand-up performance.

#7. Check Out a Live Music Performance

young people at a music concert

Listening to live music together is another great idea, and you may find numerous smaller and larger acts performing close to home in the near future. Some venues may have ample space available for you to dance, and others may simply host concert-style performances. Remember to think about both indoor and outdoor venues close to your area in order to find the best options that will appeal to both of you.

#8. Take a Class Together

Part of being a couple means growing together in different ways, and there is no better way to do this than by taking a class together. You can always take a class at a community college near your home, such as a foreign language course. However, there are also one-session options for cooking classes, art lessons, comedy lessons and more.

Talk about things that you have always wanted to try or that you would like to learn to do better. In many cases, your interests may overlap, and you can take a class together that is mutually interesting to both of you.

#9. Think About a Seasonal Date

a couple wearing matching Halloween costumes

There are many wonderful ways to enjoy the different seasons together. For example, on Halloween, you can dress up together and head to a local bar that has a costume contest. For the winter holiday season, you can drive around town with a thermos of hot cocoa to check out the holiday lights displays.

There are also usually several festivals for each season in some of the major metropolitan areas that you can attend together. These are only a few of the unique ways to experience the seasons together.

Drawing to a Close

While some couples get stuck in a rut and tend to have the same date over and over each week, this does not have to be the case with you and your girlfriend. As you can see, there are plenty of fun things to do with your girlfriend that go beyond the traditional dinner and a movie dating experience. Make plans to enjoy some of these great ideas in the weeks to come to make wonderful new memories with your girlfriend.

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